Virus Roller Coaster

I am trying to be optimistic because in India and the UK where Delta variant started before coming here it has inexplicably lost strength recently. If we are on that track could happen here in the fall.

On pessimistic side the Lambda variant from South America now found in two states, possibly more contagious than Delta and more resistant to vaccines.


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  1. pogo, kudos for the “de insanity” label for de santis.  another version could be “de unsanitary” due to all his unhealthy edicts.

  2. variant-gaetz

    On his Freedom Tour, Rep. Matt Gaetz seemed to be fading during a speech downplaying the Covid Delta variant before his cocaine pit crew was able to get him back in the race


    “It’s hard to ensure students’ safety in classrooms during a pandemic surge. And Gov. Greg Abbott has said schools can’t require masks or mandate vaccinations or other responses to the coronavirus.“

    “We may not be guaranteeing a general diffusion of knowledge, but we are guaranteeing a general diffusion of COVID.”

    Just wondering how Greg Abbott intends to parlay sick/dead children into votes? It’s a really odd campaign strategy.

  4. 165 million fully vaxxed plus 35 million confirmed infections (likely double actual number of cases due to testing inefficiencies) = 2/3 of the way to herd immunity the hard way 

  5. For those wondering where Cuomo’s clearest legal exposure is, it might very well be here

    Days after the first accusation of misconduct surfaced last year against New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D), his staff began reaching out to a prominent advocate for sexual harassment victims and the head of the largest gay rights group for guidance as they mulled how to discredit his accuser.

    This week, an independent investigation commissioned by New York Attorney General Letitia James found that the subsequent effort by the governor’s office to undermine the credibility of former Cuomo adviser Lindsey Boylan — by leaking her private employee records and circulating a draft of a letter that impugned her credibility — amounted to “unlawful retaliation.”

    * * *

    The article’s focus is on the Cuomo team’s consultation with …

    Attorney Roberta Kaplan, a co-founder of Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, and Alphonso David, the president of the Human Rights Campaign, are now facing questions about their role in Cuomo’s aggressive effort to fight back against his accusers.

    The subsequent retaliation against Lindsey Boykin is where the legal line was crossed. Groping, hugging and boorish comments are pretty low percentage bases for successful legal actions because proof generally is primarily based on credibility of the victim. Leaked employment files and letters impugning an accuser are much higher quality of evidence of unlawful employment retaliation. If faced with the choice I’d take the latter type of case over the former any day.

  6. Yikes, said “good morning” to my fully-vaxxed neighbor on the way out the door and he sure sounds like he has a breakthrough infection, that would suck😬

  7. Someone on NPR (a regular, but I don’t recall the name) had a “summer cold,” and had been tested. The same with one of my California cousins. She’s been tested 3 times, for some reason. It’s not the cofeve, it’s just a cold.

  8. BiD,  perhaps more stories like this will have an effect

    A Texas GOP official who mocked vaccines and pushed anti-mask content died from COVID-19 (

    H. Scott Apley, a member of the State Republican Executive Committee in Texas, died in hospital on Wednesday morning.
    He tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday, according to a fundraising page set up to cover his medical bills and, later, his funeral expenses. As of early Thursday it had raised $28,000.

    Apley, who was also a member of the Dickinson County Council, was a new father, according to the page. His wife had also tested positive for the virus.

    The Texas Republican Party confirmed his death on Wednesday.
    “I am very saddened to report that H Scott Apley passed away last night at about 3 am,” the page said.
    “He leaves behind his wife, Melissa, who is COVID positive, as well as their infant son Reid.”
    Five days before his death, Apley shared a meme on Facebook which questioned the usefulness of COVID-19 vaccines, the Daily Beast first reported.

  9. BiD – suspicion of Covid when people are having cold symptoms is apparently rampant.  In fairness there’s a significant overlap of cold/flu symptoms and Covid symptoms. The Google machine lists these:

    Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. People with these symptoms may have COVID-19:

    Fever or chills


    Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


    Muscle or body aches


    New loss of taste or smell

    Sore throat

    Congestion or runny nose

    Nausea or vomiting


    And Mayo provides this comparison:

    Symptom or sign – COVID-19 – Cold

    Cough – Usually (dry) – Usually

    Muscle aches – Usually – Sometimes

    Tiredness – Usually – Sometimes

    Sneezing – Rarely – Sometimes

    Sore throat – Usually – Usually

    Runny or stuffy nose – Usually – Usually

    Fever – Usually – Sometimes

    Diarrhea – Sometimes – Never

    Nausea or vomiting – Sometimes – Never

    New loss of taste or smell – Usually (early — often without a runny or stuffy nose) –
    Sometimes (especially with a stuffy nose)

    (Apologies for the clunky formatting – it was a chart that didn’t carry formatting over.

    Mrs. P had a cold for the past few days and was afraid it was “something worse”.  Alas, today it was gone.

  10. The walls are beginning to fall.  Primarily citing violations of Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (good faith filings), Federal Magistrate Judge Neureiter in CO sanctions  Gary D. Fielder and Ernest John Walker, two of Dumbass the Former’s attorneys* in a suit regarding teh election and requires them to pay fees for the defendants.  Wapo

    *The attorneys did not actually represent Dumbass, but rather what I’d refer to as straw plaintiffs – picked to keep Dumbass’ name out of the suit.

    A federal judge in Colorado has disciplined two lawyers who filed a lawsuit challenging the 2020 election late last year, finding that the case was “frivolous,” “not warranted by existing law” and filed “in bad faith.”

    In a scathing 68-page opinion, Magistrate Judge N. Reid Neureiter found that the lawyers made little effort to corroborate information they had included in the suit, which argued there had been a vast national conspiracy to steal the election from President Donald Trump.

    Read the federal judge’s opinion ordering sanctions

    He particularly called out the duo, Gary D. Fielder and Ernest John Walker, for quoting Trump in their legal filing, which cited a presidential tweet that claimed without evidence that voting machines manufactured by the company Dominion Voting Systems had “deleted 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide.” Neureiter called that allegation “highly disputed and inflammatory” and said the lawyers made no efforts to verify it.The two lawyers filed the case as a class action on behalf of 160 million American voters, alleging a complicated plot engineered by Dominion; Facebook; its founder Mark Zuckerberg; his wife, Priscilla Chan; and elected officials in four states. They had sought $160 billion in damages.

    The case was dismissed in April, but Neureiter ruled that the attorneys had violated their ethical obligations by lodging it in the first place and by peppering their motions with wild allegations that they had made little effort to substantiate. Legal rules prohibit attorneys from clogging the court systems with frivolous motions or from filing information that is not true.

    Calling the suit “one enormous conspiracy theory,” Neureiter ordered that the duo must pay the legal fees of all the individuals and companies they had sued — 18 separate entities in all — as a way to deter future similar cases.
    Neureiter ordered the defendants to compile records showing how much time they had spent on the case and their typical billing rates to determining how much the two lawyers will owe.

    [* * * ]

    Good on Judge Neureiter.  (Poobah, I left the link to the opinion in for those who like to read such things.)

  11. From the Neureiter opinion, note the similarities between:

    …our federal election has been tampered with and compromised by Dominion Voting Systems Inc, along with the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, his wife Priscilla Chan, and many others acting as governors/secretaries of state across the country…


    … the 2020 general election, and probably many more, have been compromised by a number of persons, including a corporation in the United States called Dominion Voting Machines, Inc., and others, such as, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan; and other individuals acting as governors and secretaries of state, …

    The first is from a supporting affidavit from plaintiff Amie Trapp from Alabama, the second from Alvin Criswell from Texas.  Judge Neureiter noted that “Not stated is any nonconclusory basis for Ms. Trapp to believe this. ” and “Mr. Criswell, like all the other name plaintiffs, has no first-person knowledge whatsoever of any election malfeasance nor any evidence, direct or indirect, that his own vote was not counted or was inappropriately discounted…” (Emphasis is mine).

  12. State Assembly has basically told Cuomo he’s got until Aug 13 to resign or defend himself, or he’ll be impeached, which would force removal until a state senate trial. He’s totally screwed 

  13. “summer cold”

    …that almost sounds refreshing!
    Much more preferable to my dark fantasy of a viral mass-murderer laying in wait mere steps from my door😬😬😬

  14. As I said yesterday, Cuomo’s political days are numbered, and apparently the number is close to single digits.

  15. So, I walk into the supermarket today, and the asst. manager is at the doors telling us that the “system” is down and they are only taking cash.  I laugh  and say, “The world is falling apart.”  He says , ” Yes, and a lot of people are mad about it. ” 
    Amen to to that.

  16. Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), which includes the Gulf Stream
    ‘Unimaginably Catastrophic’: Researchers Fear Gulf Stream System Could Collapse

    “Scientists say we cannot allow this to happen. People in power stand in our way.”

    “We all laughed at The Day After Tomorrowback in 2004,” said Guy Shrubsole, policy and campaigns coordinator at Rewilding Britain. “Turned out it was a documentary.”

  17. Someone sent me a meme re: “If click it or ticket worked for seatbelts, maybe mask it or casket will work.”

    Nah, not for the egomaniac in Austin.

  18. A word about the AMOC , one of the main drivers of it’s slowing down is the Greenland melt.  All  the fresh water pouring off Greenland is clogging the sinking of the Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic. …………..

    Greenland’senormous ice sheet has been struck by a “massive melting event,” with enough ice vanishing in a single day last week to cover the whole of Florida in two inches (5 centimeters) of water, Danish researchers have found. 
    Since July 27, roughly 9.37 billion tons (8.5 billion metric tons) of ice has been lost per day from the surface of the enormous ice sheet — twice its normal average rate of loss during summer, Polar Portal, a Danish site run by Arctic climate researchers, reported. The huge loss comes after temperatures in north Greenland soared to above 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius), which is double the summer average, the Danish Meteorological Institute reported.   
    High temperatures on July 28 caused the third-largest single-day loss of ice in Greenland since 1950; the second and first biggest single-day losses occurred in 2012 and 2019. Greenland’s yearly ice loss began in 1990. In recent years it has accelerated to roughly four times the levels before 2000.


  19. By the way, why does TV News  always say this ?
    “The so called “Dixie Fire” . 
    It’s the  fucking  fires name ! Period !
    That “so called”  makes it seem like there’s a real name floating around  some where in the ether.  And TV News can’t seem to find it. 

  20. the suppressed cough
    the reflexive glance
    their eyes say
    ”it’s not covid”
    my eyes say
    ”are you sure”

  21. 28,000-year-old cave lion cub found in perfect condition

    The extinct cave lions were widely spread throughout eastern Siberia in the late Pleistocene period.

    This the only thing that is good about climate change. 

    One female cub nicknamed “Sparta” dates back about 28,000 years ago while “Boris,” a male, is more than 43,000 years old, according to radiocarbon dating.
    Now, to our virus nightmare ………. 
    Those cats had viruses onboard.  Along with every other mammal in the record over that time.  And this big melt is bringing them to modern populations .  Not those two animals , but  a bobcat, or a lynx  drinking thawed water from thawed  permafrost . Over 48,000 years  those frozen viruses did not change.  But the Canadian Lynx did.
    Those viruses  still have  the keys to break into cats.  Or elephants, dogs, wolves, coyotes.  bears, elk ,  etc. , etc. 
    This is like butchering  monkey meat , or hunting bats  to sell in a “wet market” , times God knows how much. 
    They will burn though the wild life we know,  before we know it.
    Man did not invent Covid 19 , man just made it’s quest for new hosts work. Like “Bird Flu” “Swine Flu” . “HIV” , ” Ebola” , and many more . 
    In fact sleeping with animals gave us the “old flu”  we all grew up with. 

  22. So glad I had a chance to cheer everyone up.
    Now lets go to that Medal Count . 
    Mankind is racing ahead the lead medals. 

  23. The Earth is not ours , it belongs to the tiny things 

    bob, perhaps those tiniest of tiny things really are the ruling class and we creatures are merely their landholdings which they farm, exploit, govern as separate nations or planets within planets.  looks like they’ll soon toss  their investment in us aside, mined out so to speak, and move on to another galaxy

  24. As we stumbled into Vietnam  the French Catholic leaders there went after the Buddhists.  Why I can’t remember , but  the monks fought back . in a way no one had ever dreamed of. 
    Believe me , this shocked  the world. 
    I never forgot this lesson in protest.  
    I have thought about this along time .  But my protest is about Climate , and splashing around gasoline at the courthouse gazebo.
    Ain’t gonna make my point. 

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