Hey Dems, Stop Worrying About Afghanistan

Biden made the right choice. Voters will support this eventually. He didn’t abandon the Afghan people. Afghanistan abandoned itself. Where were all the Afghan allies we’re now supposed to evacuate when their government and military was collapsing? It was go big or go home for us. No brainer. Go home. There’s no elegant way to lose a war. And we’ve known all year this was probably coming, so why did any civilian American citizen stay there, now requiring their emergency evacuation?

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  1. yeah, 1000 deaths a day from covid (not to say that 100 shooting deaths a day isn’t enough) in the U.S. should be at the top of your worry chart. 

    obviously media is bored with covid. mask & vaccine stories just don’t have the pizzazz that desperate mobs hanging off airplanes do. media also enjoying the opportunity to bash biden in order to show
    how fair & balanced they are, the 2 sides equal coverage gambit. however this is not an either/or situation for the administration but a multi damned-if-you-do/don’t situation/p>

  2. taking appropriate action walking the walk and not just talking the talk wringing hands and casting blame does a lot more good for the victims and for a country’s psyche.


    LONDON — As governments around the world outlined plans to take in those fleeing Taliban-held Afghanistan, some communities began preparing to warmly welcome Afghans. Some sifted through donated clothes, while others created signs that said: Refugees welcome.
    In Britain, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a program that will allow 20,000 Afghans to settle over five years, charities received donations of toys, shoes and toiletries along with thousands of pounds in funds.
    In the United States, Utah Gov. Spencer J. Cox (R) wrote a letter to President Biden offering assistance to those seeking safety on American soil.
    “Utah was settled by refugees fleeing religious persecution. We understand the pain caused by forced migration and appreciate the contributions of refugees in our communities,” the letter read. “Please advise us in the coming days and weeks how we can assist.”
    People in other states also moved to help Afghans resettle, with Refugee Services of Texas saying it was preparing to accommodate more than 300 Afghans. The nonprofit asked for support from the community.
    “We have an obligation as Americans to support those who gave everything to help our nation,” the group said in a statement released earlier this week.


    [be nice too if TX could extend that feeling of “obligation” to the school children in TX]

    kudos that DOD will house tens of thousands of afghani refugees at ft bliss & ft mccoy

  3. Ultimately, getting out of Afghanistan saves American lives.   I still don’t understand the timing (not waiting until the Taliban take their winter break), but what’s done is done and good on POTUS Joe for doing what needed to be done long ago. 

    Someone here mentioned Taliban assets are frozen. Is that true? Bargaining chip to get folks out?

  4. Former-guy’s goons including the big fascist Kansan negotiated a May withdrawal- Biden actually extended the deadline by 3 months.
    Afghani holdings belonging to that legitimate government held in the United States are frozen, as a bargaining chip to keep them from slaughtering their own people

  5. Well, i was getting my covid stats on weather.com, but they inexplicably removed them, so i typed in “covid stats” into google, and it defaulted to displaying my county’s stats (convenient), which are trending up, of course (the death toll goes up by one every time i look).  Last year’s Thanksgiving spike was real, leading to peak positive-test rates right before Christmas, so let’s not do that, again

    Ok, head down, mask on ✌️

  6. The backlash against vaccine mandates was loud, proud, and downright troubling at the latest meeting of the San Diego Board of Supervisors.

  7. The slope of the curve, both infection and deaths, mimics what happened last fall.  So far flu has not hit the U.S.  I had a sense of dread when I went over what was happening in the places in Mississippi and Alabama, it was beyond shocking.  Comparing my county, Ann Arundel, to the counties in those states was beyond comprehensible.  Why would anyone intentionally try to kill off so many people?  Other than suicidal cults, there is no reason so many want to die.  Sigh, it is a shame many who should be better are not.

  8.  BB, our county is a hot spot as well. We’ve got a pretty large poor population, a large rural population and a huge stupid population in the county. Trifecta for spread. I’d guess 10-15% of shoppers at best wear masks. 

  9. Right now… the evacuation is the media’s shiny nickel.
    By the time Biden hits his one year anniversary in office (or maybe sooner) this won’t be a topic anymore.

  10. Company, in-person, meeting “masks recommended,” and just the usual subjects, including two managers, were unmasked.

    Someone: You forgot your mask.  Unmasked A-hole: I don’t have a mask.
    Me: There’s a box of mask’s in front of so-and-so’s office. 
    Unmasked A-hole: I don’t want a mask.

  11. They are just incredibly selfish.  They really put their wants (to not wear a mask) above the needs (safety/health) of everyone else. 

  12. Driving through the WV wilderness (5 miles outside East Bumfuck) saw a guy with a folding table and sign reading AMMO SALE. 😣

  13. The good ol’ free market achieved some gun-control goals: Remington went bankrupt and i heard an ammo plant burned down, so now it’s hard to find and expensive, as it should be

  14. “…then why do you need a gun?”
    “Might have to shoot somebody for wearing a mask”.

  15. Pogo I gotta ax…..how in heaven’s name did you wind up in WV?
    (Don’t answer if it’s just none of my business.)

  16. With the labor shortage, there’s never been a better time to find a better job, just sayin’ (fuck that place)

  17. Sturg, I was recruited there out of law school.  First stop was Elkins, which is a decent little town – enjoyed living there.  The firm I was in started exploding (well, imploding) and I called on a friend in East Bumfuck who hired me and just like the tar baby I can’t get away from it.

    Oh, and what Sturg said at 1:36. Maybe I’d take a job as a liquor tester, but other than that, I don’t think so.

  18. State Dept spokesman Ned Price on accelerating evacuations from Afghanistan:

    6,000 evacuees have been processed today and will soon board flights out of Kabul airport

    that would nearly double the 7,000 flown out in previous five days

  19. Not sure how many know about this yet, there was a man in a truck near the Capitol, at the Library of Congress if you know D.C., who said he had a bomb.  Definitely someone who missed the non-inauguration and is not happy about it.  He is now in custody. Surprised there have not been more of these anti-American fools.

  20. Craig…  the same thing is happening here in NH.  Many school districts with lax mask policies are bleeding students.  I’ve always thought of homeschooling as the purveyance of the religious right wing types.  It’s now become a movement among the Democrats here in NH.
    I bet it’s happening all over this country.

  21. Greg Abbott undergoes antibody COVID-19 treatment following diagnosis | TheHill

    “Governor Abbott’s doctor prescribed Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody therapy treatment, which is available at no cost to all Texans who get a doctor’s referral,” Abbott’s office said in a statement Thursday. “It is recommended that Texans testing positive for COVID-19 seek this antibody therapeutic drug because of its effectiveness to help keep people out of hospitals.” 

    Abbott’s office also shared that the governor has expanded the COVID-19 Antibody Infusion Centers across the state, as well. 


  22. Wildland fires –
    I’ve been reading about these things for over 15 years.  About 8 or 9 years ago. A new term popped up regarding them , “Zombie Fires” .  I first came across this in a report out of Canada.   The world’s largest forest is not the Amazon, it is the Taiga. A ring of trees that circle the Earth below the Artic Circle.  These forests grow slowly  in a bed of peat and tundra. 
    In that report , Canadian foresters  found a tree that had been destroyed in a huge  fire the pervious summer .  While the fire finally died out, this tree had slowly burned down it’s root system into peat it was growing in.
    They dug down following it’s path to a depth of 8 feet.  This is the nastiest , poorest kind of combustion.  Burning the some of the worst type of fuel. 
    This winter, and spring these same sort of fires popped up like mushrooms all across  Siberian.  So I was looking at the current conditions , and came across this video of what they look like . 
    Zombie fire in Yakutia, February 2021


  23. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/08/19/texas-schools-covid-19-cases/

    “Texas school districts must now notify teachers, staff and students’ families of positive COVID-19 cases in classrooms or extracurricular or after-school programs, the Texas Education Agency announced in updated public health guidance Thursday.”

    That should scare more parents into yanking their kids out of school…if the have jobs that allow them to do that.

    And, yeah, I should switch jobs but I don’t want to do the same thing somewhere else nor do I want to do anything in Texas.

  24. Abbott. 🙄 The very image of Republican corrupt bullshit. How many kids between 5 & 12 are dead in TX?

  25. https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/19/us/texas-supreme-court-mask-mandate/index.html

    “The Supreme Court of Texas refused Gov. Greg Abbott’s request to intervene Thursday in the case of mask mandates established by several local jurisdictions.”

    “As a result, the lower court ruling allowing school districts to require masks in their schools still stands.”

    Suck it, Greg.

    “Abbott can still appeal, but he must do so to the court of appeals, before he can go to the state supreme court.“

    Let’s see how much of a loathsome heel he can be. Will he just let it go?

  26. I am wondering if any form of government  can deal with the problems being hurled at us  these days.  I hear the threads of the fabric snapping. 
    Take the Colorado Compact  –

    The Colorado River Compact signed on Nov. 24, 1922, was a historic milestone. It was the first time more than three states negotiated an apportionment for the waters of a stream. It divided the watershed into the Upper and the Lower basins and allocated the water between them.

    This made Arizona,  the runt on the teat.   Phoenix  had 49,000 people.
    It also split the upper and lower states.  Getting Wyoming and Colorado to curb their growth to save the lower states is not going to be easy.
    Those big chip plants they are building around Phoenix , don’t have an answer  to where all their new workers are going to get their water taps, and the  power to run their AC units. 
    Because when they are finally  finished , it’s going to be really fucking hot in Phoenix. 
    My guess is this is all being done as a result of Tax Breaks. 
    One of the greatest blunders that have ever made in American Business. 

    They should have gone to Gary , or Detroit.

  27. Blink –
    As an art form “rap”  is the same old pile of shit it has been for 30 years. 
    With the  same old beat .  It is a lazy  way to go , no need to really learn music.  Just dribble words with a beat box. 
    It ain’t  Sam and Dave . 
    Music is about paying dues 

  28. “hold on im coming” is the musical version of “ i have a black friend” btw

    great song though the first 9000 times i heard it

  29. 12:29 in the Ay-Em, we don’t always see eye to eye, but here’s Nick Lowe reminding you, sometimes you gotta be “Cruel to be Kind” here on trailmix dot cee CEE *hits post*

  30. Delivering some smooth sounds under a party cloudy moonlit sky, it’s the Brothers Johnson filling up your letter box here… on… tee…arr…ay…(you get the idea)*misses post*

  31. You may not drive a great big cadillac, but you ain’t dead yet here on Tee Arr Ay Eye Ell mix dot Cee CEE

  32. From Oakland to Sac-town, the Bay area and back down, Cali is where they vote not to recall Gov. Newsome, because he has competently and adaptively managed the covid crisis, gimme ❤️

  33. True story: went into Jimmy Johns’s, ordered my sub (Italian Nightclub, obviously), and this song comes on the radio: cashier looks at his coworker, coworker looks at me, and simultaneously we all say “aw shit” and then dance to this while my sub gets made

  34. Goddamn that was a killer playlist, and now, with the modern version of “New York, New York”, it’s the Killers, with “Mr. Brightside” (pay your tab and GTFO)

  35. Might not be your cup of tea, but sure beats getting crushed in the wheel-well of a C-130🤷‍♂️

  36. btw bob, no one will ever play guitar like Jimi, which is why i have no interest in hearing bougie white people trying to emulate him

  37. Love the late night trail mixings. 
    Music: Remember kids, it’s an exhibition not a competition. 😎

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