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  1. at the very least, take away their law licenses.  they lied to courts both at bar and on paper.

    and ms sidney p’s defense in march according to NBC just doesn’t cut it:

    Ex-Trump attorney Sidney Powell’s weekslong campaign to invalidate the results of the 2020 election was not based in fact, her lawyers said Monday.

    “No reasonable person would conclude that the statements were truly statements of fact,” Powell’s attorneys said in a court filing defending her against a billion-dollar defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems, the manufacturer of the election equipment she claimed was involved in the conspiracy to steal the election.

  2. more gopers for the gaol 

    McConnell, Rand Paul Linked To Scheme Funneling Trump Russian Money (bipartisanreport.com)

    What is the worst thing that we could imagine Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), the Eddie Haskell of the Senate, and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) doing? Ah, so many choices. McConnell let a Russian oligarch build an aluminum processing plant in his state. Rand attacked COVID expert Dr. Anthony Fauci. Oh, wait. Here it is.
    Mitch Grand-Reaper McConnell hired a legally questionable guy named Jesse Benton to lead his campaign in 2014. That was until the guy was forced to step down amid “legal scrutiny.” And Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), chose Benton to lead his election campaign.
    But how is that bad? Well, Benton and a guy named Doug Wead were bad, very bad, according to POLITICO


    Benton, 43, and Wead, 75, pled not guilty to six felony charges in a video hearing at the U.S. District Court in Washington. The charges stemmed from their part in helping this foreign national contribute to Donald Trump’s campaign on October 27, 2016. They served as straw donors and filed false campaign finance reports.
    The two accepted $100,000 from a thus-far unidentified Russian national at a Trump fundraiser on September 22, 2016, according to the grand jury indictment. And all the mysterious Russan wanted was a face-to-face meeting with the near-president? Come on.

  3. Stephen Colbert, Bob Woodward Reveal Why the GOP Will Never Be Held Accountable (thedailybeast.com)

    During his Late Show monologue Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert joked that a more accurate title for Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s new book Peril might have been “AAAAGGH!” When the authors joined him later in the show, they confirmed his worst fears about just how dangerous the Trump administration really was.
    The topic that seemed to animate Colbert most was the concept of “accountability” when it comes to the “Big Lie” about the 2020 election and the violence that it provoked. “Did the people in Washington believe that there was fraud, even the ones who were being sort of tacitly approving of the tactic?” the host asked of Republicans who helped perpetuate those conspiracies.
    “No,” Woodward replied, plainly, revealing that some of Trump’s closest allies in Congress privately admitted to him that there was “no evidence” of a rigged election but would not say so publicly, presumably out of fear from Trump and his base.
    “Our reporting shows that the Big Lie, this idea of election fraud, was not some passing storm for American democracy,” Costa added. “It’s the climate right now inside of the Republican Party.” Even if those Republicans “don’t believe in President Trump’s claims,” he said, “they’re not willing to go out there and counter him. That’s the dynamic right now ahead of 2022 and ahead of 2024.”
    From there, Colbert pushed Woodward to say whether he’s “ever seen a more cynical or destructive use of political gamesmanship” over his many years as a reporter in Washington, D.C. When Woodward equivocated, saying, “There have been lots of efforts going back to Nixon,” Colbert pressed him further, asking again, “Anything close to this?”
    “This was a subversion, or an attempted subversion, of democracy,” Woodward said. “And it never stopped. And here’s the problem: It continues.” He warned that Trump is “going to run again and he’s got a lot of support.”
    The final line of their book is “Peril remains.” And Colbert, who said those words gave him “a little chill” down his spine, added, “I think the peril will remain, unless there actually are consequences.” He likened the Jan. 6 rioters to drug addicts who are now being prosecuted. “But the drug dealers are not being pursued,” he said. “So the addiction will continue.”
    As for any accountability for the Republican Party, Costa said, “The people who voted to impeach President Trump in the Republican Party, those are the ones who are getting out of the GOP because of the primary races.”
    “So the only consequences are for the people who did the right thing,” Colbert replied.

  4. Anonymous hack of Epik web services reveals who’s behind Proud Boys websites – The Washington Post

    Epik long has been the favorite Internet company of the far-right, providing domain services to QAnon theorists, Proud Boys and other instigators of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol — allowing them to broadcast hateful messages from behind a veil of anonymity.
    But that veil abruptly vanished last week when a huge breach by the hacker group Anonymous dumped into public view more than 150 gigabytes of previously private data — including user names, passwords and other identifying information of Epik’s customers.
    […long article…]
    Extremism researchers urge careful fact-checking to protect credibility, but the data remains tantalizing for its potential to unmask extremists in public-facing jobs.
    Emma Best, co-founder of Distributed Denial of Secrets, a nonprofit whistleblower group, said some researchers call the Epik hack “the Panama Papers of hate groups,” a comparison to the leak of more than 11 million documents that exposed a rogue offshore finance industry. And, like the Panama Papers, scouring the files is labor intensive, with payoffs that could be months away.

  5. So I guess it’s the first day of pumpkin spice latte season. You can’t imagine how thrilled I am about that. Yippee ~~~

  6. So a couple wearing masks was kicked out of Hang Time Sports Grill and Bar in Rowlett, TX when they refused to remove them. They had their 4 month old child who has cystic fibrosis and wear masks to try to protect him from exposure to Covid. I’m sure that now that this has gotten coverage his place will be SRO. The owner, too much of a chickenshit to be identified other than by his first name only, is a despicable prick. 

  7. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/17/nyregion/carmines-nyc-hostess-attacked.html

    “A hostess at a popular Italian restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side asked three would-be customers for proof that they had been vaccinated as required for those seeking to dine indoors.”

    “But the encounter quickly escalated, as the customers, women from Texas, became irate and refused to provide the proof needed to enter the restaurant, Carmine’s, the police and a restaurant spokesman said.”

    “The tourists began to punch the hostess, who is 24, leaving her bruised and scratched and breaking her necklace.”

    I’m happy to show my vacation card, but I’m embarrassed by my TX ID.

    I’ve eaten inside at two restaurants and neither asked to see ID. One restaurant was almost empty, but last night was pretty crowded. Fingers crossed that the Moderna holds up.

  8. Yeah… I’d like to see those 2 clowns lose their license to practice law.
    Pogo…  pumpkin spice everything started here about a month ago.  I do like pumpkin donuts…  but the rest of it… meh.
    BiD…  NYC needs tourists (at least that is what my sister…  who is here right now in order to attend a funeral…  is telling me).  I doubt the city cares where they come from as long as they are vaccinated.  Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay!

  9. I think that some restaurants only care that there ARE customers, since two did not ask to see vaccination cards. They had A food safety ratings in their windows. Fingers crossed.

    There are plenty of tourists. It’s as crowded as ever. Times Square smells like weed. Not concert weed, but the kind that makes you think someone ran over a skunk.

    Someone tries to sell me pot every time I’m in TS. Yesterday, a guy said he bought to much “premium” weed and he was giving it away for free. You just have to pay the sales tax. Ha!
    Hilarious, but not in the market to inhale any kind of smoke.

  10. BiD, might really be a skunk.  what with zebras still on the loose, coyotes and bears invading cities, why not skunks? 

    [come to think of it, the capitol bldg is full of them] 

  11. …brashness can’t be understated…  LOL.  Hardly exists at all.
    patd, gaetz & greene – LOL!!!

  12. Autumn visited East Bumfuck with a mid 80s sunny day with cool, stormy morning and evening rain. Weird day, but no leaves turning yet, notwithstanding foliage maps to the contrary. G’night to those still around. 

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