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  1. jack, thanks. i picked your first selection.  perfect for a wintery snowy rainy day this morning.

  2. a double hitter last night altho’ cold open is more offensive than usual in some parts so beware.

    Senator Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant) introduces his new show Cruz Street and its residents (Cecily Strong, Kyle Mooney, Pete Davidson, Alex Moffat, Mikey Day, Chris Redd, Chloe Fineman, Aristotle Athari).

    Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Texas judge repealing the state’s mask mandate.

  3. Forceful statement on the recently concluded COP26 from Julian Cribb:

    Some say COP26 made no real decisions. It did. It decided to destroy the Maldives, Tuvalu, Kiribas and other nations for the sake of coal and oil. It decided to wreck our grandkids future so some greedy shareholders could live in luxury. Those are big decisions
  4. Jack left us in good hands. Hope his move is going well.

    Did anyone believe the powerful dinosaurs that went to Glasgow, or those who controlled the attendees, were going to do anything significant to turn the rising tides of climate change?

    Yes, Tedious and Mean Greene (the extra E at the end stands for evil…oddly, there is no D nor an S for dumbshit) are always offensive IRL. The cold open was spot on. Oscar spoke a hard truth.

    Enjoyed Jost’s numerology story in WE. All things lead to Q. Ha!

    Dexter – I grew up in my grandparents’ house, which originally belonged to my great-grandparents. Thus, the lack of plumbing and central air/heat.

    Those who heat homes with oil will be keeping the thermostat lower this year. Mine is electric and stays set at 66 most of the time in winter.

  5. The COP26 confirmed that nations by and large act in their own economic self interest. IMHO the larger richer countries will continue to implement incremental change based on the development of energy storage technology and its economic viability. It won’t be driven by concern for the fate of island nations or even hotels in Miami.

  6. I spent ‘48 to ‘56 in a shack also, but my old man worked at the shipyard so between ‘42 when he bought the shack and ‘48 when I was born he’d installed a flusher.  Neighbor had a wood stove and Outhouse.  

  7. good quotes from rep. gonzales (R, ohio) to save for potential dem ad if need be in 2024


    “The cold hard truth is Donald Trump led us into a ditch on January 6. The former president lied to us. He lied to every one of us and in doing so he cost (Republicans) the House, the Senate and the White House,” Gonzalez said on “State of the Union.”

    He added: “I see, fundamentally, a person who shouldn’t be able to hold office again because of what he did around January 6. But I also see somebody who’s an enormous political loser. And I don’t know why anybody who wants to win elections going forward would follow that. I simply, like, I don’t get it ethically. I certainly don’t get it politically. Neither of them makes sense.”
    “If he’s the nominee again in ’24, I will do everything I personally can to make sure he doesn’t win. Now I’m not voting for Democrats, but whether that’s finding a viable third party or whether that’s trying to defeat him in primaries, whatever it is, that’s going to be where I’ll spend my time,” he said. “January 6 was the line that can’t be crossed.”

  8. OK, This is weird, you know…..
    Mike Pence is a hero. 

    Yeah, he tried his dead level best to weasel out on it, but in the end he reached the point where he couldn’t weasel.

    There he was……….Unable to Weasel.

  9. Poobah, she’s 95. Same age as my uncle who’s too blind to drive his mobility scooter, can’t get around without it and has very strange ideas about people coming into his room at night through the ceilings and walls to have sex with him. I’d say Queen Liz is doing okay for her age. 

  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_world_service
    is so good.  Just listened to a program about reducing the carbon footprint of the concrete industry, last week i heard a program about the history and cultural impacts of eyeglasses, although i admit i had to take a break when they took a deep-dive into “honor killings”(😬).
    Anyway, highly recommend for the 90th time 👍 

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