Sunday Serendipity

Saturday night as I was creating this post I just returned from a family get together, I usually enjoy them but for some reason this one got on my nerves. I needed something to mellow me down. These recordings by Sarah Vaughn did the number.

She has an absolutely beautiful voice.

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. thanks, jack. to prolong the mood, let’s take it further down the road with only instrumental

  2. wiki:

    In a Sentimental Mood is a jazz composition by Duke Ellington. He composed the piece in 1935 and recorded it with his orchestra during the same year. Lyrics were written by Manny Kurtz; Ellington’s manager Irving Mills gave himself a percentage of the publishing, so the song was credited to all three. Other popular versions in 1935/36 were by Benny Goodman and by Mills Blue Rhythm Band.


    According to Ellington, the song was born in Durham, North Carolina. “We had played a big dance in a tobacco warehouse, and afterwards a friend of mine, an executive in the North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company, threw a party for Amy. I was playing piano when another one of our friends had some trouble with two chicks. To pacify them, I composed this there and then, with one chick standing on each side of the piano.” 

  3. speaking of cool cats


    The Gonzalez family and several of their pets were in their ninth floor apartment in Champlain Towers South the night of June 24 when the building suddenly collapsed in the middle of the night. At least two members of the family were seriously injured in the collapse one is still missing. 
    Several of their pets also went missing. But on Thursday, exactly two weeks after the 12-story building fell, they were reunited with one of their pets, a small black cat named Binx. 
    Two members of the Gonzalez family, 16-year-old Deven and her mother, Angela, were rescued after falling to the fifth floor during the collapse. Deven’s older sister, Tayler, was not in the building when it came down. The girls’ father, Edgar, did not make it out of the building, according to the family. Tayler has quickly become the primary caretaker for their mother and sister, who are still recovering from their injuries.
    The Kitty Campus, a local animal shelter, had posted flyers on their website seeking information about the family’s missing pets. Along with Binx, the family had two dogs, Honesty and Daisy, and another cat named Hippo.
    Levine Cava told reporters on Friday that a volunteer found Binx in the vicinity of the rubble while feeding stray cats and thought she recognized it. The volunteer then brought Binx to an animal shelter, where the cat was identified.

    Image result for cat surfside collapse

  4. Sara Vaughn is great. 
    I hate broadcast television.  This year is election time for Virginia and we (D.C. region) are (once again) inundated with political ads from the gqp trying to get their far right wing nut job candidates to look and sound like a Dem.  As soon as T-Mobile gets the 5G mobile internet in my area running I will sign up for it, including the penalty to dump my current supplier of internet, VOIP, and cable tv.

  5. Were any of the founding fathers really stupid, like gohmert greene and boebert?

  6. Weather has delayed Branson’s flight a wee bit….but CPAC continues as planned.

    “South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, who will speak Sunday before Trump, mentioned the former president within the first two minutes of her last CPAC speech and has allied herself so closely with him that GOP voters often say they’d like to see her as his No. 2 instead of Mike Pence in 2024.”

    “On Sunday, the conference is set to open with two men who just recently addressed a QAnon-affiliated conference: Texas GOP Chair Allen West, who has announced plans to challenge Greg Abbott in the Texas governor’s race, and Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert.“

    “During the CPAC conference white cards were circulating among some attendees with a “7-Pt. plan to restore Donald J. Trump in days, not years.”

    Expecting huge outbreaks of cofeve as the GQP go back to their caves. Cards with a to-do list to overthrow the government? That should be helpful to the FBI.

  7. How to make it in the music business:   Yesterday I mentioned the band Alabama…….they were 4 guys from Ft Payne, Alabama, who came every summer to work “The Bowery” a beach side giant beer hall in Myrtle Beach, SC. They worked 7 days a week, from noon to 6, and then from 7pm to midnight. The band took no breaks.  The guys would take a break one at a time or when one of us might happen by and “sit in” with the band.  They went to Nashville and cut a cheap album as “Wild Country” which they endlessly hawked from the stage along with t-shirts and other crap.   I don’t remember when their first hit as “Alabama” came out, but prior to that, that’s how they spent all  their summers. And nice guys, also.

  8. When it happened, it happened so fast we didn’t have time to think … One day we were in Myrtle Beach, and a few days later we were on Dick Clark‘s American Bandstand. We were scared to death. It was amazing. The next thing you know, you are Group of the Year on nationwide TV.
    Randy Owen on the group’s surprise success[13]

  9. Pondering the unponderable – will the Washington state volcanoes explode if the heavy snowpack melts? 
    note to self – maybe it is time to get out of the recliner and look outside to see if the sun is really there and it is not a black helofacopter with a spot light.

  10. Toyota stops donations to certain Republicans after Lincoln Project ad criticized company | Fox Business

    Toyota on Thursday afternoon announced that it would “stop contributing” campaign donations to Republicans who voted against “certification of certain states in the 2020 election” after The Lincoln Project criticized the company in a new ad.
    The Lincoln Project took aim at Toyota in a video ad released Thursday condemning the company’s donations to 38 of the 147 Republicans who voted against certifying the 2020 election results. 
    “We understand that the PAC decision to support select Members of Congress who contested the results troubled some stakeholders,” Toyota said in a Thursday statement. “We are actively listening to our stakeholders and, at this time, we have decided to stop contributing to those Members of Congress who contested the certification of certain states in the 2020 election.”
    The video is part of an ad series from The Lincoln Project that will be released over the coming weeks “targeting the workforces at companies who have broken their pledges to withhold campaign funds to Members of Congress who enabled, empowered, and emboldened former president Trump and the insurrectionists,” the PAC said in a press release.

  11. Nobody should ever stay at the Anatole Dallas, again.  They allowed that unvaccinated coven into their space.  

  12. The Star sent a reporter down to Springfield to find out why people aren’t getting vaccinated, They were doing some man on the street interviewing, when they ask my baby sister her opinion, She had one: 

    “You can’t stop stupid,” she said.

    She talked of one person who decided to get the vaccine, but only after an unvaccinated friend died.
    She doesn’t want anyone to get sick but added, “I don’t have hardly any sympathy.
    “The people who are in the hospital dying, they don’t have to be there. This is on you. This is totally on you. I’m sorry, I don’t have that much sympathy. I dohave sympathy for their families. They have had every opportunity to get vaccinated.”

  13. Far cry from Myrtle Beach….same guys, same sound.  
    “Hello Cleveland!”

  14. Well damn…..corn fed irate flag caught me by surprise…,,oh well, it’s what it is.

  15. Pillow Guy Mike Lindell at CPAC Dallas just claimed again Trump will be reinstated in August with 9-0 Supreme Court support, and unveiled new line of pillows with bible verses stitched on them.

  16. I was willing to just live and let live but I’ve just about had it with that bible 

  17. So, will the govs of SD and FL duke it out to see who gets to be #2?  If Orange Adolf is in jail or on the run and in exile, will they be the GQP sh/+ show for 2024?

    Waiting for the death toll from this unvaccinated gathering.

  18. …unveiled new line of pillows with bible verses stitched on them.

    I’ll take two, put Matthew 7:15 on them

  19. Bink…
    I’m not as up on my Bible quotes as I should be… so of course I had to google that…

  20. Sarah Vaughn – remarkable voice.

    Zoom zoom. Rutan and Branson – good on them. Could he use his money to benefit people more effectively?  Of course. Not my place to tell him how to spend his money. Besides, who knows whether he’ll come up with the next Velcro?  

    And sturge, Alabama?  Always liked them as far as countryish music went. A buddy from my kayaking days who was a guitar player grew up with Randy up in the Sand Mountain area and played some with them before they were them. He was a huge Jeff Cook fan, and rightly so.

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