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  1. St. Louis Post Dispatch:

    The terrorists killed about 2,750 people that day, in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, as the towers came crashing down and the planes fell from the sky.
    It was a number large enough to send America to war for the next two decades.
    In the past two years, the country has experienced a different kind of death toll caused by an unseen but even more deadly adversary. As of Thursday, more than 653,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 since the coronavirus pandemic began.
    Think for a moment about those two numbers.
    The smaller number was so devastating at the time that it united the nation against its new enemy.
    The larger number continues to divide the country even as it climbs to incomprehensible heights.
    Today’s enemy isn’t a terrorist from a faraway land. The enemy isn’t the unseen virus that keeps mutating to extend the pandemic. The enemy is us. Our ability to come together as one people is imperiled.
    That is the story of our nation’s dark day as we mark 20 years. The next chapter, the one with an uplifting ending, begs to be written.

  2. Sometime in 2004 I started to develop a deep hatred of republicans.  Prior to that it was a dislike and mild hatred.  The cabinet of the village idiot was made up of white men who believed that we should have “won” Vietnam and would plan on proving American might once again.  It did not take long to find out how they were going to do it.  Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.  Oh they tried and tried to get an invasion of Iran, as they are still trying today.  But, with cooked up garbage and a disregard for international cooperation they got into Iraq and Afghanistan. 
    The sadness of what this day does have is overwhelmed with what the disgust of what the republicans have done to our country during the last twenty years.

  3. cbob, this one’s for you

    Before we spread democracy around the world, America has to figure out how to spread water around America.

  4. It’s a Golden Age of Stupid brought on by an information revolution. 
    CBob…  brilliant!

  5. Don’t forget the Republican governors who have banned mask and vaccine mandates.

    As soon as a woman in Texas is forced to give birth, the baby is allowed to be exposed to the virus by the unmasked and unvaccinated (possibly before leaving the hospital)…and get sick/die. Yeah, they probably won’t be in a private hospital.

    “Stuck between Biden’s and Abbott’s competing vaccine rules for employees, public hospitals consider their next move …”

    “There is no question that staff, across any health care setting, who remain unvaccinated pose both direct and indirect threats to patient safety and population health…”


  6. Let us also remember our trail friend, 9/11 Survivor (sort of), who was sickened as he worked on the toxic pile after the towers fell.  Many others were lost and many are still suffering.

  7. So I woke up 20 years ago at a truck stop on I-35  north bound to Kansas City.  I had on NPR .  I got cleaned up, and hit the road , this was just a few miles South of where Timothy McVeigh was pulled over. 
    When I got to the Kansas Turnpike , there was this little scared  toll booth woman  standing in her orange vest out front  of the lane dividers .  Why they had sent her out there I’ll never know.
    Toll booth workers are not packing heat. 
    As I rolled past her I smiled and gave her the thumbs-up. 
    She was the loneliest and frightenest woman I think I ever saw.
    I had made a giant loop that week before , picking up a load of computers near Houston,  bound for Newark . A real hush/hush  load , secret  pick-up location etc.  Several million dollars in a 53′ trailer.  
    That trip took me near every location  we are remembering today. The Penn. Turnpike  near Shanksville, when I got to Newark it was night .  I backed into a loading dock on the Hudson directly across from the Chrysler Building . My windshield  was full of NYC at night.  The rest of that loop took me down to DC , and into Virginia .
    I did not see  the video that day until I hit our terminal that evening. 
    When the anthrax letters started appearing , I twisted off from driving.  Too much loneliest and frightenest .

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs social media “censorship” bill into law
    Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill that aims to stop social media companies from banning users or nixing posts based solely on political opinions — the latest salvo by Republicans, who claim that these tech giants are censoring conservative users.

    The new law requires social media companies with more than 50 million monthly users to disclose their content moderation policies and institute an appeals process. It would also require such social media companies to remove illegal content within 48 hours. 
    Under the state legislation, users may sue the platforms to get their accounts reinstated, and the Texas attorney general would be able to file suits on behalf of users. 


  9. The potent storm in the Western Pacific intensified from a tropical depression to a super typhoon in less than 48 hours.
    In recent years, meteorologists and climate scientists have been awed by the rapid intensification of several tropical cyclones around the world—a phenomenon that is believed to become more likely in a warming world. This week, Super Typhoon Chanthu provided another stark example of how quickly a storm can strengthen.
    Chanthu first became a tropical depression in the early afternoon on September 6, 2021. Within 48 hours, it had increased to super typhoon strength. Wind speeds accelerated from 50 kilometers (30 miles) per hour to 260 kilometers (160 miles) per hour. According to NOAA scientist Sam Lillo, only five storms on record have intensified at such a rate.

    Rapid Intensification for Super Typhoon Chanthu


  10. Just expel Texas from the union, already.  Their government neither respects, follows, nor understands the Constitution 

    Build a wall around it to keep those lunatics out😜

  11. The Texas county that explains why Republicans are terrified

    Demographic shifts in places like Fort Bend mean the GOP is desperate to pass its extreme agenda while it can

    The population isn’t the only thing that’s changing – the politics are too. In 2012, Mitt Romney handily won the county over Barack Obama by about 10 points. But in 2016, Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump by six points. In 2018, Beto O’Rourke won the county in his US Senate campaign against Ted Cruz. Biden carried the county in 2020.
    In 2018, Democrats won all the top county positions on the ballot, including ousting the county judge, the highest elected position in the county, a Republican incumbent who held the post for a decade.


  12. Because there ain’t no vaccine for stupid –

    Lawmaker says statues of ‘reprehensible’ Abraham Lincoln should be taken down

    “If we insist on tearing down statues of reprehensible people, let’s at least be fair and balanced about it.” 

    “let’s at least be fair and balanced about it.”  ………… A pound of bullshit weighs the same as a pound of gold

  13. “We are burned out and our resilience is really down,” Lise Van Susteren, a psychiatrist, author and environmental activist, told NPR. “It’s making us raw to all of these new challenges that we face. They’re coming too fast, too furious, and too many.”

  14. ‘reprehensible’ Abraham Lincoln 
    If he was that, he would have had Grant stand Lee up against the wall, and hung Jeff Davis , and that little “pecker head” Alexander Stevens. 

  15. We are leaving shortly.  I am bringing my iPad…  so I will be reading here and might post a comment or 2.  
    I do want to honor all the first responders that lost their lives 20 yrs ago.  My sister lives in Queens.  Her significant  other (being a lifelong NYer) went down to the WTC site to help the day after the attack.  He died last year from the  type of cancer that a lot of first responders got.
    On another note…  one of the elders of this little town lost his life last night due to Covid.  He and his brother were flown to Boston to be put on ventilators.  His brother is still in an induced coma.  They were both holy rollers who thought Covid was a Democratic conspiracy and Jesus would protect them.  A lot of people around here are in shock this morning….  but probably still won’t get vaccinated.  I understand… but then again… I don’t.

  16. expel Tejas, bink?  no, formally with great fanfare return it to mexico expressing deepfelt apologies for stealing it.

  17. for pogo, ms. petri with tongue firmly in cheek

    Opinion | A history of the United States, according to statues – The Washington Post

    It is very difficult to learn any history now that they are taking down the statues. As everyone knows, our history (and heritage) is stored in statues. Knock down one and — poof! — all knowledge of the event it commemorates vanishes like sands from a broken hourglass.
    That is why it is so devastating any time a statue comes down, because there is no other way to learn. No, I take it back. Sometimes, you can learn a little history from the name of a school or building, or the name attached to one of the days in a long weekend during which there is a mattress sale, but that is the only other way. It is very sad, but there it is.

  18. Bush, Obama, and Biden along with their wives  make the trip to Shanksville .
    Trump alone will do color commentary  at a wrestling match ………..
    Several of Donald Trump’s vivid memories of 9/11 lack evidence and don’t hold up to scrutiny
    “These are usually ultimately sad, lonely, empty people who capitalize on this unprecedented capacity for charity.”

  19. RR –
    The virus has never heard of Jesus .  Or  “Germ Theory” for that matter –

    Verification of the germ theory
    Perhaps the overarching medical advance of the 19th century, certainly the most spectacular, was the conclusive demonstration that certain diseases, as well as the infection of surgical wounds, were directly caused by minute living organisms. This discovery changed the whole face of pathology and effected a complete revolution in the practice of surgery.
    The idea that disease was caused by entry into the body of imperceptible particles is of ancient date. It was expressed by Roman encyclopaedist Marcus Terentius Varro as early as 100 BCE, by Girolamo Fracastoro in 1546, by Athanasius Kircher and Pierre Borel about a century later, and by Francesco Redi, who in 1684 wrote his Osservazioni intorno agli animali viventi che si trovano negli animali viventi (“Observations on Living Animals Which Are to Be Found Within Other Living Animals”), in which he sought to disprove the idea of spontaneous generation. Everything must have a parent, he wrote; only life produces life. A 19th-century pioneer in this field, regarded by some as founder of the parasitic theory of infection, was Agostino Bassi of Italy, who showed that a disease of silkworms was caused by a fungus that could be destroyed by chemical agents.


  20.  They were both holy rollers who thought Covid was a Democratic conspiracy and Jesus would protect them.
    Hard to believe we have a helicopter flying around on Mars , and  it’s mother ship is drilling core samples.  Hard to believe we can drill 3 miles into the Earth , make a 90 degree turn and drill  10 more miles sideways in shale deposits  that are 300 Million years old.  Hard to believe we can make electricity from sun light. Hard to believe we cracked the code of all life, and can read it like a book .  Hard to believe we killed off Small Pox in the wild .  Hard to believe the Taliban stand in the way of doing the same to polio .
    Hard to believe.

  21. Small Pox was with out a doubt  the greatest killer of humans in our short bloody history.  So how did we chase it into our  laboratories ?
    Mandatory vaccination  , this is why the governors of Fla. and Texas are not sporting pot marked faces , or better yet never born because their parents died from it. 
    The worst thing is this those two are killing their own voters , and driving America’s health care system into a ditch.  Wheels up with leaking gasoline on those trapped inside it. 

  22. The 60’s and 70’s  really shocked these people. 
    I mean Nixon signed the Clean Air Act 
    They went to work to change that .  And they did a hell of a job.  But after all that work they got about 40% of the country, and packed the high court.  
    And now this virus comes along , and their playbook is killing their own voters. 
    The worm has turned . 

  23. Meaningless  gestures –
    So I was at the super market today , and as I got out of my car I hear a police siren blocking a major intersection  for what ?
    A bunch of Harley riders  running around town.  The idea of sticking a flag on your Harley and riding it around really makes me sick .  All show ,and no go. 
    And this is at the heart of MAGA , because they think   meaningless  gestures are the same as freezing at Valley Forge . 

  24. I have this theory about death  IE.
    Dying around Christmas, and one’s birthday . That is just short of it or just after it.  I’m nine days away from 72. 
    I was sure that day was coming years ago. But I was wrong. 
    Now I know , my liver tells me so.  Along with a whole host of other  maladies  …………….. I been smoking since Kennedy was alive and Camels  were 35 cents a pack. 
    My feet are screaming at me at night from diabetes.
    My eyes are over run by light and dark. 
    I became a hopeless drunk , and the State of Texas saved me.  Thanks to a judge’s order, and a Marine fighter pilot .
    He was dealing with PTSD  long before the term was coined. 
    When I was a young  man, I wanted wisdom , and looked for the short cuts.  Now I have it in spades. 
     What a waste , in thinking. 

  25. OM – I died starting August 4, 1980, several times until August 6, 1980.  It is easy to be dead, you do not feel anything, you are dead.  Not strange.  Not weird. Just nothing.  Was I stupid for smoking, sure, but it was what we did, not knowing addiction.  Just cool, or stress reliever.  Drinking, sure, that is what we did, every one drank booze.  What was really bad was I died due to a lack of blood.  So the docs plugged in a few on my right arm and my left arm and let it pour in as fast as it poured out.  Eventually something happened and I no longer needed blood in both arms.  Then I no longer needed blood in one arm, just occasionally to refill me from being the color of white sheets. 
    What I learned was I was just a pawn in the grand scheme of life.  Eventually I stopped smoking.  I stopped supporting several distilleries, wineries and breweries.  I became me and not someone others wanted.  I began to enjoy living my life and am doing it.  Some is under our control, some is not.  

  26. OM – Beto for Lt. Gov?

    Today’s Republicans are the chicken-fried taliban. They are misogynistic and authoritarian. Also, like the Taliban, Republicans are not Christians although many claim to be so. The only difference is Republicans are dipped in batter, deep fried and smothered in pepper gravy. They are chicken-fried, moronic monsters.

  27. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/09/09/texas-ken-paxton-criminal-case/

    “Paxton is accused of persuading investors to buy stock in a technology firm without disclosing he would be compensated for it. He was a member of the Texas House at the time. “

    “Attorney General Ken Paxton’s securities fraud case can be tried in his home county in North Texas, an appeals court affirmed Thursday when it denied the prosecution’s plea to reconsider the decision.“

  28. i made a phone harness out of leather for my bike and i go for midnight bike-rides.  i get the roads to myself, all of recorded music, an encyclopedia, and an emergency flashlight when i need it.  Tonight’s destination is “creepy cemetery”, ooohh spooky.   
    i used an animal track stamping set for a little pizzazz, but it’s as shitty as every other stamp; i’d rather carve, but who has the time for that🤷‍♂️

    ( i know what you’re asking: “Is it omni-directional?”. Of course it is😎)

  29. An amazing woman works at MY Tandy store, and i showed her one of my pieces, and she liked it, and asked me to bring her my next one, and then covid happened😭

  30. …but i did not get crushed in the wheel-well of a C-17 since then, so let’s call it a “wash”🤷‍♂️

  31. https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/11/health/us-coronavirus-saturday/index.html

    “We live in a country that has rules. You can’t smoke in most buildings in the United States, and you can’t drive drunk. You can’t smoke on planes. And you can’t blow virus into my face.

    “That’s how it has to be in this country. And if you’re going to be a persistent threat to the public health by refusing to get vaccinated, well your actions have consequences, and the consequences may be you can’t work at your job.”

    No vaccination, no job.
    No vaccination, no admittance to the DMV to renew your license.
    No vaccination, no admittance to entertainment venues.
    No vaccination, no plane ride for you.
    No vaccination, no seat at the restaurant for you.
    No vaccination, no ICU bed for you.

    Feel free to add to the list of things that the dirty, unvaccinated shouldn’t be able to do.

  32. the labor shortage is your big chance to relocate, just sayin’, tell ‘em you want “relocation + seniority”

    …and “dental”!!!

  33. Yep, I’d like to move to a blue state, but I want to do something else. Doing the same thing somewhere else…nah.

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