Sunday Serendipity

This is just an extra special performance on the piano by Yuja Wang of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.

It was fun watching her play the piano and her range going from quiet delicate key strokes to times when I was sure she was going to breakout in a Jelly Roll Morton style rag.

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. as the old ad goes: “you’ve come a long way baby” since renoir’s day. a blue dress then and now ain’t the same either.


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  2. thanks, jack.  wonderful fun watching the individual musicians do their thing as well as watching ms wang. everyone seemed to have their chance to sparkle — including the sequins on her gown

  3. and a happy happy to george gershwin, the birthday boy today

    as well as st. francis of assissi and t.s. eliot and beto o’rourke among others.

    now that’s quite an eclectic crew, but all artists in their own spheres.     

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  6. more about the thread selection

    Gershwin’s Rhapsody In Blue – the story behind a hastily composed masterpiece – Classic FM

    Late at night on 3 January 1924, George Gershwin, his brother Ira and lyricist Buddy DeSylva were having a game in the Ambassador Billiard Parlor at 52nd Street on Broadway, when an item in the amusement section of the New York Tribune caught Ira’s attention. It was about a concert of new American music to be given by Paul Whiteman and his Palais Royal Band at Aeolian Hall on 12 February – Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. 
    “George Gershwin is at work on a jazz concerto,” ran the article, “Irving Berlin is writing a syncopated tone poem…”
    It was all news to George. His musical comedy, Sweet Little Devil, was set to open in just three weeks. And now he had to write a concerto by 12 February as well?
    While he was on the train to Boston for rehearsals of his musical, Gershwin sketched out a framework for the new piece, which he began writing on 7 January. Over the next few days, while he also made last-minute changes to ready Sweet Little Devil for its New York opening on 24 January, the genius completed a two-piano score.
    What Gershwin produced was not a “jazz concerto” but a rhapsodic work for “piano and jazz band” incorporating elements of European symphonic music and American jazz with his inimitable melodic gift and keyboard facility.
    Gershwin’s original title for it was American Rhapsody. But, by chance, Ira had been to an exhibition of Whistler’s paintings and saw the painter’s Nocturne In Blue And Green of the Thames at Chelsea. Why not call the new piece Rhapsody In Blue instead, he suggested. The title would reflect the European and American influences. Also at Ira’s suggestion, George contrasted the syncopated character that dominates the tune with an expressive romantic theme the composer had previously improvised at a party.

  7. Thank you Jack.  Love Gershwin and this is one of his all time great works.

    Every time I hear it, It reminds me of the Alfred Newman’s “Street Scene” written for How To Marry A Millionaire as an introduction to Cinemascope when first introduced in theaters.

    Then Silk Stockings had to make fun of the whole idea.




  8. I’ve been eating a late breakfast  while watching the video for probably the 5th time in the last 2 day trying to figure out why I enjoy this performance so much. First  there is great camera work, not just on the star but also it catches the  enthusiasm of the other musicians. Second, as any good jazz musician would do, she grabs the music and makes it her own. And the rest of the band is determined not to be out done thus the enthusiasm.
    And it is a great piece of music. As I remember this piece is very much a collaboration, the signature intro came about as the musicians were playing around, gershwin decided to incorporate the clarinetist’s interesting improv into the piece. So I guess one part of genius is to recognize it in others and steal it.

  9. If it is possible to OD on music, this weekend is really pushing the limits with the Global Citizens Concert for 24 hours and The Tony Awards happening tonight.  In honor of the Tonys, this site has posted 35 of what they consider the best numbers from the long history of great shows.  One of my favorites featured, the remarkable dancing of Michael Jeter from Grand Hotel, but there are lots more.

    35 Best Tony Awards Performances from Broadway Shows (



  10. Great stuff Jack. George was a force – musta come by it honestly since it certainly ran in the family. Spent the morning watching F1 in Russia, digging holes and planting a couple of maples, humping a new mattress upstairs, smoking a chicken and cooking lunch for Mrs. P. 

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