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  1. Facebook whistleblower to take her story before the US Senate | Facebook | The Guardian


    Haugen is expected to tell lawmakers that Facebook faces little oversight, and will urge Congress to take action. “As long as Facebook is operating in the dark, it is accountable to no one. And it will continue to make choices that go against the common good,” she wrote in her written testimony.

    Haugen was called to testify before the US Senate’s commerce subcommittee on the risks the company’s products pose to children. Lawmakers called the hearing in response to a Wall Street Journal story based on Haugen’s documents that showed Facebook was aware of the damage its Instagram app was causing to teen mental health and wellbeing.


    Senator Richard Blumenthal, the Democrat whose committee is holding Tuesday’s hearing, told the Washington Post’s Technology 2020 newsletter that lawmakers will also ask Haugen about her remarks on the 2020 presidential election.

    Haugen alleged on 60 Minutes that following Joe Biden’s win in the election, Facebook prematurely reinstated old algorithms that valued engagement over all else, a move that she said contributed to the 6 January attack on the Capitol.

    “As soon as the election was over, they turned them back off or they changed the settings back to what they were before, to prioritize growth over safety. And that really feels like a betrayal of democracy to me,” she said.

    Following the election, Facebook also disbanded its civic team integrity team, a group that worked on issues related to political elections worldwide and which Haugen worked on. Facebook has said the team’s functions were distributed across the company.


  2. colbert: “As the panic grew, Facebook did not say what might be causing the outage. Now, I’m no computer expert, but my theory is a just god?”

    Stephen investigates the worldwide outage at Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, which came one day after dark corporate secrets were revealed by a company whistleblower.

  3. an observation from stephen last night to not just laugh about:

    “Now, clearly, this is the day the machines have risen up and are taking over, but don’t panic: They only know our thoughts, feelings, family, friends, location, facial patterns and banking data.”

  4. Excellent thread starter patd. Clearly FB tops the news cycle, but wait and see what happens with the debt ceiling this week. Manchin (and my guess is that Manchinema will follow) is open to reconciliation to raise the debt ceiling and prevent the US from defaulting on the debt. Is this a signal that Mitch has finally shown him that his idea that he could work with Republicans to fashion legislation was nothing more than a naive illusion?  After all, if not working together to avoid default, what would be important enough to work together on?  Voting rights and ballot access? Nope. Infrastructure spending?  Nope. Beuhler? …

  5. While reading the articles about the great blanking of FB I was reminded of something I read decades ago, “If you want to enjoy life and do things with great abandon, do not own anything that relies on you to live”.  No spouse, children, partners, pets or plants.  That was for the pre-computer age world.  There are too many people who rely on a single source for communication, supplies, identification and access to security of other computer products.  Part of this is due to politics in countries trying to dictate what communication tools are allowed. Others due to inertia, it is running and does not fail them.  Others because it is global and the only universal and cheap way to meet friends in places away from home.

  6. The Pandora  story has an interesting twist to it.
    Sioux Falls  has long been the hub of all our credit card processing .  For decades in fact .
    Me thinks the government there has been a cat toy for bankers for years.
    The same thing happened to California at the end of the 19th century , except it was the Southern Pacific Railroad calling the shots back then.
    That is why they have so many ballot measures, it was the only way to peel the SPRR’s hands off the throat of state government. 

  7. Jamie…  sorry for you loss.  Just listening when needed…  ya know… just being a friend.
    I know I’m addicted to using this machine…  after all…   I’m posting here.

  8. OM, this past weekend the Doobies did a takeover of Classic Vinyl (I think that’s the station they commandeered).  I was in the car, cutting grass, etc. enough to hear a fair amount of it. It was excellent hearing snotloads of Doobies material with commentary from Tom, Pat, Mike and the boys about the progression in their music from that first breakthrough album – Toulouse Street -back in what, ’72? 

  9. I caught their 50th anniversary tour but Mike McD wasn’t with them.  It’s when I learned that Bill Payne had joined them after the demise of Little Feat.  Also caught a profile on AXS TV about them and Tyrone Porter said he left the band after Johnston’s return because he couldn’t take the band if Johnston was leading it.  I was not overly fond of the McDonald-centric Doobies’ musical direction but never disliked them.  Interesting voice, that.  If the Pandemic cooperates I’ll probably try to catch them if they swing by Pittsburgh or Charleston.  If not, streaming. BTW, thanks for posting that interview.

  10. I’ll have 3-D  drawings of this stuff later today.  The dam has broken , ……….. Meeting some brains  soon about it. 
    The guy that invented the plastic clip that fastens to your shingles , and holds your Christmas Lights in place , lives in Lubbock.
    He made his prototypes from milk cartons .
    Today has been one of the best days of my life.  This is a very old egg that is about to hatch . 

    And I am about to meet with “Egg Land’s Best” .

  11. wapo:

    The bell at Washington National Cathedral in Northwest D.C. will toll 700 times Tuesday starting at 5 p.m. to honor the 700,000 people in the United States who have died of covid-19 since the pandemic began early last year.


    Officials at the cathedral said the Bourdon bell will toll 700 times, once for every 1,000 people who died of covid-19. The tolling of the bell is expected to last about 70 minutes.

    The tolling will be live-streamed.

  12. The debt fight…………
    My SS check is due on the 3rd Wed. of the month , that is the 20th . If it fails to come , I will be broke.  You see it’s a 5 week month for me not a 4 week month. 
    At that point , I’m going to mad as hell. 


  13. The Greenland “Gold Rush”  –
    The Discovery people ran a series about ruby hunters in Greenland .  Landing on ground that hasn’t seen the Sun in God knows how long.  Not big people , but a pack of dreamers.  This was 10 years ago.  The land was amazing,  rough beyond  anything you  have ever walked on. 
    We will NOT be growing wheat there .
    Those people have no idea what is coming at them .
    EXCLUSIVE Diamond giant De Beers hunts for treasure in Greenland’s waters

  14. OM – if you are getting the paper checks I would be worried.  If moscow mitch gets his way and the U.S. defaults I will be p….ed if my electronic deposit is late. 
    Little noticed, outside of international trade, is my little program instituted a minor change in how imports are declared.  A few little parts of it got the hickups. Those have been handled and things are going okay now.   I can use FB messing up its little update as an example of how bad things can really get.  And, those software engineers are paid a great deal more than me.

  15. Back to Greenland  –
    There was a small forest of dwarf  Birch trees along the Southwest coast when the “Red Family” arrived .  They were wiped out for fodder, and wood. 
    The Vikings treated the  Inuit  like we treated other First Nations. 
    The pattern was set.  Right there.  Long before 1492 . 
    The Vikings never grew barley  there  to make beer. 
    Some seeds have been found , but they are imports from the East. 
    If barley  wasn’t grown there , then grapes , wheat  were never grown.
    And this brings up the great myth that we will move our wheat belts North. 
    Wheat needs soil , as you go North , soil turns to rocks.  And else where Like Canada, Russia  , etc .
    When the permafrost melts.  The surface of the land will not be flat like Lubbock.  It will be stinking pothole mess, of millions of square  miles.  We ain’t going to “Farm the North” , as we know it. 
    Period , full stop. 

  16. Blue B –
    What is a paper check ?
    Wink, wink
    It’s Wednesday the 20th.  Two days after we default. 
    Then the fecal matter will enter the rotating device. 

  17. The last lesson on Greenland –
    It is a treasure chest  of great wealth.  Now we can get at it,  I did my boom . 
    If I was 19 , I’d move to Greenland . Why ? 
    Because of this advice  –
    “Bob , what you want to do is get to where a lot of money is changing hands, and hope some of it sticks to you”
    This is why  we still  go to Florence. 

  18. Greta  is going to win the peace prize . This will send the wing nuts into orbit. 
    The Nobel folks like to send messages. 

  19. I’m going to don  my full myth , and speak to the city  about  my Ave L idea. 
    The whole 9 yards . 
    Top hat, round tinted glasses , and my Otter mule deer shirt.
    I never owned a turnip  truck , but I rode rode with PT Bamum.

  20. My opening line ………
    I am here to speak about 3 parcels of  land, in one of the poorest parcels in our city.  We  pay to mow it. 
    I want to  change that , and more importantly to change the people that live around  it. 

  21. Old guy, your musical selections take me back to a much more pleasant world. The Rascals. So good. There was this regional band out of Jacksonville who out Rascalled the Rascals- wonderful musicians, great singer, guitarist me and my buddies watched in awe – and all at the sock hops at the Roebuck Skating Rink. Doing a phenomenal job playing covers of bands like the Rascals, Vanilla Fudge, …. Can’t recall their name but they were phenomenal. If only they wrote their own music. I saw Felix maybe 15 years ago playing that B-3 at the Italian Heritage Festival in East Bumfuck. Playing the old songs like the pro he was. Ended his set with I’ve Been Lonely Too Long, of course. All of us (100 or so) went nuts. 

  22. I live in a small city in extreme NW Ohio that is rife with Trump people, 2024 Trump flags are everywhere, and when I posted on a local Facebook page about where to schedule seniors’ booster shots I was ridiculed for promoting vaccines.  I am in a distinct minority here for my political and practical views.  
    So you might assume I am all enraged at Facebook whistleblower news.  It’s too bad that teenage girls are being shamed; let the parents take away the phones.  That won’t happen, but can’t sensible educators teach how to disregard degrading internet content?  I read of Trump having Facebook in his pocket, as a purveyor of The Big Lie.  When I see that crap on Facebook, I click out of it .  I guess it is too bad the internet is a smorgasbord of lies and truths, but that’s free speech, so sort it out.  I never thought Trump “owned” editorial praise from Facebook.  OK , I do not get my news from Facebook at all.  I watch MSNBC and NBC Nightly mostly.  I know Craig has called it slanted way back years ago, but it’s the best I have found.  Zuckerberg posted a long message on Facebook 5 hours ago.  We all should take the 7 minutes it takes and read it.   I heard “…for many, Facebook IS the internet.”  Not quite, but for me, almost. 

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