Trump Loses Again

Trump loses executive privilege case. Federal judge Tanya Chutkan has ruled that the US House Select Committee should have access to records from his presidency about Jan. 6. All eyes now on Garland.

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“Presidents are not kings and Plaintiff is not president.” – – Judge Chutkan

Trump team says they will appeal but National Archives set to send records Friday, so not much time. My hunch is courts so fed up with Trump’s abuse of their time and patience they won’t stop it. But I suppose if they were dealing with a regular plaintiff instead of America’s Mussolini they’d grant an emergency stay.

Laurence Tribe on MSNBC says this “powerful” rejection of Trump’s privilege claim means AG Garland “in all facts and purposes will be obstructing Congress” if he doesn’t prosecute Bannon’s bogus privilege claim.


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  1. he’s a serial loser – let us count the ways: wives, casinos, lawsuits, bankruptcies, scruples, mind…

    following parody courtesy of  alan bendit back in dec. 2020

    This is a PARODY of The Beatles song “I’m A Loser” about the worst president in history!

  2. from Law & Crime:

    “Plaintiff does not acknowledge the deference owed to the incumbent President’s judgment. His position that he may override the express will of the executive branch appears to be premised on the notion that his executive power ‘exists in perpetuity,’” U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan wrote in the ruling. “But Presidents are not kings, and Plaintiff is not President. He retains the right to assert that his records are privileged, but the incumbent President ‘is not constitutionally obliged to honor’ that assertion.”
    Judge Chutkan made no secret last week how she viewed Trump’s legal argument that the committee’s subpoenas served no legislative purpose.
    “The Jan. 6 riots happened in the Capitol,” Chutkan said on Nov. 4. “That is literally Congress’s house.”
    But Judge Chutkan wrote Tuesday that, “While broad, these requests, and each of the other requests made by the Committee, do not exceed the Committee’s legislative powers.”

  3. speaking of the critters & other ethical dilemmas 


    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Tuesday called for multiple investigations into the posting of an animated video by Rep. Paul A. Gosar (R-Ariz.) that depicts him killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and swinging two swords at President Biden.
    In a tweet, Pelosi urged House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to join in condemning the “horrific video” and supporting investigations by the House Ethics Committee and law enforcement.
    “Threats of violence against Members of Congress and the President of the United States must not be tolerated,” Pelosi said.
    Pelosi’s statement echoed one issued earlier by the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, which also called for an ethics investigation.
    “In any other job in America, if a coworker made a video killing another coworker, that person would be fired,” the group’s co-chairs — Reps. Matthew Cartwright (Pa.), Debbie Dingell (Mich.), Ted Lieu (Calif.) and Joe Neguse (Colo.) — said in a joint statement.
    “Mr. McCarthy needs to decide whether he will finally stand with the American people on the side of law and order or he will continue to support violence and chaos,” the Democratic lawmakers added.


    “…strategies such as dung spotting — when bees collect animal poop and apply it to the entrances of their colony to repel and confuse the hornets — and swarming to neutralize the enemy, which is known as bee balling.
    Balling involves hundreds of bees surrounding a hornet in seconds, squeezing it and constricting its ability to breathe. The bees raise their body temperature to a level that is lethal to the hornet…”

  5. A couple of nuggets from Judge Chutkan’s opinion:

    The House panel and the Justice Department “contend that discovering and coming to terms with the causes underlying the January 6 attack is a matter of unsurpassed public importance because such information relates to our core democratic institutions and the public’s confidence in them,” Chutkan wrote in a 39-page opinion. “The court agrees.”
    The court holds that the public interest lies in permitting—not enjoining—the combined will of the legislative and executive branches to study the events that led to and occurred on January 6, and to consider legislation to prevent such events from ever occurring again,” the judge wrote.

    Source was WaPo article on the decision. Dumbass’ lawyers appealed, but it’s to the DC Circuit. Good luck with that. 

  6. Craig, just in case you missed this, here’s a midnight message jack left us on last thread:

    Pat, Craig, 
    I’ve got the next 2 Sundays  covered. Pick which ever one you want to start first.
    Tonight was my last neighborhood meeting,  I’m going to be busy moving the rest of the month. 
    I will drop in when I have time

  7. Well, America is beginning to stagnate on the COVID-19 front.  

    New daily reported cases rose 5% 
    New daily reported deaths rose 3.9% 
    Covid-related hospitalizations fell 4.2% 
    Among reported tests, the positivity rate was 5.6%.
    The number of tests reported fell 31.3%  

    All over the course of the last week.  And new cases have risen from about 69,000 to 75,000 per day since 10/25.  We are a stupid people.

  8. We did watch a bit of Lawrence O’Donnell last night.  We knew he was having our Senator, Maggie Hassan, on and we wanted to watch it.  Mr. Tribe was very interesting… saying that if Merrick Garland  was just getting his ducks in a row… well… there were no more ducks and they were all quacking.
    Also… our governor Sununu has stated he will not challenge Hassan for her Senator’s seat.  Said he wasn’t interested in going to Washington and getting nothing done ( heard that as… not wanting to get arm twisted by the likes of McConnell either).

  9. Next wave of crazy from Republican governors? Florida’s DeSantis calls infrastructure “pork barrel spending”, his spokesperson said they haven’t decided whether to accept Florida’s $19 billion share

  10. Get ready for the next big lie: Republicans claiming Biden infrastructure spending favors blue states. FL Gov DeSantis; “It seems a disproportionate amount of money is going to New York and New Jersey”

  11. What KGC said. The guy is a little prick. I listened to it today and saw it tonight. He’s been well rehearsed. If he’s not convicted he’ll claim he’s the victim of the girl he rapes in college.

    And J.D. Vance … what an asshat.

  12. BiD – here’s one for you. 

    Federal judge overrules Texas ban on mask mandates in schools

    A federal judge ruled Wednesday that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s ban on mask mandates in schools violates the Americans with Disabilities Act, a decision that could have national implications as several other states are embroiled in legal battles over face covering requirements for children.

    The ruling from U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel is the latest development in the closely watched feud, and it allows local leaders to once again decide whether they want to implement mask mandates in their school districts.

    School mask mandates have for months been a contentious issue, the disputes moving from school board meetings to courtrooms. A handful of GOP-led states, including Arizona and Florida, passed similar bans on mandates. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, meanwhile, has recommended that schools require their students, teachers and staff to wear masks.

    So there is a measure of sanity in (parts of) the federal judiciary. 

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