Face it: Outrage is In

Technology ethicist Tristan Harris joins Bill to discuss how Facebook’s algorithm feeds users outrage to keep them engaged.


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  1. Time’s last week article to catch you up on the previous 3 parts to WSJ investigation about FB mentioned above:

    Wall Street ‘Journal’s Facebook Files: Here’s What to Know | Time


    click here for today’s subject in part 4 

    The Facebook Files, Part 4: The Outrage Algorithm – The Journal. – WSJ Podcasts

    In the fourth episode of our investigative series based on an extensive array of internal Facebook documents, we explore the fallout of a major algorithm change the company made in 2018. The documents outline how an emphasis on engagement incentivized the spread of divisive, sensational content and misinformation. WSJ’s Keach Hagey and Jeff Horwitz explain how attempts from within the company to undo some of the damage were often thwarted.

  2. patd – one of my past times is to mess with the various algorithms on the various sites, that includes Google search and Google products.  Search for things like elephant toe nail polish, earth worm farm, cotton panties. . . you get the idea. Wild and weird is the way to go. 

  3. interesting depiction of dems facing a really wild weekend on trying to come together on the buildbackbetter bills scheduled for monday (or at least this week) votes according to nancy & chuck.  too bad joe will be blamed if they don’t.  herding cats would be an easier task


  4. wapo editors’ how-to-herd the demo-cats successfully to BBB bills end of trail

    Opinion | Democrats are on the verge of failure. But there is a path through. – The Washington Post

    The upshot is that they could end up delivering nothing: no infrastructure bill, no larger social spending bill. Democrats would squander a rare opportunity to address generational problems such as climate change, health-care access and wealth inequality. They would keep Mr. Biden from delivering on his promise to make Washington work again. Failure could empower Republicans, for whom embracing the poisonous lie that Mr. Biden lost the 2020 election is becoming a requirement for holding office, with potentially dire consequences for U.S. democracy.
    There is a way through: substantive compromise. Moderates have complained about the reconciliation bill without making a counteroffer. They must provide an alternative. Mr. Biden appears to have persuaded them to do so. Progressives must then be open to the moderates’ offer. Negotiations should center not on how much should be spent, as they have so far, but on which programs deserve funding and on how to design them to reach those with genuine need.
    Expanding the child tax credit would halve the child poverty rate. Ensuring access to pre-kindergarten education would relieve pressure on working families. Pumping up Pell grants would enable low-income people to afford college. Long-needed policies on global warming would help rescue the planet from climate disaster. One way for moderates and progressives to bridge their divides is to means-test new social spending, directing it only to those who need it. Rich seniors do not need new Medicare benefits. Similarly, reinforcing the Affordable Care Act would make a much larger difference to low-income people than lowering the Medicare eligibility age. Reasonable tax hikes on the wealthy and on corporations could then cover the cost.
    If Democrats agree on a compromise framework before Monday, progressives could vote for the infrastructure bill with more comfort that a reconciliation package is on track. Alternatively, if negotiations are not quite complete, moderates could allow House leaders to delay a vote on the infrastructure bill in the knowledge that good-faith negotiations are underway.


  5. Yeah outrage.   Mad as hell not take it no more. Reminds me of old newspaper thing “Why do the heathen rage?”
    They goin’ ‘gainst they Jeebus, but they don’t care; they ready for some Joshua.

  6. Well, Al Gore obviously controls the internet tubes. Some where out in the wilds of the internet is a video of Al Gore dancing and as I remember they were funny. But try as I might I couldn’t find them. 
    You tube’s algo keep throwing up distractions, like good music. But I got tomorrow’s post out of the attempt and this goodie that could have been use for Sunday Serendipity too.
    But enjoy it with your Saturday morning coffee.

  7. Yeah…  outrage is the middle name of politics… whether from the right or the left.
    I used to get The Nation magazine.  Week after week of telling me what was the latest thing I should be outraged about…   and if I wasn’t… it was because I wasn’t paying attention.
    I didn’t bother to renew the subscription about 5 years ago…   for me… it was a good choice.

  8. I’m pretty sure the most estupidest things I’ve ever said or done (quite apart from the alcohol-induced stupidity) were induced by anger.   It ain’t good for ye.

  9. Georgia GOP chair David Shafer just opened Trump rally in Perry GA saying: “The only thing progressive about Joe Biden is his dementia”. Marjorie Taylor Greene giving away guns and blew up a Prius. Gonna be a long night, another 2 hours until Trump speaks. https://t.co/tw8SfY8ccB

  10.  Just finished watching a great documentary:  The life and times of Molly Ivins.

    Once more realized how much we could use that voice now.

  11. Craig

    Just think those folk could be watching global citizens.  Trump and ilk hateful spiel vs those trying to cure the problems

  12. ” He not busy being born is busy dying ”
    B Dylan 
    I have repaired all my prototype dome parts.  And I may have found a 3=D  printer to make clean copies of these 3 parts. 
    Next step, putting it back together , and getting good pictures .
    This whole thing I have worked on for years . Like 20 years .
    But this was all made in 2009 .
    These 3 parts go beyond building domes .
    Stick a 6 star hub on a 10 foot pipe, add 6  ten foot struts , then connect them to 6 three foot pipes in the ground.
    You got a circus  tent.  Almost 20 feet  in diameter. 
    And this all could be made in 1/2 ” pipe .
    Here’s why my design works …….
    Many people have tackled  this idea of using PVC pipe. 
    But none of them  used the human knee as starting point , or …….
    Was a wood worker  who loved tongue and groove.  

  13. My idea is  plastic “thinker toys ”   with movable  connecters. 
    There are  a lot  people who have made connectors , but  this idea is mine, and does all they do , and so much more.  
    And it’s Bigger than Dallas. 

  14. Where other than at a T___p rally would Biden be a stupid son of a bitch, MTG be smart as hell and a Prius be a symbol of the future under progressive leadership?  Ever hear of Tesla Marjorie?

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