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  1. Dangerous heat wave threatens drought-stricken West (msn.com)

    A dangerous heat wave, even as measured against the standards of the often-scorching Southwest, is in the process of developing now and will continue to intensify this week. This comes on top of the worst drought across the western United States in modern history.

    a rocky beach: Dry lake bed in Nicasio, California

    Not only does the heat pose a health risk, but the hot weather and drought combined means the ground will only further dry out, making for tinderbox fire conditions. Right now a record-shattering 27% of the West is in “exceptional drought” — the highest category. The 20 year record since 2000 was only 11%.
    The early season heat wave is being caused by a large upper-level heat dome centered from the Rockies into Canada. It is so strong for this time of year that it will challenge all-time June records for intensity early this week. Its core spreads westward into California by Wednesday and Thursday.

  2. meanwhile, in case you missed hot times in the old late show town last night

    We’re back in the Ed Sullivan Theater and it’s only right that Stephen’s first guest is none other than friend of the show, Jon Stewart. What did they talk about? The pandemic, obviously. #Colbert #TheLateShow #JonStewart

    Jon Stewart, our first in-studio guest in over 15 months, expresses his great love for scientists, but includes a note of caution for a pandemic-weary world. #Colbert #TheLateShow #JonStewart


  3. #2 on the American Hit List, new K-Pop, going out to Flatus…

    (…i can groove to it🤷‍♂️)

  4. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/06/14/texas-power-grid-conserve-ercot/

    “Texas’ main power grid struggled to keep up with the demand for electricity Monday, prompting the operator to ask Texans to conserve power until Friday.”

    Yep, ERCOT sent messages to Texans to turn up their thermostats yesterday. We’ve had a very cool spring, but now that it’s heating up, we’re in trouble.

    About 700 died due to power outages during the winter storm. How many more will do the same because they have no electricity for fans or AC?

  5. Michael Beschloss on mojo looks like he has hired dumbass’ colorist but decided to go all orange including the hair. 
    thanks for the Jon Stewart clips. I started into Colbert with the best of intentions but drifted of in the commercial break after his monologue and missed the rest of the show. 

    Gonna go visit LP this wknd – first real visit to NYC since late March last year. Looking forward to it. Mrs P is still crowd skittish so we’ll avoid some of our normal activities – not going to dine indoors in crowded restaurants, but there’s shitloads of outdoor options (Bryant Park, here I come),  she’ll probably run screaming from SoHo if it’s as crowded as LP says it’s become. MOMA, looking forward to seeing you again.

  6. Pogo – I’m going in September and I can’t wait.  There’s a new garden they’ve built on piers; it has an amphitheater, so you could take Mrs. P to an outdoor show.

    They’ve also transform Lincoln Center into an outdoor space and they’re having concerts outside (to the left of the Met Opera House if you’re facing it). There’s so much going on right now and I’m missing it. This may be the trip I go AWOL from my return flight and find myself a permanent bench in Central Park. I should’ve moved there when I had the chance.


  7. wapo:

    BRUSSELS — President Biden and European Union leaders reached a deal Tuesday to put to rest a 17-year-old trade dispute about subsidies for aircraft manufacturers, officials said, a significant step in calming trade relations after the fury of the Trump years.
    A five-year truce, which was announced at the outset of a Tuesday meeting in Brussels between Biden and the top leaders of E.U. institutions, was the latest effort in a transatlantic reconciliation tour that the new president started last week at the Group of Seven summit in Britain.
    Tuesday’s deal will quell fears that the European Union and the United States could hit each other with tariffs on everything from French wine to Harley-Davidson motorcycles, as they did in recent years as part of the dispute, which also targets Boeing.
    The two sides have said they will work toward lifting the metals tariffs by Dec. 1. Asked at a news conference Sunday to justify continuing the so-called Section 232 tariffs amid his calls for transatlantic harmony, Biden suggested a willingness to eliminate them.
    “A hundred and twenty days. Give me a break. Need time,” he replied, understating the number of days since his inauguration.

  8. Patd, right.  It’s been more like 145 days – what the hell’s he been doing during the other 25?  GMAFB.

  9. Something I find interesting as I spend hours on YouTube, there are some very good videos put on it by babies.  You know, teens and twentyish people.  Some of it is beyond anything fifties and sixties television produced.  The whole gamut of my interests, whether I knew it before or not, can be found from the young uns.  I think back to what my friends and I were doing at that age and think of how good we were at things too.  I had forgotten that talent does not need to be over sixty-five, fifteen is good enough for some.  What started me on this rabbit hole was watching videos about film photography and watching many hours of this youngsters talking about film cameras and how they shoot film versus digital.  I do help them with some questions because the answer is only going to come from someone who is from the film era.  Internet is not the full chest of knowledge it is portrayed to be.  Film will never die.  If vinyl records can come back so can film. 

  10. BB, if it does, I have the cameras to use it. ( I assume they would still take a battery and work).   I look at what I have digitally (and truth be known, I have only used the camera in my phone for the last 5 years) and it is 3376 photos and 42 videos from November, 2015 (with a handful of transferred photos from prior to that, and I have so many duplicates that I’m too lazy to purge that I can say that I could cut it to 1000 and never know the difference).  I loved taking and developing B&W back in the day and I’ve got several shoe boxes of color photos not to mention a few SD cards of photos and videos from my Nikon DSLRs reaching back to about 2013.  Glad someone like yourself who was involved in photography during the film area is staying involved and passing knowledge along.

  11. patd…  great topic!
    yup…  the west and southwest are running out of water.  I remember visiting Page Arizona and Lake Powell on our 25th anniversary in 2000.  We took a boat ride into the canyon to see Rainbow Bridge Monument.  The boat could barely make it because of the water levels being so low.  That was the last year those boats could get right up to the monument…   now they can only go so far and you have to hike the rest of way in.  We also visited Las Vegas on my 5oth birthday (that was almost 17 yrs ago).  We took our rental car over to Hoover Dam and around Lake Mead.  The water level was shockingly low at that time.  I can only imagine how bad it all looks now.

  12. https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/15/politics/florida-public-schools-moment-of-silence/index.html

    “According to the law, which was HB 529 in the Florida legislature, principals of each public school shall require teachers in first-period classrooms in all grades to set aside at least one minute but not more than two minutes daily for the moment of silence. Teachers may not make suggestions as to the nature of any reflection that a student may engage in during the moment of silence, the law states.“

    Just start a movement on social media to make it a moment of silence for those killed by guns in school. Work around it, folks.

  13. Pogo – film sales have been increasing during the last couple of years.  Polaroid is selling film again, and Kodak had to reopen a film plant that had been closed down years ago.  Film is doing quite well, I buy gear from many sources including Japan, Korea and China (lens boards machined for certain shutters).  There are several big photographic stores online, BH Photo, Adarama, KEH (used gear) and many smaller ones.  Locally there are still a few left, I shop at one in Baltimore.  Processing is now home life, commercial is extremely expensive and some will not return your negatives or transparencies.  I do mine at home, I have a changing tent to load film holders for the cameras and for loading the racks for the developing tanks.  I do not do prints at home, I do not have a dark room or room for a dark room.  Once the film is processed I scan it to digitize it and can do anything I want with it.

  14. David had his first ever Pig’s Ear salad. They make croutons out of thinly sliced pigs ear lightly fried, add small chunks of candied pecans and bibb lettuce plus blue cheese and buttermilk dressing. It’s the Louisiana Vietnamese influence on Creole cuisine. 

  15. Attorney General Garland Announces National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism | C-SPAN.org

    Attorney General Garland Announces National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism

    Attorney General Merrick Garland laid out the Justice Department’s plan to address domestic terrorism threats. The attorney general spoke about an increased threat of domestic violence in 2021. He said the greatest threat comes from racially or ethnically motivated violence, “specifically those who advocated for the superiority of the white race.” Attorney General Garland spoke about arrests and investigations related to the January 6 Capitol attack and highlighted work being done to prevent future violent attacks in the country. 

  16. Biden Administration Forms Blueprint to Combat Domestic Extremism – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

    WASHINGTON — The Biden administration is aiming to bolster information sharing with technology companies, potentially expand hiring of intelligence analysts and improve screening of government employees for ties to domestic terrorism as part of a much-anticipated plan expected to be released on Tuesday detailing how the federal government should combat extremism.
    President Biden ordered the review of how federal agencies addressed domestic extremism soon after coming into office, part of an effort to more aggressively acknowledge a national security threat that has grown since the Capitol riot on Jan. 6.
    The 32-page plan synthesizes steps that have been recommended by national security officials — including bolstering relationships with social media companies and improving information sharing among law enforcement agencies — into one blueprint on how to more effectively identify extremists in the country after years of heightened focus on foreign terrorists.

  17. “what the hell’s he been doing during the other 25?”

    pogo, not playing golf or tweeting at weird hours or inciting riots at least

  18. A lot of chickens  flying around today –

    Top Justice Department officials derisively dismissed a series of last-ditch efforts by then-President Donald Trump’s aides and emissaries to get DOJ lawyers and the FBI to investigate outlandish election fraud claims in the waning weeks of Trump’s presidency, newly-released emails show.
    The emails — made public by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee— detail the Justice Department’s response to attempts by Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows to get investigators to look at bizarre allegations in a YouTube video where a former intelligence officer named Brad Johnson asserted that individuals in Italy were manipulating votes in the U.S. through satellites.


  19. Patd- 
    We just jointed ERCOT , which is  down now by 11,000 kilowatt hours.  Due to “Mechanical Issues”. 
    The current wind speed here is zero leaf  movement in my pecan trees. 
    That means our turbines are not turning. 
    The idea of  of rationing  power in the West during heat waves was not factored that much when the “Colorado Compact” was developed.  It is mainly a water agreement. 
    The dam has just finished  an up-grading their turbines , but the fact is  as the lake level  goes down ,  less power is made. 
    All of these news  stories  about this fail to add the miserable snow pack being blow torched  by this intense heat over such a huge area. 
    This is going to be really ugly .  Sitting in the dark  at these temps , we’ll need National Guard Troops  hauling bodies .
    The French and Russians have done this very thing years ago. 

  20. I prose Texas must build  a new wall along our New Mexican border  to stop the influx of “climate refugees”  from Arizona. 

  21. We see it every day,  large numbers of people leave their homes  everyday. 
    In a way the Arizona farmers , and the coffee farmers in Central America are in the same boat .
    Climate Change is killing  their way of life. 
    Climate Change  is about to grab American Politics  by the throat. 

  22. Sweeping up  pine needles off the forest floor , and giving everyone in Florida  a broom the fight sea level rise. 
    That’s the last climate plan from the right. 

  23. The parts of Mr. Potato  Head.  Seem to be shrinking. 
    I played with the first Mr. Potato Head. 
    You could stick any part in your eye.  Strangely American children did not stick these parts in their eyes. 

  24. The reunion image .
    I wracked  my wit  for a quip. 
    These guys look like 3 producers  about to pitch a show to PBS. 
    3 happy puggy white guys 

  25. Nomad Life 
    When you failed to keep up , everyone understood  this was your time. 
    You did not hover in your house on the world wide web. 
    They set you out on the grass , and a bear ate your ass.

  26. Yeah,  not so sure about the pig ear salad…..maybe it’s just thought of chomping on poor old Practical’s ears……I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll fry up your eeries

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