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  1. if that comes to be, an even lesser known fact will be:

    the house speaker does not have to be sane

  2. and speaking of insanity, an example of same:


    WASHINGTON — House Democrats postponed a much-anticipated vote on President Joe Biden’s social safety net and climate package early Friday morning after Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy delayed a final vote with a record-long, wide-ranging and often angry speech.
    The House is now slated to meet at 8 a.m. on Friday to finish consideration of the Build Back Better bill.
    McCarthy, who began speaking at 8:38 p.m., brought his marathon speech to an end at around 5:04 a.m. to cheers and applause from House Republicans. He had long since crossed the eight-hour mark and broken a record set by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., for the longest speech on the House floor.
    McCarthy criticized the bill as reckless and inveighed against Biden’s presidency overall. He also discussed unrelated matters like the Southern border, Afghanistan policy, recruitment of police officers, poll numbers and the problem with “one-party rule.”
    A senior Democratic aide told NBC News that McCarthy was “welcome to continue his raving as late into the night as he wants. The House will return and vote first thing Friday morning so the American people know heading into Thanksgiving week that House Democrats are fighting with President Biden to Build Back Better.”
    Some Democrats live-tweeted their criticisms of the speech. McCarthy at times was heckled on the floor but insisted he would continue.

  3. from Late Night Takes on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada BBQ, or Summit – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

    The Gang’s All Here
    President Biden met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico at the White House on Thursday to talk trade and other issues — in the return of meetings after a five-year hiatus during the Trump administration.
    “This is a traditional thing. It hasn’t been held since 2016 because — guess why?” Jimmy Kimmel said on Thursday night.
    “That’s right, when Trump was president, the regular meeting between the three leaders never happened. Now that it’s back, it’d be wild if the Mexican president was like, ‘Oh, and here’s a check for that wall.’” — JIMMY FALLON
    “I wish I could have seen Trump’s face when he found out Biden met with the president of Mexico at the White House. You know he was like: ‘Impossible! How’d he get through my wall? This doesn’t make any sense!’” — JIMMY KIMMEL
    “I think it’s nice that we’re friendly with our neighbors again. It’s like America’s abusive ex-boyfriend moved out, and we’re finally getting invited back to the barbecues in the neighborhood.” — JIMMY KIMMEL
    “Of course, the leaders spent time talking about immigration. Biden complained about the number of Mexicans coming to America; Trudeau complained about the number of Americans coming to Canada.” — JIMMY FALLON
    “Yep, basically, Mexico and Canada heard all of America blasting Adele and wanted to check in on us.” — JIMMY FALLON
    “They called it the ‘Three Amigos Summit,’ which is still better than what Biden wanted to call it, which was ‘Meeting La Vida Loca.’” — JAMES CORDEN

  4. back to the BBB and that NBC story linked above:

    Shortly before McCarthy began speaking, the House voted 220-211 along party lines to advance the sweeping legislation to a final vote after the Congressional Budget Office released a cost estimate of the bill, which centrist Democratic lawmakers had demanded before proceeding with the measure.

    The CBO estimate unlocked support from key holdouts and projected that the nearly $1.7 trillion package would add $160 billion to the deficit over the next decade, after accounting for taxes and savings to finance it.

    While the budget office estimated that savings from beefed-up IRS enforcement would boost revenue by $207 billion, the Treasury Department projected it would be $400 billion.

    “A particularly salient aspect of the revenue raised by the legislation is a historic investment in the IRS to crack down on high-earners who avoid paying the taxes that they owe, which Treasury estimates would generate at least $400 billion in additional revenue,” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in a statement Thursday, arguing that the Build Back Better Act is “fully paid for.”

    The White House has been priming Democratic lawmakers for that discrepancy. If the Treasury estimate were swapped in, the bill would be paid for, satisfying a demand of moderates. Key centrists like Rep. Josh Gottheimer, D-N.J., have said they believe the Treasury projection is more accurate.

  5. Republicans who continue to prop up Orange Adolf HATE democracy, mom, and, apple pie.  Effing fascists.

  6. parody project’s POV of critterville

    Lyrics and Performance by Don Caron
    Backup Singers Annie Saphire and John Melon

  7. Interesting new ads on YouTube this last week.  Air Force and Marines seeking recruits.  I now have to wonder what is going on.  Usually you see the ads around May because high schools are graduating.  But Turkey Day and holidays?  Hmm.  Laid off in 2020 and not wanting to flip burgers, and out of money?  Shallow minds are inquiring.

  8. For a couple of hours today, Kamala Harris was President.  The nation did not crash and burn despite all GOP rumors of doom and gloom.  

  9. Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges.  I’m surprised.  I thought there would be guilty on at least one of the lesser included charges.


  10. Craig

    None of the victims were black.  Rittenhouse might be a racist, and I suspect he is, but that had no bearing on the trial given the people he killed.  


  11. Thing is the kid is stupid.  He has already spent time in his white supremacist meetings talking about his fame.  He is already “hardened”.  I expect he will go out again to kill again this summer.  He might even stick around if there are protests of the verdict tonight.  My guess is he will put himself in a position that leaves his mother wondering why he is dead.  She is obviously as stupid as he is.

  12. Encouraging. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee heads into the next month debt-free with $67.5 million cash on hand, DCCC’s best ever off-year October COH and nearly $24 million more than it had in October of 2019.

  13. Bronc

    His mother is definitely a piece of work.  She practically encouraged him to be in the wrong place and the wrong time being both ignorant and dangerous.


  14. The jury was mostly white.  That the victims weren’t black isn’t the issue. (Oh, are we allowed to call them victims now?) The protest was about the shooting of a black man by police. That’s what drew the little creep there. This will give white punks license to kill. Well, it will make them think it’s OK. I wonder how long that little jerk will last on the outside?

  15. BiD has it. White jury, white killer, black protest – victims had to be N—- lovers, right? Asshats.
    what’s fundraising look like on the stupid side, Poobah?

  16. Kyle Rittenrot, You just won your trial. What are you doing next?

    I’m go into Disn…um to Mar-Al-Ego.

    Orange Adolf applauds the racist judge and jurors, as well as the killer they set free.

    Republicans are NOT pro life.
    They love guns.

  17. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/11/18/texas-border-shipping-containers-eagle-pass/

    “Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted a video Wednesday of the state’s latest attempt to secure the Texas-Mexico border: about 20 shipping containers lined up along the riverbank next to the international bridge that connects Eagle Pass with Mexico. “

    This is for show, of course. While I haven’t noticed any influx of migrants, nor have I seen any histrionic stories of such on the local news, my relatives in the Midwest (who watch right-wingnut news) seem to think they are flooding the streets in all of Texas.

    Greg is a putz.

  18. Will Ahmad Arbery’s murderers get away with it, too? Will the outcome of this trial have any impact on that trial? Is the insanity and injustice contagious?

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