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  1. CPAC Attendees Turn on Conference Sponsor—Fox Nation (thedailybeast.com)

    DALLAS—It comes at no surprise that disdain for mainstream media was a common theme among both attendees and speakers at the Conservative Political Action Committee conference, held last weekend in Dallas, Texas.
    But skepticism and disdain of the press at CPAC has drifted and found a surprising target—one of the major sponsors of the event, Fox.
    Richard Hedges, who drove from Houston to the Dallas confab, said he hasn’t watched Fox News since November, when he said the outlet became increasingly anti-Trump. While Hedges said he occasionally watches NewsMax, he said he mostly reads things he finds online.
    The far-right Gateway Pundit picked up on the CPAC trend, boasting in an article that attendees are removing their lanyards because Fox News’ streaming service, Fox Nation, is listed as a marquee sponsor.
    On Saturday, The Daily Beast witnessed Ivory Hecker accusing a Fox staffer of censorship. “You cut the live feed while I was speaking on stage last night,” Hecker said. He later posted a video of the confrontation on Twitter.
    A spokesperson for Fox Nation said the feed was never cut and that the service had already stopped streaming the event.
    Hecker previously worked for the local Fox outlet in Houston until she was fired after interrupting a live on-air report to accuse the station of “muzzling” her.
    Several women in Hecker’s videos said they don’t watch Fox. “I will never watch Fox. I watch One America News Network,” one said. “That’s all I watch.”

  2. on the other hand (or several hands), there are others out there also trying to twist tentacles around our thought processes who are more entertaining

    John Oliver explains why octopuses are cool, great, and yes, called “octopuses”

  3. Lt. Turd, Dan Patrick, must have an MA in fear-mongering.

    “His policies will live on forever,” Patrick said. “He has taught America to stand up and fight for this nation, because this is a time, and make no mistake, this is not just about Democrats and Republicans.”


    “Why are they letting millions of people pour across this border? Because they want to turn them into citizens. Turn them into voters, and take over this country.”


    CPAC-whitey is scared…and armed. Not a good combo.

  4. the guardian coupla days ago reported what may be behind the cpac vs fox snit:

    On election night last year Rupert Murdoch reportedly gave his son Lachlan permission for Fox News to call Arizona for Joe Biden, a decision that signalled Donald Trump’s defeat, with “a signature grunt” and a pithy barb: “Fuck him.”
    The news is sure to anger Trump as he pushes his lie that he lost the White House because of electoral fraud. It is contained in Michael Wolff’s third book on the Trump presidency, Landslide, which will be published next week.
    The Daily Beast first reported Murdoch’s remark.
    Wolff, a former Guardian columnist, is one of a number of authors who have interviewed Trump for new books. Wolff has also written widely about the Murdochs and Fox News. In Landslide, he writes that “the marriage between Trump and the Murdochs, in some ways the foundation of the Trump movement, was quite a sadomasochistic one”.
    The Arizona call was particularly punishing for Trump. Shortly after 11pm ET on 3 November, Wolff writes, Lachlan Murdoch was told by the Fox News decision desk it was ready to call the state for Biden.
    It was, Wolff writes, “still, by most measures, hotly contested and still a definite Trump win” in one forecasting model. But the decision desk was “independent of Fox News’ otherwise partisan views [if] merely as [a way] to bypass the news desk and to be directly answerable to the Murdochs”.
    Delaying the Arizona call would have been defensible, Wolff writes, given the closeness of the contest. But Lachlan Murdoch called his father and asked if he wanted to make a call which was sure to anger Trump. Reportedly, Rupert did.
    In a statement emailed to the Guardian on Friday, a Fox News spokesperson called Wolff’s account “completely false”.
    “Arnon Mishkin who leads the Fox News decision desk made the Arizona call on election night and Fox News Media president Jay Wallace was then called in the control room. Any other version of the story is wildly inaccurate.”
    Wolff also reports the scene at the White House, where he says Trump was being assured by “merry” and “untroubled” aides “about how good everything looked” before one aide, Jason Miller, was told Fox News was going to call Arizona for Biden.
    “Miller involuntarily rose from his seat,” Wolff writes. “‘What the fuck?’ he said out loud.”

  5. that magical moment

    Image result for Rupert Murdoch Donald Trump

    the above picture of fox declaration & the following are from one of the former guy’s so-called news channel/blogs which i won’t link in case of bugs –  might reach for the flit anyway and clear history just to be safe:

    When Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden it ended any chance of Donald Trump winning the 2020 presidential election in the eyes of the network and was so controversial that many longtime viewers of Fox News abandoned the network.

    It was also so controversial that the man at the Decision Desk who made the call, Chris Stirewalt, was later fired.

  6. Another thread about trump?  Would have never guessed🙄

    If obsession could be converted to power, we could run a large city with it

  7. Hey, yeah, Bink, Screw Trump!
    WTF is going on in Haiti, things sounded like the start of a bad Bruce Willis movie.  Bring in the mercs and leave them hanging. Oh, you mean you needed a way out after the deed was done? oops.
    Oh and who financed this operation, Inserting a group of mercenaries for an assasination attempt can’t be cheap.

  8. BTW, Bink I’m sure Pat and Craig wouldn’t object to a little help if anyone has an idea.

  9. I believe that I heard the Prez of Haiti tapped a new PM shortly before he was killed, and, that now there is a power struggle between the new PM and the VP. If that’s right, those are the threads to start pulling.  

  10. …former-guy obsessive disorder isn’t limited to top-of-thread, has been imposed upon its victims by certain media outlets and conservative influencers, and is a credit to said dipshits’ (plural possessive) ability to drive the popular narrative.  It’s all deliberate obfuscation of conservatives’ concerted efforts to undermine American democracy and their active failed attempt at insurrection.  It’s easy to fall into that trap, and no posts of mine will change it on a societal level.

    …but if i can snap a bud out of it for a bit, that’s something, right?  Maybe not🤷‍♂️

    (i suppose my ultimate point in this vein is that contemporary conservative provocateurs, including the head one, don’t need to believe the non-sensical distractions they inject into the popular
    discourse, they just need reactionary liberals to believe that they believe it, then allow the naive to fritter away precious thought trying to parse conservative banality. While the good-intentioned do that, conservatives take over every individual state government )

  11. I suspect that MSNBC and the news outlets that covered Former’s remarks probably have a bit more impact on the public that Poobah’s trailmix blog.  
    Cuba’s about due for an uprising.  

    Looks like Mitch’s obstruction is having its intended effect on the Biden Presidency – at least with respect to his crime approval rating.

  12. Everyone released after a gun crime should have their home searched and any guns seized. Handguns are the big problem, smuggled daily into big cities by bus and cars. Getting tough on seizing weapons from known criminals and smugglers might befuddle the 2d Amendment crowd.

  13. J&J vaccine faces another hurdle

    …the shot has been linked to a serious but rare side effect called Guillain-Barré syndrome, in which the immune system attacks the nerves, according to four individuals familiar with the situation. 
    About 100 preliminary reports of Guillain-Barré have been detected after the administration of 12.8 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement Monday. The cases have largely been reported about two weeks after vaccination and mostly in men, many aged 50 and older.

    OK, it’s very rare, but of the vaccines out there, J&J is the one that can least afford another problem.

  14. “… allow the naive to fritter away precious thought trying to parse conservative banality. While the good-intentioned do that, conservatives take over every individual state government.”

    bink, then save us naïfs from fritterin’ on banality and give us some serious red meat to salt, pepper and parse!  

    inciting mischief & mayhem, encouraging & funding gun-toting thugs seem more than just obfuscation & non-sensical distraction to me


    p.s. the top of the thread is about fox news’ perfidy. to me it’s more about the murdocks & the incited cultists than the former guy

  15. Wapo confirms Texas Dems are giving Abbott and the TX repugs a sign – 

    Democratic lawmakers in Texas fled the Capitol in Austin and left the stateon Monday, potentially torpedoing an ongoing special session called by Republicans to take up new voting restrictions and other GOP priorities.
    At least 50 House Democrats planned to travel to Washington,according to two officials with direct knowledge of the plan. The exodus denies Republicansthe required two-thirds attendance level to conduct business, calling into doubt whether plans to take up the voting legislation this week could proceed.
    In a statement, Democratic leaders in the state said they now planned to pressure Congress to pass new federal voting legislation.
    “Today, Texas House Democrats stand united in our decision to break quorum and refuse to let the Republican-led legislature force through dangerous legislation that would trample on Texans’ freedom to vote,” five top Democrats in the state House, including Democratic Caucus Chair Chris Turner, said in the statement. “We are now taking the fight to our nation’s Capitol. We are living on borrowed time in Texas. We need Congress to act now to pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to protect Texans — and all Americans — from the Trump Republicans’ nationwide war on democracy.”


    Round 2 of TX Dems v. TX REps – with a big fat middle finger and the question – “Can you even spell Quorum?”

  16. Benghazi (the movie) still is important.  The gqp and media is still working the Benghazi card.  Idiots.  They are still running against a woman who has now become the grande dame of the Democratic Party.  She no longer needs to speak in public to cause the gqp to have conniptions and speak in tongues.  It is hard to understand why she is still causing the white supremacist “religion” freaks to go Nazi, but they are.

  17. BiD, did abbott ever restore the legislative budget he vetoed?  if not, makes even more sense the dems jetted off on a d.c. vacay.

    as for the rangers coming to get them, it’ll be quite the scene trying to get thru WH and capitol security posts no matter what kind of badges they flash.

  18. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/12/politics/texas-house-democrats-leave-state-voting-bill/index.html

    “The majority of the Democrats fleeing Texas are flying to Washington, DC, on two chartered jets, two sources familiar with the Democrats’ plans told CNN. They have kept planning secret because they can be legally compelled to return to the state Capitol and believed law enforcement could be sent to track them down, the sources said. The group is “hoping” to meet with US Senate Democrats while they’re in Washington, according to a source familiar with their plans.“

  19. craig, are you talking about when she said (about having to photo copy ID for mail-in ballot) Well, there are a whole lot of people, especially people who live in rural communities, who don’t – there’s no Kinkos, there’s no OfficeMax near them.”?   heck, i’m over 25 miles from a kinkos type place and probably 60 or more from an officemax.   neighbors in these parts of rural ky don’t all have printers to make their own copies either. and many of those who need to mail-in ballots are doing so because they’re homebound in some fashion.

    anyway, i think he’s already promised the next scotus seat to someone else.

  20. Texas history –
    The fleeing of the American newcomers before Santa Anna was called the “runaway scrape”.
    I hope they stand on the steps of the Capital  and tie Jan. 6th to these voting bills. 
    They were about lock the doors in Austin , and force them to vote .
    And it gave us this great headline –
    “Texas Democrats Flee the State One Step Ahead of the Texas Rangers”

  21. Shumer and Pelosi should schedule half a day TO START on the day the TX dems hit town. Oh, and FUCK the TX Rangers who come to SC to try and get the TX legislators back to TX. No jurisdiction, assholes. 

  22. Crime rate numbers  –
    As for that  line of attack,  the plague drove a lot of  people over the edge.  More than we know. 
    The NRA has told us  that an ocean of guns  will save us . 
    That argument is as bankrupt as they are. 

  23. There’s a great  legal story today , all those Trump lawyers  are a Federal Court in Mich.
    A 6 hour hearing  ….
    They are fighting for their  licenses.
    The judge is not amused.

    Lawyers retreat from pro-Trump election suit
    At a hearing on possible sanctions over the Michigan case, some attorneys downplayed their roles.

    This is a good story  well worth the read. 
    This is about lying  in court , and whether these lair’s  are held to account.
    This judge  is a female, and a Obama  appointee.
    I hope the US  Marshals are doing their job.  



  24. Irony 101 –
    The Lee and Jackson  statues are gone from Charlottesville.
    Like a candle in a wind. 

  25. Life is like setting in the stands. 
    At 18 we’re  row one on the 50 yard line.  Every season we get moved up , and over.  It’s fine because we love the game. 
    Then you wake up , at the top of the bleachers, and you can’t see the game.
    Que the bears and magpies. 

  26. “Do Texas Rangers have jurisdiction outside of Texas?

    While the Texas Rangersjurisdiction lies within the boundaries of the State of Texas, criminals often do not let state or national borders hinder their attempt to escape arrest. … It is not unusual for a Ranger to travel out of the state or even out of the country in pursuit of a fugitive from justice.”

    https://www.texasranger.org › intera…



    “General law enforcement at the state level known as Rangers is a type of law enforcement official only found in Texas. The Texas Rangers are at the top of the law enforcement pyramid in Texas…”

    Now, can TX Dems be classified as fugitives? Personally, I think Dems trying to protect our voting rights are patriots.

  27. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/07/12/texas-democrats-leave-texas-voting-bill/

    “Texas Democrats land in Washington, D.C., and promise to stay out of Texas until after special legislative session ends Aug. 6. Texas Democrats said they are urging Congress again to pass federal voting laws, acknowledging that Gov. Greg Abbott would continue to call special sessions until the GOP elections bill was passed.“

    Republicans know they can’t win unless they cheat.

  28. The Beach Boys were “Bigger Than Dallas”.
    They  changed my  life first/. 
    I saw all the cheesy surf movies, Pamela Tiffin ,was the star , the horny “good girl”.

    Tiffin died on December 2, 2020, in a Manhattan hospital, at the age of 78.[13] The cause of death was not disclosed.[14]

  29. Considering she is a heartbeat away from the highest office in the Land, i would proffer the same advice to Madame Vice President that a wise man one gave me:
    ”…figure it the fuck out”

  30. My hand don’t fit no shovel.

    Mine do, very well (figuratively and literally)

    …got this completely bad-ass stainless steel shovel, recently, because you only live once, and i bend the earth to my will with it

    (yes, i realize she’ll turn the tables sooner than later- i’ll get my licks in whilst i can)

  31. I don’t see what the big deal is about the photocopy comment.  I’m from a tiny town.  Maybe the church would let you use their copier, if not, you may be 20 or 30 miles from one.   Folks still  don’t have internet out in the country. And, there is a lot of deep poverty.   

  32. if she wants to voluntarily be a lightning rod, i could support that, if she’s that savvy, although i doubt it.  A heartbeat away: raise your game Mme VP, por favor, the sharks want to eat you

  33. i’ll concede you ain’t wrong, Jack.  OK, i have to make a conscious effort not to make conservatives’ arguments for them, so i’ll leave it there

  34. Bink
    You weren’t wrong, I think the Democrats and team Biden are the ones who need to step up their game. There have been a series of hits like this against her in the last month.
    Why aren’t they stepping up? one I suspect Biden is too old fashion and maybe like Craig thinks it is her fault. Or just doesn’t see the need. The rest of the Democrats, well, there is a good chance Biden is a one term president. The knives are being sharpened.

  35. btw, if you followed me this far, some kid showed me a nintendo game where they turn an island into a garden oasis, so i’m trying to show said kid they can do that in real life with nothing but a shovel

    …from my young jam:

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