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  1. yahoo news:

    SCHUMER: “If Republicans would just get out of the damn way, we could get this all done.”

    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said senators will vote Wednesday on a Democratic-backed bill – opposed by Republicans – to suspend the U.S. debt ceiling…

    SCHUMER: “It’s so irresponsible.”

    …and implored Senate Republicans to allow Democrats to proceed with a simple majority vote in the evenly divided chamber, rather than a complicated procedure known as budget reconciliation, which Schumer has called unworkable.

    SCHUMER: “We do not have the luxury of using a drawn out, convoluted and risky process… We can stop this Republican-manufactured debt ceiling crisis in its tracks or Republicans can keep driving our country ever closer to the first default in American history.”

    Moments before Schumer’s rebuke, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell repeated his call for Democrats to use the time-consuming reconciliation process, which would require no Republican votes.

    MCCONNELL: “They’ve had plenty of time to execute the debt ceiling increase and have chosen not to do it… We’ve been down this path before, when you did not have a divided government and the party in the majority got the job done.”

    But Democrats have noted that they joined Republicans to vote to raise the debt limit during the administration of Donald Trump, even though they opposed deep tax cuts that added to the debt.

    Nevertheless, McConnell said members of his party would block Wednesday’s vote as they have already done twice, part of their strategy to distract Democrats from their negotiations over President Joe Biden’s ambitious social spending agenda ahead of the 2022 congressional elections.

  2. President Joe Biden addresses the GOP’s refusal to raise the debt ceiling in remarks at the White House.

  3. late night comedians quoted by the guardian last week:

    stephen colbert:

    “I hope everyone in America is using protection, because it’s very possible that we are all screwed,” said Stephen Colbert on Wednesday evening, as the clock ran down on another government shutdown. Even worse, the US government is rapidly approaching the debt ceiling; if Congress doesn’t raise it in the next several days, it could lead to what one economist called “financial Armageddon”.
    “That’s bad news, and even worse timing,” the Late Show host said, “because America has already scheduled a plague Armageddon, a climate Armageddon and a democracy Armageddon. Can we pencil that in for next Wednesday? Maybe a lunch-mageddon?”
    On Monday, the Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, instructed Republicans to oppose raising the debt ceiling. “So this is a totally avoidable crisis,” said Colbert. “It would be like knowing there’s a life-saving medicine available during a pandemic and not taking it. Ooh, wait – maybe we should inject the budget with horse paste.”

    trevor noah:

    Noah started with “Congress’s original drama queen”, the Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, who on Monday instructed Senate Republicans to oppose a measure that would raise the debt ceiling. “Mitch McConnell, you are one catty bitch,” said Noah in character as a reality show host. “Mitch is bringing the best kind of drams to this fight: the pointless kind. I mean, does he have any reason to block this bill? No. Is he doing it anyway? Hell yeah. He’s sending back his steak at a restaurant even though it’s cooked perfectly.
    “And let me tell you: Mitch does not care that the Democrats helped him raise the ceiling when he was the HBIC,” he added. “You think he’s losing sleep over this? No, no. My man is sleeping good using a pile of his own face skin as a pillow, trust me.”

  4. Republicans are pissing off seniors. Republicans are hurting jobs. Republicans are blocking repair if roads and bridges.

    The public need only be reminded of the tax cuts given by Republicans to be reminded of who they serve and why.

    F Republicans.

  5. BiD,  if the dems have to go the cumbersome reconciliation route to lift the debt ceiling they should include cutting/reversing those GOPer tax cuts to offset the pain – or at least threaten to take them away if the GOPers don’t cooperate and pull back their filibuster.

  6. for those of us who’ve breathlessly awaited (or aweighted) this year’s announcement

    Fat Bear Week 2021 crowns its winner | CNN Travel

    (CNN) — A generously girthed brown bear by the name of 480 Otis is again the winner ofFat Bear Week, the fourth time this ursine wonder has claimed the crown.
    The portly veteran — who was alsochampion in 2014, 2016 and 2017— defeated ​​151 Walker as voted by the public, according to the Katmai National Park & Preserve in Southwest Alaska.
    No details were available about Otis’ weight, but Walker’s biography disclosed that he was believed to weigh 1,000 pounds last year “but appears to be larger this year.”
    480 Otis is a four-time winner of Fat Bear Week.
  7. One thing to remember is that part of the problem with what’s going on in DC is that there are 3 significant issues on the table right now – the $1.2T infrastructure bill, the $3.5T social infrastructure bill (a.k.a. reconciliation bill) and the debt ceiling.  IMHO progressives refusing to vote for the $1.2T infrastructure bill unless the $3.5T social infrastructure bill is passed using reconciliation jeopardizes both bills.  The debt ceiling bill stands on its own and will get passed, but thinking that refusing to pass the $1.2T bill is going to leverage dem votes in the senate for passage of the $3.5T bill through reconciliation does not strike me as realistic considering Manchin and Sinema’s stated opposition to the amount in the bill and the reconciliation mechanism to pass it.

  8. I am trying to understand why President Biden is a failed president, why he is not popular and should resign.  There must be something I am missing if CNN, MSNBC and C Todd are so insistent about this.  We are now nine months and a few days into his presidency and as far as I know the Congress and especially the greedy old perverts (manchin I am looking at you and your sister) are holding things up, though I could be out of the loop of know it alls.

  9. How to carve that special turkey…  the Red Sox did that last night to the Yankees.
    Go Red Sox!  (although… if I were a betting person… I’d put my money on Tampa).
    Dexter…  I’m with you.  I find it most amusing that people who obviously have an internet addiction are complaining about others having an internet addiction just because it’s FB.  When I read that the woman who testified in Congress yesterday said that FB cared more about it’s profits than people or democracy, my reaction was…  well, duh… it’s a business baby!  With that said… like all businesses… it is up to Congress to regulate it.

  10. Interesting and ironic comment bymangy Joe Manchin. Talking about the cost of prescription drug prices.   I guess he doesn’t know what his daughter does for living 

  11. IF they’re going to carve out filibuster and have the votes they should eliminate the debt ceiling. It does no good at controlling spending, as it was meant to do, and causes nothing but trouble.

  12. I heard Manchin say he didn’t want this to be a society based on welfare.   I hope he plans to eliminate corporate welfare 

  13. I thought you had to have eyelids to blink…

  14. So far it has been a good day online and cell phone.  Morning gave me a car warranty call, but in Spanish.  Late afternoon had a google ad in German.  In between were the usual garbage things in English. 

  15. Biblical flood … I seem to remember that I read about that in Sunday school. That supposedly happened already, right?  “NOAH…Who’s that?  The Lord, Noah. The lord who? …”

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