23 thoughts on “Too Bad Hypocrisy Not A Virus”

  1. See de ‘ypocrites, dem a-galang deh!
    See de ‘ypocrites, dem a-galang deh!
    See de ‘ypocrites, dem a-galang deh! Man, go!

    Dem cut, cut, cut ‘gainst ’em one another;
    Cut, cut, cut ‘gainst ’em one another.
    Oh, dem teach to love one another;
    Oh, dem teach to love one another. Man, go!

  2. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/11/16/build-back-better-texas-insurance/

    “At least 770,000 Texans are ineligible for both Medicaid and health insurance subsidies through the state-run marketplaces.”

    “But a provision of the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better legislation, which is being considered by Congress, would fix that loophole through at least 2025.”

    “That provision applies only to Texas and 11 other states that refuse to extend health coverage under Medicaid.“

    Proving, once again, that Republicans are NOT pro-life, at least not if you’re poor. And, Beto has been registering new voters for over a year, so…

  3. So, any Republican running for re-election will get called out on their infrastructure vote. Makes a great ad campaign. They think they can have it both ways, but we live in a binary world when it comes to voting. It’s all ones and zeroes. No halfsies.

  4. I worry about Beto running on legalizing weed.  I just don’t think a large enough swath of the population here will follow him. His videos announcing his run are great, but then he tacks that on and I think it deflates everything else he just said. I don’t think it’s just me, but based on what I know of others here, it might sink him. Should I pray for the power grid to hold up or fail this winter?

  5. Tucker Feeling Threatened By Black Woman Who Is Vice President Again, We Guess – Wonkette

    We guess this was bound to happen, that at some point racist white Republicans would decide it was time to try to get another birther thing going against Vice President Kamala Harris. They tried during the campaign, when batshit Trump coup lawyer John Eastman wrote a roundly mocked column for Newsweek suggesting that Harris wasn’t eligible to serve because of some racist reasons he made up.
    Maybe now that CNN is declaring Harris’s vice presidency dead, the deplorables think it’s time to strike, so Tucker Carlson (of course) advanced a theory last night: that Harris isn’t really American because she went to high school in the exotic land of Canada. You know, because her mom got a job in Montreal when Harris was 12, in the mid 1970s, around the same time Tucker’s mom was abandoning their family.
    Like Harris has been hiding her secret Canadian past or something, like a common Ted Cruz. It couldn’t be that literally anybody curious about this information could have looked it up, in newspapers.
    Tucker had other things to say, though. The chyron in the video above is “Kamala Harris always wanted power,” which is clearly about a lot more than just “Canada.” Because Tucker’s show is the unofficial TV home base for white supremacist men whose wives are in the other room not having sex with them tonight or any other night, you can see how that chyron was written to play on their insecurities about their own shortcomings.
    So of course Tucker moved into a discussion of Harris’s dating history:
    As HuffPost explains, Tucker has done the Canadian smear on Vice President Harris, and he was into the birther shit against Harris before John Eastman even started grunting his full frontals into that chicken. And he’s said the Willie Brown stuff before. And he always pretends he can’t figure out how her very complicated six-letter name is pronounced.
    So we don’t want you coming out of this blog post thinking Tucker had a new thought or something.
    Mostly we want you to remember that mean joke we made about Tucker’s mom abandoning him, because damn.

  6. also from wonkette

    Joe Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill! Everyone Thank The Last Guy For Some Reason We Guess! – Wonkette


    Biden touted the bill as a success for the good ol’ values of compromise and bipartisanship, saying,

    The bill I’m about to sign into law is proof that despite the cynics, Democrats and Republicans can come together and deliver results. We can do this. We can deliver real results for real people. […]

    Here in Washington, we’ve heard countless speeches and promises and white papers from experts. But today we’re finally getting this done. So my message to the American people is this: America’s moving again, and your life is going to change for the better.

    It was a very moving sentiment as long as you don’t get too hung up on little details like the demands by many of the Trumpiest House Republicans that the 13 Rs who voted for the bill be stripped of committee assignments, and perhaps keel-hauled.

    All 32 Republicans from the House and Senate who voted for the bill were invited to the ceremony, but only five Senate Republicans attended. Sen. Ron Portman of Ohio, who is retiring when his term ends next year, spoke, saying he hoped there’d be more such bipartisan work to “advance the interests of the American People,” but did not mention whether he would introduce legislation to genetically engineer the flying pigs that would make it necessary. He did, however, insist that the person who really deserved thanks for the bill was Donald Trump, for having said the word “infrastructure'” multiple times during his time in office without ever advancing a bill to the floor of either house.

    Just two of the House Republicans who voted for the bill attended the ceremony: New York’s Tom Reed, who is not running for reelection next year, and Alaska’s Don Young, who will hold his seat until his entire state vanishes in a volcanic disaster. Reps Fred Upton (R-Michigan) and Andrew Garabino (R-New York) were the subjects of death threats after voting for the bill and being labeled as “traitors” by Marjorie Taylor-Greene, because that is how politics goes these days among the more cynical types.


  7. So Shaman dude gets 41 months in prison for his role in the 1/6 insurrection.  Good – a period of navel gazing followed by a lifetime of living with a felony conviction should be good for his soul. Of course there is another way to look at it I guess – like @TheBillyProcida did on Twitter –

    The QAnon Shaman was sentenced to 41 months in prison for having the best insurrection costume.

    Love it.

  8. Getting an earful of anti-wokeness with regard to the environment from the family today.
    I’m still available for adoption.

  9. Oh he’s prime goober, Thessaloniki fack……I grew up surrounded by them but society has kinda thinned the herd unless they can cut grass or trim a hedge.
    I wrote “thassa fack” but I kinda like what they did there.

  10. The gullible are told they are fighting against a “satanic cabal” of “human-traffickers”, which i would imagine seems like a very noble cause for someone desperately seeking a purpose in life

  11. China is getting revenge for their opium crisis the US facilitated 150 years, ago, by flooding our country with Fentanyl, it’s a huge problem


  12. It’s all fun and games until you kill someone (virtually) WaPo.


    The House voted Wednesday to censure Rep. Paul A. Gosar (R-Ariz.) for tweeting an anime video that depicted him killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and swinging swords at President Biden — a move that comes amid growing worries about violent political rhetoric 10 months after a mob of former president Donald Trump’s supporters attacked the Capitol.

    The 223-to-207 vote, with one member voting present, marks the first time in more than a decade that the House has censured one of its members. The resolution also removes Gosar from his assignments on the House Oversight and Natural Resources committees.

    Two Republicans, Reps. Liz Cheney (Wyo.) and Adam Kinzinger (Ill.), joined Democrats in backing the measure. Rep. David Joyce (R-Ohio) voted “present.”


  13. o brother where what art thou?

    Gosar’s brother commends Ocasio-Cortez, calls brother ‘dangerous’ | TheHill

    Asked by MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace what was going through his head while listening to Ocasio-Cortez’s speech, Tim Gosar, who has been critical of his brother in the past, said Ocasio-Cortez was “powerful, succinct and spot on.”

    “Saying what matters and what is important and what is true and accurate, so I commend her and hope people are listening,” Tim Gosar added before calling his brother “dangerous” and calling on him to be expelled from Congress. 


    Tim Gosar on Wednesday said it is “disappointing” that they are in this position but said it comes down a choice of “do you support somebody that’s reckless, that’s dangerous, that’s unhinged, or do you step up and work for the soul of our country and promote our democracy in the future for our kids?”

    “I think there is no choice given those two,” Tim Gosar added.

    “I believe he’s dangerous, unhinged and is reckless and is somebody that, as we’ve I’ve said before, needs to not only be censored, but he needs to be expelled,” he added of his brother. “And if at the end of that process, if he gets expelled and criminal charges are warranted, then criminal charges to be brought as well.” 

  14. I hope Shamansky appreciates irony- considering that note he left Pence. 

    “It’s only a matter of time, justice is coming.”

    Came today I’d say. 

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