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  1. jack, thanks. if you hadn’t shown up on drafts list, jazz was gonna be my selection too; but it was another wynton, i.e., wynton marsalis & sarah vaughn’s september song.  your selection however is even more appropriate to the day.

  2. an under the radar story which hints IMO to clues of former guy’s coup attempt


    Pentagon program that delegated management of a huge swath of the Internet to a Florida company in January — just minutes before President Donald Trump left office — has ended as mysteriously as it began, with the Defense Department this week retaking control of 175 million IP addresses.
    The program had drawn scrutiny because of its unusual timing, starting amid a politically charged changeover of federal power, and because of its enormous scale. At its peak, the company, Global Resource Systems, controlled almost 6 percent of a section of the Internet called IPv4. The IP addresses had been under Pentagon control for decades but left unused, despite being potentially worth billions of dollars on the open market.
    Adding to the mystery, company registration records showed Global Resource Systems at the time was only a few months old, having been established in September 2020, and had no publicly reported federal contracts, no obvious public-facing website and no sign on the shared office space it listed as its physical address in Plantation, Fla. The company also did not respond to requests for comment, and the Pentagon did not announce the program or publicly acknowledge its existence until The Washington Post reported on it in April.
    And now it’s done. Kind of.
    On Tuesday, the Pentagon made a technical announcement — visible mainly to network administrators around the world — saying it was resuming control of the 175 million IP addresses and directing the traffic to its own servers.

  3. another story in yesterday’s wapo:

    Many employers like Biden’s vaccination push – The Washington Post

    Even in deep red Texas, some employers embrace the president’s vaccine strategy.

    In Washington, a political furor had erupted over President Biden’s new coronavirus vaccine and testing mandate for businesses, with Republicans howling about an unconstitutional power grab and vowing to challenge him in the courts.
    But in Houston, where Harvey heads the city’s largest business group, employers took the news in stride.
    “I have not heard from my members today, which is interesting. I think the reason is what he announced is so in line with the conversations we’ve been having,” Harvey, the chief executive officer of the Greater Houston Partnership, said Friday. “This will come as a relief to the business community, to have an order that requires all of them to move together.”


  4. Sturgeone

    As a young teen, I thought Peter Gunn was a great show.  It was also my earliest remembered introduction to jazz.  Favorite piece: Blues for Mothers because of the pianist


  5. no joy in mudville (aka tallahassee). talk about a hail mary or was that “hell, mary”?


    The Seminoles – who had won all 26 games against FCS competition since the division was created in 1978 – saw that streak end Saturday.

    Thanks to a 59-yard touchdown pass from Jacksonville State’s Zerrick Cooper to Damond Philyaw-Johnson as time expired, the Seminoles fell 20-17 to the Gamecocks  in front of a frustrated crowd of 60,198 fans at Doak Campbell Stadium.

    it’s one thing to lose to the irish in the opener last week, but not the jax st gamecocks… oh the humiliation. chief osceola was probably bucked off renegade and fell on his spear after that one.

  6. Ha! Just saw a TV ad for the pillow guy. He has a new platform to spread his nonsense. I won’t share his .com here, but it’s totally newspeak. At the end of the ad for his web of lies online talkshow, he tells folks about the great deals they can get on his pillows being offered only on his website…because his other avenues of distribution have dried up.

  7. It doesn’t take a taco snob to know that the stuff they put in Taco Bell tacos that is supposed to be beef sucks. Even in East Bumfuck we have five more or less authentic Mexican restaurants with a sixth that’s a taco truck and you won’t find anyone I know who eats at any who would prefer Taco Bell.

  8. https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/12/politics/joe-manchin-democratic-bill-3-trillion-climate-provisions/index.html

    Manchin is still Caddyshacking the pool. Manchin thinks roads are more important than educating kids and supporting seniors. Manchin should turn in his party registration, because he sure isn’t a Democrat. Manchin should turn in his birth certificate that claims he is a human and not a cash register. He’s an egomaniac; he loves being in the middle of things, even though he’s hurting folks. Manchin doesn’t care.

    POTUS Joe saved a lot of money by pulling us out of Afghanistan.

  9. No taco bell.   No hardees.  No Wendy’s. No Mcdonald’s.  No Arby’s.  No None of them for about 20 years now. That’s probably how long it’s been since I’ve had a coke or pepsi. When I was on the road with the music, that stuff was about all I ate.

  10. it’s not the polls, stupid, it’s the turnout that counts.


    [BiD, that “stupid” applies to the talking heads, not to you]

  11. LP was a Taco Bell aficionado in his pre HS days and I think it’s been since then- 10 or so years ago- that I last had anything from TB. Maybe it’s better now, but my money is on NO.  
    I hope Newsome survives the recall. Can’t imagine Cali run by Elder. The guy’s a fuckin’ nut. 

  12. ok, well in a world gone mad, i’ve stopped giving a shit about politics, so enjoy another me-free week✌️

  13. We slayed the dragon, together.  Others slumber, waiting to infest these lands, and younger heroes will have to face them.  i’ll be here, tending my garden (and the flame) 🧙‍♂️🔥

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