I have a theory

or two to be exact:
In the world of theories and education, CRT is a comparative newbie on the scene to restrict teachers and as fodder for politicians; before that there were CST and CGT to say nothing of the theory of evolution.

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  1. CST = critical sex theory on society’s built-in laws and regulations that kept women as property and 2nd class citizens 

    CGT = critical gender theory on society’s built-in laws and regulations relating to LGBTQI+

  2. randi is NOT the bully as that rw cartoon above implied

    Randi Weingarten: Labor leader to fight for teachers ‘bullied’ over critical race theory | MEAWW

    Critical Race Theory is not being taught in public schools, according to the head of America’s second-largest teacher’s union, who is preparing a legal defense fund for instructors accused of teaching the controversial approach, news outlets reported on Tuesday, July 6.
    Critical Race Theory, or CRT, is embroiled in one of America’s most heated cultural debates. Its critics argue that it is “un-American” and imposes an unjust notion of racial authority on youngsters. Its supporters claim that it contributes to true racial equality. It’s not just White Americans though, even Black Americans are calling for CRT to be removed from school curricula. 
    On July 5, educators at the National Educational Association, a national-level teachers’ association came together to make critical race theory almost impossible to reject from US school curriculums. Now, Randi Weingarten, president of the 1.7 million members of the American Federation of Teachers, the second-largest teacher’s union, has vowed legal action to protect any member who “gets in trouble for teaching honest history”.
    Weingarten said that CRT is not taught in primary, middle, or high schools, and is only taught during college or graduate degrees. According to the AFT website, Weingarten has promised to fiercely protect teachers’ legal rights in areas like Texas, which have enacted laws prohibiting them from teaching their pupils factual history.
    “Mark my words: Our union will defend any member who gets in trouble for teaching honest history. We have a legal defense fund ready to go. Teaching the truth is not radical or wrong. Distorting history and threatening educators for teaching the truth is what is truly radical and wrong,” she said in a statement.
    She added that “culture warriors are labeling any discussion of race, racism or discrimination as [critical race theory] to try to make it toxic”. “They are bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching students accurate history. This harms students. These culture warriors want to deprive students of a robust understanding of our common history. This will put students at a disadvantage in life by knocking a big hole in their understanding of this country and the world,” she said, adding that the union has a legal defense fund “ready to go.”

  3. Ah, yes.  The now mostly forgotten White Christian uproar about teaching evolution in schools.  Of course, like CRT, those oppoing it did not understand what it was they were against.  In our neighborhood evolution was dumbed down by its opponents as being that humans evolved from monkeys instead of springing fully formed into the Garden of Eden on the sixth day of the existence of the universe, which the more radical idiots believed was 6,600 years ago.   My mother (bless her heart) believed all that shit. My dad never joined in the conversation.  He was an engineer, so he had training in science and thought it and math were real things, and while I never had the argument or any discussion about it for that matter with him, I’m sure he thought Mom was nuts to believe the church’s position on the issues.  We were Presbyterian and I can’t recall Reverand Knox ever preachign on either of those subjects.  He was much more of a “don’t be an asshole and you’ll be fine” kind of guy who didn’t get into telling us about predestination or other church orthodoxy. 
    Funny (to me anyway) story.  When I first married in 1982, my then wife and I both had our respective pastors participate in the marriage ceremony.  I had long ceased to believe in Christianity, but Mr. Knox was a longstanding friend of the family and when we got the wedding pics back there was one of the wedding party with the two ministers flanking me and my bride taken from maybe halfway back in the church.  Mr. Knox, at that time  was a couple inches taller than me and had a full head of white hair and stood out like a glowing white figure in the picture towering above everyone else except my best man.  To me he looked like what I imagined an angel would look like if (a) they existed and (b) one happened to participate in a wedding ceremony.  The “blessing” wore off in about 10 years.

  4. https://unite.us/thoughts/the-needs-of-children

    “The “outrage industrial complex” keeps ratings high and partisan contributions flowing. And who suffers? Children. If you haven’t noticed, we’re about to have another huge and unproductive battle in our schools on a subject that the vast majority of educators never heard of a year ago: “critical race theory.” The sides are already lining up—school board elections are being waged over critical race theory, media outlets are looking everywhere for enemy combatants, and politicians are raising their respective alarms. Meanwhile, almost no one knows what critical race theory is and as far as I know, there isn’t a single evidence-based program for children based on it.“ Timothy Shriver

    While I would say that teaching the truth is a must, I hadn’t considered how it would be handled. And, teaching CRT (or sex or gender issues) isn’t the same as fixing things like voter suppression, unfair lending practices, and all of the other things that marginalize folks. Still, not teaching the truth about how a white, male-dominated society has negatively impacted those who aren’t white or male, is what keeps us stuck. The truth might not be pretty, but sunlight is the best disinfectant.

  5. The Right is up in arms over teaching critical race theory in schools, but do they even know what it is? Roy Wood Jr. investigates in this week’s Unsolved Mysteries: MAGA Edition. #DailyShow #RoyWoodJr #CRT

  6. That you’re discussing CRT means you’ve taken the conservatives bait.
    Jobs, Houses, Healthcare

  7. bink, am sure the trail would appreciate a thread from you on any one of those important topics.  sorry you think this one was a waste of time and evidence of gullibility on my part. 

    just trying to get through the territory, man

  8. …wasn’t a criticism of you personally!
    Unrelatedly, i had stopped wearing my mask in public, but I heard a blurb on NPR that the delta variant can infect in as little as 5 seconds, which by my math makes it 300x more contagious than the original virus, so i’m wearing a mask today, forget getting COVID😒

  9. …just realize that the clowns whining about CRT probably home-school their kids, anyway, if they even have school-age kids, at all

  10. CRT is not IMHO something to be ignored as much as it is to be featured to keep the AA base and the more liberal LW racially sensitive base of the Dem party engaged.  2022 will be a GOTV election, and while jobs, houses and healthcare are important, they are not as emotional unless you ain’t got them.  And I don’t think of this as an either/or issue anyway. and some of the RWers who are pissed off about CRT probably do homeschool their kids especially after last year, and the good money says half of them can’t spell CRT, let alone know what it is.
    And yes on that mask reveleation – I had to go through WM (Great Sea of the Unwashed) at lunch and I put on my mask – got stares from the stupid looking morons at the gun counter (as if I give a shit) and was amoung the 5-10% who had masks on.  And believe me I take this shit seriously – Harrison County, the home county for East Bumfuck, is the OMLY county in WV that is Red on the COVID-19 map for the state.  Fuck yes I’m wearing my mask and am not going to restaurants except to pick up take out.

  11. One book for children and their parents that keeps getting cited as CRT (It’s not).

    It’s Not My Fault

    It is part of a series of books on difficult subjects with the above being about racism, but definitely not all the college level legalism of CRT.



  12. I made an appointment to get my first haircut since Dec, 2019.  We had spikes the last two times I made appointments, so I cancelled them.  Still haven’t been out to eat, but there was pizza at the office last week and that was a first, too. 

    Hopefully, BB and all on the coast will be OK as the storm roars their way.

  13. i’ll admit that a few months ago I didn’t understand why cathode ray tubes became so controversial- can’t read every article🤷‍♂️

  14. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/07/08/texas-greg-abbott-fundraising-2022/

    “Gov. Greg Abbott is starting his 2022 reelection campaign with $55 million in the bank, a staggering figure even by the already high standards for which his fundraising is known. His campaign coffers hit the balance after he raised over $18.7 million during the last 10 days of June, his campaign announced Thursday.”

    How do we rid ourselves of this well-funded dumbass?

    “Seeking a third term next year, Abbott already faces at least three primary challengers. They include former state Sen. Don Huffines of Dallas and Texas GOP Chair Allen West, who announced his campaign Sunday.”

    IMO, Huffines is Ken Paxton-lite (which is ironic since he made a large, questionable donation to try to defeat Paxton’s wife); Allen West is a nutjob.


    On the Dem side, maybe BETO can take down Abbott in the general…because he’ll be the Republican nominee, again.

  15. What about those of us on Team Moderna?  So, I passed out after I had the second vaccine.  I’m ready for a booster if they make one…and hopefully it will be easier to get.


    Moderna began developing a booster shot in February and announced in May that early human trials showed that a third dose of either its current COVID-19 vaccine or an experimental, variant-specific shot increased immunity against the Beta and Gamma variants, first found in South Africa and Brazil, respectively.“

  16. It is Legally Blonde movie night.  A special viewing as it is something like the 20th or something like that anniversary. 
    The rain from Elsa has just started, not enough to do anything exciting, but more to come.

  17. CRT –
    Val on CBS This Morning  pointed out the Haitian story. 
    They revolted in 1802 , and won their freedom, the only slave uprising to ever do so. 
    This greased the skids for Jefferson to buy  Louisiana . As Napoleon was strapped for cash.  
    But in 1823 they lost in court , and had to pay “reparations”  to their French  planters .
    Haiti paid the  last installment  in 1947.
    The only reason we are hearing about CRT is that it sounds like white guys  own somebody something. 
    It’s like stealing the Black Hills  , and Then you start talking about how swell private property rights are.

  18. “I’m takin’ the dog, dumbass.”  Enjoy movie night and hope the boat will be OK, too.

  19. The deniers go to  position  was always –
    It’s all “Cycles”  , well one real one is about to kick-in real soon. 
    Two new papers –

    Study Projects a Surge in Coastal Flooding, Starting in 2030s

    Why will cities on such widely separated coastlines begin to experience these higher rates of flooding at almost the same time? The main reason is a regular wobble in the Moon’s orbit that takes 18.6 years to complete. There’s nothing new or dangerous about the wobble; it was first reported in 1728. What’s new is how one of the wobble’s effects on the Moon’s gravitational pull – the main cause of Earth’s tides – will combine with rising sea levels resulting from the planet’s warming.
    In half of the Moon’s 18.6-year cycle, Earth’s regular daily tides are suppressed: High tides are lower than normal, and low tides are higher than normal. In the other half of the cycle, tides are amplified: High tides get higher, and low tides get lower. Global sea level rise pushes high tides in only one direction – higher. So half of the 18.6-year lunar cycle counteracts the effect of sea level rise on high tides, and the other half increases the effect.
    The Moon is in the tide-amplifying part of its cycle now.

    The other paper is on “Wet Bulb Temperatures”.
    This one  is really  evil  .

     The conditions aren’t actually that hard to imagine: Wet bulb conditions occur when relative humidity is above 95 percent and temperatures are at least 88 degrees F, according to the study. The human body, Horton’s study found, is essentially unable to withstand wet bulb conditions at all once temperatures hit 95 degrees F. Under these conditions, it’s possible for otherwise healthy people to die.
    “Even if they’re in perfect health, even if they’re sitting in the shade, even if they’re wearing clothes that make it easy in principle to sweat, even if they have an endless supply of water,” Horton said. “If there’s enough moisture in the air, it’s thermodynamically impossible to prevent the body from overheating.” 

    Scientists Studying Temperature at Which Humans Spontaneously Die With Increasing Urgency




  20. I first came across that wet bulb  effect  in a Howard Johnson Motel 30 years ago in Tallahassee, I fed nearly ten bucks into a dryer, and my wash was just as wet as when I started.  I figured it out finally  when I went to work the next morning and stepped out of the motel AC.  The air was wetter and hotter than my wash. 

    This will drive life from the Persian Gulf in great numbers first .
    Or along the Indian coast .

  21. From what I’ve heard, 3rd Pfizer after 2 Moderna might be the best cocktail, or maybe 2 Pfizer after 1 J&J🤷‍♂️  

    Basically, mixing technologies seems to yield good results in this case

  22. Anybody who works outside knows you can’t evaporate your sweat when it’s humid, which is what makes Sturge working outside all year in the most humid place* i’ve ever been so impressive

    *Maine in the summer a close 2nd

  23. One of the great stories in human understanding  has just been proved in the last 18 months . Like war , plague drives  innovation.
    2 summers ago , we were still making flu shots using eggs as a medium to make the vaccines.  Millions of eggs.
    That tech is as dead as kodachrome film. 
    To be sure, the path forward for all this had been laid over years  of research.   But our response to making these “wonder drugs” was paved by  a boat load of federal money  over decades of research. 

  24. Blink –
    Strug makes cabinets , he’s a finish carpenter. 
    His hammer weights  16 oz.  not a 22 oz. with a  waffle face. 

  25. I made contact  with  Gail Skoff  a wonderful email exchange. 
    So crazy to find  someone who you haven’t seen in 50 years, in 10 mins. 

  26. Oh, i actually have been curious about what techniques Mr. S uses to stay cool on the job, i heat up quick in my old age, i use the old wet hat and shirt trick (which doesn’t work it’s humid, as discussed)🥵

  27. We are about to start drinking our own pee , just like the astronauts ………
    California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order Thursday encouraging all Californians to reduce water use by 15% as 50 of the state’s 58 counties are now a drought-related state of emergency.
    Newsom stated that the order is purely voluntary (for now at least), and called for smaller measures such as taking shorter showers or watering lawns less frequently.
    A band-aid  on a sucking chest wound.  But given the recall it’s the strongest act he had. 

  28. The GOP Plan to deal with drought in the West –
    Repeal and Replace Obama Care. 

    And buy everyone West of the 100th Meridian a rake to tidy up the forest floor.

  29. Cold Fusion could potentially save the world.  “i hear” practical application of it is imminent 🤔 

    25 years for infrastructure… 🤔 🤔 

    i think a genuine concerted effort could get all combustion vehicles off the road in… 5 years? 10 years?

  30. Bink  –
    The berg struck the ship   decades  ago.  It’s all about arranging  deck chairs from here on out.  
    And hoping the band will still keep playing.

  31. “don’t let your mind Post Toastee, like a lot of my friends did”

    No one remembers Tommy Bolin on old rock radio.

  32. Fuck it, tomorrow’s Friday:
    How’d you get hip to the obscure stuff?   A particular gem of an indie FM station, or what?

    (…diggin’ the Zephyr, appreciate full albums👍)

  33. You could DJ some internet YouTube Facebook live Snapchat Instagram Tiktok something or other btw, people will watch or listen to anything on their phones these days

  34. Blink –
    Thanks for that , I needed it . 
    I am real old hippy man , I was the only guy who didn’t sleep with Gracie Slick.
    I worked in the light show at the Vulcan Gas Company in 69′ .
    I jumped the empty freight train out of San Bardoo, with a six pack of root beer. East bound in 68′ .

    100 empty 3 level car carriers , hualin’ ass back to the “Motor City” , we were going 75 mph across the desert , I was sitting on a hard shell Samsonite piece of luggage.
    Empty train cars going that fast are really scary .

  35. Blink –
    I’m from Lubbock , I remember  the day Buddy died.  My sister was crushed. 
    The town couldn’t  give fig. 
    He was nigger loving Harley rider playing the devils music. 
    Now we have one of the greatest music halls ever built , it bares his name.  It is amazing. 

  36. Blink –
    My  focus  these days is getting to toilet , and back. 
    Programming that show sailed a long time ago. 

  37. Blink –
    Here’s a story .
    West bound on the US 40  crossing Rabbit Ears Pass into Steamboat.
    That side is like no other , One long cut  down the mountain into the Yampa  Valley.  3 lanes .  One down hill and 2 uphill.  And it is steep. 
    I spot  a 18 wheeler  pullin’ the grade , no problem .  Then a car pops out on the passing lane , no problem  we are all doing our thing. 
    We close our di, stance , then a third car pops into my lane .  We are closing fast at this point ,  I take my water cooled V Twin   to the white stripe , we all roar pass each other. 
    It was one of the great days of my life. 
    I lived several days like that.  It’s better than sex. 
    You have no idea, if it never happens to you. 

    That is the idea , Holy crap I’m still alive.

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