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  1. so much for pre-thanksgiving jokes.

    my other idea for a thread today was to query what mixers have to say about the chilling effect the seeming acceptance of gun carrying at protests now will have on turnout by peaceful protestors. 

    here’re some thoughts by some lawyers & law prof types on the subject of guns at protests:

     Will Rittenhouse acquittal lead to more armed confrontations at protests? – Portland Press Herald

    Legal experts fear protesters may increasingly arm themselves openly and attempt to mete out vigilante justice, after a jury on Friday acquitted 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse in the fatal shooting of two men during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year.

    “I find this so troubling. We’re at a point where a person with a plastic bag who has an encounter with someone with an AR-15 where we say it’s the person with a plastic bag who is a deadly threat,” said Ion Meyn, an assistant professor of law at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “How does someone recognize if we have an active shooter or not? What do we do now going forward?”


    Meyn said Rittenhouse’s acquittal is likely to embolden gun rights advocates and could lead to armed confrontations at protests, particularly in “open carry” states like Wisconsin that don’t require gun owners to conceal their weapons. He noted that Rittenhouse’s defense relied on a police use-of-force expert and that the verdict could be interpreted as endorsing vigilante patrols, “extending the privilege we give police officers to civilians who open-carry.”


    “This verdict doesn’t set a legal precedent in the sense that it makes new law or binds future decisions,” Findley said. “But it does help set a cultural norm. It sends a message to the community that it is OK to show up at protests, at very volatile public events, and take the law into your own hands because the law will cover your back if things go bad.”

    Janine Geske, a former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, agreed and said the verdict would probably lead those already protesting police brutality to broaden their platform to include “a system that allows people, vigilantes they call them, to show up with high-powered rifles and in their view assassinate people.”

    “There’s going to be a lot of civic rage,” Geske said.


    Geske said that in light of the verdict, lawmakers should reassess gun laws and permitting for guns at protests.

    “To allow people to open-carry guns at protests is asking for violence in our streets. We’re going to have both groups arming themselves soon, the protesters and the anti-protesters,” she said, and those who survive “can claim self-defense.”


    Image result for flower in gun photo

  2. flower children no longer at protests

    now only power children, high powered rifle carriers that is

  3. sometimes bill has good ideas, sometmes he doesn’t. you be the judge.

    Bill dons his “Coach” hat and attempts to guide the Democrats away from a devastating loss in the upcoming midterm elections.

  4. Only one safe form of protest VOTE. 
    Don’t give the assholes a target.
    All else is useless and a waste of time.
     VOTE—-or else.

  5. Ah, i see Bill Maher is making the Dennis Miller pivot.  What a sage that his brightest thought is to attack AOC.
    Go smoke some “pot”, Bill

  6. Stay out of Wisconsin.  And Michigan. And anywhere in the South. And Montana S. Dakota N Dakota Idaho Wyoming. And Virginia Arizona Nevada Nebraska Iowa and Ohio. If you stay out of everywhere you need to stay out of there just ain’t much left.

  7. Texas has “open carry.”  Idiots can show up anywhere with rifles. It’s a deterrent to doing business if they show up in places of commerce. It’s a deterrent to feeling safe anywhere. And now Texas has “permitless carry.”


    “Part of Lawrence’s role with the TMPA now is to work with legislators as bills are introduced that relate to law enforcement. When permitless-carry legislation was brought before this legislative session, he had one question:
    “If they said they were LTC [licensed to carry], when they handed over that license I had a sense of relief because I knew they’d been vetted.” — Kevin Lawrence, Texas Municipal Police Association”
    “What problem are you trying to solve?” Lawrence asks. “We opposed all of these bills. Some of them were worse, and we got those corrected, but we believe this is bad public policy.”

    “The New Law and Order
    Until Sept. 1, carrying a handgun in Texas, either concealed or openly, required a license from the Department of Public Safety. Individuals had to be 21 years old and pass a background check that looked for things like felony convictions, repeated controlled substance abuse, unpaid child support and protective restraining orders. Four hours of classroom or online training was required along with a demonstration of basic shooting proficiency. “

    “Lawrence says this basic training served a purpose. As he put it, some handgun owners, “couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle. Now, that’s all gone.“

    So much for the right to peaceful assembly.

    And THAT is the point of it, IMO.

  8. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2021/01/guns-polling-places-georgia.html

    “But only six states and the District of Columbia prohibit open carry of firearms at polling places.”

    Sturg – What if armed idiots show up outside polling places, especially in predominantly non-white neighborhoods?

    We also have politically-motivated poll-watchers now who, I fear, may intimidate or harass any voter who doesn’t look like they’ll vote Republican.

    And, of course, the gerrymandering to rig things in Republicans’ favor, because they are a dying breed and can’t win on a level playing field.

  9. All my monied Republican acquaintances are SO angry for no reason.  None of them are capable of original thought, so who is feeding them this anger?  Facebook, still?
    Genuinely curious.

  10. sturge & bink,

    bill did say of AOC at 7:26 minutes in on the video “there’s so much to admire there” and that  he was one of “her first supporters.”  i bet she takes him up on his invite to be on the show.  as mr grant would say: “she’s got spunk”

  11. okay, maybe a dose of stephen will make up for the bill disgruntlement (btw, is there such a word as “gruntle” and what does it mean?)

    The Biden administration is buying enough Covid treatment pills to cover 10 million people, marking a hopeful new moment in America’s long battle with the pandemic. In other hopeful news, our friend Jon Batiste made some new friends on “Sesame Street” this week, and he has a few words for anyone criticizing Big Bird for supporting vaccination

  12. If it were warm instead of chilly I’d be gruntled instead of disgruntled.   
    May The Gruntlemeister follow where e’er you may go.

  13. The upshot of all this is that the BLM protesterers will begin to arm themselves.   Remember when the Black Panthers did that?    Talk about a different storyline.

  14. The “THREATS” have always been good excuses for justified assassination.  The list below ends with the Arbery case.  Apparently you can be slaughtered simply for refusing to speak to someone you don’t know.



  15. From your online dictionary
    Interesting stuff, at least for me, it is amazing how many fossil words are hidden in ordinary everyday English. Do we grunt when we are disgruntled?

    The verb disgruntle, which has been around since 1682, means “to make ill-humored or discontented.” The prefix dis– often means “to do the opposite of,” so people might naturally assume that if there is a disgruntle, there must have first been a gruntle with exactly the opposite meaning. But dis– doesn’t always work that way; in some rare cases it functions instead as an intensifier. Disgruntle developed from this intensifying sense of dis– plus gruntle, an old word (now used only in British dialect) meaning “to grumble.” In the 1920s, a writer humorously used gruntle to mean “to make happy”—in other words, as an antonym of disgruntle. The use caught on. At first gruntle was used only in humorous ways, but people eventually began to use it seriously as well.

  16. So when justice is denied what happens? Given that those denied are in a much more powerful situation than they were 100 years ago. Looks like the next thing is vigilantly justice. With the internet, look him up, and practice a little restorative justice.
    As to idiots going into my neighborhood to intimidate old people voting, a good number of the grandmas voting have a grandson or two who shoot at each other for entertainment.

  17. Thank you, Pres. Biden for ordering a glut of vaccines, just scheduled my 3rd dose for… tonight!  

    (i was worried with kids getting authorized to get vaxxed it would create a backlog- not so around here so try and schedule if you think you need to)

  18. I signed up for the Trump mailing list just to see what the ass sent to subscribers.  It is at least one hilarious daily scam.  Todays was your chance to sign up for the honor roll.

    Official Trump Honor Roll

  19. Bink
    Thanks for the reminder, I have a day, so I scheduled my booster for tomorrow. I didn’t have any reaction the first time so keeping my fingers crossed. 
    Back to packing
    A lesson I hope to never have to use again. It is a lot easier to unload than to load. Of course I haven’t started to unpack.
    But I am glad I spent the money and bought a box trailer. I can take my time, take a break without feeling  pressed to return a rental.

  20. BTW, in my little circle of people I know, probably no more than 500 I know of 2 serious breakthrough covid cases among the vaccinated people. one survived and one didn’t. The one who died was a 40 year old construction worker. 
    So as I’ve been traveling I am wearing a mask, I’ve noticed a lot of other travelers doing the same, so I don’t feel lonely.
    Gas has dropped back down under 3 dollars.

  21. jack, thanks. other versions found in thefreedictionary of its usage

    vb (intr)

    to grunt or groan
    Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014


     – Can be used for swine, meaning “to make a little grunt.”

    See also related terms for swine.
    Farlex Trivia Dictionary. © 2012 Farlex, Inc. All rights reserved.


    1. gruntle - cause to be more favorably inclinedgruntle – cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of; “She managed to mollify the angry customer”

    calmstilltranquilizetranquillisetranquillizecalm downquietquietenlull – make calm or still; “quiet the dragons of worry and fear”
    Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. © 2003-2012 Princeton University, Farlex Inc.
    References in periodicals archive?
    On still nights, the rhythmic gruntle and squeak of frogs carried across the water.

    It had a gruntle in the heich of the heid, and under that it had twa een, ane nose and mouth, ane brow, ane cheek, ane tongue, and lugs like to the similitude of man in all sorts; the remanent thereof was ane othr gryce without hair.

    Gruntle,” as a noun (Scottish dialect), means face, or the snout of a pig.
  22. bbronc, you’ve been warning us of the upsurge for quite awhile.  finally it;s getting some attention

    the hill

    President Biden released a statement Saturday mourning the loss of more than 40 transgender Americans that died by violence in 2021.

    Today, on Transgender Day of Remembrance, we mourn those we lost in the deadliest year on record for transgender Americans, as well as the countless other transgender people — disproportionately Black and brown transgender women and girls — who face brutal violence, discrimination, and harassment,” Biden said.

    LGBT advocacy group the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) found 47 transgender individuals have been killed in 2021 by violent means, surpassing the record number of 44 deaths in 2020.


  23. patd – one of the things many people always have in mind is the next stop, the next dark corner . . . the next restroom. In Virginia we can expect the next wave of hate, probably before the delegates and governor are sworn in.  The haters want revenge, and will do things to get it.  You never get used to wondering if you say or do something an idiot does not like will you be beat up or killed.  But, we cannot hole up and hide for all our lives. We will live.

  24. Putting a camera on a guy who has gotten away with murder.  An idea whose time has come. No telling what that camera might pick up.

  25. A power plant that buys coal from a company controlled by Sen. Joe Manchin’s family is fighting to stay alive by generating electricity for superfast data computing, after being on the brink of financial collapse for years.
    If the proposal by the Grant Town power plant near Morgantown, W.Va., is successful, it would preserve the lucrative Manchin family business of selling coal waste to the power plant for generating electricity. The facility is the main customer of Manchin’s family company called Enersystems, which has paid the senator $5 million over the last decade, according to financial disclosures.


  26. The Grant Town facility is named after a former coal baron, Robert Grant, who opened a mine in the early 1900s along Paw Paw Creek in northeast West Virginia. At 80 megawatts, it’s one of the smallest plants in the state — and it’s the only one that still burns waste coal, some of the dirtiest fuel in the U.S.

    Can we all please stop calling  this plug a “moderate” ?  His kid is named  Joe Manchin IV . 

  27. When it comes to fossil fuels , and the embedded rot they have sown in governments around the world.   West Virginia makes Louisiana , and Texas seem like bastions of good government. 
    Never have so many been screwed by so few, and made so little.  And they didn’t just do it with coal, they did it with their forests , when those railroads weren’t hauling coal, they were hauling logs.  

  28. As for the issues Bill Maher  raised,  he’s right. 
    Take those jackasses  in Portland, Ore.  Or anywhere for that matter.  No body ever won by throwing rocks at cops, setting cars on fire , and breaking glass. 
    Gandhi  was right , and King saw that . 


  29. Bill hit on another  nerve ……………. 
    Democrats can’t sell snowmobiles to Eskimos. 
    A point I raved about here last week.
    They ignore John Testor , and hire a 22 year old  with a “man bun”  in New York to run their “Midwest out reach” ? 
    I saw Carville on PBS after the Virginia election.  His head was about to explode. Railing about how they see themselves as “policy wonks” , and not  “salesmen”. 
    In fairness the right has built an entire political/industrial complex over the last 30 years. While the left labored piece meal  to great effect  on many issues. but they never built this huge complex the right has achieved. 
    To our great peril , and our good luck, this huge complex has been highjacked by a pack of lunatics.  And like Hitler they will invade Russia , and not bring their heavy winter coats.   

  30. The left needs harness the horse power of  Greta.  They need train young folks to sell their ideas,  not with boxing gloves , but with ears and reason. 
    Punching someone in the nose has never changed their mind. 

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