Sunday Serendipity

Something I heard on the radio last week as I was traveling to Springfield Mo. The local NPR station plays a lot of interesting music. I was at a stoplight so I wrote this one down so I could share it with you.

Enjoy, Jack

 Danzón No. 2 by Arturo Márquez

Performed by: Gimnazija Kranj Symphony Orchestra

From Wiki

Arturo Márquez

His music incorporates forms and styles of his native Mexico.[2] The Danzones are based on the music of and the Veracruz region of Mexico. Danzón No. 2 was included on the program of the Simon Bolívar Youth Orchestra conducted by Gustavo Dudamel on their 2007 tour of Europe and the United States. It has also opened the door for the discovery of other pieces by the composer that are increasingly being performed throughout the world and extensively in Latin America. His Danzones are increasingly being used for ballet productions throughout the world. He is a popular composer among the Latin American public and is widely recognized as one of the most important Mexican composers of his generation

From Wiki

Danzón is the official musical genre and dance of Cuba.[1] It is also an active musical form in Mexico, and is much loved in Puerto Rico as well. Written in 2
4 time, the danzón is a slow, formal partner dance, requiring set footwork around syncopated beats, and incorporating elegant pauses while the couples stand listening to virtuoso instrumental passages, as characteristically played by a charanga or típica ensemble.


25 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. jack, thank you for introducing the danzon to us.

    found this to show what it looks like in the doing of it:

    A romantic dance called “Danzon” was born in Cuba but now lives on in Mexico. It has traditionally appealed to couples in their golden years but now a younger generation is giving it a whirl.

  2. Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like studies finding that COVID can cause infertility in men.


    “COVID can cause infertility in men” joke might help get the attention of those hesitant hold-outs to get the vaccine. hope so, but then…. it is mother nature’s way to weed out nitwits and to decrease over population.

  3. Well,  we don’t have Publix around here, but if we did I’d find it hard to patronize it. The daughter of the founder provided Much of the funding for 1/6 and donated large amounts to a Republican woman’s org that’s big into the stop the steal nonsense. WaPo.

    A wealthy Trump donor who helped finance the rally in Washington on Jan. 6 also gave $150,000 to the nonprofit arm of the Republican Attorneys General Association, records show, funds that a person familiar with the contribution said were intended in part to promote the rally. The nonprofit organization paid for a robocall touting a march that afternoon to the U.S. Capitol to “call on Congress to stop the steal.”


    On Dec. 29, Julie Jenkins Fancelli, daughter of the founder of the Publix grocery store chain, gave the previously undisclosed contribution to RAGA’s nonprofit Rule of Law Defense Fund, or RLDF, records reviewed by The Washington Post show. On the same day, the records show that Fancelli gave $300,000 to Women for America First, the “Stop the Steal” group that obtained a permit for the rally featuring former president Donald Trump.

    Publix Super Markets has distanced itself from Fancelli, noting in a Jan. 30 tweet that she “is not involved in our business operations, nor does she represent the company in any way.”

    Sorry, Publix, but I ain’t convinced. I get it that rich people are pretty likely to be Republicans and Republican donors (e.g. the Waltons) but there’s a difference between supporting a political party and supporting action against democracy. So screw her and screw Publix.

  4. Thanks for the SNL links. I caught the cold open but was sound asleep before WE. 

    And for something a little different, here’s Liverpool Oratorio by Sir Paul. It’s not Sgt. Pepper’s but it’s something.  

  5. According to a Michael Caine tweet he has not retired from acting.

    He said he was Caine, but you never know, I guess.

  6. I thought about making an “Island Oratorio” but soon realized it would just be a bunch of drunk rednecks trying to do something which sounded very much like “yodeling”.

  7. All the rich people flooding now into this area really have absolutely no clue as to what this place was like 50 years ago.   lol

  8. … yodeling, or something vaguely resembling it?  

    Sturg, I’ve got a few friends from the East bumfuck area who have or are in the process of moving down your way for retirement.  What they know are beaches, condos and golf courses.  How do the locals take to retired lawyers and insurance guys?  About as well as anybody else would?

  9. Jack

    Thank you for the Danzon.  Latin rhythms are particularly nice for dancing and having this one both older and younger is a nice addition.

    Pogo – I’ve liked McCartney’s Oratorio since first performed, first because it is basically the story of his life (Take that Messiah!) and second because he donated to proceeds to the school where he got his initial musical training.

    His second oratorio, Standing Stone,  is impressive as well.  

  10. any locals who have managed to still be local very much appreciate the yankee dollar……ever since the shipyard closed and released thousands of lawn maintenence technicians etc. everybody’s cool widdit, all except for the traffic…..everybody hates the traffic which has increased thousand-fold since 50 yrs ago.    I, of course, will no longer be a local just as soon as I get my little old jewish comedian act ready for the Catskills……

  11. Sturgeone

    I’m afraid the traditional Jewish Catskill’s experience is no longer in existence in the sense of Dirty Dancing or Mrs. Maisel (i.e. the great comedian training grounds).  About as close as you can come to ones not given over to the casinos is Bauman’s.  

    At least the lake, bocce ball, and shuffle board await.


  12. Haiti kidnapping: U.S. missionaries and family members allegedly abducted by ‘400 Mawozo’ gang – The Washington Post

    A notorious gang known for mass kidnappings is believed to have abducted a group of 17 missionaries and family members — primarily Americans — in Haiti on Saturday while they were returning from a site visit to an orphanage, marking the latest in a wave of kidnappings to grip the spiraling Caribbean nation.
    An audio recording from their Christian aid group described as a “prayer alert” from Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries and obtained by The Washington Post stated that “men, women and children” associated with the group were being held by an armed gang. Those abducted included organization staff as well as family members, according to the recording and and a person familiar with the abduction.
    “The mission field director and the American embassy are working to see what can be done,” the voice on the recording stated.
    Gédéon Jean, director of the Center for Analysis and Research in Human Rights in Port-au-Prince, said he had received information from authorities that Saturday’s captives included 16 Americans and one Canadian citizen. A person familiar with the abduction, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe an ongoing crisis, said there may have been two Haitian nationals also abducted.
    In a statement, the U.S. State Department said, “The welfare and safety of U.S. citizens abroad is one of the highest priorities of the Department of State. We are aware of these reports and have nothing additional to offer at this time.”

  13. Sturgeone

    I feel the same way about California.  I went to visit my daughter a couple of years ago and I was horrified by what it has become compared to 60 years ago when I graduated from HS.  Amazing what going from 17 million to 40 million can do to paradise.



    “…Abbott has swung to the right. He’s so overwhelmed by politics that he’s become a Random Policy Generator, throwing out edicts that make sense only if you forget everything he said before.“

    “This is straight-up schoolyard politics. Trump is a bully. Patrick is egging him on. Abbott is the target, doing everything they want to avoid an electoral wedgie.“

    Abbott has tried to position himself as anti-mandate, as an official who doesn’t believe private businesses need to be told what to do. He said so explicitly when he issued an executive order in July: “The new Executive Order emphasizes that the path forward relies on personal responsibility rather than government mandates.

    “An executive order from the governor in August barred cities, counties and other local governments from requiring vaccines. Another one, in May, barred those local governments from requiring people to wear masks.”

    “Now there’s a new executive order that tosses aside some of that “decide for themselves” business.”

    “Abbott has no reason to fear Huffines, but the idea of getting on the former president’s naughty list gives him the shivers.”


    “…the latest weapon against Covid-19: an antiviral pill that isn’t even authorized for use yet.
    Molnupiravir — produced by US pharmaceutical company Merck — is being heralded as a potential pandemic game changer, especially for those unable to get vaccinated. Merck is seeking US Food and Drug Administration emergency use authorization for the drug — and if it’s granted, the capsule will become the first oral antiviral treatment against Covid-19.“

    “..,Merck controls the patent and is able to decide which countries to supply the drug to and at what price.“

    I wonder how many members of Congress already bought into this with insider intel?

    “…they caution that Asia’s race to stock up on the pill could see a repeat of the vaccine grab last year, when wealthier countries were accused of hoarding doses as lower-income countries missed out.“

    “Once a patient is diagnosed with Covid-19, they can start a course of molnupiravir. That involves four 200-milligram capsules, twice a day, for five days — a total of 40 pills.
    Unlike vaccines, which prompt an immune response, molnupiravir disrupts replication of the virus, …”

    “…the pill might reduce the risk of hospitalization or death by approximately 50%, compared to patients who took a placebo. The participants were all given the pill or placebo within five days of symptom onset — and within 29 days, none of those who took the pill died, compared with eight who were given the placebo. “

    Looking forward to my booster shot in January.

  16. Jamie – got sidetracked doing yard work this morning. I was in law school then starting my legal career in the late 80s, early 90s and the kids I was hanging with in law school then the firm I hired into were not into McCartney symphonic music and that was before Sirius/XM so I was unaware of it. Interesting that he was able to get recorded that in his head without the ability to read or write music scores. 

  17. After the latest idiocy from the far, freakin’ far, right noise machines I am convinced the politicians want to use SFB as the shield so they get away with the money.  The “media” (no longer the idolized reporters) spends almost all of its ink on the doings and rantings of a mad criminal so the others can grab all they can.  The courts and Dems are going some talking, but nicely, of maybe doing something, so there is literally no downside to greed.  The looniest of the loony talk is, once again, making SFB speaker of the House.  This has come up before, buried, and now returns like the dead skunk that crawled under the porch to die after spraying the week before.

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