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  1. WAPO:

    “I’ve been saying for a long, long time, the abuse of the filibuster is pretty overwhelming,” Biden said in response to a question from an audience member on voting rights legislation. He noted that he has previously voiced support for a return to the talking filibuster, in which senators must actually speak uninterrupted on the Senate floor to block legislation.
    “I would go back to that, where you have to maintain the floor,” Biden said. “You have to stand there and talk and hold the floor.”
    In March, Biden, echoing some other Democrats, argued that the filibuster should return to its original form, thus making it harder for individual lawmakers to torpedo bills. Some Democrats, arguing that the filibuster is an outdated procedure that cripples progress in ways the Founding Fathers never intended, want it abolished, but Biden did not go that far.
    Biden has previously said he thinks the filibuster is a Jim Crow-era relic. At the same time, he has argued that it must be protected.
    “There’s no reason to protect it other than you’re going to throw the entire Congress into chaos and nothing will get done,” Biden said Wednesday night.
    He suggested that the debate over the filibuster is a distraction from his goal of forging bipartisan agreement.
    “What I want to do is, I’m trying to bring the country together,” he said. “And I don’t want the debate to only be about whether or not we have a filibuster or exceptions to the filibuster or going back to the way the filibuster had to be used before.”

  2. meanwhile, on the other end of the capitol

    House erupts in anger over Jan. 6 and Trump’s role | TheHill

    Those dynamics have undermined the Republicans’ claims of a stacked process, while providing ammunition to lawmakers in both parties still fighting for a comprehensive dive into the causes and machinations surrounding the Capitol attack. 
    McCarthy’s actions are a “self-fulfilling prophecy,” Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Mich.), a former CIA analyst and Pentagon official, told The Hill. “You don’t accept the most clear, neutral bipartisan version that’s on the table, then you criticize the second-best option.”
    “It is hard for me to believe the crocodile tears when Leader McCarthy has been against this vocally from the very beginning,” she added. 
    “There must be an investigation that is nonpartisan, that is sober, that is serious, that gets to the facts wherever they may lead. And at every opportunity, the minority leader has attempted to prevent the American people from understanding what happened,” she charged Wednesday, adding that McCarthy’s actions surrounding Jan. 6 should disqualify him from ever becoming Speaker. 
    Cheney was also quick to support Pelosi’s decision to reject Jordan and Banks. The former, she argued, “may well be a material witness to events that led to … Jan. 6.” The latter “disqualified himself” in vowing to focus his energies on the panel on Pelosi, she said.
    “He is not dealing with the facts of this investigation, but rather viewed it as a political platform,” Cheney added.
    Another one of Pelosi’s picks on the panel also ripped into McCarthy, likening his actions to a child throwing a tantrum. 
    “What McCarthy is doing is petulant and typical of his desire to impede getting to the truth,” Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.) told reporters Wednesday. “Taking his ball and going home as opposed to appointing serious, apolitical members to participate on this committee is undemocratic of him and un-American.” 
    Katko, the leader of a bloc of moderate Republicans, said he’d be willing to participate in any GOP effort to investigate Jan. 6 as long as it’s “not political.” But he expressed disappointment that Senate GOP leaders blocked his Jan. 6 commission bill that had been passed in the House by 35 Republicans and all Democrats.   
    “I really wish our bill had gotten there,” Katko lamented.

  3. more on the house last night (in case you missed it) is our trail friend heddycariad who wrote:

  4. potus at the townhall yesterday also made reference to fox and their come-to-jesus turnaround of late on the vaccine

  5. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/21/politics/capitol-rioter-unlock-laptop/index.html

    “A federal judge forced a US Capitol rioter to unlock his laptop Wednesday after prosecutors argued that it likely contained footage of the January 6 insurrection from his helmet-worn camera.“

    Bwa. Ha. Ha.

    “…his son spoke publicly about how Reffitt had threatened to kill family members if they turned him into the FBI. The case became an example of how former President Donald Trump’s lies tore some families apart — Reffitt’s son and daughter testified against him in court or before the grand jury.“

    “The felony gun charge was added last month, and undercuts false claims from Trump and prominent Republican lawmakers that the rioters weren’t armed and that they had “no guns whatsoever.”

  6. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/21/media/joe-biden-tucker-carlson-vaccinations-reliable-sources/index.html

    “…Fox’s highest-rated shows, starting with Carlson’s, are still spreading anti-vax storylines,“

    “Fox News rolled out a new public service announcement on Wednesday to encourage viewers to get a Covid-19 vaccine. “America, we’re in this together,”

    “…Tucker Carlson, undermined the PSA barely an hour after it aired for the first time. He even seemed to take a dig at Fox’s decision to promote the vaccines.“

  7. speaking of talking, has javanka flipped out and ditched daddy?  these 2 (who know them well) think so

    Michael Cohen thinks Jared Kushner already flipped on Trump | Salon.com

    “Interesting how Jared Kushner (#SecretaryOfEverything) name appears to be absent from all the controversy, indictments and arrests. Is he next to fall or a cooperating witness? Knowing what a snake he is, I bet the latter!” tweeted Cohen.
    Meanwhile, rumors have been swirling that both Kushner and Ivanka are distancing themselves from the former president. Kushher, according to reports, wants to focus on his book and continue to pat himself for his diplomatic efforts in the Middle East — including some initiatives that benefited the government of the United Arab Emirates, which Barrack is accused of illegally lobbying for.


    business insider:

    Mary Trump, the former president’s estranged niece, speculated that his daughter Ivanka — who is married to Jared Kushner — could be persuaded to provide evidence against her father.
    “As counterintuitive as this might sound, I think Ivanka has, one, more to lose, and, two, more to hang on to. Her husband’s family is legitimately very wealthy,” Mary Trump told The Daily Beast earlier in July.

  8. BiD, thanks for telling us about Faux”s new public service effort.  it’s so short that if you blinked  you missed the message.  with a 10 seconds duration, makes one doubt if their heart is really in it. 

  9. verrry interesting from ABCnews

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats are considering inviting former House Republican Rep. Denver Riggleman to serve as an adviser to the Jan. 6 select committee investigating the Capitol assault, according to sources familiar with the deliberations.

    Riggleman, a former intelligence officer who lost his primary last year, has been a forceful critic of other Republicans over election-related disinformation and QAnon conspiracy theories.

    Rep. Liz Cheney, picked by Pelosi to serve on the committee, has been pushing the idea even before Pelosi rejected two of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s choices on Wednesday.


    according to wiki:

    Riggleman served in the Air Force for 15 years. After initially serving as an enlisted avionics technician, he received a commission and went on to serve as an intelligence officer.

    Riggleman founded NSA contractor Analytics Warehouse, LLC, in 2007, and was its CEO until 2015.

  10. BiD, I think it may take more than a round of sanctions on Cuban officials to flip FL to Dems.  It certainly doesn’t hurt, but remember, Florida is full of Floriduh men.
    Riding around at lunch I heard more clips from the Leonnig and Rucker interviews with Dumbass for their book.  Ay carumba – what an idiot.

  11. …shot IV heroin for 15 years but is concerned about vaccine safety.  OK, makes perfect sense😆

  12. what’s comer smoking?  talk about short term memory loss.

    chris cillizza’s take:

    (CNN)Rep. James Comer has a brilliant idea of how to get to the bottom of what happened before, during and after the US Capitol riot on January 6 — and how to prevent it from happening again.

    “The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to have an independent commission that we know who’s going to be on it,” he told CNN’s Pam Brown in an interview on Wednesday. “It doesn’t need to be political people.”

    Really … that is intriguing! It sounds a lot like the independent commission that Comer, a Kentucky House Republican, voted against in the House. And that Senate Republicans — led by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell — blocked in the Senate.
    In fact, it’s not a lot like that proposal. It is that proposal.[…]
    “An individual appointed to the Commission may not be an officer or employee of any instrumentality of government,” reads the texts of the bill. “It is the sense of Congress that individuals appointed to the Commission should be prominent United States citizens, with national recognition.”
    Comer is, not to put too fine a point on this, totally and completely wrong. He voted against a piece of legislation that would have done exactly what he said he wanted on Wednesday!
    What then explains Comer’s statement? There are two options:
    1) He simply didn’t know what was in the bill he voted against.
    2) He is taking us all for fools — assuming we can’t or won’t go back and check the record of his vote.[continues]

  13. if you need a reason to keep washing your groceries, i caught a stockboy picking his nose while stocking shelves, yesterday🤮

  14. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/07/22/beto-orourke-texas-house-democrats/

    “Beto O’Rourke has funneled $600,000 to Texas House Democrats in Washington, D.C., to help fund their stay, which could last for up to another two weeks as the lawmakers attempt to block passage of a GOP election bill at the state Legislature.”

    “Powered by People, the group started by the former presidential candidate and El Paso congressman, will wire the funds to the Texas House Democratic Caucus sometime this week…”

  15. Yeah, I don’t understand Clapton’s anti-vax position. IMHO it’s just stupid. I don’t think anyone would credit Clapton with clear thinking about drugs, at least not illegal drugs. The fact that he kicked drugs and alcohol something over 39 years ago says something, but it doesn’t say he’s right about this idiotic stance he’s taking. To be clear, he’s wrong. Same goes for Van the Man – both have more than their share of stupidity on this issue.
    And for god’s sake don’t touch the door handles or carts in a grocery store with bare hands. You won’t get covid from that, but there are dozens if not hundreds of things you could contract.

  16. The answer to the Clapton question may be his version of Christianity and the messages to which he’s exposing himself.

  17. We hate Tears in Heaven
    But it’s sad that his baby died
    And we fought about John Lennon
    Until I cried

    -Phoebe Bridgers


  18. You couldn’t have stuck your tongue down the throat 
    of someone who loves you more
    so I will wait until you the next time you want me
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    -same song🤯 ✌️

  19. Last week, the Bureau of Reclamation authorized the release of 181,000 acre-feet over the next five months at three reservoirs, mostly from Flaming Gorge Dam on the Green River. Conservationists like John Weisheit of Living Rivers say that move is merely buying time, forestalling the day when Lake Powell will no longer function as a reservoir.
    “Emptying the upstream reservoirs is … like burning your furniture to stay warm,” said Weisheit, paraphrasing a famous quote from Aldo Leopold’s “A Sand County Almanac.” “It’s an act of desperation. … Everything is breaking. We have exceeded the limits of nature.”


    Meanwhile, various projects remain on the drawing board in Utah and other Upper Colorado River Basin states that would divert even more water from the Colorado. Utah, for example, is fully committed to its $1.5 billion Lake Powell pipeline proposal, which would move 86,000 acre-feet a year to Washington and Kane counties, and has recently established the Colorado River Authority of Utah to advanced the Beehive State’s claims to the river.

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