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  1. and now to break the mood

    Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Biden’s trillion-dollar infrastructure bill.

  2. Nancy Pelosi got the Infrastructure Bill passed while allowing progressives to vote their conscience, and dividing Republicans. Not a bad day’s work.
    Ron Filipowski

  3. This is known as “catch and release.” When the leader is sure there are more than enough votes, certain members are told they can vote no to make their own statement without jeopardizing the bill’s passage. Everybody wins. —paul Waldman

  4. Ode to Nancy:   Checkmate. They never saw it coming.  Atta woman. 
    So when you’re in a pickle, just breathe and ask yourself WWND?

  5. On the old other hand:
    Nicole David:    Berners pilloried Hillary for her Iraq vote and never gave a damn about the reasons behind it. We owe them the exact same courtesy re this Infrastructure vote.

  6. Sturge
    I’m with Nicole David, I don’t give a damn about their reasons for voting against infrastructure. I listened to AOC’s video about it and it was silly. Give the people and your party the win. STFU with the negativity. I want Dems to keep control. OMG, the thought of going back to Trump and his ilk gives me nightmares.

  7. One of my favorite kibitzers:



    The Squad voted en bloc against the infrastructure bill. I understand why but still feel it was totally wrongheaded.

  8. If progressives can’t vote their conscience when their party has full control, when can they?
    Progs aren’t the problem, race-baiting simpletons are

  9. Phenomenal music. That woman can pick.
    Heard an interview with Aaron Rodgers today. I’ve never heard anyone string so many anti-vax bs lines together in so short a time, mixed with other stupid cancel culture and almost every other dumbass lines – I didn’t listen long enough to hear rigged election but I’m guessing it came out too.  

  10. in my continuing series of “i am not old” rants, I am watching a few of the late sixties and early seventies television programs.  In particular are the Columbo and Mash series.  The first is how much I miss decent writing (for the most part) the second has deep meaning as I was in my greenies at the time. Trying to think back fifty years to when these were on the air (young ones, over the air was the way to receive television signals – no cable) I am drawn to consider my life in those years.
    Fifty years prior to nineteen seventy-one was nineteen twenty-one.  There was no way we could look at a crackling black and white movie from back then, with the music from a band in front of the screen, with Summer of ’42 or Diamonds Are Forever in nineteen seventy-one.  There is no way to confuse a Ford Mustang 500 race car with a Ford Model A.
    Today, people can watch Columbo or Mash, enjoy a race with “vintage” cars or watch seventies movies and notice a oddities (especially clothing), but still accept they are something not too antique.  I do have a few articles of clothing I still have from those years.
    What does this mean?  First, change happens.  But, some change is incremental and some change is massive.  I do miss the colorful clothing of the sixties and seventies.  Experimentation is fun.  It scares conservatives.  It might mean a lot to those trying to keep some from enjoying colors of life.

  11. Man, that’s a lot of strings and look at the crazy, tuning key set-up.
    Jack – Lovely selection.

  12. Pogo  – Rodgers sounds like my relatives. If I hear the word “woke” from one of those idiots one more time…well, I’ll talk to them even less frequently.

    I’m putting myself up for adoption.

    Can’t see the horizon from here; too many buildings.

  13. I watch and re-watch Columbo regularly. Re-watch because I’ve see them all by now.  Also in the morning comes Dragnet 68-70…..love Jack Webb’s take on the hippies

  14. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/news/2021/11/08/us-travel-ban-requirements-international-tourists/6303811001/

    “A rush of international travelers is headed into the United States Monday as the COVID-19 travel ban ended at midnight Eastern time and people from dozens of countries begin flooding in, more than 600 days since they were barred from entry.“

    Not so fast!


    “The current pace of transmission across the 53 countries of the European Region is of grave concern…”

    There were PLENTY of folks in NYC in September. I felt no deficit in the population from any of my prior visits.

  15. ps – The newest anti-vax nonsense I’ve heard is that there’s no need to take it because it’s “fake and doesn’t do anything.”

    So, why not just take it if it’s just saline solution?

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