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  1. the guardian:

    A sea of more than 650,000 white flags is lining the National Mall near the Washington monument in the nation’s capitol to represent the American lives lost so far to Covid-19.

    The outdoor art installation titled, In America: Remember, by social practice artist Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg, is scheduled to stand for 17 days from Friday in the shadow of the White House.


    The new exhibit mimics Firstenberg’s last exhibit in October 2020, an installation of 240,000 flags in the fields near the RFK stadium in Washington DC. Less than a year later, the DC-based artist had to order more than 400,000 more flags to account for the growing number of Covid-19 deaths. Flags will be added daily throughout the course of the exhibit as the death toll increases.

    On Friday, the opening day of the installation, more than 670,000 people had died from Covid-19 in the US since the pandemic began, according to Johns Hopkins University.

    New data shows that one in 500 people living in the US has died from Covid-19 since the pandemic started as the virus continues to ravage the country. The number of new cases has spiked since the Delta variant hit the US.

    The 20-acre installation will be on display from 17 September to 3 October.

  2. the covid battle lately in other places, other cultures

    Cuba seeks WHO approval of COVID-19 vaccines as toddlers next for shot | Reuters

    Rolando Perez Rodriguez, director of research and development at BioCubaFarma, made the announcement during a discussion broadcast by state media on Tuesday evening on a vaccination campaign that aims to immunize more than 90% of the population by November.
    “There have already been some exchanges in Havana and at the office in Geneva,” Perez said. “Now begins a procedure and exchange to evaluate the documentation delivered.”
    The Communist-run Caribbean island is vaccinating its population at one of the fastest rates in the world with local drugs Abdala, Soberana-2 and Soberana Plus, all authorized for emergency use by local regulators amid a Delta variant-driven surge that has strained its health system.
    Cuba is the only country in the Caribbean to have developed its own vaccine against the virus. More than 65% of Cubans have currently received at least one shot and 37% have been fully vaccinated with three shots, according to the health ministry.
    The country says its vaccines have an efficacy above 90% and initial results are similar to those of other top vaccines significantly reducing transmission, critical illness and death, though critics have complained those results have yet to be peer reviewed.


    more on cuba’s vaccine also from reuters;

    HANOI, Sept 18 (Reuters) – Vietnam has approved Cuba’s Abdala vaccine for use against the new coronavirus, the government said on Saturday, as the Southeast Asian country is battling its worst outbreak.
    Abdala becomes the eighth COVID-19 vaccine approved for use in Vietnam, which has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the region, with only 6.3% of its 98 million people having received at least two shots.
    The announcement came hours after President Nguyen Xuan Phuc left Hanoi for an official visit to Havana.
    Vietnam has recorded 667,650 coronavirus infections and 16,637 deaths, the vast majority in the Delta-driven outbreak from late April.

  3. Earlier this morning I came across a little article headline and sub about horse owners not able to find horse worming medications in the stores.  The second line was the horse owners did not want to appear to be anti-vaccination and pro-horse wormer takers.  I can’t find it now, it was early and since then articles have shifted around on the websites, because I want to read the entire article, it must be funny.

  4. Yesterday, I had a talk with a friend in Texas. She got vaccinated at her daughter’s insistence, but her daughter and SIL will not. Her daughter got covid, but “it wasn’t too bad” and her SIL never got sick. Yes, but I asked her how many others were exposed to the virus by her failure, and, were they so lucky as to not have it “too bad”? When I gave her the stats, that it’s now 1 in less than 500 that have died from covid, she didn’t believe me.

  5. Jack – That was lovely and uplifting.  Thank You

    PatD- Yeah, that second pic of the living running by the flags marking the dead.

  6. An odd feature of the day is that juke boxes are obsolete.  The Rock-Ola is Rock-Ova.  They had a good run.  The one of my youth, down at the community center, was a really loud rockin’ Mighty Wurlitzer.
    ”Well it’s Saturday night and I just got paid—fool about my money don’t try to save…”

  7. Must feel pretty bad to be a January 6 guy or gal and have the Great Big January 6 Show of Support Squad just thumbing the old nose at them.
    “That’s our backup?? I skipped my mom’s BIRTHDAY PARTY to go to DC and Stop the Steal!!”

  8. Most of those J6 people were probably novices at the Angry Protest game giving cover to their more focused and militaristic spearpoint people, and now dey been ‘buked and scorned.

  9. bbronc, is this the story you’re looking for?


    Equine ivermectin comes in small tubes and syringes and helps eliminate “many types of worms,” often for less than $10. And lately, it’s been hard to find.
    Amid the recent clamor for the deworming agent — commonly used on horses, livestock and sometimes dogs and cats — as an unproven covid-19 treatment for humans, people who need to treat their horses with the substance have been faced with empty shelves and the fear that they could be mistaken for the people who are using the drug on themselves.
    Some horse owners who have been able to find ivermectin in stock have seen higher prices due to “all this ivermectin craziness,” as one equine forum poster put it — and extra hurdles in buying it.
    “There was an immediate frustration expressed by retailers who felt it was necessary to re-shelve ivermectin labeled products behind counters or locked in cases,” said Cliff Williamson, director of health and regulatory affairs at the American Horse Council. “Shoppers now go through extra steps to obtain equine medication.”
    In Las Vegas, V&V Tack and Feed enacted a new requirement for customers trying to buy ivermectin, according to local media reports. The store posted a sign that the drug would only be sold to horse owners. “MUST SHOW A PIC OF YOU AND YOUR HORSE,” the sign read.
    A supply store in Plant City, Fla., took its ivermectin off shelves, hiding it “until legitimate customers come in,” the owner of G5 Feed and Outdoor told Fox 13.


    and here’s a cartoon referring to dewormers

  10. Jack… great music… thanks!
    We are back.  Looks like we didn’t miss much of anything.
    Craig…  I remember when the left kept criticizing those within the trump administration for not speaking up about their batshit leader.  Now Milley does…  I choose to see him as someone who had Democracy’s back.
    BlueB…  I know several horse owners who can’t get the dewormer… and can’t stand that someone thinks they’re right wingers when they ask for it.

  11. Of course, the fittest person i know, an under-30 unvaccinated vegan, got C19 and was bedridden for two weeks with it.  i guess quinoa doesn’t make you any smarter🤷‍♂️

  12. Things you remember losing and the value they would have had class of things:

    Way back when over six decades ago, my mother dated a man whos job was reloading juke boxes.  At that point in history they were converting from 78s to 45s so he was a very busy man.  As a gift he gave me the 78 recording of Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel.  The memory of a girlfriend sitting on it, is not a happy one.  lol

  13. the hill:

    Majorities of Americans support mask and COVID-19 vaccination mandates in some situations, according to a Fox News poll released on Sunday. 
    Sixty-seven percent of respondents in the new survey said they support mandatory mask-wearing for students and teachers in schools, with 66 percent also saying businesses should require face coverings. 
    According to the poll, 61 percent of respondents said would support vaccine mandates for teachers, 58 percent agreed for federal government workers and 55 percent backed requirements for businesses employees. 
    Fifty-four percent of Americans also said they support vaccination requirements to participate in indoor activates, which is up from 50 percent last month, pollsters noted. 

    Ninety percent of registered Democrats said that they believe that masks are effective against the coronavirus while 51 percent of registered Republicans think differently, according to the survey. 


  14. Bink, how are you? hopefully recovered or on the mend and no long haul symptoms – assuming that you tested positive of course,

    looking on the bright side, they say that having full vaccination plus having had a bout of covid gives one super duper immunity or at least more durable protection.

  15. I just had to update my password for MySpace.  Yes it is still alive.  First thing to pop up was a recording by Taylor Swift.  Hmm.  If you have an old account there, it might be interesting to stop in and check out the music.

  16. Beto has been registering voters in every county in Texas. He’s been campaigning without running for anything…until now.

  17. Spent a news free, politics free weekend (quite an enjoyable respite) and come back to Bink being an offensive asshole. Go figure. Feel free to spew your sophomoric nonsense without response from me. Fuck you and Roll Tide. 

  18. Let’s get something straight, bud: i always thought, and still do, that you’re a tool.  Go forward with that knowledge, have a pleasant evening✌️

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