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  1. Angus King looks darned good for 77.   Get vaccinated!   Good to see Dexter here last night.

  2. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/09/10/texas-house-democrats-quorum-break/

    “I still don’t know to this day why that happened, and I truly believe that the quorum break probably would still be going on had the majority’s will actually been honored,” said Rep. Jasmine Crockett of Dallas, who was a vocal advocate for remaining in Washington.“

    “Before the House gave the bill a final stamp of approval last month, Rep. Senfronia Thompson, a Houston Democrat and the longest-serving Black lawmaker in the Legislature’s history, sent a warning shot to Republicans. “If you think you’re winning today by the things you have put in this bill, let me give you a prophetic statement: You will reap what you sow. And you know what? It won’t be years or decades from now. It will be sooner than you think,” she said.“

    Yep, and banning masks in schools to drive up disease and death, and, that facacta abortion law will be the final take down unless they also remove every woman’s right to vote.

  3. I can hardly wait to see what the backlash to the Biden vaccine/testing EO sounds like. I can almost hear the whining and wailing now. 

  4. So has anyone signed up for Dumbass the Former’s Pay Per View 9/11 Tribute  Boxing Extravaganza? Just saw the poster for the “NO HOLDS BARRED” event …. No holds barred is a wrestling term. Holds aren’t allowed in boxing. Stupid fuck.

  5. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2021/09/08/vaccine-mandate-strong-supreme-court-precedent-510280

    “One man’s liberty, they declared in a 7-2 ruling handed down the following February, cannot deprive his neighbors of their own liberty — in this case by allowing the spread of disease. Jacobson, they ruled, must abide by the order of the Cambridge board of health or pay the penalty..”

    Pogo – I think this is the ‘your right to swing your fist stops at the end of my nose’ school of thought. Plus, there the whole “general welfare” thing.

    “Real liberty for all could not exist under the operation of a principle which recognizes the right of each individual person to use his own, whether in respect of his person or his property, regardless of the injury that may be done to others.”

    In other words, they can be stupid asshats, but they can’t be selfish asshats.

  6. On 9/11 I couldn’t renew my business license for working in a certain community, so I went to the town’s office the next day to renew.  I was standing at the counter waiting while the clerk on duty, a surly fellow who looked as if he was hung over, shuffled my papers around on a desk under a small black and white tv on a shelf above him which I was absent-mindedly watching as it was showing a choir in the middle of the “mine eyes have seen the glory” song.
     Suddenly, the clerk came to life. Reaching up, he firmly slapped the on-off button to off.   “I hate that fucking song,” he says, and goes back to my paperwork.

  7. And it starts. From WaPo

    Other local business groups also said they were worried about the mandate. Rick Murray, chairman of the government affairs committee at the Arizona Small Business Association, said “this is really as far reaching as government can get.” He said he was “shocked” that the administration would announce such forceful rules and expected pushback from the organization’s members.

    “That’s really a free-enterprise decision that should be made by companies, and not the government,” Murray said.

    And of course Doucy and his idiotic statement. If AZ had water I’d think maybe something’s in it. 

  8. so, was the az sba chair equally “shocked” when they banned indoor smoking, required sprinklers/fire safety installation, banned nudity in public and other such far-reaching gov’t interventions?

  9. Today for the first time available, the Broadway production of Come From Away the musical of 9/11

    If you have Apple TV order it

    If you don’t have apple TV get your free trial

    Watch this show.  It is AMAZING


  10. BiD, yes, it’s great to see dexter back on the trail.  last thread last night (rather this morning in the wee small hours) he made good points when speaking of rachel recently talking about former presidents & OSHA.  that and joe’s just announced new pandemic EO reminds me of her coverage about his very 1st day in office when he set the ball rolling:

  11. I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow in the wild wooly northern part of my state.  No sitting around watching a tv with 9/11 reruns.  I’ll be breathing in the cool and refreshing mountain air instead.

  12. And while you have your free trial of Apple TV, watch the series “Dickinson.” You’ll need Paramount to watch the Tony Awards, but CBS will air a special about Broadway after the ceremony. I’m not sure that hiding the awards behind Paramount’s paywall is a good idea, after all, theaters have been dark for over a year. You’d think they would want to reach as wide an audience as possible. I guess some will get a free trial of Paramount or pay up, if they care.

  13. Blue

    I already have Paramount because of “The Good Fight” which isn’t on network TV even though it is the spin off of The Good Wife.  Great Show with lots of snark and humor featuring today’s issues.

    I’ll watch the Tonys of course, but agree with you that they are failing to reach theater audiences and particularly those they want to encourage to attend live productions.  

  14. elon has once again started something new. bet there’ll be more tribes cross the country making same deal with tesla

    Gov. Lujan Grisham applauds new electric vehicle facility at Nambé Pueblo | Office of the Governor – Michelle Lujan Grisham (state.nm.us)

    PUEBLO OF NAMBÉ – Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Thursday applauded a first-of-its-kind partnership between the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla and a sovereign pueblo, as the California-based clean energy company has repurposed a defunct casino at Nambé into its first sales, service and delivery center in New Mexico.


    Elon Musk drives through loophole by launching Tesla on tribal land | TheHill

    New Mexico has laws on the books that prohibit car makers from selling directly to customers without going through third-party dealerships. The law has prevented Tesla from establishing an official presence in the state over the years. 
    But now Tesla has found a way around that. The electric car maker partnered with the first nation of Nambé Pueblo to open its first facility inside a defunct casino on tribal land north of Santa Fe, where the state law does not apply. 
    The facility opened Thursday with tribal leaders and state lawmakers in attendance who praised the deal. 
    “This location will not only create permanent jobs, it is also part of a longterm relationship with Tesla. As the company is working with pueblo nambe to provide education and training opportunities for tribal members, as well as economic development,” Nambé Pueblo Gov. Phillip Perez said during the opening, according to KRQE
    Democratic Sen. Martin Heinrich (D) said it was a step toward decarbonizing the country’s transportation infrastructure and expanding access to electric vehicles. 
    “We need to double down on this progress and expand uncapped consumer incentives for electric vehicles, make it easier to manufacture electric vehicles in the United States, and fund the rapid electrification of the federal fleet of vehicles,” Heinrich said in a statement

  15. By saying Lee would’ve won in Afghanistan, Cadet Bone Spurs managed to disparage the military who actually did serve there. Dumbass.


    “Sedition has not been used against any of the more than 600 Capitol riot federal criminal defendants, and is rarely charged. But the possibility of federal authorities attempting to use it as a legal hammer in response to the insurrection has hung over the investigation since the former acting DC US attorney first announced it was under consideration.“

    “The move, made known through the iPhone search of the Oath Keepers-linked Texas lawyer Kellye SoRelle, again raises the possibility that the Justice Department could be considering use of the provocative charge.“

  16. https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/10/business/biden-vaccine-mandate/index.html

    “Business Roundtable welcomes the Biden Administration’s continued vigilance in the fight against Covid,” Bolten said in a statement. “America’s business leaders know how critical vaccination and testing are in defeating the pandemic.”
    Although the National Association of Manufacturers said it hoped the order would not disrupt their operations, the business group largely embraced Biden’s new rule.
    “Getting all eligible Americans vaccinated will, first and foremost, reduce hospitalizations and save lives,” said National Association of Manufacturers CEO Jay Timmons in a statement. “But it is also an economic imperative in that our recovery and quality of life depend on our ability to end this pandemic.”

    Dems are pro-life and pro-economic recovery.

  17. Tip o’ the hat to Elon for finding a way around stupid Republican government overreach. (How’s that sound?)

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