28 thoughts on “Signs of Winter on the way: leaves fall and fuel prices rise”

  1. stephen and the man of Steele

    Christopher Steele upset our host this weekend when he shared his opinion that the infamous pee pee tape “probably” exists, contrary to the repeated denials from our former president and First Lady. Also, has Stephen Colbert been the real Man of Steel this whole time?

    “No! No, Chris Steele, you will not get my hopes up again. I have moved on — my heart cannot take this! This show had an official last pee-pee tape joke on January 25th. You cannot get me to talk about this until the actual tape has been released — or at least streamed.”

  2. FDA to allow ‘mix-and-match’ approach on coronavirus booster vaccines – The Washington Post

    The agency is rushing to make the announcement Wednesday as part of its authorization of boosters for the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. The FDA may also say that people should generally stick to the same vaccine if possible, according to the two federal officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the issue.
    Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine has been shown to be less effective than the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, so there is intense focus on how to boost protection for recipients of the single-shot Johnson & Johnson regimen: Should it be with the Johnson & Johnson shot or with the other vaccines, which use a different technology?
    A key matter of debate: If Moderna is used as a booster for Johnson & Johnson, what should be the correct dose? Some officials say it should be a half dose of the regular shot — the dosage that will be authorized for Moderna boosters in general — while others say it should be a full dose, which was the amount tested as part of a National Institutes of Health study released last week.


    COVID-19 vaccine booster and flu shot: Is it safe to receive both on same day? (msn.com)

    As the flu season approaches and coincides with millions of Americans newly eligible for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine booster, with expert backing for boosters developed by Moderna and J&J, many may wonder whether it’s safe to receive both a booster and a flu vaccine in one visit.
    “Flu vaccines and COVID-19 vaccines can be given at the same time,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states on its webpage. The health agency advises providers to administer vaccines into different injection sites at least 1 inch apart to differentiate between any local reactions.
    “Certainly, if a person has any concerns, they can take them at different times,” Dr Aaron Glatt, chief of infectious diseases at Mount Sinai South Nassau, told Fox News. “Likewise, there is no reason to wait 14 days [between vaccinations], like it was originally recommended, after getting either vaccination.”
    What’s more, there’s no current evidence that co-administration will magnify any potential side effects, according to Dr. Fred Davis, associate chair of emergency medicine at Northwell Health on Long Island, who also noted the most common side effect for both involve a sore arm at the injection side. 

  3. The maples here are over 90% bare. Other hardwoods are still dropping plenty of leaves. Our next door neighbor spent over an hour blowing the leaves in their front yard (heavily wooded) with a backpack blower Sunday. And it ain’t done. And morning temps are close to freezing. And color?  Not much. 
    And personal experience with the booster & flu shot at one visit – sore arms but nothing else.

  4. Use a rake.  Use a mulching attachment on a mower.  If elected, my first order of business will be to ban leaf blowers.

  5. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/10/19/texas-legislature-redistricting-property-tax-vaccine-mandates/

    “….state lawmakers did not heed his (Abbott’s) call to advance legislation to prohibit vaccine mandates by any Texas entity, including hospitals and private businesses. Abbott’s executive order banning the vaccine mandates, however, is still in effect.”

    “House members also balked at Abbott’s call to increase the penalty for illegal voting. Earlier this year, the Legislature passed a sweeping elections bill that will reduce the penalty for illegal voting from a second degree felony to a Class A misdemeanor, effective in December. “

  6. It doesn’t help that the rise in energy costs is mostly a manufactured crisis.  People are still driving and traveling less, so demand is down.  More than enough fuel is being manufactured so supply is there.  The problem is transportation due to lack of drivers.  The military could be conscripted to handle this.  A matter of will and decision.



  7. They haven’t laid a glove on the Arizona Curtseyer but they be chompin’ right down on the West Vajinya Flash.

  8. Opted out last night of the heater, but it did come up.   Course our window faces the south bout 8 hrs more southier than y’all. 

  9. Bid, other than shrub beds I haven’t really raked in 15 years. My shoulders won’t allow it. I mulch with my mower and use a battery powered blower – which is more powerful than my old gas blower and lasts long enough on one charge to do all the areas I need to use the blower to move leaves to the yard to mulch. 

  10. Mixed covid bag this week  from WaPo.

    New daily reported cases fell 6.6%
    New daily reported deaths rose 4.5%
    Covid-related hospitalizations fell 8.6%

    Among reported tests, the positivity rate was 5.9%.
    The number of tests reported fell 35.4% from the previous week.

    The death rate lags about 3 weeks behind the case rate, so we should see a drop in it going forward – it has already dropped by 425 per day (a 20% reduction) in the past 4 weeks.  Cases dropped by half over the past 7 weeks, but winter is coming…

  11. Jamie makes a great point! The National Guard could drive trucks. We have more other troops available now, too, as they aren’t in Afghanistan. Git ‘r done, Joe!

  12. Yeah…  we have our heat on right now.  I’m not complaining….  I LOVE the cooler temps!
    BiD… banning leaf blowers….  you’d never get elected here in New Hampshire ;0…

  13. i felt personally vindicated when California recently banned gas-powered leafblowers.
    Unfortunately, i don’t live in California, so my weekends for the foreseeable future will be ruined by the incessant din of leafblowing hobbyists😒

    ”thank God i think he’s done”

  15. The shortage of over the road drivers could be somewhat handled by National Guard drivers, but there are not that many of them.  The current estimate is somewhere around eighty thousand short – today.  There are several other issues, but the one I am stuck on is the pay.  The Guard are paid by the public.  They would be taking a job a civilian should have and the pay worked out by the company, not the military. The companies should be paying better, with better conditions and benefits.  Just like all the other companies finding a lack of people willing to work for them.
    Also, the unions should be getting drivers back.  There is no reason for the old crap of the independent truck driver anymore.  Those days of shedding pay and benefits are over.  Truckers should be in unions. Just like almost all workers. Okay, I am slightly biased, my Mother is/was a Teamster.  I don’t think you were not a Teamster once you were a Teamster.

  16. i watched “Goldfinger”, recently, (because it’s the best Bond movie INARGUABLY), and realized this ubiquitous 2000s song sampled the musical theme, so that was fun

  17. “Do you expect me to certify, Orangefinger?”
    ”No, Meester Pence, i expect you to get besieged by my white trash mob!”

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