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  1. Live Updates: Tornadoes Hit Several States, With at Least 50 Likely Deaths in Kentucky – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

    Dozens of people were feared dead and communities across the Midwest and southern United States were left scrambling to assess the damage on Saturday morning after a string of unseasonably powerful storms and tornadoes swept across five states overnight.

    Officials said that tornadoes had killed at least one person at an Arkansas nursing home and caused a roof to collapse at an Amazon warehouse in Illinois, leaving workers trapped inside. Kentucky’s governor said that at least 50 had been killed in a tornado’s path of over 200 miles, and that the state’s death toll was likely to increase to more than 70 in the coming hours.
    At least five states were hit by tornadoes on Friday night, including Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee, said Bill Bunting, the operations chief at the Storm Prediction Center, part of the National Weather Service.

    He said the tornadoes were part of a weather system that was wreaking havoc in many parts of the country, causing substantial snowfall across parts of the upper Midwest and western Great Lakes.
    As of Saturday morning, more than 132,000 homes were without power in Tennessee, nearly 60,000 in Kentucky, more than 25,000 in Arkansas, nearly 24,000 in Illinois and nearly 10,000 in Missouri, according to reports compiled by PowerOutage.us.

    The damage in Arkansas came after a severe thunderstorm produced a tornado that was tearing through the region, according to the National Weather Service. As of 9:17 p.m., the storm was near Trumann, Ark., and moving northeast at 55 miles per hour, bringing with it a tornado and quarter-size hail, the Weather Service said.

    “Remember, there are people affected by all these tornadoes,” Craig Ceecee, a meteorologist and a graduate student at Mississippi State University, said on Twitter late Friday as he tracked tornadoes across Kentucky. “Communities being hit hard. And we won’t know how bad it is until morning. We have to think and pray for those being affected.”

  2. fiddle dee dee, guess i’ll think about that tomorrow …  that is, if and when i emerge from the storm room  🙂

  3. https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/11/us/florida-university-covid-19-data/index.html

    “A formal investigation has been launched by the University of Florida after an internal report detailed a culture of fear among faculty members claiming political influence on campus as well as instances of Covid-19 research data being destroyed and delayed.”

    “I don’t know that we need a smoking gun, in particular, to say that this is coming from state government, governmental entities…”

    “The issues noted in the report include, “external pressure to destroy deidentified data, barriers to accessing and analyzing deidentified data in a timely manner, and barriers to publication of scientific research.”

    “A spokesperson for Florida’s governor denied any involvement.“

    ~uhh huh~

  4. pogo, hope you all escaped the bad weather this morning.  looks like the east coast tho’ will have a time of it later in the day.

    here’s a wonkette goodie from yesterday you & others might enjoy: 

    Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying like hell to make something NOT A STORY, and then your efforts to be discreet wind up featuring on Tucker Carlson’s White Power Hour?
    Welcome to Mitch McConnell’s world, baby. Or, should we say, good afternoon to “nastiest old woman in town.”
    It all started when Senator Bob Dole up and died on Sunday. His widow, Liddy Dole — a former senator herself — turned to her usual crew to plan a big funeral. That crew included one Tim Unes, founder and president of Event Strategies Inc., a DC party planning company. As the New York Times reports, Unes was a known quantity to the Dole family, having served as tour director for Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential campaign. But there were a few things about Unes of which Mrs. Dole appears to have been unaware.
    To wit, she may not have realized that Unes was recently subpoenaed by the House January 6 Select Committee for documents and testimony regarding his role in planning the coup rally.
    Mrs. Dole failed to grok that her old buddy Tim was under a cloud, but Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell knew that allowing him to be associated with the event would associate Dole with the insurrectionists. So his people made a discreet call to her people, and Unes got the axe. So far, so DC.
    But then the Times got ahold of the story, which meant that Carlson got ahold of it. And that guy gets moody as hell since he got the COVID shot and grew boobies!

    First these assholes make us side with Liz Cheney, and now Mitch McConnell and Liddy Dole?
    Okay, first of all, Mitch McConnell did Liddy Dole a favor by pointing out that Mommybloggers like us were going to write a mean story about the Insurrectionist Party Planner Sending Bob Dole Off In Style, and maybe she didn’t need the headache. Second, Mrs. Dole fired Unes, not McConnell. Third, doesn’t McConnell have a First Amendment right to say, “Hey, sorry your husband died, but perhaps don’t court drama by associating yourself with someone who may be called to testify publicly about this whole riot thing?” And doesn’t Mrs. Dole have a First Amendment right to say, “Thanks, for the heads up, Mitch,” and then choose not to associate with Unes? Isn’t that part of BILL OF RIGHTS?
    And finally, LOL forever at the idea that Tim Unes is going to be eating from a dumpster because he didn’t get to plan Bob Dole’s funeral. There have been exactly zero negative consequences for people associated with this attempted coup. In fact, they seem to be raking in the bucks right and left from the grifters, and the only Republican getting tossed out of MAGA world is Mike Pence, because he refused to either go along with the coup or let Unes’s party guests hang him.

  5. Time to add another cult member to the list of not legally voting anymore.  William Hartman died of COVID.

    Mr. Hartmann made it clear on his own social media accounts that he did not believe in Covid vaccines. He suggested that vaccine passports, showing proof of vaccination, were something out of Nazi Germany.

    So much for that one. Looking like the liars are eating their words and not swallowing them very well.  He was not going to certify the Detroit votes for Biden, finally did certify the results, SFB called him and then he wanted to not certify the results, too late, votes counted.  I am sure there is someone shedding a tear for him, but not me.  How many did he kill by convincing them that COVID-19 is a hoax and the vaccines make you infertile?

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    [meidas touch ad that ran in nov.]

  7. patd…  so glad to see that you are well and alive.
    When I saw the news this morning… I instantly thought of you.
    We were supposed to get a bit of an ice storm this morning…  but thankfully, it’s just rain.

  8. Getting really tired of the constant media stream of bad news Biden.  The lust for eyeballs and dollars requiring conflict is hazardous to the country.

    Right on cue, the New York Times today has a piece about Biden and the economy. Specifically, how the White House is frustrated by the disconnect between a mountain of positive economic indicators and voters telling pollsters the economy is failing. Of course, there’s not one sentence in the Times article on the role the press is playing by ceaselessly telling Americans the economy is broken, when wages are up, unemployment is tumbling, and consumer spending remains strong. Eric Boehlert


  9. thanks, guys, for the concern.  got all kinds of calls checking in on me.  nice to know folks care.  sure am glad I have a storm room in the basement.  it comes in handy not only during tornado season but also when billie bob gets upset during run-of-the-mill thunder storms. 

    i remember as a little girl visiting grandpa & grandma’s farm in OKLA and having to run outside to the root cellar that had a door just like the one dorothy ran to in wizard of oz. lotta tornadoes in okla and such conveniences were as prevalent as the outdoor privies there.

  10. they’re up to something – if nothing more than trying to grab headlines and tv talking head time.  the thought of former guy being house speaker is a nightmare, but even more scary is the chance this is a backdoor way of getting to be prez sooner than 2024.  don’t doubt that he & his mob aren’t considering a little hit job to pave the way.  remember the speaker is next in line after veep. really really worry about untoward happenings to joe & kamala once nancy steps down. she’s the main reason none of the dastardly deplorables are planning such a thing being as how much the magaTs hate her..

    Rep. Matt Gaetz Says, Apparently Seriously, That He Wants Donald Trump To Be Speaker Of The House | Video | RealClearPolitics

  11. While we read engaging thought-pieces in the “Atlantic” and “New Yorker” and lament the unfair coverage of Biden in the MSM, the unwashed masses are getting their news from memes on facebook generated by GQP basement-dwellers.  

  12. it’s “Asymmetric Information Warfare”, and yes, we’re losing.
    Waiting for the ‘New Yorker’ to steal that in 5…4…3…

  13. speaking of the new yorker, couldn’t help but think trail friend sturge would get a chuckle out of this from the recent issue:


    Mermaid band plays rock music in the middle of the water.

    “Every gig now is about luring sailors to their deaths—remember when it used to be about the music?”

  14. from the hill:

    MSNBC host Brian Williams delivered a somber signoff during his final show for the network, stating that his biggest worry is “for my country.”

    “After 28 years of peacock logos on much of what I own, it is my choice now to jump without a net into the great unknown. As I do for the first time in my 62 years, my biggest worry is for my country,” Williams said during his 11 p.m. show, “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams.”

    “The truth is I’m not a liberal or a conservative. I’m an institutionalist. I believe in this place and in my love of country, I yield to no one.”

    Williams said, however, that the “darkness on the edge of town” had spread across neighborhoods and communities, appearing now “at the local bar and the bowling alley, at the school board and the grocery store, and it must be acknowledged and answered for.”

    “Grown men and women who swore an oath to our Constitution, elected by their constituents, possessing the kinds of college degrees I could only dream of have decided to join the mob and become something they are not while hoping we somehow forget who they were,” Williams continued, without pointing to any leaders or lawmakers specifically.  

    “They’ve decided to burn it all down with us inside. That should scare you to no end as much as it scares an aging volunteer fireman,” he added.

  15. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/12/10/scotus-texas-abortion-law-constitutional-rights/

    Sotomayor added that “new permutations of S.B. 8 are coming”

    “What are federal courts to do if, for example, a State effectively prohibits worship by a disfavored religious minority through crushing ‘private’ litigation burdens amplified by skewed court procedures, but does a better job than Texas of disclaiming all enforcement by state officials?” she said. “Perhaps nothing at all, says this Court.”

    “I have no doubt that legislatures hostile to firearms and the Second Amendment will use either some or all of the tactics that Texas has used.”

    “Jaffe added that the tactic could expand to other constitutionally protected rights that politicians oppose.“

  16. You don’t need to be a legal eagle to see that SCOTUS voted to collapse the American legal system, but hey, there’s gonna be a lotta work for lawyers (for a few years)🤑

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