What next?

Where as a nation are we at this point in time?

Are we like Europe at the beginning of the Marshall Plan damaged but rebuilding,

like China after the Cultural Revolution ended,

or are we a dying Roman Empire?


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  1. we are at the talking heads’ new rag they chew on now: an “inflection point”


    Definition of inflection point


    1:a moment when significant change occurs or may occurTURNING POINT
    It depends on us, on the choices we make, particularly at certain inflection points in history; particularly when big changes are happening and everything seems up for grabs.— Barack Obama
  2. Too many turning points means you’re going in a circle.

    This is cyclical unless Q-rumpublicans have their way. There are few real Republicans remaining anywhere. There are racists and there are those who believe the lies of Q-rump, some folks are both.

    They would smother our democracy in its sleep with a pillow if they could. One of them will even sell them the pillows to make it happen.

  3. “Too many turning points means you’re going in a circle.”

    BiD, a trail gold star for that one

    Image result for cartoon gold star funny

  4. from wapo’s editorial board

    Opinion | Roberts’s Supreme Court systematically dismantles the Voting Rights Act – The Washington Post


    Chief Justice Roberts’s 2013 ruling gutting the Voting Rights Act’s Section 5 unleashed states to impose new voting restrictions designed to discriminate. The court’s Thursday ruling will trigger a new round, as Republican-led states already engaged in imposing a new wave of voter-suppressing laws will be further emboldened. If the act’s text left the court no other option, this outcome would have been regrettable but understandable. In fact, as Justice Kagan put it, “the Court has (yet again) rewritten — in order to weaken — a statute that stands as a monument to America’s greatness, and protects against its basest impulses.”

  5. Can folks sue to have their voting rights restored…or upgraded when they’ve never been correct?

    Is there a polling place on reservations, because if they have to rely on the mail…

    My new neighborhood has very convenient polling places. Yes, two, about a block apart. I used to have to drive about 10 miles to early vote and about 3 miles day-of, with two polling places close to each other, each with half of the ballot. Not kidding. Half of the ballot.

    Jim Clyburn saved our collective bacon with Biden. Georgia voters did the same getting Ossoff and Warnock into the Senate. With all of these new ways to suppress the vote around the country, white folks may undo all of the good that has been done.

    patD – That’s a really good comic about gov’t spending.

  6. well, we already have a form of socialism and welfare for the rich and for corporations.  we might as well have it for the rest of us, craig.

  7. craig, any damage in your neighborhood from last night’s storm?

    Possible tornado swept through Arlington and Washington, D.C. – The Washington Post

    A rotating storm that may produced a tornado swept through the area between 9 and 10 p.m., beginning around Falls Church and Arlington, crossing through downtown D.C. including the National Mall, and ending in west-central Prince George’s County.
    Winds gusted to 52 mph at Reagan National Airport as the storm passed.
    Pockets of tree damage occurred along the storm’s path, including in Falls Church, Arlington, and near the National Mall and Capitol Heights.

  8. excerpt from the guardian:

    Downplaying the significance of this week’s indictment would, however, be a mistake. Alongside Weisselberg, Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance, and the New York state attorney general Letitia James also charged the Trump Organization with tax fraud, the start of a process that could crack the secretive Trump empire wide open.

    The salvo in the long-brewing legal battle will, at the very least, wrap up Trump for years in legal woes, and at worst could destroy his family business and put not just Weisselberg but the Trump family members who run his business and Trump himself in the dock.

    The indictment would “raise the unprecedented prospect of a former president having to defend the company he founded and has run for decades against accusations of criminal behavior,” Cohen cooed.

    No longer insulated by claims of presidential protections, Trump faces a flotilla of legal actions. Alongside the charges brought this week against Weisselberg and the Trump Organization, Vance and James are investigating questionable payments to former Trump sex partners and whether the value of real estate in his company’s portfolio was manipulated to defraud insurance companies and banks and to generate unlawful tax breaks.


    aside from watching the worm squirm and lose money that “questionable payments to former Trump sex partners”  looks entertaining and worthy of a docu-drama comedy movie — wonder if this also includes evidence of helping one of his pals pay off an alleged abortion.  we could be in for some real seamy stuff. 

  9. 30+ mentions of federal tax fraud in Manhattan indictment. Big headache for Garland whether to pursue that. Noteworthy Vance was the first to get the federal tax returns. 

  10. And Former is still fighting to avoid turning over documents pursuant to the 2019 Congressional subpoena.  

  11. patd…   we had one of the most violent thunderstorms 2 nights ago that I’ve seen in my 42 yrs in NH.  Tree were falling all over the region.  Chainsaws could be heard far and wide afterwards.  We were lucky….  we lost some tree limbs.. and lost power for about 2 hours.  There is still parts of our town that have no electricity. 

  12. yay wikipedia

    Lincoln green is the colour of dyed woollen cloth formerly originating in LincolnEngland, a major cloth town during the high Middle Ages. The dyers of Lincoln, known for colouring wool with woad (Isatis tinctoria) to give it a strong blue shade,[2] created the eponymous Lincoln greenby overdyeing this blue wool with yellow weld (Reseda luteola) or dyers’ broom, Genista tinctoria. Other colours like “Coventry blue” and “Kendal green” were linked to the dyers of different English towns.

  13. On topic, I think the U.S. is trending towards a society similar to India, a lot of pain and poverty with a few ultra-rich gated enclaves

  14. Are hundreds of millions (maybe a billion or more) of administered doses of mRNA COVID vaccines not a large enough sample pool for hesitant people that think the vaccine was “rushed”?! 🤦‍♂️ 

  15. Well, that was weird.  I got logged out and got the can not parse message when I tried  to log back in; OK on the second try, but it sent me to the dashboard.

    Also, weird…I ate good with other humans today. Pizza around a conference table, but still…it was weird, then nice, then weird at the end. Going to a restaurant in two weeks.

  16. https://www.businessinsider.com/twitter-suspends-anti-vaxx-sherri-tenpenny-after-pushed-magnet-claim-2021-7

    “I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures all over the internet of people who have had these shots and now they’re magnetized,” Tenpenny said. “You can put a key on their forehead, it sticks. You can put spoons and forks all over and they can stick because now we think there is a metal piece to that.”
    “She also falsely said the vaccine contains particles that can connect to 5G wireless technology. “

    Even if that nonsense were true, how would it be a bad thing? You’d never lose your keys and you’d be your own WiFi hot spot.

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