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  1. yeah, john, but the whole neighborhood can blow if the guy at the pump with his car going lights a cigarette.

  2. See the source image

    another way to look at the above is to picture the small dog Putin and the big dogs Joe Biden & Xi Jinping

  3. reported 36,901,224 views •Feb 27, 2016

    back in 2016 BBC wrote about the above:

    A Slovenian YouTube video mocking Vladimir Putin has gone viral across Eastern Europe. Viewer reaction has been mixed. While many viewers have heaped praise, some Putin supporters have been keen to bite back.
    The music video for ‘Putin, Putout’, made its debut on the Slovenian Eurovision auditions show, and stars its host, actor/musician Klemen Slakonja. The song was not a competition entry, but another in a long line of musical parodies by Slakonja, a television personality in Slovenia.

  4. My guess is that President Biden is carrying more than a water pistol to the OK Corral today.  Putin knows that his BFF is no longer around and his derriere is not going to get kissed. 

  5. We know the hacks of fuel and food where at the behest of Poo-tin, as an intro to today’s meeting.   He’s not a prez, he’s a schoolyard bully at best, but more likely he is a soulless killer.

    POTUS Joe said he’d let Vlad know we will respond in kind if he keeps up his shenanigans.  

    The little weasel is afraid of Navalny’s popularity. The pro-Navalny mural that was immediately painted over in St. Petes’burg has reappeared near the meeting. I hope Vlad sees it as he travel through the city.

    Poo-tin is a loser.

  6. Fiona Hill recalled trying to cause a fire alarm at Trump’s ‘mortifying’ joint press conference with Putin in Helsinki, and said it was a ‘great idea’ Biden isn’t doing one (msn.com)

  7. if we start seizing his oligarch’s assets they’ll turn on him
    Craig…  now that’s a great idea!

  8. His oligarchs prefer stashing their wealth in the west thinking that’s safer than in Russia. Seize it and tell them they get it back if they abandon Putin. An offer they can’t refuse. 

  9. Another tactic for dethroning Putin: leak our intel on his personal wealth and the corrupt theft of the Russian economy by his cronies. Undermine him among elites and the streets. 

  10. Does Poo-tin have dirt on the olis that would make them keep supporting him?

  11. Defensive and rambling? Good.  I hope POTUS Joe reminded Poo-tin what it’s like to deal with someone who is superior to him in every way.

  12. oops, got his irish up there as he went out.  that’s okay, joe, been a long day, a longer week for you.

    after that according to the hill:

    Moments later, before boarding Air Force One, Biden apologized for losing his temper at Collins.

    “I apologize for having been short,” Biden said, before later telling reporters gathered outside the plane “You never ask positive questions.”

    Image result for got my irish up

  13. Poobah, I listened to about half an hour of Pootin’s presser and agree with you.  Rambling and defensive – he knows he has more to gain from relations becoming better than we do.  He could not help himself from denying Russian involvement in the cyber sphere – reminded me of Dumbass and his denial of Russian involvement in his 2016 election – “Ignore the intelligence community and listen to what I say instead.”  

  14. I am guessing that the president of Russia does not have porno tapes of President Biden or anyone around him.  It really does look like Biden brought a hammer with him to the conference the way it ended.

  15. A better tactic for dethroning Putin is seizing his oligarch’s western wealth and leak our intel on his personal wealth and the corrupt theft of the Russian economy by his cronies. Undermine him among elites and the streets.

  16. Just read that President Biden gave Putin a couple of gifts, a glass bison and a pair of aviator style sunglasses, like what he wears.  Nothing like owning your adversary when he wears your sunglasses.

  17. Craig – I hope someone’s listening to you re: how to handle Vlad.

    jamie – Hope you’re feeling better.  PBS has a special on the Scottish in the US tonight, hosted by Billy Connelly. Check your local listing. The shoe is going to Kentucky, of course, Craig.

  18. Hey, Vlad even showed up on time.  He couldn’t pull the power play of being tardy and making someone wait.   

    A glass bison? As in, I can see right through you you Rushun ox?

  19. So, POTUS Joe apologizes for calling out a reporter for twisting his words…and yet Poo-tin hasn’t apologized to even one of the family members of the journalists he’s had killed.  

  20. craig, you mean something like this? 

    Who owns the sprawling palace complex, with its own amphitheatre, a teahouse and a helipad at the Black Sea? Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny has released a two-hour video investigation into the complex, saying the palace was built for Russian President Vladimir Putin using taxpayer money. The Kremlin has denied the allegations. The video was posted by Navalny’s team two days after he was jailed upon returning to Russia.

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