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  1. at least it would cut down on inflight fights – by not boarding the anti-vaxers they automatically cut down on the number of anti-maskers trying to board.


  2. from boston globe via msn:

    In more than 40 states, Republican lawmakers have submitted legislation aimed at restricting coronavirus vaccine passports and mandates, according to data compiled as recently as early July by the National Academy for State Health Policy. The bills largely target the ability for businesses to require vaccinations as a condition of work or to receive service, and schools to require immunization for attendance.
    At least eight states have enacted legislation that limits or bans coronavirus shot mandates, according to the NCSL. Such states include Tennessee, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, and Montana. More than a dozen states have such legislation still pending.
    But states are also taking aim at the ability of businesses to require shots through bills targeting vaccine passports, which provide proof of vaccination for various activities, such as travel, sporting events, and concerts. At least 11 states have enacted legislation prohibiting their use — among them Florida, Iowa, North Dakota, Texas, and Indiana, according to the NCSL. More than a dozen states have such legislation still pending.
    In Florida, for instance, Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation banning vaccine passports in his state in May, citing local and state government overreach. Norwegian Cruise Lines Holdings sued the state over its prohibition on vaccine requirements on Tuesday. The company accused the state of preventing it from being able to resume safe trips.

  3. Norwegian files lawsuit challenging Florida’s ban on vaccine ‘passports’ (tampabay.com)

    Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings has filed a lawsuit asking a federal judge to block a state law banning COVID-19 vaccination “passports” so the company’s fleet can resume operations.In court documents filed Tuesday, Norwegian argued that the legal action is the company’s “last resort” to resume operations “in the way that this cruise line has determined will be best for all concerned — with the benefit of documentation confirming that all of its passengers and crew have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.”
    “Now, after months of Herculean efforts, NCLH is at last set to resume sailing August 15, 2021, in a way that will be safe, sound, and consistent with governing law, particularly the Conditional Sailing Order administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,” Norwegian’s lawyers wrote in a 19-page legal complaint. “Yet one anomalous, misguided intrusion threatens to spoil NCLH’s careful planning and force it to cancel or hobble upcoming cruises, thereby imperiling and impairing passengers’ experiences and inflicting irreparable harm of vast dimensions.”
    Norwegian’s lawyers argued that the new statute places the cruise line company “in an impossible dilemma as it prepares to set sail from Florida: NCLH will find itself either on the wrong side of health and safety and the operative federal legal framework, or else on the wrong side of Florida law.”
    Separately, Carnival Cruise Line will start requiring unvaccinated people older than 12 boarding cruise ships in Florida to buy $10,000 worth of travel insurance and $30,000 worth of emergency medical evacuation coverage when checking in starting July 31. Refunds would be provided to those without the required coverage.

  4. be sure to watch what stephen says about Tennessee’s anti-vax effort starting at 5:58 min. in

    While state officials in Tennessee spread potentially disastrous misinformation about vaccines, President Biden continued his pro-inoculation campaign by enlisting pop superstar Olivia Rodrigo to show America’s young people that it’s important to get the jab.

  5. BTW, stephen, kudos to you & your writers for “the turd reich” spot on metaphor

  6. …and since the Nazis are trying to make hay with Ashleigh Babbit, i’ve seen the video of it, many times, some idiot breaks a large glass panel of an inner door, Babbit starts to climb through it, has a gun pointed at her from behind the door, is audibly warned to desist, continues to attempt to climb through despite warnings and the obvious sight of a gun trained on her, is shot as warned, dies, and all the “brave patriots” who were slightly less mentally ill wisely move away from the door

  7. That effin punk Gym Jordan wants to “help the ladies”……..Liz Cheney could smack that little twerp into the middle of next week. 

  8. The Wayback Machine is now in Reverse. From WaPo today:

    New daily reported cases rose 106%

    New daily reported deaths rose 32.4%

    Covid-related hospitalizations rose 22.8% 

    Among reported tests, the positivity rate was3.9%.

    The number of tests reported fell 10.7%from the previous week.

    We are witnessing last summer repeat itself. The vast bulk of the increases being observed are in republicon run states. Go figure.

  9. Sturg, Bink, stupid people doing stupid things lead to tragic results. Ms. Babbit rather than learn that demonstrated it.

  10. Yesterday confirmed that the top 10 in the TDF are the top 10. We’ll see if today agrees. Two of the iconic climbs in the Pyrenees are on tap. Luz Ardiden and Le Tourmalet.  This will determine the podium in Paris Saturday. 

  11. Fort Rucker in Alabama is first in U.S. to require vaccination proof amid rising covid-19 rates – The Washington Post

    An Alabama military base is taking increased actions to combat the ongoing prevalence of coronavirus infections, authorizing leaders to ask for proof of vaccination of service members not wearing a mask while on duty. It is the first military base in the continental United States to allow leaders to check the vaccination status of those in uniform.
    The new guidance at Fort Rucker comes as the new delta variant of the virus continues to drive infection rates and now accounts for a majority of cases in the United States. The base is among facilities, including Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, Fort Sill in Oklahoma and Fort Jackson in South Carolina, where less than half of the surrounding populations have been vaccinated.
    The order issued Tuesday by Maj. Gen. David Francis, commanding general of Fort Rucker, states that unmasked uniformed personnel “must be prepared to show proof of vaccination” when on the base.
    The new rule applies only to uniformed personnel, of which there are about 5,000 assigned to the base. The base, which houses the Army’s aviation branch, is also home to thousands of civilian dependents and civilian employees.
    Civilian employees on the base “must be taken at their word unless the supervisor has good reason not to,” reads the official order, issued Wednesday.

  12. CNN has done a lot of in-depth work  on CRT. Don Lemon spent maybe half an hour on it last night, including a long package on its history and interviews on both sides.

  13. can’t imagine how such a leak could happen unless  vlad’s hold on things has weakened.  is it real or is he playing games with the media as usual?

    [BTW, bink, this is my obsession about mother***ing russian mis-intel and not about the former guy – you know the one they allegedly refer to here as “mentally unstable”]

    the guardian:

    Vladimir Putin personally authorised a secret spy agency operation to support a “mentally unstable” Donald Trump in the 2016 US presidential election during a closed session of Russia’s national security council, according to what are assessed to be leaked Kremlin documents.

    The key meeting took place on 22 January 2016, the papers suggest, with the Russian president, his spy chiefs and senior ministers all present.


    They agreed a Trump White House would help secure Moscow’s strategic objectives, among them “social turmoil” in the US and a weakening of the American president’s negotiating position.

    Russia’s three spy agencies were ordered to find practical ways to support Trump, in a decree appearing to bear Putin’s signature.

    By this point Trump was the frontrunner in the Republican party’s nomination race. A report prepared by Putin’s expert department recommended Moscow use “all possible force” to ensure a Trump victory.

    Western intelligence agencies are understood to have been aware of the documents for some months and to have carefully examined them. The papers, seen by the Guardian, seem to represent a serious and highly unusual leak from within the Kremlin.

    The Guardian has shown the documents to independent experts who say they appear to be genuine. Incidental details come across as accurate. The overall tone and thrust is said to be consistent with Kremlin security thinking.

    [long article with details continues]

  14. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/they-dont-want-the-controversy-why-a-court-ruling-on-employers-requiring-covid-19-vaccinations-may-not-unleash-more-mandates-11623706381

    “Employers have the right to attach all kinds of rules and expectations in exchange for a paycheck, vaccine-related and otherwise, according to the judge. Plaintiffs filed a formal appeal notice…”

    “A day before the Texas ruling, NewYork-Presbyterian announced a Sept. 1 deadline for its staff to receive at least the first dose. The hospital system is almost double the size of Houston Methodist, with more than 48,000 employees and affiliated doctors. “Please note that compliance — either by vaccination or exemption — will be required for your continued employment,” the announcement said.“

    And, do I point out the unvaccinated in my office if the prez asks why I’m still wearing a mask, or, do I just say that I don’t know everyone’s status?
    We do still ask visitors to wear masks.


    “…a sweeping piece of legislation passed in the final days of the legislative session that includes a clause banning businesses from requiring proof of the vaccine from their customers.“

  15. At a recent family gathering at the family camp…  I found out that my nephew and his wife (both in their early 30s) have not and will not get vaccinated.  They have a brand new baby boy.  It took all my strength not to call them stupid and selfish.  The thought of that baby getting covid terrifies me.
    I just don’t get it…

  16. Well, in Tour de France news TADEJ POGACAR takes his third stage in this year’s tour and in doing so all but assures he’ll be on the top of the podium for his second year in a row and will be wearing 3 jerseys Sunday – yellow for the Champion, white for Young Rider (also won it last year) and polka dot for King of the Mountains (also won it last year), which he achieved with today’s uphill finish. Talk about kicking ass and taking names – he’s done so in spades – for a second year in a row.  Interesting to see what the final time trial looks like for him Saturday. Congrats to Tadej.

  17. I’m supposed to visit relatives later this year.  One has not been vaccinated (waiting to see how everyone else does) and that person works in a mental health clinic.   I’m hoping the uptick in cases from the variant will be worrisome enough to get vaxxed.   As for how the vaccinated are doing, much better than the unvaccinated…and we need everyone to step up to stop the virus.  At this rate, it’ll be years before it stops mutating and all of the unvaccinated (on the right and the left) are dead or are suffering from long haul impact of being infected.  My coworker has lung damage; went on vacation last January but had no idea how they became infected.   No idea. (sigh)

  18. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/15/politics/donald-trump-kevin-mccarthy-meeting/index.html

    WTAF? Orange Adolf is still steering the GQP. I suppose they have to get their lies about 1/6 straight. What’s that called? Oh, yeah. Collusion.

    “House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy is expected to meet with former President Donald Trump on Thursday, as the California Republican is considering which members of his conference to appoint to a special committee tasked with investigating the deadly January 6 riot at the US Capitol.”

    “McCarthy will sit down with Trump at his New Jersey golf club to discuss upcoming special elections, vulnerable Democrats in 2022 and the GOP’s record-breaking fundraising numbers. But the announcement of the meeting comes the day after the select committee investigating the Capitol riot said that it will hold its first public hearing on July 27, essentially setting a deadline for McCarthy to make his picks as to who will represent the GOP on the commission. “

  19. McCarthy is nuts.  
     The Goopers do very well at local media.  I don’t think it would take too much for the Dems to build some local rapid response teams.  I think it would get Dems a lot more local coverage and keep local voters motivated.

  20. if there’s some yokel with kids, and a job, limited education, and peers all in the same circumstance, i understand and empathize with how they could be suspicious and vaccine-hesitant.  Patience and compassion among the more enlightened could help outreach to such populations, but i’ll be honest, any inroads made would likely be negated by their first family dinner after that, or a visit to church, or around the water-cooler with the proudly misinformed.
    Peer-pressure’s one helluva drug

  21. Also, people get angry and confused when they perceive they have no control over their own circumstances, and that leads to irrational behavior.
    Telling people they either have to get a shot they don’t understand or potentially die from a virus they can’t see while simultaneously telling them they can’t conduct themselves in public they way they might prefer induces exponential feelings of powerlessness.
    Yes, they should have paid better attention in science class, but they didn’t, so now we must all operate within those constraints
    Basically, we’re fucked

  22. …and ANOTHER thing: if people reflexively don’t trust the profit-driven American medical-industrial complex, it’s for good reason.  The whole system’s a joke until you get cancer and they can fleece you for every dime you ever made

  23. BiD – Trump lost the presidency & lost the Congress to Dems.  Lost seats in both houses in 2016, lost the house in 2018, lost the Senate in 2020.  Why other than the obvious would McCarthy confer with him about upcoming elections?  And is McCarthy out of his mind conferring with Dumbass about who to try and put on the committee investigating Dumbass? I trust Nancy will automatically reject the members McCarthy tries to put on it following his Bedminster suck fest with Former.

  24. Once they banned tommy guns and once they mandated vaccines.   But now, oh no, we might offend the snowflakes.

  25. CBS This Morning  ran a story  about how a Tenn. man died in less than  48 hrs.  from the Delta strain.  He thought he was invincible. So the whole family had not been vaxxed.  His dying words were to his wife telling her to get the kids shots. 
    I had zero empathy for them.  

  26. “NOAA’s tide gauges show that 80% of locations where we collect date along the Southeast Atlantic and Gulf coasts are seeing an acceleration in the number of flood days,” said Nicole LeBoeuf, the newly appointed director of the National Ocean Service.
    Flood records were set in Texas, Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia, NOAA said. Galveston and Corpus Christi, Texas, along with Bay Waveland, Mississippi, had a record 20 days with high-tide flooding from May 2020 to April 2021. Twenty years ago these locations would typically only flood two or three days a year.


  27. If you’re in Tampa Bay, Florida, and you want to spend the day at the beach, you might want to wait for a few months. Right now, the beaches in the area are covered in dead, rotting fish.
    “The bay is really hurting right now,” Maya Burke, who lives in Pinellas County, told NPR. “It’s significant numbers of dead fish all up and down the food chain, from small forage fish all the way up to tarpon, manatees, dolphins. … If it’s swimming in the bay, right now it’s washing up dead.”


    A Florida Red Tide Has Killed 600 Tons of Marine Life, and There’s No End In Sight

  28. That monster heat dome out west is  about to pulse up  again  . This time  over  …………… 
    Heat wave to send temperatures in northern Rockies, Canada soaring 40 degrees above average
    The next in a series of relentless heat waves is taking shape across parts of the West and northern Plains, with temperatures set to vault into the triple-digits once again from Idaho and Montana north into Alberta and Saskatchewan.



  29. We have been warned  for years that the “Mega Fires” were coming , now the small group stretched  even thinner than our healthcare workers are the wildland firefighters. 
    The hotshot crews are being  worked like no humans before them. 
    The Siberian Times as usual  has lots of images. 

    Permafrost is ablaze with hundreds of wildfires in world’s coldest region
    By The Siberian Times reporter
    13 July 2021

    Lena Pillars, a World Heritage Site, hit by the rampant flames, as calls grow for greater efforts to tackle infernos


  30. According to Van Susteren, this magnification of the climate crisis—which is in turn amplified by the growing conversation around climate—has meant that more and more people are becoming concerned with the existential threat that the climate crisis poses. Indeed, the mental health effects of the climate crisis on the communities facing it are vast and varied: anxiety, grief, and “pre-traumatic stress disorder” (Van Susteren’s term), to name a few. And yet, real action still remains limited.
    Jennifer Atkinson, a professor of environmental humanities at the University of Washington, agrees. “It’s no longer a kind of vague concern about things happening in the future, it’s the realization that the world is unraveling around us right now. And the loss is piling up every day,” she said. “It’s also the despair and outrage that the suffering and loss didn’t have to happen.”


  31. The Covid  has really goosed the Climate Crisis. 
    They are like a pair of  angels of death. 
    70 people are dead in Europe tonight with many still missing after  2 months of rain fell in just hours, 
     They like the beach economy  around Tampa Bay , and the folks in Flagstaff tonight . Wanted to see visitors , and their wallets. 
    They are not coming . 
    Each event was a climate  driven blow , but the # 19  had weakened them .
    This one/two  punch , is really going grow , and chew at the guts of people who have to face it. 
    Face Masks on , Chin straps tight. 

  32. Just How Wrong Was Trump? 
    His voters are dying , the Vermont   Vaxx  rate is in the mid 80’s  .
    Bernie’s voters are alive. 
    Trump’s  followers are about to get a big lesson in “Germ Theory” . 
    This will be explained by “unknown forces” doing genetic engineering to kill wing nuts. 
    As Rabbit Holes go this one is really crazy , but it’s coming. 

  33. THE BIG LIE 
    Think about this , they road tested the idea with “Birtherism” .
    It stuck .
    I remember  this place had one . The “concerned troll”. 
    An endless river of doubt . 
    That was his blueprint ,  Gobbles would be proud .
    Lie, lie a lot , no details , find a foil. 
    Mexicans !

  34. Why an Atheist  Believes  “Trump is the Anti  Christ” .
    Let him shave his head , and prove it. 
    That man has 4 Six’s  on his skull. 
    I intend to prove it. 

  35. old man – One of the things about me is I am very mild mannered.  Something else, the VA classifies one of my service connected issues is “severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”, Ms van sustren is a f*&^ki&ng idiot.

  36. Trump Deaths =
    County maps  of his voters  and death ,
    That map is coming. 
    These  are at his feet ,  and Fox News, 
    This wave  is about eat them  up, 

  37. I think we ha
    The virus  does nut care,
    James  Cameron needs to step up ,  
    Hollywood  failed badly . 

  38. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/15/politics/cuba-communism-biden/index.html

    “President Joe Biden said on Thursday that Cuba is a “failed state” and called communism a “failed system”

    Yes! This may be how Dems regain Florida, just as Craig said.

    “Communism is a failed system — a universally failed system. And I don’t see socialism as a very useful substitute. But that’s another story.”

    Well, democratic socialism, like they have in Scandinavian countries is mutually beneficial to the state and the people, so…

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