But what have you done for us lately, Joe?

70,000 evacuated in 10 days – phht!
50+% fully vaccinated against covid – meh
Covid relief fund dramatically reduced poverty- sooo?

Heck, you’ve been in office for 8 months. We expect more than miracles in that amount of time. Loser.


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  1. OTOH

    Matthew Dowd Says Biden Has ‘Done an Extremely Good Job’ on Afghanistan: He Was ‘Dealt a Horrible Situation’ (msn.com)

    Dowd, who was George W. Bush’s 2004 campaign chief strategist, called the media coverage and criticism “way over the top” on Sunday and commended the actions the president has taken.

    On Tuesday he stood by that assessment in a segment with CNN’s Kate Bolduan, who noted the president’s approval rating has dropped in recent polls.

    She brought up the serious bipartisan criticism Biden has received over the chaos in Afghanistan (including correspondents from multiple news outlets) and concerns about the August 31st deadline, while noting the progress made on getting thousands of people evacuated. She asked, “Is Biden just inherently betting that the American people are with him on this in the long run? Do you think he is making the right bet?”

    Dowd said he has “lauded the president from the very beginning” on this, saying Biden was “dealt a horrible situation, and as of today, he’s done an extremely good job in this situation.”

    He pointed to the 70,000 people who have been evacuated in the past eight days, and even went so far as to say, “I actually think the president, from what he was dealt and what he’s done over the course of the last week, should be congratulated on the way this was done.”


  2. Fact Check: Is Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Above Bill Clinton’s, Close to Barack Obama’s? (msn.com)


    On the comparison to Trump, Biden’s approval rating has remained higher than his immediate predecessor achieved at any point during his single term—as previously reported by Newsweek.

    Looking at Gallup ratings, Biden’s approval rating does surpass Clinton’s at a comparable point. In polling from August 23 to 25, 1993, during the first year of his first term, Clinton’s approval rating was 44 percent.


    In terms of Obama’s rating at a similar point in his first term, Biden’s numbers are close to his—though slightly lower.

    Obama’s Real Clear Politics average on August 21, 2009, was 52.2 percent approval.

    Looking at Gallup, his approval rating from polling carried out August 17 to 23, 2009, was 52 percent.

    While that is higher than Biden’s latest Gallup rating, the margin of error in Gallup’s latest polling is plus or minus 4 percentage points. The difference would therefore fall within this range.


  3. https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/24/politics/seth-moulton-peter-meijer-afghanistan-trip/index.html

    “As members of Congress, we have a duty to provide oversight on the executive branch,” said Moulton and Meijer, both military veterans who had served in the Middle East. The pair said they had traveled to Afghanistan “on a plane with empty seats, seated in crew-only seats to ensure that nobody who needed a seat would lose one because of our presence.”

    “A US official characterized the visit as an “unhelpful distraction,” telling CNN on Tuesday that the Defense Department was also not given advance notice that the congressmen would fly to Afghanistan.“

    “Whether it is Haiti or Afghanistan, taking up space in a disaster zone for your own ego helps no one.”

  4. how soon they forget the previous genius of the stable, that ass**** former guy.

    sample of current crop of cartoons:

  5. POTUS Joe is human. He’s POTUS, not a magic wand. He’s doing great, considering all of the messes he was left with, and, considering many in Congress still support the orange grifter and hate democracy.

  6. So let’s see how many repug house members take credit during their campaigns next year for the infrastructure bill that none of them voted for yesterday. 

  7. patd…
    And there’s all the little personal expectations from people who voted for Joe.  My niece’s husband has a student loan.  He doesn’t understand why Joe hasn’t waved his magic wand yet and absolved him from the responsibility of paying any of it back.
    Pogo….  what!!??  repugs taking credit for that which they voted against!!??  Never happens (Jesus I can’t get this tongue outta my cheek).

  8. altho’ wonkette yesterday had this take on potus joe:

    Joe Biden, What Did You Do In The Forever War?

    Ended it, honey. 

    Official Wonkette Policy on our Forever War in Afghanistan is: Getting out was always going to be a clusterfuck, better now than later, some more, and get all the people the Taliban wants to murder the fuck out of there. And Joe Biden has been obliging! The administration reports we’ve airlifted out 50,000 people in the past week, which is basically a fucking miracle, Richard Engel and also New York Times.

    Old Handsome Joe Biden is doing some words about it today at noon eastern, and we will all watch it, together.

    UPDATE 12:50 p.m.: Yes, we are still waiting! The White House has postponed Jen Psaki’s briefing from 1 to 2:45 eastern, so presumably they’re still expecting Old Joe soonish. Who can know?

    Update 5 p.m.: HI, HERE WE GO.

  9. yeah,  better get use to being 5 hours late in the new WH. it’s now SOP, the new way of keeping time in D.C.:  BT

    Biden Time (better yet biding or buying time)

  10. A number of years ago I created a number of stations on Pandora to get a good mix of music to play at our block parties. We had  immigrants from 7 different countries, old people , young people, red necks and hippies. Pandora at the time was playing less well known music so it was a fun discovery place. 
    Then they changed and started doing top 40 type nostalgia stuff and I wondered on to other places. 
    Yesterday was the first time I’ve listened to pandora for probably oh, 5 or 6 years. They have improved it by letting the listener select the direction. So if I’m in a mood for all John Prine I can select that option or the standart pandora algo search, the one improvement they have added is a discovery button. It tends to be much more like the old Pandora. Lots of marginal groups and little know music by name artist.
    You music folks might want to check it out.

  11. U.S. evacuations from Afghanistan total 82,300 in 11 days (msn.com)

    from washington examiner yesterday:

    “As of today, August 24, we have evacuated approximately 4,000 American passport holders plus their families. We expect that number to continue to grow in the coming days,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in a statement.

    okay, so who are the 78,000 other folks that we’ve gotten out? they aren’t all only family members of u.s. passport carriers. wouldn’t some of them (if not most of them) be some of the people certain congress critters are carping about and blaming joe for not helping?

  12. the hill:

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Wednesday criticized the secret trip by two House members to Afghanistan the day before, given the personal risk to the lawmakers and the strain on limited federal resources that are currently focused on evacuating people from the country.

    Pelosi said she hasn’t spoken with Reps. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) or Peter Meijer (R-Mich.) since they returned from Afghanistan, adding “they have to make their own case as to why they went” but warning that such trips are “deadly serious.”

    “It was not, in my view, a good idea,” Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol.


    Pelosi reiterated from her warning to House members against travel to Afghanistan and the surrounding region that any such trips would be an “opportunity cost” from the focus on evacuating Americans and Afghan allies.

    “So this is deadly serious. We do not want members to go,” Pelosi said. “The point is that we didn’t want anybody to think this was a good idea and they should try to follow suit.”

    House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) also said that it wasn’t prudent for Moulton and Meijer to travel to Afghanistan, but expressed sympathy for their motivations.


    Pelosi stressed that typical congressional oversight missions overseas are authorized by relevant committee chairs so that such trips are adequately organized with resources to ensure members’ security. But she made clear that no delegation would get a green light to travel to Afghanistan anytime soon.

    “This is not just, like, ‘I think I’m going to go to Afghanistan.’ You need the approval of your committee chair in order to do that. And we’ve put out the word to committee chairs, ‘There ain’t gonna be no planes or this or that for people going to the region or any facilitation,'” Pelosi said.

    Moulton and Meijer’s trip reportedly angered officials at the Pentagon and the State Department, leaving them infuriated that resources had to be suddenly diverted to accommodate the two lawmakers.

    “It’s one of the most irresponsible things I’ve heard a lawmaker do,” one diplomat familiar with the matter told the Post. “It absolutely deserves admonishment.”

    Rep. Sara Jacobs (D-Calif.), who worked for the State Department before her election to Congress last year and is a current member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, also criticized her colleagues’ trip.

    “Whether it is Haiti or Afghanistan, taking up space in a disaster zone for your own ego helps no one,” Jacobs tweeted on Tuesday.

  13. Fresh (at least it was last night) is news that getting COVID vaccines makes women infertile.  Sigh.  The hard thing is they believe it.  The very sad thing is the couple have serious medical conditions and probably would suffer very nasty things if they do catch the virus.  I don’t wish it on them.  I wish they would look at science, logic and the hundreds of millions of shots given.  How bad is it?  When told of a woman’s son who is an ER doc in Los Angeles telling his mother science warnings and what he is seeing, her response was (direct quote) “if you believe that stuff”.

  14. The newest lie I’ve heard about the vax is that everyone who gets it will be dead in two years.   I just wanted to say, well then, we’ll outline you unvaccinated idiots by two years.

  15. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/08/25/texas-covid-19-vaccine-mandates-ban-greg-abbott/

    “Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday announced an executive order banning COVID-19 vaccine mandates regardless of a vaccine’s approval status with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

    “At the same time, Abbott asked lawmakers to consider legislation addressing whether state or local governments could issue vaccine mandates and, if so, which exemptions should apply.“

    “Abbott’s latest order is simple, saying “no governmental entity can compel any individual to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.” The order preserves exceptions for places like nursing homes and state-supported living centers.“

    Greg is a loathsome idiot.

    As the world slowly reopens, all businesses and conventions should avoid Texas.

  16. the hill:


    The British government on Wednesday told its citizens in Afghanistan to avoid Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport due to “an ongoing and high threat of terrorist attack.”

    Britain’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office said in an updated alert on its website that the “security situation in Afghanistan remains volatile.” 

    “There is an ongoing and high threat of terrorist attack,” the agency added. “Do not travel to Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport.”

    The government said that anyone “in the area of the airport” should “move away to a safe location and await further advice.” 

    The British government, which has suspended “all non-essential operations at the British Embassy” following the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul, has been working to evacuate its citizens and Afghan allies still in the country. 

    According to The Associated Press, British military flights have transported more than 11,000 people out of Kabul, including 7,000 Afghan civilians. 


  17. well. something’s up

    the hill:

    The U.S. Embassy in Kabul on Wednesday warned citizens there to avoid traveling to the airport and stay away from certain gates, citing “security threats” in the area. 

    Thesecurity alerttold Americans to avoid the area“unless you receive individual instructions from a U.S. government representative” to travel to theHamid Karzai International Airport. 

    “U.S. citizens who are at the Abbey Gate, East Gate, or North Gate now should leave immediately,” the embassy added. 

    While the reason for the security alert was not immediately clear, the notice followed a similar warningissued byBritain’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, telling its citizens in Afghanistan to avoid the airport due to “an ongoing and high threat of terrorist attack.”

    The British office added that anyone “in the area of the airport” should “move away to a safe location and await further advice.” 


  18. CNN: C-17 pilot in Kabul today with 900 refugees on board asked by air traffic control if he had enough power to take off answered “Watch me”. Nothing more kick ass than our Air Force pilots! 

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