52 thoughts on “Stupid States: Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Wyoming, Alabama”

  1. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/06/16/texas-constitutional-carry-greg-abbott/

    “Texans can carry handguns without a license or training starting Sept. 1, after Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday signed the permitless carry bill into law.“


    “Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday afternoon that Texas’ main power grid “is better today than it’s ever been” — even as residents were on their third consecutive day of being asked to reduce electricity use.“


    “Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday announced some new details of his plan for Texas to build its own border wall, starting with the hiring process for a program manager and providing $250 million in state funds as a “down payment.”

    Considering everything else going on in Texas, I’m surprised it’s not on the vax naughty list.


  2. Something very important happened in a city council meeting the other night.  Amazon lost again.  The giant wanted to put a “last mile” warehouse on some mostly empty high plains prairie, foothills, land in Colorado.  The land is near an interstate highway and a state highway, essential to move goods quickly around Denver region.  The city council of Arvada, Colorado, said no thank you.  It would have meant jobs to the area, but the physical impact for the area was overwhelming to the way of life of Colorado and Arvada, plus the unincorporated lands of Jefferson County, Colorado.  I know the area well, it is my former home city.  The land is dry, it is high plains desert, a place where plains and mountain wildlife move and live.  In old thinking it was ideal because people did not live there.  In new thinking, it is where Colorado exists and a huge slab of concrete and steel should not.

  3. BiD, anybody there ask gov abbott why not spend the 250 million on assuring grid works rather than down a hole in the wall?

  4. usatoday 2 days ago:

    Although new COVID-19 cases are declining across most of the nation, eight states are seeing increases – and seven of those have below-average vaccination rates, new data reveals.

    Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Missouri, Nevada, Texas, Utah and Wyoming have seen their seven-day rolling averages for infection rates rise from two weeks earlier, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. All of them except Hawaii have recorded vaccination rates that are lower than the U.S. average of 43% fully vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  5. President Biden’s firm hand in dealing with Vladimir Putin marked a departure from the nauseating acquiescence our previous president displayed when meeting with the Russian leader. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

  6. 🤔 Hmmmm, 4 of the bottom 5 are contiguous and all 5 were Dumbass states.  3 of the top 5 are contiguous, a 4th is nearby and all 5 voted for Biden. Purely coincidental I’m sure. 🙄

  7. Patd, BiD, Abbott is too stupid to be able to answer patd’s question.  He thinks this wall nonsense will put him in the White House in 2024 as the flag bearer of the stupid party of dumbass.

  8. Just wiped out. My arm and knee took the brunt of the fall, but I saved my phone. Priorities!

    Greg is def doubling down on the stupid that he thinks will propel him to DC.

  9. BiD, any swelling, discolorations or signs you might have fractured anything?  if so are you or someone close by able to drive yourself to doc?   if no signs by now, craig’s right about preemptive pain killer to the rescue.

  10. My pain control is advil and tylenol taken together. Double the pain contol , advil helps with any swelling and you can ruin both your kidneys and liver at the same time.
    It is a win/win!!!

    My sister , the nurse tells me that some of the cardiac docs she works with , are going to that combination as first level post op pain control instead of opioids.

  11. Here In Missouri it is the redneck tourist areas,  the counties on the route from Branson to Lake of the Ozarks are surging with covid. and of course not a mask to be seen.

  12. Wapo on Abbott’s folly.

    …The border wall was not a hugely popular idea among landowners during the Trump era. Many fought in court to negotiate or delay the federal government’s land-taking over concerns a wall would cut them off from the river their ranches depend on for water, irrigation and recreation.

    Abbott said border barriers “slow the incredible inflow” and create “no-trespass zones” to facilitate a greater number of arrests. State-owned land would be included in the border wall construction.

    “It is my belief based upon conversations that I’ve already had is that the combination of state land and volunteer land will yield hundreds of miles to build a border wall in Texas,” he said.

    It’s hard to know where to start. Beyond Abbott’s naturally profound stupidity, Dumbass’ wall cost $20M per mile.  Abbott thinks $250M will build hundreds of miles of “wall”. His threshold is apparently $1M/mile or so.  funny math, that. And even a somewhat dim lawyer can tell you that a 20 foot wall = a 21 foot ladder (I have one of those).  And assume he can get the math right and build hundreds of miles of whatever his wall is supposed to be on public and volunteers’ land. Those who would have crossed there will just move on to cross over private land of those who did not volunteer to have a wall on their land.  Big Bend Natl. Park reports that the Rio Grande is frequently dry in the park – and I’m guessing that applies to areas upstream and downstream of the park as well, so to put it bluntly, the natural barrier into Texas ain’t.

  13. SCOTUS just rejected the Repugnican states’ latest challenge to Obamacare.  I’ll provide a link when one hits my email or Wapo posts it.

  14. And here it is

    The Supreme Court on Thursday dismissed the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act, saying Republican-led states do not have the legal standing to try to upend the law.

    Justice Stephen G. Breyer wrote the court’s 7 to 2 decision that preserves the law that provides millions of Americans with health coverage.

    Justices Samuel A. Alito Jr. and Neil M Gorsuch dissented.

    The decision meant the attempt to derail President Barack Obama’s landmark domestic achievement met the fate of past legal challenges, in 2012 and 2015.

    The key issue this time was whether a 2017 decision by Congress to remove the penalty for not buying health insurance — the so-called individual mandate — meant that the law was unconstitutional and should be wiped from the books.

    But the court said the states did not have the legal standing to bring the challenge.

    Even congressional Republicans who have targeted Obamacare in the past distanced themselves from the suit brought by the Republican state attorneys general and joined by the previous administration.

    The case posed three questions: Do the challengers have legal standing to bring the challenge? Did changes made by Congress in 2017 render unconstitutional the ACA’s requirement for individuals to buy insurance? And if so, can the rest of the law be separated out, or must it fall in its entirety?

    “We do not reach these questions of the Act’s validity, however, for Texas and the other plaintiffs in this suit lack the standing necessary to raise them,” Breyer wrote.

    The cases are California v. Texas and Texas v. California.

    Lack of standing bites states in the ass again. I’m encouraged that it was a 7-2 decision. Perhaps not ALL hope needs be abandoned by all liberal leaning litigants entering the halls of SCOTUS.

  15. Bink, just for you…

    Eagles Hotel California 2021 Tour
    August 22 & 24, 2021
    Madison Square Garden

    Eagles will bring one of the biggest shows of the summer to The Garden for two nights as part of their “Hotel California” 2021 tour. Each concert will feature a “Hotel California” set accompanied by a full orchestra and choir, followed by an additional set of the band’s greatest hits.

    I know you’ve been on pins and needles waiting for the next Eagles tour. ~~~

  16. So if I get this, the supreme court basically said to the state AGs, “You people are too stupid, even for us and come back again when you grow a brain”
    Thank God for Republican stupidity?

  17. Supremes show their hate.  Yup, first big decision was ACA, and many saying “conservative court”.  Next big one is to allow blatant hate and discrimination by catholic charities against LGBT people.  Same “conservative court”. 

  18. BB, yep, Catholic (applies to Protestants, too) exception to acting like a decent bunch of humans. Biden’s DOE says Title XI protects lgbt kids, so expect to see that before the Court in the not so distant future. 

  19. It seems to me that the more trumpty loses his grip on reality… the more voters are discarding him.
    Spent the morning visiting with old friends.  We are all vaccinated and have earned the rewards.  The stupid states with the stupid people will feel the consequences.

  20. The GQP doesn’t even realize they are still being played by Poo-tin when they go after Joe.

      I work with folks who refuse to get vaccinated.  Greg put a stop to businesses requiring it as terms of employment.   Dumbass.

  21. Now other than give Abbott a photo op, wtf would Former know about or contribute to a tour of the border other than ballast if it’s a tour boat?

  22. the texas state dems who came to see manchin yesterday liked his bill, saying it was multi-times better than what they have now in texas.

    McConnell shoots down Manchin’s voting compromise | TheHill

    Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) has teed up the bill for a vote early next week, where it will need 60 votes to advance. Schumer said said the bill could be a vehicle for a deal with Manchin, if it comes together. 
    Manchin outlined roughly two dozen ideas that garnered his approval including making election day a public holiday, mandating at least 15 consecutive days for early voting in federal elections, banning gerrymandering and allowing for automatic voter registration through a state’s department of motor vehicles. 
    Manchin also, according to a version of the list obtained by The Hill, backs tighter campaign finance requirements currently in the For the People Act. This would include requiring online and digital ads to disclose their funding sources in a way similar to TV and radio ads, as well as tighter ethics requirements for presidents and vice presidents and requirements that campaigns and committees report foreign contacts. 
    “I’ve been working across the aisle with all the Republicans trying to get people to understand that that’s the bedrock of our democracy, and accessible, fair and basically secured voting,” Manchin said on Thursday.

    and note this

  23. Ms. Bronc, I just skimmed the Fulton v. Philly case – welcome to the shadow of Hobby Lobby. 

  24. How about this shit, ladies and gentlemen: (Wapo)

    A St. Louis couple who gained notoriety for waving guns at racial justice protesters last summer pleaded guilty Thursday to misdemeanor charges and agreed to give up the guns they used during the confrontation.

    Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment and was fined $2,000. Her husband, Mark McCloskey, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and was fined $750. The McCloskeys, both lawyers, will not face jail time.

    The couple was indicted by a grand jury on charges of unlawful use of a weapon and evidence tampering, both felonies, and could have gone to jail if convicted. But the special prosecutor, Richard Callahan, opted to agree to lesser charges. On Thursday, Callahan said in a statement that he considered several factors when deciding how to resolve the case, including “the age and lack of a criminal record for the McCloskey’s, the fact they initially called the police, and the fact that no one was hurt and no shots were fired.”

    Folded like a cheap suit. So much for that Second Amendment shit.

  25. Sturg, take it up with Bink.  Funk 49 makes me smile every time i hear it. Tried to learn it oncet and I might as well have been trying to have a baby. And IMHO, Joe is a badly underappreciated guitarist.

  26. Pogo – you are correct.  Watch for more of the LGBTQ cases to show up.
    Okay, this is a tiny gripe to the U.S. people who are not federal, or perhaps state/local employees.  If you are going home at 1500 EDT and are going off to do something, say fishing.  You get home around 2000 and clean up, then go to sleep.  Tomorrow your alarm gets you up and going at 0430 so you can get all the morning things done and drive an hour to the office.  You get to the front and badge in to be told by security that you are trying to work on a holiday.  Why in the name of the inhabitant of Hades does not the personnel at OPM decide to let Monday (not Friday) be the day off this year????

  27. Juneteenth celebrates Texas freeing their slaves.  One year after slaves were freed
    I think that needs to be clear

  28. KGC, worse than that. it was 2 and 1/2 years after the emancipation declaration.

    potus joe at the signing today:

    “Great nations don’t ignore their most painful moments … they embrace them. Great nations don’t walk away, they come to terms with the mistakes they’ve made. In remembering those moments, we begin to heal and grow stronger.” 

    “The truth is, it’s simply not enough to commemorate Juneteenth. After all, the emancipation of enslaved Black Americans didn’t mark the end of America’s work to deliver on the promise of equality, it only marked the beginning. To honor the true meaning of Juneteenth, we have to continue towards that promise because we have not gotten there yet.”

  29. BB, on that Friday-Monday for Juneteenth thing, blame Manchin and Capito (why not?) – Monday is WV Day so WV state employees need Friday off to make it a 4 day weekend. (Forgive the snark, or not … I kinda like it).

  30. Looks to me like they are following the  4th of July rule, As Juneteenth falls on a Saturday.  then Friday is the day off, if it was a Sunday then Monday would be the day off.
    BTW, June 19th is and always will be Juneteenth

  31. Folks who signed up for those free energy saving smart thermostats from the local utility company are going to be sweating tomorrow as the utility takes control of their thermostat.  We are expecting 100+ tomorrow
    Mrs Jack bought a programable thermostat but everytime the battery died it had to be reprogramed. Pain in the ass. So when it died I went back to the old fashion set it and forget it. 

  32. Jack, I’ve got a couple or three programmable thermostats – nothing like anything that can be controlled remotely. If I weren’t so damn lazy I’d program them. But I am so I don’t. I raise them and lower them when I walk past in the morning and evening- just like I did 45 years ago. 

    yeah, same here, but these were ones being promoted by the utility company for “free”, I just read  that they were going to be adjusting them remotely to “save energy” during the current heat wave.
    I actually get along better adjusting them as I want through the day. As I work outside a lot, I tend to keep them warmer during the day. But I do like it cool when I sleep.
    But it is so easy to just walk over and adjust it. 

  34. There is a movement to make midsummer eve, June 21, make music day. Kansas City has decided to join in. I wish somebody had said something earlier, Mrs Jack and I pushed to get outdoor musical instruments in the park and I wish somebody would drop by and teach us how to play them, We mostly just bang on them and make noise. Some off us make pretty noise and some of us don’t. 
    Oh well

  35. BTW,  and you all probably aren’t surprised at this
    But I usually make a little music, do a little dance  almost everyday.

    Back when Mrs Jack was a young hippy chick , she and a friend went to see Frank Zappa and the mothers. It was at Cowtown ballroom and across the street was a greasy spoon diner where she and her friend stopped to eat before the concert. Also at the same time at the diner were The Mothers, not Frank just the band. Being typical traveling musicians in a diner with a couple of cute hippy chicks, they hit on them, Not seriously because after all they had work to do. But it did make for a good story that Mrs Jack passed on some 30 years later.
    Make music as only Zappa and the mothers can do

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