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  1. thanks, jack, and here’s a ‘toon also a variation on the nutcracker – this time not so suite sweet for some.

    See the source image


  2. Dr. Anthony Fauci (Kate McKinnon) delivers a special holiday message about the Omicron variant with help from members of the CDC (Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney, Pete Davidson, Mikey Day, Melissa Villaseñor, Heidi Gardner, Ego Nwodim, Bowen Yang, Andrew Dismukes, Sarah Sherman).

  3. as BiD pointed out last that “new permutations of S.B. 8 are coming” and linked this quote from good justice sotomayor:

    “What are federal courts to do if, for example, a State effectively prohibits worship by a disfavored religious minority through crushing ‘private’ litigation burdens amplified by skewed court procedures, but does a better job than Texas of disclaiming all enforcement by state officials? Perhaps nothing at all, says this Court.”
    “I have no doubt that legislatures hostile to firearms and the Second Amendment will use either some or all of the tactics that Texas has used.”

    voilà !!!

    Newsom Calls for Gun Legislation Modeled on the Texas Abortion Law – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

  4. BB, seems we’re both thinking like BiD.  you beat me to it this time.

    aside from california, wonder which other govs’ll have the guts? maybe MI whitmer? NJ murphy? ohio dewine?

  5. patd – I think California and possibly Colorado and New York are the only states with enough Dem votes in the legislatures to pass the bill.  Even though Maryland is hard core Dem the governor is a republican, however, the Dems always have enough votes to overturn any veto from the governor.  So it is remotely possible Maryland could join the wave of states using the disgusting Texas statute as a framework to ban assault weapons.

  6. Dammit.  Anne Rice RIP.  She was so much fun on facebook with her “People of the Page”  commentary, until the rat wing assholes clogged it up with bullshit and she shut down.   
    I don’t read vampire books, but she was a great lady.

  7. Couldn’t believe Rand Paul on FOX last night slamming Fauci, vaccines and transgender athletes, not a word about what’s happening in his state. Really disgusting 

  8. It’s easy to understand why Rant’s neighbor attacked him.  Not that it was right, but based on Rant’s behavior, he showed  marvelous restraint.   

  9. Duke Ellington was a major boss.   I had long thought so just from listening but then actually found myself with a gig playing his tunes and discovered it anew fa true.  

  10. Rand Paul’s neighbor oughta get one of those medal of freedom things.  I mean, if Rash Limbo can get one, the neighbor’s a shoo-in.
    Imagine being so screwed up that you’re named after that twit Ayn Rand, and you think it’s just ducky.

  11. craig, by the time Rant finally got around to thinking about the storm victims and asking for prez help/aid, joe had already announced it had been delivered and more on the way.

    but give him some slack, he’s probably suffering from long covid mental problems.  bless his little to nonexistent heart

  12. well-written segment from an op ed in al jazz [warning: AJ does cookies so don’t click link if you don’t want them. i’ve quoted some of it so you don’t have to]

    Coming soon: Donald ‘Godfather’ Trump, part II (msn.com)


    That Trump, predictably, still exerts absolute sovereignty over a Republican Party which, today, embodies every diseased aspect of his sick personality and modus operandi is one cause of this stubborn worry.
    The other? Millions of myopic – I am being charitable – Americans continue to support, with an evangelical fervour, a crass, calculating charlatan who, since his persuasive defeat more than a year ago, has slipped further into madness and a thicket of crazed conspiracy theories.
    Trump ought to be in a hospital or, preferably, in the dock. ….[…]
    Unlike his hapless confederates, Trump has exploited a lifelong ability to slither from being held to stiff, tangible account. This means that he will, in all likelihood, be the Republican nominee for president in 2024 with a better than good chance of occupying the White House once again – unless the inevitabilities and vagaries of time intervene.
    If he prevails on November 5, 2024, the consequences for America’s future and the planet’s fate should be apparent to anyone not blinded by the ignorance and intolerance that defines Trump and his familiar (and somewhat surprising) legion of “liberal”-despising acolytes and apologists.
    The already irreparable damage and harm that this rank, but capable, demagogue has exacted on enlightened America and the rest of sentient life on earth stand as a blunt harbinger of the alarming scope and significance of the damage and harm to come. 
    Fuelled by an abiding sense of grievance and resentment, Herr Trump has confirmed in plain view – again and again – that he intends to complete the ruinous job he and his equally venal co-conspirators began in 2016. (By the way, if my use of “Herr” offends, you have not, sadly, been paying attention to Trump’s repulsive, strongman-inspired behaviour before and after he rode down an escalator to announce his original candidacy for president.)
    What rational, benevolent people consider the aim of “governing” is anathema to Trump. As such, the sole purpose of Trump as Godfather part II will be to satisfy this seething narcissist’s appetite to avenge the phantom wrongs committed against him by his enemies – wherever they exist – with a Mafioso’s brutish disregard for decency and the rule of law.
    The so-called “guardrails” that were designed to inhibit Trump’s or any other authoritarian president’s disfiguring thirst for revenge have also, by now, been reduced to a quaint and amusing anachronism.

  13. Jack

    Thank you for a truly wonderful kick off of the holiday season.  Strayhorn is a particular favorite.  Here he is singing and playing Lush Life.


  14. Sturg…  I loved reading Ann Rice’s early works.  Her vampire series were a page turner.  But then she found Catholicism…  I stopped reading her poorly disguised “ain’t my religion grand” stuff.

    BTW… her descriptions of New Orleans were beautiful! May she R.I.P.

  15. I knew Strayhorn and Lena Horne had a long relationship as well.  Today came across a selection I had never seen before, and it just happened to be for Christmas


  16. I had a friend who always was recommending books I absolutely HAD to read and he couldn’t rest until I read the Interview with a Vampire book.   So I read it, while in Denver around 84.  I guess I just didn’t get it because I didn’t get it.  I lost track of her until I came across her on the facebook thing…..I really enjoyed reading her thoughts.   

    Which reminds me of the Book of the Week: Kleopatra, by Karen Essex, who has also delved into the vampire thing, is also from New Orleans, and in Kleopatra and the sequel Pharaoh presents a fresh view of her story, but no vampires.

  17. The last one he recommended, a couple years ago, was 100 Brothers.  I REALLY didn’t get that one, and it will never be the book of the anything.

  18. Somebody on the twitternest had the idea that chris wallace and brian williams should do a show together……that’d be a pretty heavy clout factor.

  19. jack, some more christmas music variations

    Karen-mania has been sweeping the country for the last year and a half, and here in Hollywood there is a new musical review across the street called “A Christmas Karen,” so we invited the cast over to give a sample of what they do best.

  20. TV interviews with Mayfield folks inspiring. Luv the woman standing in front of her family’s destroyed home who said “It’s just stuff. We’re alive is what matters”. That’s what I call Kentucky tough! 









    The Denver Post




    Eastbound lanes are closed from the Frisco exit to Loveland Pass. The westbound lanes are closed from Loveland Pass to Frisco.

  22. FRISCO, Colo. — Interstate 70 is closed at the Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnels due to a power failure inside the tunnels, the Colorado Department of Transportation reported Sunday afternoon.

  23. Welcome to the New Texas!
    DALLAS — A 12-year-old girl was shot during what was believed to be a road rage incident Friday night.

  24. I am used to hearing I-70 is backed up or closed or “messed up” due to a blizzard or rock slide or some good reason.  But for it to be screwed up at the Eisenhower Tunnel?  Power failure?  There are back up generators to handle this.  If all else fails, sent the traffic over Loveland Pass.

  25. I guess there have to be a few new infrastructure bucks to keep the I-70 tunnels operating.
    The worst of the storm missed us yesterday – but what we got was pretty impressive at times – periods of torrential rain and high winds then lulls with little to no rain at all.

  26. Spent about 2 hours this morning replacing the outmoded security system at our house – the 4G cell towers and 2G system quit talking to each other.  I sometimes think the yard sign and window stickers are the most effective components of the system. Spent more time on the phone with a very nice lady from Kentucky trying to get the camera from the old system to link up – she was telling me how bad their weather was yesterday. Remanded me of years of to close calls in Alabama’s tornado alley from Meridian, MS through Birmingham by way of Tuscaloosa.

  27. pogo, glad  you showed up and that you also escaped the ravages of mother nature. was wondering when we didn’t see you on the trail. 

    now that there are clearer pictures and knowledge about where the storms passed thru and damage they caused, i see i was very very lucky.  bad stuff was to the north and bad stuff was only a county away to the south.  

    as ray would say: i was smack dab in the middle

  28. Patd, thx. Been very busy at the office and have more than a couple of projects at home that have not gotten the attention they deserve. Plus I have taken a brief break from hard news and politics and will probably ease up here in the season. But you never know

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