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  1. too bad the bad actor former guy is still coup-ing and not retiring like the good actor caine who knows when to leave the stage while they still like you and before the hook.

  2. one of my favorite of sir michael’s movies. connery and caine must have had a ball making this

    Peachy Carnehan (Michael Caine) and Daniel Dravot (Sean Connery) are called on the carpet by a local official in colonial India on suspicion of conspiracy to blackmail, and deliver their finest performance of the 1975 movie. Based on the Rudyard Kipling story, in which Kipling himself is played by Christopher Plummer.

  3. One of my all time favorite actors starting with Alfie in 1966.  In the new TV series Pennyworth about the youth of Batman’s Alfred has all sorts of inside trivia that references Caine as both Alfie and as Alfred in Batman not to mention an actor who looks a great deal like the young Caine.


  4. Kyrsten Sinema’s poll numbers should terrify her

    The survey of likely voters for her 2024 Democratic Senate primary showed just 25 percent approval for Sinema’s performance in office, as opposed to 85 percent for Arizona’s other Democratic senator, Mark Kelly, and President Biden himself. Tellingly, she trailed all four of her hypothetical primary opponents by 29 points or more.



  5. bob, who was she seeking/getting funds from her europe fundraising this week?  has she gone GOPer or at least threatening to?   this razor thin (one sickly senator away) possible senate loss causes great anxiety.

    fundraiser in europe?

    Yes, Sinema is in Paris — doing a fundraiser, the New York Times reported. The peasants need a child tax credit, Internet access and tuition assistance, and Sinema responds: Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.

  6. She really is a jerk, but if she becomes a republican jerk, it’s curtains.  
    Like the poisonous puffer fish, she should be left alone (until election time).

  7. The times are that we see our favorites exit left and leave us with memories, at least he is not on The Dead People Server.  Sir Caine has been a favorite of mine from the mid-sixties on. The Ipcress File being a movie that I like to today.  I just read his bio for the first time.  He is a combat veteran from the Korean War. 

  8. Trying to choose Michael Caine’s best performance is like the proverbial choice of your favorite child. He showed throughout his career what excellence in acting looks like. 

    Sinema – don’t get me started. But Sturge is right. Leave her alone until her next election. It’s kinda like pig wrestling.

  9. Any movie with Michael Caine in it is a must see.  I do have 2 favorites…  Sleuth…  and Educating Rita.
    and on Sinema….  I hope she sees those poll numbers and realizes that if she is to survive the next election she has to become a bit more liberal fast.

  10. ms petri

    Opinion | Finally Understand Kyrsten Sinema in 360 Easy Steps – The Washington Post

    Generally, it is a bad sign for your messaging if a broad sampling of articles about you in recent months all say things such as “Huh?” and “What?” and “Please help me understand this person’s motivation — I am on a deadline and I am also the President” and “Can anyone explain this person’s behavior?” [“Who is Kyrsten Sinema? Friends and foes ponder an Arizona Senate enigma” (The Guardian), “What is Kyrsten Sinema’s deal?” (New York Magazine) and “What, Exactly, Does Kyrsten Sinema Want?” (Vanity Fair).]
    Maybe we are just too bound by time and linear thinking, where one action follows the other and personality is supposed to be bound by logic and consistency. Maybe what we need is to experience time the way a more godlike mind does, through some kind of industrial accident that allows us to exist everywhere at once. It’s summer 2020, and you are working as an intern at a winery. It’s summer 2020, and you’re a senator. Both of these things are happening at the same time, and there is no contradiction in them. It’s summer 2021, and you are defending the filibuster. It’s fall 2021 and the infrastructure negotiations are progressing. It’s fall 2021 and you are grinding the omnibus bill to a halt. It’s fall 2021 and you’re in . . . Paris? It’s fall 2021 and you’re refusing to increase taxes on corporations and the wealthy. But you’re also still in Paris? It’s 2003, and you’re protesting against Joe Lieberman and calling him pathetic. It’s 2021, and Joe Lieberman is coming to your defense. It’s fall 2021 and your foot was injured in June, so you must return home. It’s fall 2021 and your foot is injured, so you must host a fundraising spa event. This would make sense to me if it weren’t for the tachyons clouding my vision, but I can’t, so I am just confused by it. This is what comes of encountering a true galaxy brain along your limited timeline.

  11. sir michael last year

    Sir Michael Caine’s rendition of his favorite poem, “IF” by Rudyard Kipling.

  12. It looks like Sinema is not concerned with a career in Democratic Party politics.  She might have flexible priorities all needing a lot of money and travel.

  13. Once they outlaw abortion, GQP’s will have no platform left except incompetence and lunacy. Have a ball, Kristin and Joe

  14. Sorry, i realize it’s gauche to criticize Democrats, here, but Sinema and Manchin are the country’s most powerful Republicans

  15. Holy cow, a 6-point buck just ran across my yard.  Bet he wishes developers didn’t clear-cut the entire region

    i’ve seen bucks, before, but never during the day. Ominous

  16. I just returned from my monthly Asian market excursion.  It was mostly like the last few trips, with a couple of exceptions. The prices of some produce is dropping fast, green onions now three bunches for ninty-nine cents, down from one dollar ninty-nine.  Fish is slightly higher. Meat is up about twenty-five percent.  A pleasant surprise was Choco-Pie (the original and best) was in stock for the first time in months and was on sale.  I think it might be on sale because all the shipments that had been sitting at anchor for months showed up at once and need to be moved out. 
    I did not see a lot of shortages this time.  There was one major shortage for me, the Vietnamese sweet chili sauces were not on the shelves.  There were a couple of brands I did not recognize though; I will wait for my favorites to return.

  17. Bink called that one: Manchin & Sinema are the two, most powerful Republicans.

    The Sinema curtsy as an FU to the working class was very telling about her personality. Narcissistic creep.

  18. Texas House passed extreme gerrymandered GOP state House map:

    Whites 40% population but control 59% districts

    Hispanics 39% of population but control 20% districts

    Blacks 12% of population but control 2.7% districts

  19. The survey of likely voters for her 2024 Democratic Senate primary showed just 25 percent approval for Sinema’s performance in office, as opposed to 85 percent for Arizona’s other Democratic senator, Mark Kelly, and President Biden himself. Tellingly, she trailed all four of her hypothetical primary opponents by 29 points or more.

  20. i’m hearing more about hydrogen in the “energy-mix”, BiD.  Someone is developing a hydrogen-fueled Wankel engine (rotary, like Mazdas have), and a group of women who are finalists for Prince William’s “Earthshot” prize invented some sort of hydrogen-producing device for use in the developing world.

  21. bink, this is from december 2018

    What Happened To The GM, BMW and Honda Hydrogen Cars? – Green Car Future

    Car manufacturers often trial new car concepts, sometimes to gauge potential interest or to simply show that they are being innovative. However when it comes to hydrogen fuel cell cars, it seems like there has been a range of cars that were unveiled, discussed a lot at the time, then almost forgotten about. Whether it’s the GM HydroGen4, the BMW i8, BMW Hydrogen 7, Honda Clarity or Mercedes-Benz F-Cell, we’ve often wondered where they are now, and whether they’ll compete with the Toyota Mirai and upcoming Hyundai Nexo (which are being actively produced). Let’s find out!
    Over a decade ago in 2007, General Motors unveiled “Project Driveway” which was both a marketing and manufacturing trial program for hydrogen cars. It would involve a range of hydrogen cars being driven by people living in parts of California and New York. The GM HydroGen4 was part of this pilot, and it was unveiled in the IAA show in Germany.
    GM HydroGen4 car itself was a crossover SUV vehicle based on the Chevrolet Equinox body (but naturally powered by hydrogen fuel cells not gasoline combustion engines):
    Only 170 HydroGen4 cars were ever produced according to research, all between 2007 and 2008. More than 100 of these were given to the public as part of Project Driveway. The car itself had an interesting specification:
    GM don’t have any plans to bring HydroGen4 back into active production, especially since it was built around an old model of the Chevy Equinox. However their 2017 press release implies that they are planning on being a major player in the hydrogen vehicle market, but possibly aimed more at industrial and army fuel cell vehicles than fuel cell cars:

    about that buck, better sniff the air for smoke (or hazardous chemical spill) somewhere nearby.  they don’t run for nothing — well, could have been from a hunter or after a doe since it’s both (archery or gun) hunting and rutting season in some parts this time of year. 

  22. Little sister  got her hands on an old slide projector / Saw all my old slides today . The inside of the Whole Earth store in Boulder in 73′ , and spring of 68′ in Austin. 
    “Here’s to the sunny slopes of long ago” 
    Augustus McCray 

  23. Hydrogen –
    Here’s one big nut about it – it’s so simple , therefore small, that it leaks out of steel vessels under pressure .
    Just like whiskey through oak kegs. “The Angel’s Share”. 
    A big problem if you’re building Zeppelins.  They used parts of cow guts to make the gas bags for those things .
    It was an entire industry in it’s self , to supply that demand in 1930. 

  24. More hydrogen –
    Splitting water  this is the biggest nut. 
    Finding the right catalyst to make it really cheap .
    You can slit water on your kitchen table, and get it .
    But you burn a dollars worth of electricity to get a penny’s worth of  hydrogen.  ( This is just an example of  how hard it really is. )
    The good news is we’ve been at this problem for a very long time .  Like solar, and wind the cost problem will be cracked. 
    And when it is ,  we’re off to the races . 
    Because hydrogen  when becomes the “battery”  that wind and solar need. 

  25. Blink –
    Please , stay on line , and make your point . 
    Crypto zooms  way above my head, much like a hydrogen atom headed for space. 

  26. Blink –
    Now I see your point .
    Here’s mine,  a nat. gas pipeline  under pressure does not leak  gas through the very pipe it’s self.  Ever . 
    LNG tankers don’t leak gas out of their pressure vessels. 
    An LH tanker can . 
    And that’s the trick we are gonna solve.
    We just sent Capt. Kirk’s  hair piece  to the edge of space man !
    Anything is possible. 

  27. Well  WV Joe  has a son that trades coal . 
    And therefore we gut the “climate part” of the bill.
    Why isn’t Fox News  all over this ? 

    Why isn’t any news all over this?

  28. A word about those kids –
    They picked the “Clinkers”  out of the coal stream .
    Now a “clinker” is a lump of coal that has shale embedded  in it. 
    They worked 12 hours a day ,  just like their dad’s. 
    This is why West Virginia lead the US in opioid deaths.
    And why their only serious  threat for the bottom of the barrel is Mississippi . 

  29. God Damn , this hangover  from the robber barons !
    The only good thing about what happened to those folks is a John Denver song . 
    To paper over all that pain. 


  30. oh btw if you want to be famous, start a twitch or tiktok, bunch of young morons on there who could use the wisdom

    i could totally see some of your stuff going viral but don’t forget that Gen Z has an attention span slightly longer than a goldfish

  31. Blink –
    Thanks , I can’t afford the Post , or the Times. 
    But I have been at this stuff for sometime.  And we are about to kill coal , and cracking water.
    Kirks hair piece  flew to “space” . 
    Anything is possible .  

  32. i’ll copypasta it later and delete it before time expires as long as you don’t tell craig shhhh

  33. https://reasonstobecheerful.world/this-food-was-made-from-carbon-dioxide/

    “….capturing CO2 from the air and turning it into everything from bras to vodka to fresh baked bread.”

    “The nonprofit think tank Carbon180 estimates the annual market potential for carbontech at more than $1 trillion in the U.S. and nearly $6 trillion worldwide.”

    “Both companies use CO2 captured from the air and promise that their diamonds are physically and chemically “identical to mined diamonds, except they don’t come from deep inside the earth,” according to Aether. What usually takes millions or even billions of years is achieved over a few weeks by applying extremely high temperatures and pressure from renewable energy sources to CO2.”

    The Climate-Friendly Refrigerators of Decades Past

    “Instead of an HFC system, he would install a refrigeration system that used carbon dioxide, CO2, as a refrigerant.“

  34. To find leaks in critical plumbing H is used.  There are many systems where a leak of H2S (hydrogen sulfide) or other dangerous gas could kill or explode and kill.  So pump in a bit of H and find the leaks.  A single atom can find a lot of leaks.
    For some reason I decided to watch Office Space again.  For anyone in IT back in the nineties it strikes home.  For those working in cube farms at the time it strikes home. And, for everyone who was working about twenty some years ago, good grief, that was a long time ago.

  35. The slides at 940 Pearl Street –
    We found the dome one.  A 4 foot light fixture made from the lath we saved out of the walls, this has set me to thinking about  writing an article  , for the Daily Camera , the local paper. 
    A bit of Boulder  history. 
    We brought the Whole Earth  catalog to Colorado . 
    And that folks is a very big deal. 

  36. Hitch Highking  101 –
    I blew up a guys car going to Austin once .
    I told Jose’ if we smoked  our last joint  , we would get a ride over Berthoud Pass.
    Two young cowboys  from Oklahoma  stopped  5 mins. later. 
    They were in a red 1949 Ford pick-up. 
    It seems that a hippie named Jonathan  had fed them LSD  , on their adventure . 
    Sadly, we had no weed  to smoke .
    All for the best,  crossing  Berthoud Pass in a 49′ Chevy  farm truck is not without it’s problems. 

  37. It has dawned on me what a life I have lived .
    “Luis what are you doing ?
    Bob , I’m jumping out of helicopters , and scaring the shit out of the wild life” 
    Get me a job. 
    Later on I did 54 days at the Big Springs State Mental Hospital. 
    I am a sorry ass drunk , not crazy  just a drunk . 
    But as drunks  go,  I’m still hot stuff. 

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