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  1. speaking of someone watching fireworks and someone (some thing?) not, a very hearty welcome to our new trail friend, “kindle”, who checked in at 9:36 last night with this request:

    “This is kindle here Miss Jamie is watching fireworks and I’m bored would anyone like to talk to me?”

    Kindle, please tell jamie for me how much i’ve enjoyed her latest selections and agree with her about Good quote from TV this morning.  “It isn’t unpatriotic to praise men for what they did while criticizing all the things they believed or did wrong.”  This Republican war on knowledge and history is deeply damaging to the nation.

    a quote you both may enjoy is from wapo’s miss manners in same vein:  “you’re not being ‘cancelled’, you’re being criticized.”

  2. It’s fun to stand by the East River and watch Macy’s fireworks, but the smoke…gawd, it’s overwhelming. I feel bad for the birds and fish dealing with the flashes and concussions, too.

    Their musical selections have been better in the past.

    Last night, my favorite thing was actually the synchronized drones.

  3. Jamie…  beautiful great grand baby!
    Finally…  the cold wet weather is gone.  We actually had our heat on for 3 days.  We watched some wonderful live fireworks at the family camp last night.  People obviously spent a lot of money for them this year.

  4. ha! our congress critters can’t even agree on humane treatment of humans.  can you imagine the reception such a bill would receive in the hallowed halls of the capitol?

    U.K. Parliament debates whether to enshrine in law the idea of animals as sentient beings animal welfare – The Washington Post

    … the government would be obligated to not only safeguard creatures’ physical well-being but also take into account their feelings — of pleasure, pain and more.
    The Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill is a potentially sweeping piece of legislation that could require all arms of government — not just the agriculture ministry — to consider animal sentience when forming policy and writing regulations.
    The bill now being debated is unprecedented in scope because it seeks to protect wildlife as well as domesticated and companion animals such as cows and chickens, dogs and cats.

  5. Ah!!!  Home again.
    Did a three state  2 lane highway tour. Friday I followed the Santa Fe trail across Kansas to Dodge City  then north through western Kansas to York Nebraska , then across southern Nebraska and Iowa to Ottumwa.
    Saw lots of farm country and the crops looked good. Maybe a little too much water in some of Iowa and Northern Missouri.
    Senators who brought home the money for roads. Kansas, hands down, Bob Dole and company  brought home the infrastructure/road money bacon. Even the state roads were so smooth that it was hard to keep the little hybrid car below 80mph. Worst, again no contest, Iowa. They have a 55mph on their 2 lane roads and there were sections of 2 that even that was too fast. I thought Missouri roads were bad but it was a marked improvement as I went south on 63 and crossed the state line into Missouri.
    My route was chosen by  time, 6 hr drive time, and where there were Hilton hotels. 
    It was a training exercise to get Brewster used to staying in hotel rooms by himself and for me on how to travel with a child that is not welcome everywhere. 

  6. It is looking like I have a deer living in my backyard now. She does not care much for dog and cats, but she will put up with them – for now. I feel so lucky. I hope she enjoys my weeds (no grass). Also, while I was gone for a couple of days some critter brought a nice black berry fruit to my patio door. Yes those are ripe now, but why bring an offering? Sigh. Can’t live in an apartment or condo so suburban living brings other joys.

  7. Email out today  to Valley View Hot Springs, 

    Thanks  for the reply .
     I was one of many who lived at the Mineral Hot Springs  back in 70″ – 72′.
    These pictures were taken  at the small spring above the old large spring / pool at Valley View, 51 years ago .
    The photographer was the maiden in the pool, Gail Schoff of Berkley, Calf.   I am the outlaw on the left.
    She staged the whole shoot using a timer. 
    She was friends with the guy who bought the Mineral Hot Springs  in 1970. Anyway she stayed at the MHS for several months . She was a  serious photographer  even back then . I am certain  she took rolls and rolls of pictures  of your place, and even more of your friend’s  place down in the Valley.
    When these images were made the ruins of the WWI resort were still there ,  A 10 crib bordello  with pink walls and an octagon shaped  bar painted buttercup yellow. 
    Gail is still alive,  she has a Wiki page and a web site. 
    It would pay for both of you folks  to contact her , she has a lot of  pages in your history books. 

    This all happened because I found some old pictures. 



  8. That pool had been reclaimed by nature after  the CF&I  Iron Ore mine closed after WWI.  That’s why it’s so lush.  And we took care when we used it .
    It is in fact a spring with near body temp water.  Rock lined  and white sand bottom . When you sat in it  the water level was around your chest, and the bubbles tickled your ass.  My girl friend Ellen, and I counted ten different  kinds of spiders living the grasses and wildflowers .
    Tiny beautiful things going about their business. 

  9. Gail Skoff is a native Californian who has been photographing since her teens.

    Gail Skoff is a native Californian who has been photographing since her teens.
    Her early work included black and white landscape photographs from Bali, the American Southwest, and Hawaii, that she hand-colored with oil paints. This mix of photography and painting was a technique Skoff used for almost 30 years.


  10. The Mineral Hot Springs , Colorado –
    I lived  there the winter of 70-71′
    It’s a gas station for UFO’s.  That is the only explanation for all the amazing aliens, I met there.  

  11. Tomorrow I crack  my 35 mm slide  problem . A hard print is 4 dollars. 
    But a viewer  is 25 bucks . This is like dealing with buggy whips. 
    I know I have the images of the of the “Whole Earth Access Company ” at 940 Pearl street , Boulder. 
    These are the first steps  into a new world , and mainly we sold books, all the books in the first Whole Earth Catalog. 

    It’s pretty important these slides  see the light of the web. 
    Our commune  at the Mineral Hot Springs was a bigger deal than we ever dreamed.  Even when we failed at the time.

  12. They have never  stopped fiddling with the graphics  of this song.
    And now it shows what “Normal” was  –

    This was “normal”. 

  13. You can digitize 35mm slides with a scanner or just project them and capture them with a digital camera

  14. Blink –
    I’ll crack this acorn.  There is one of me  in 69′  in Austin .
    And some of my art work.  
    But the Boulder images  are the jewels. 

  15. My really smart sister  is looking for an old slide projector.   At a garage sale. 
    When I wanted to be a serious artist  35 mm slides were the coin of the realm , now they are  as dead as stagecoach harness. 

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