Sunday Serendipity

Well, things must be going good, from the neighborhood fire cracker index everybody has lots of money, I guess you could say things are booming. I was going to do Fan Fare for the Common Man but the drums reminded me too much of the neighborhood and I’m not in a patriotic mood either.

So what you get is, An American in Paris, which is where I wish I was, although following the back country trails through the Kansas prairie isn’t a bad way to spend a weekend. I’m in Dodge City tonight.

Come to think of it you can’t get more American than Gershwin, so I guess it is a patriotic Sunday after all

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. thanks, jack, a tip of the beret to our friends across the pond who inspired founding fathers ben & tom among other things. so too a special doff of the hat to Gershwin.  

    here’re some more of his work (including a few minutes not exactly gene & leslie in that iconic ballet, but a bit sexier than hollywood would have approved of plus more of the score):

  2. our fearless leader late last night posted:

    Watching Trump rally speech tonight was like Wayne Newton reduced to a cheap motel lounge act, or Bill Murray with a distorted microphone singing Star Wars to a badly tuned piano. SAD!

    craig going above and beyond the call of duty to suffer even seconds of exposure to tired reruns of an old man’s  fat elvis trying to make a comeback (or at least a few dollars of grift). 

  3. here’s how the guardian described that rally:

    The new circus comes to town: fiery support for Donald Trump at rain-soaked Florida rally | Donald Trump | The Guardian

    On the eve of Independence Day. Trump’s second post-presidential “Save America!” rally was held at fairgrounds in Sarasota, perhaps fitting for a man often described as a carnival barker or clown. For more than 60 years Sarasota was the winter quarters of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus. But John Ringling, “king of the sawdust ring”, lost his fortune and fell on hard times.

    The new circus came to town with a man playing guitar and singing “You can stick your poisoned vaccine up your ass”; a Trump impersonator in baggy suit, red tie, blond wig and orange makeup prancing across the field; a 10ft-plus Trump statue with giant hands outstretched; a man in a “Trump 2024” cap and Confederate vest; an eight-year-old Black boy wearing a t-shirt that said: “Trump won.”

    But it only became the greatest show on earth when a small plane, presumably belonging to a Biden voter, circled overhead with the words “Loser-Palooza’ scrolling in lights underneath its wings.

    There was food, fireworks and flags that snarled: “Fuck Biden and fuck you for voting for him!” Warm-up acts including Matt Gaetz, a Florida congressman under investigation over alleged sex trafficking, and Trump’s son Don Jr who said of the Manhattan DA’s case: “The political persecution will continue because we are no different from Russia, we are no different from the mullahs in Iran.”

  4. Jack, when you book your flight and hotel choose one near the Seine or the Champs d’Elyseé.  And book seats and a room for me & Mrs. P. We could use a good dose of Paris. Nothing here is exciting us. 

  5. jamie, good choices considering current conditions.

    BTW, did you post that by speech-to-text on your kindle?  how’s (or is) it working for long comments?

  6. Patd

    That one I did by sitting at my computer for breakfast.  I need it to copy and paste YouTube selections.  Once my morning walk around is over, it’s back to the kindle.  I’m getting better at talking to it.  

    The family watches 1776 as an annual tradition.

    Good quote from TV this morning.  “It isn’t unpatriotic to praise men for what they did while criticizing all they things they believed or did wrong.”  This Republican war on knowledge and history is deeply damaging to the nation.  

  7. My old uncle, the one my aunt married who at some point while I was still a kid disappeared, he was a kind of a “cat”;  We talkin early 50’s kind, waay pre-beatnik.  Anyway he showed me 2 remarkable things.  At least two, probably more.  But those two things were immense. And he hadda force me, a little kid. One was he forced me to pay attention to Red Skelton on tv.  The other was he took me to see Jimmie Piersall playing with the Birmingham barons and forced me to pay rapt attention to Jimmie Piersall who wound up acting like a monkey at the umpire and being ejected from the game.   Makes me wonder what else he tried to show me, but that was enough, I guess.

  8. Patd

    I am getting fairly. good at speaking Kindle, but it has a problem with autocorrect.  The above sentence only took five tries.


  9. Oh, the third thing was Wild Bill Elliot cowboy movies.  “Watch him, he’s a REAL cowboy.”

  10. At one point he had one of those 1954 black and gold Oldsmobiles with the electric windows. It might be that he worked on a car lot and just borrowed it—I don’t know, and now there’s no one left to ask.

  11. I am getting fairly. good at speaking Kindle

    That technology learns to recognize speech patterns of the user, so the Kindle is actually getting good at speaking you

  12. I don’t think the mass media has learned anything from their coverage of fat ass the golfing president

  13. SFB claimed paying for your grandchildren’s education maybe tax deductible.  It’s not.
    I guess that advice came from former lawyer Trudie Guiliani

  14. Returned from the land of alternate reality this afternoon.  Many of the denizen are preparing for the rising of SFB in August to be president of something or another.  They tend to gather to themselves not including those they consider the hated people who do not share their idolatry of orange criminals, little realizing that a big blonde does not share their delusions.

  15. bink in re your comment about kindle may be learning to speak jamie,  any chance in the future we might be faced with messages that say they’re from jamie but are really ms. kindle having a go at duping us stupid humans?

  16. Sorry, I would have said “hello” but was taking an old dog on his first bike ride 💥 🇺🇸

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