White Power’s Last Stand

Let’s be clear. We’re in an age of white power’s last stand. Gonna take a while but we know where it ends for them: failure.

Remember talking to my Dad back in 2008. He was voting for Obama but didn’t think a black man could win. Told him he could. “Why?” he asked. I answered, “Because we’re not in charge anymore.”


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  1. Average conservatives are really dumb, but not quite as dumb as you think they are: former-guy is done.
    Every false prophecy uttered by pillowhead that doesn’t come to fruition diminishes the star of both😀
    …keep yappin ’👍

  2. “… we’re not in charge anymore.”

    craig,  to be more accurate the phrase “as much” needs to be added.   white men (i assume that’s what “we” meant) still have the power, still have the money and still make the rules here.

    globally men (all males no matter the hue) are in charge – just ask any woman in places like the middle east, east and west asia, latin america – including the u.s. senate.
  3. The continuing agony of Haiti continues with the assassination of its president last night.  He did not want to leave office, an issue with when his term ended.  Island nation of eleven million has a long and very unsettled history.

  4. more on BB’s news, an excerpt from

    Haitian President Jovenel Moïse assassinated overnight in his home by gunmen, says acting prime minister – The Washington Post

    President Jovenel Moïse was killed and his wife wounded by unidentified assailants, some of whom spoke Spanish, according to interim prime minister Claude Joseph.
    Joseph called the attack “odious, inhuman and barbaric” and said Haiti’s security situation was under the control of the country’s armed forces and police.
    The Canadian Embassy in Haiti confirmed the assassination in a statement and described the attackers as “mercenaries.” Neighboring Dominican Republic, meanwhile, announced the closure of bordering crossings between the two countries.
    Moïse, 52, was elected to a five-year presidential term in 2016. But a dispute over the election results delayed the start of his term by a year — which this February he insisted entitled him to remain president for an additional year. His opponents disagreed, and in February, when they say his term ended, declared Supreme Court Judge Joseph Mécène Jean-Louis to be interim president.

  5. Each year our family watches 1776 on July 4.  The release of Hamilton on Disney has added to that pleasure.  This is a great interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda and William Daniels (the original Adams) is a fun read for lovers of both musicals and history

    Miranda and Daniels

  6. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/07/politics/kevin-mccarthy-january-6-commission-decision/index.html

    “…McCarthy indeed plans to place Republicans on the high-profile panel, CNN has learned, according to multiple GOP sources familiar with his intentions, and is in the process of making his selections. The thinking among Republicans is that the perch will enable them to shape a counternarrative to a probe that could ensnare not only Donald Trump, but also other members of their party.“

    Counter-narrative. Alternate facts. Bizzaro world. Up is down.

  7. alexandra petri:

    Wow! Little did I know that Rupert Murdoch hung on my every word and that Fox was in the process of starting a weather channel where people will get the best, most correct weather news out there — fair and balanced in a way no weather news has been yet!I got an advance glimpse of the programming list, and it’s going to be a thrilling, action-packed 24-hour cycle:
    2—4 a.m.: Dangerous Hurricane Now Making Its Way from Foreign Waters to Your Home Because Joe Biden Isn’t Strong Enough
    4—6 a.m.: Cloud Caravan Shaped Like All Your Worst Nightmares Is Almost to Your Neighborhood
    6—8 a.m.: Worst Weather Moments of the Obama Administration
    8—9:30 a.m.: Tucker Carlson Asks Whether Anyone (Dr. Fauci?) Can Explain Why Clouds Look So Much Like Sheep If We Aren’t Being Programmed to Obey.
    5—5:30 p.m.: Rainbows: Fine in The Privacy of Their Own Homes But I Don’t Need One Over My Workplace
    5:30—6 p.m.: Paid Programming — These Sunglasses Are Stronger Than the Sun Itself! They Have the Properties of Copper!
    6—7 p.m.: Things Used to Be Better When I Was Younger, But the Weather Wasn’t One of Them, The Weather Has Always Been Like This and It’s Fine
    7—8 p.m.: Lightning: Why Is God Upset? Our Panel Weighs In.
    *Primetime lineup*
    8—9 p.m.: It’s Raining! Counterpoint: No, It’s Not!
    9—10 p.m.: I Personally Have Never Experienced a Derecho and Don’t Think They’re a Problem
    10—11 p.m.: Could the Flood Be Because of Something Your Child’s Public School Teacher Is Doing Wrong?

  8. WaPo OpEd

    Republicans for Voting  Rights

    A group of Never Trump Republicans is now attempting to step into this breach by launching a new campaign to hold Republicans accountable for the party’s widespread voter suppression and election subversion efforts. The group’s name: Republicans for Voting Rights.



  9. Craig
    Obama was elected president because this country was in the worst financial crises in 80 years.
    In the years after his election the Republicans dominated in Federal, State and local elections. In spite of a nut ball candidate in the last election a shift of less than 100,000 votes would have given Trump a second term. Trump stole the people of color vote from the Democrats locking up Florida into a solid Red state for the future. According to Pew research Trump almost reached GW Bushes highwater mark with the Hispanic vote. Which makes me suspect that Hispanics would much rather be thought of as white than “people of color”
    It is thinking like this post that keep the Democrats a minority party. There are not enough liberal White college kids and African Americans to pull them out of the minority. White power came out for Biden in the form of the White soccer mom vote. White suburban vote switchers elected Biden.

  10. No argument with that Jack. Just saying Republicans are on their way to being a whites only minority party, already there really, but holding a disproportionate share of the power for now.

  11. parody (which was published in NYTimes in 1899) of kipling’s poem by ernest crosby


    Take up the White Man’s burden.
    Send forth your sturdy kin,
    And load them down with Bibles
    And cannon-balls and gin.
    Throw in a few diseases
    To spread the tropic climes
    For there the healthy niggers
    Are quite behind the times.
    And don’t forget the factories
    On those benighted shores
    They have no cheerful iron mills
    Nor eke1 department stores.
    They never work twelve hours a day,
    And live in strange content
    Altho’ they never have to pay
    A single sou of rent.
    Take up the White Man’s Burden,
    And teach the Phillippines
    What interest and taxes are
    And what a mortgage means.
    Give them electrocution chairs,
    And prisons, too, galore,
    And if they seem inclined to kick
    Then spill their heathen gore.
    They need our labor question, too,
    And politics and fraud—
    We’ve made a pretty mess at home,
    Let’s make a mess abroad.
    And let us ever humbly pray
    The Lord of Hosts may deign
    To stir our feeble memories
    Lest we forget—the Maine

  12. Poobah, with your beard you could be driving a pickup truck in East Bumbuck and look right in place.

    So at WaPo Marc Thiessen (torture boy from the GWB admin) says Biden should give Former credit for development of the vaccine and ask him to tell his worshippers to get vaccinated.  So the Former guy, who insisted the virus was a hoax until he got it, and hid from this followers the fact that he and his current wife got the vaccine, should be praised by the current president (who Former does not believe is the legitimate president of the US) and begged to tell his idiotic followers that they need to get vaccinated?  Sorry, Marc, but no.  As most recent Former, he should do what each of the other living formers have done willingly and without praise and tell anyone who’ll listen to them to get vaccinated.

  13. about the poem in above comment for the history buffs courtesy of sharpschool:

    Poem by Ernest Howard Crosby, “The Real ‘White Man’s Burden’,” (1899) From Ernest Howard Crosby, Swords and Plowshares (New York: Funk and Wagnalls, 1902), pp. 33–34. Poem originally appeared in New York Times (February 15, 1899). Poet Ernest Crosby was an active anti-imperialist, poet, and social reformer who had experienced British imperialism first-hand in Egypt. After reading the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy, he resigned from his position in Egypt as judge of the International Tribunal and devoted his life to promoting nonviolence. Crosby served as the president of the AntiImperialist League of New York and as vice president of the national Anti-Imperialist League. In 1899 he penned the parody poem below to answer Rudyard Kipling’s “White Man’s Burden.

  14. pogo, that beard looks more like a garden gnome to me, but then it’s been awhile since i’ve been in WV.

    Image result for berded garden gnome

     or maybe professor dumbledore

    Image result for dumbledore

  15. jack – They interviewed Cuban-Americans in FL before the last election. They went for Orange Adolf because they believed the lie that Dems in office would lead to communism.  One said that they didn’t want to be given anything.    Yep, they lined up to support a fascist because they were afraid that tax dollars might actually be spent on healthcare for all, etc.

  16. So former is planning to sue Twitter Facebook and whoever the hell else he can rope into a class action lawsuit as a social media platform trying to violate his first amendment rights. Love to see who the attorney is signed this complaint.

  17. So Dumbass’ suit was filed by Matthew Baldwin, an insurance coverage lawyer from Coral Gables wh’s been practicing law for 15 years in Florida.  Decent credentials, but not a Constitutional Lawyer, which is what I’d think would be the choice if this was a serious lawsuit.  The suit alleges that Facebook, Twitter and Google are “state actors” because of their size and the fact that Congress supposedly told them to block users.  The class is people who have been censored on FB & IG. The complaint could be tighter.  For example, here’s Paragraph 147:

    147. Pursuant to Section 230, Defendants are encouraged and immunized by Congress to censor constitutionally protected speech on the Internet, including by and among its approximately three (3) billion Users that are citizens of the United States. 

    And here I thought there were only 3.3M US citizens.

    Problems with this suit are many. The first is whether FB, IG and Google can be considered state actors. WRT FB, hard to say it’s a state actor when the target of its actions (the Plaintiff – Former) is the head of state. The class description is suspect as well. And it refers to Democratic members of Congress as Democrat MOCs. Tries to claim Michelle Obama was coercing FB, etc., 3 years and 352 days after her husband left office. There are plenty more problems with it, not to mention certain grammar faux pas. I might find a few more and post them over a glass of wine tonight if Mrs. P doesn’t have other plans for my time.

  18. Poobah, if the Reps can’t see the handwriting on that wall – having a 17 point advantage among the close to 35% of the voting population that white males comprised, and still losing by 4.5% or so (7M votes) in a “turnout” election, they might need a new pair of glasses.

  19. OK, here’s one of the grammar faux pas from the Former Class Action Complaint.

    56. Democrat legislators in Congress feared Plaintiff’s skilled use of social media as a
    threat to their own re-election efforts. These legislators exerted overt coercion, using both words and actions, upon Defendants to have Defendants censor the views and content with which Members of Congress disagreed with, of both the Plaintiff and the Putative Class Members.

    Department of Redundency Department violation.

    NYT has an article about the suit in today’s e-edition. Here’s a blurb:

    “Blake Reid, a clinical professor at the University of Colorado Law School, who studies the intersection of law and technology, put it another way: “The lawsuit is a legally frivolous publicity stunt that has essentially no chance of succeeding in court but a high chance of drawing a lot of attention.””

    I’d say that does a nice job of summing it up.

  20. i’d delete my top-thread posts if i had such power; they were bottom-thread posts when i made them😒

  21. Craig – looking good!
    There were southern sympathizers all over the North and West back then, and they are still around today.

  22. Tucker Carlson sought interview with Putin at time of NSA spying claim – Axios

    Tucker Carlson was talking to U.S.-based Kremlin intermediaries about setting up an interview with Vladimir Putin shortly before the Fox News host accused the National Security Agency of spying on him, sources familiar with the conversations tell Axios.
    Why it matters: Those sources said U.S. government officials learned about Carlson’s efforts to secure the Putin interview. Carlson learned that the government was aware of his outreach — and that’s the basis of his extraordinary accusation, followed by a rare public denial by the NSA that he had been targeted.
    Axios has not confirmed whether any communications from Carlson have been intercepted, and if so, why.


    Experts say there are several plausible scenarios — including legal scenarios — that could apply.
    The first — and least likely — scenario is that the U.S. government submitted a request to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to monitor Carlson to protect national security.
    A more plausible scenario is that one of the people Carlson was talking to as an intermediary to help him get the Putin interview was under surveillance as a foreign agent.
    In that scenario, Carlson’s emails or text messages could have been incidentally collected as part of monitoring this person, but Carlson’s identity would have been masked in any intelligence reports.
    In order to know that the texts and emails were Carlson’s, a U.S. government official would likely have to request his identity be unmasked, something that’s only permitted if the unmasking is necessary to understand the intelligence.
    In a third scenario, interceptions might not have involved Carlson’s communications. The U.S. government routinely monitors the communications of people in Putin’s orbit, who may have been discussing the details of Carlson’s request for an interview.
    But under this scenario, too, Carlson’s identity would have been masked in reports as part of his protections as a U.S. citizen, and unmasking would only be permitted if a U.S. government official requested that his identity be unmasked in order to understand the intelligence. And it’s not clear why that would be necessary here.
    Two sources familiar with Carlson’s communications said his two Kremlin intermediaries live in the United States, but the sources could not confirm whether both are American citizens or whether both were on U.S. soil at the time they communicated with Carlson.
    This is relevant because if one of them was a foreign national and on foreign soil during the communications, the U.S. government wouldn’t necessarily have had to seek approval to monitor their communications.

  23. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/07/06/texas-electricity-grid-greg-abbott/

    “Gov. Greg Abbott tells electricity regulators to encourage building more power plants, penalize renewable energy.”

    “Abbott also told the PUC to incentivize companies to build and maintain nuclear, natural gas and coal power generation for the grid — which failed spectacularly during a February winter storm…”

    “…Abbott directed the three-person board of directors, who he appoints, to take action that would require renewable energy companies to pay for power when wind and solar aren’t able to provide it to the state’s main power grid, echoing a move state lawmakers rejected in May.“

    Do you think Poo-tin has dirt on Fluffy, or, is Fluffy just a tool in every sense of the word?

  24. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/07/02/texas-special-session-greg-abbott/

    “The agenda includes Abbott’s priority bills related to overhauling Texas elections and the bail system, as well as pushing back against social media “censorship” of Texans and the teaching of critical race theory in schools. “

    This is the death rattle of the old, white farts’ club; cornered and getting desperate. They won’t go quietly and they refuse to change/share power.


    “…passing new voting restrictions under the banner of “election integrity” that appear likely to make voting harder predominantly for Democratic voters — including urban voters of color and other marginalized groups — begins in earnest again Thursday.“

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