More MAGA Madness

SD Gov. Kristi Noem hired sculptors to create a Mount Rushmore ‘mini-replica’ — with Trump ‘right next to Abraham Lincoln’ — Daily Beast

Meanwhile…I like these numbers, freezes out DeSantis and keeps Trump in position to destroy what’s left of GOP.


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  1. as has been said before:

    if you can keep your head when everybody round you is losing theirs, then it is very possible you don’t understand the situation.

  2. Once we are beyond this period of insanity in the U.S., or are invaded by aliens, there will be many M.S. and PhD’s earning their sheepskins analyzing what happened.  I think we are too close to the action right now to actually understand what happened to a third of the population.
    FB is doubling down on hard right garbage.  I get to report and block sfb posts everyday now after never seeing one in years.  The more I report, the more I get.

  3. Actually, the book was already written. The D’oh (Tao) of Homer mentioned why the citizens of Springfield didn’t like Lisa Simpson, the vegetarian, science-loving artist.

    There are probably a lot of books that point out why some are drawn to authoritarianism, as well.

    A good starting point might be those who have been spoon-fed religion but haven’t questioned anything.

  4. Ya know…  I’m not worried about Joe’s sagging poll numbers.  A new president almost always starts out with enthusiasm and good numbers.  Then reality sets in and everyone realizes he (wouldn’t it be nice to say she someday) isn’t some magician and the numbers go down.  It’s early in this administration.  I have faith that Joe will bring those numbers back up.

  5. shouldn’t spell maga (where 1st a stands for america) without a “T” at the end unless one means “make autocrats great again” which renders the “T” superfluous. 

  6. I love POTUS Joe.
    He never claimed to be perfect (like someone else did), just to do what he promised (unlike what someone else did).

  7. And as we travel back in time, Mexico joins the present. WaPo 

    MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s supreme court voted unanimously on Tuesday to decriminalize abortion, a striking step in a country with one of the world’s largest Catholic populations and a move that contrasts sharply with tighter restrictions introduced across the border in Texas.

    Eight of the 11 supreme court judges had expressed support for decriminalization in arguments that began Monday, making the decision virtually inevitable.

    The vote comes as a powerful women’s movement is transforming Mexico, where female politicians now make up half of Congress. While abortion remains illegal in most of Latin America, there has been a surge in demonstrations demanding more rights for women, particularly focused on rising violence.

    I guess we’ll pass MX on our way back in time to the 60s.


    “The selection conveys a vision for the future that will do little to allay concerns among foreign governments, as the Taliban seeks international recognition and desperately needed aid. Without access to funds frozen by the US and other nations as well as the International Monetary Fund, Afghanistan faces a deteriorating humanitarian and economic situation.“

    A terrorist organization operating as a government. Boys, you went the wrong direction if you want acceptance and assistance.

  9. Did you see that Abbot is going to catch all the rapists in Texas?  Then there will never be another rape, therefore no abortions necessary!   Makes perfect sense.
    Then, he is going to catch all the murderers in Texas, therefore Texans will no longer need guns!  Genius!!!


    “Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday announced a third special legislative session that will begin on Sept. 20 and tackle redistricting, restrictions on transgender student athletes and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”

    “Republicans currently dominate both chambers in the Texas Legislature and the state’s congressional delegation, which will grow by two additional seats due to its population increase. They are expected to draw the maps to continue their political dominance in the state for the next decade.“

    I’m ready to move.

  11. Hi Everyone, 
    I’d like to join you all again so I’m going to take a few days and read all the posts & comments from the past couple of weeks.  There’s only so much doom scrolling one can do on Twitter without running screaming from the room. We are having an election in 2 weeks’ time and it’s getting a little hot under the collar.  Alana Harkin, the Exec Producer of Sam Bee’s show, is Canadian and she tweeted a photo of our idiot protesters endangering our PM and said, “Oh look, it’s Make America Great Again, Canadian Edition,” and she’s not wrong.  They’re all Qanon, low-info incels and they’re pretty scary.  I hope we survive intact after the election. 
    I’ve missed you all.  

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