FOX Busted

Hannity had Meadows on the show last night, but they never discussed texts Cheney revealed. And Laura never mentioned Meadows, or Jan. 6 committe at all, too busy attacking Jill Biden, Harris and Fauci.

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  1. from CNN:

    Total silence from Fox
    It’s crucial to note that Fox didn’t air the 7pm ET hearing live or address the revelations about the texts later in the day. “Fox viewers are being shielded from the Fox hosts’ urgent texts to Meadows,” MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell commented.
    Hannity actually gabbed with Meadows during the 9pm hour but “did not mention the texts at all,” as The Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona noted here. (Hannity hit back at Cheney, however, by saying “I love how Liz is now partnered with the people that called her father a war criminal, a murderer, and a crook. Pretty amazing!”)
    During the chat, Meadows acknowledged that he is about to be held in criminal contempt. But here’s how Hannity opened the hour: “The hyperpartisan predetermined-outcome anti-Trump January 6 committee just voted 9 to 0 to hold Mark Meadows in contempt for refusing to comply with their orders.” With that framing, why would any Fox viewer take any committee action seriously? Further, Hannity focused on Capitol security failures; blamed Democrats for those failures; and brought up the rioting in the wake of George Floyd’s death. This is Fox’s tried-and-true approach whenever faced with the awfulness of 1/6: Dodge or distort or deflect.

  2. It’s the end of an era at Fox News as veteran journalist Chris Wallace announced that he’s leaving to join CNN’s streaming service, and Peloton stock went for a wild ride after their product appeared in an episode of, “And Just Like That,” on HBO Max

  3. Well, Faux may want to keep it quiet, but it sure makes great fodder for LP to get the word out. 

    I wonder if Orange Adolf will chastise Junior and the others when he finds out they wanted to shut it down.

  4. Fun Facts from Hollyweird:
    It was Sheb Wooley who voiced “The Wilhelm Scream”  a stock sound effect used in dozens of Movies.

  5. Hmmmm……Chris Wallace totally surprise-bails right before this Fox commentator Meadows text news hits the airwaves?   

  6. Ingraham and Hannity know how to tap dance all over the truth having had years of practise, but this time….this time……their shit has totally hit the fan.   The toast always falls butter-side down, don’t it kids…….

  7. As a matter of media conflict of interest, only difference I see between FOX hosts counseling WH, and Chris Cuomo counseling his brother is that the public interest impact of what FOX did was worse.

  8. Poobah, there are a couple of other differences – Chris Cuomo was counseling his brother about responding to allegations of his personal conduct that could result in him either being removed from office or stepping down where Foxwits were imploring Dumbass to call his idiot followers off from attacking the Capitol. The point of commonality is that the behavior that Andrew Coumo and Trump engaged in could both have criminal and official (as in remaining in or being removed from) implications.  Chris Cuomo’s advice was regarding messaging for prior acts where the Foxians’ requests were to stop an ongoing criminal act Dubmass set in motion.  One other difference – Chris eventually owned up and lost his job.  The Fauxers haven’t done either.  The other point of commonality is that from what I can tell only Cuomo acted responsibly (albeit he did continue to deny the allegations) and stepped down for the good of the people of NY (and hopefully his own hide, I’m sure) upon the advice offered.

  9. WAPO’s Karen Tumulty: “Am surprised we are not hearing anything about backstage limited immunity negotiations going on as a means of compelling testimony. A fraught exercise but one we have seen many times.”

    I agree with Karen. The criminal contempt path means we likely never get the testimony. I’d rather see Meadows testifying than going to jail. And if given immunity he can’t take the 5th.

  10. Solid points Pogo. Also, we can be very sure these FOX texts were not the only times they counseled Trump WH. There have been other examples. Of course we know these hosts are not real journalists, they were essentially WH advisers. For instance. Laura Ingraham is the one who hooked Trump into the hydroxi scam, bringing her favorite quack doctors to the Oval Office to pitch him, which is when he started promoting it.

  11. A bit of irony.  The folks in this latest “religious objection” case before SCOTUS re the NY healthcare worker mandate complain because the vaccine was tested using fetal cells frozen for the last 30 years or so (don’t complain if my descriptors are vague and my numbers are wrong – I was watching while I was on the bike this morning).  Gorsuch’s dissent said they aren’t just anti-vaxxers but are trying to exercise their religious freedoms and the Court’s failure to review the 2nd circuit’s decision upholding the mandate fails the Court’s pledge to protect religious freedom.  Aside from the obvious bullshit, there’s a bluff -calling precipice here – dozens of other common meds were also developed using that same strain of fetal cells – including Ibuprofen, anaproxen, (Motrin  and Aleve) and Ivermectin and hydroxychloriquine.  So I wonder how many of the religious NUTS are as opposed to use of all the drugs on the list of those developed as such?  And do they give them to the patients in the healthcare facilities where they work?  How’s that square with their religious objections?  Takes a strained argument to get there.

  12. It’s against my religion to pay taxes and go the speed limit, all hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

  13. Re: CNN vs FauxNews credibility:
    CNN needs it to attract a moderate-liberal audience, while conservatives prefer to be lied to

    Honestly, anyone who watches either is probably too dumb to vote

    ok that’s my time, people! 🪝

  14. “Honestly, anyone who watches either is probably too dumb to vote”

    bink,  how do you know?  if you watched either one according to your statement, you appear to be admitting to probable mental disability.

  15. “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

  16. Bink – FSM and his noodly appendages and big meaty balls came into my world in 2006.  I was one of the first of thousands to become a Pastafarian.  Yes, I have a colander, or at least I had one, just can’t remember where it is.


    “The staggering number of deaths due to COVID-19 is now higher than the 700,000 Americans who have died from AIDS-related illnesses over the last four decades. It is also higher than the total number of American troops who have died in battle since 1900, and about the same as the population of North Dakota.”

    “Every other minute in this country, for almost two years now, that story has repeated itself. By the time you finish reading this [story], someone else will have died of this disease,” Dowdy said.“

  18. Hey, every now and then you guys steal someone else’s content that i appreciate i don’t have to pay for, so thank you ❤️

  19. Okay, the my impressions I’ve held for 5 1/2 decades just took a hit. Got the January Consumer Reports today. Among other routine BS it has reliability predictions for vehicles arranged by vehicle type. The #1 vehicle in the Electric SUVs category is the Ford…
    …Mustang. Sigh. 

  20. cousin donnie’s fear of daddy dearest perchance

    Author and niece to Donald Trump, Mary Trump, joins Lawrence to discuss the news revealed by the Jan. 6 Select Cmte. that Trump Jr. was texting Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows — instead of his own father — during the attack on the Capitol.

  21. So McFadden (Trump’s judge) stays his ruling for 14 days to let Dumbass appeal to the DC CIRCUIT? Good luck with that Dumbass. 

  22. i’ll give you credit for sharing a non-Trump related thought, Pogo, good job.  Ford’s been making good cars for years, though, albeit pricey.
    ”Succession” was good, patd, you should watch that instead of cable news-trash (it’s about the kind of people that manipulate your mind and how soulless they are)

  23. Well, this is a political blog, but from time to time I go off topic. Clarence Carter. Good catch. He and BB are brothers of different mothers. He’s an alumnus of the University of Good Fucking Music, Alabama campus, along with a surprising list of other distinguished alumni including WC Handy, Big Mama Thornton, Hank Williams Sr., Wilson Pickett, Percy Sledge  and the man, hizzonor Sam Cook. I could go on but somnos beckons. 

  24. Just do me a a favor and get it through your thick skulls that conservatives are in on the joke and just like pissing you off.  Of course they’re liars.  Of course they’re terrible.  They know it, you know it, but what you don’t know is that they know that you think they don’t.  
    Or you do know, and you’re just playing along to be a part of the fun, and then you’re just as culpable as them for the degradation of discourse, possibly even the collapse of greater society as a whole.  High fucking stakes, eh?

  25. …and i’m talking about the proles, not the influencers.  WHY do they like pissing you off?  Because they’re angry.  WHY are they angry?  
    Answer that.

  26. bink, from your diatribes of late, it’s obvious you are angry too; therefore, why ask about what you already know?

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