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  1. jack, thank you. here’s a bit of wiki background:

    The Fantasy for piano, vocal soloists, mixed chorus, and orchestra, Op. 80, usually called the Choral Fantasy, was composed in 1808 by then 38-year-old Ludwig van Beethoven.

    Beethoven intended the Fantasy to serve as the concluding work for the benefit concert he put on for himself on 22 December 1808; the performers consisted of vocal soloists, mixed chorus, an orchestra, and Beethoven himself as piano soloist. The Fantasy was designed to include all the participants in the program and thus unites all of these musical forces.

    The work is noted as a kind of forerunner to the later Ninth Symphony.

    picture this guy at the piano (sans bright blue jumpsuit of course) .  

    Beethoven 3.jpg

    1804-05 portrait of ludwig by mahler

  2. for jamie in her sick bed, 

    See the source image


    in case you missed it late last night our trail friend jamie wrote:

    Sorry I’ve been semi missing and will be off and off for the next couple of weeks.  My back is on strike and the legs only working part time.  I’m on semi bed rest and the Kindle makes tweeting a pain in the rear. 

  3. I finally saw one (1) cicada. I thumped him off my table saw and proceeded to proceed.    Stupid bug.

  4. perhaps ludwig was the billy joel piano man back in his youth –  tickling the keys at local tavern and charming barmaids and hoisting tankards with the lads as he pinches the winches crowded about the old harpsichord.

    another historical tidbit, this time from popularbeethoven:

    Ludwig van Beethoven started playing the keyboard very early, at age 5. His first instructor was his own father, but his most influential early teacher was Christian Gottlob Neefe. At that time piano was not yet fully developed and most probably Beethoven started his pianist life on a harpsichord.
    Neighbors remembered the young boy standing on a footstool to reach the keys… The classes with his father were severe and frequently brutal. Every little mistake had to be punished. Often late night he returned home drunk, woke the boy and made him practice. Despite the hardship Beethoven loved music and keyboard, especially improvisation was his main interest.
    Apart from keyboard, Beethoven also learned to play the organ, viola and violin.
    The talent of the boy was evident from start. His father envisioned a famous future for himself and decided to make Ludwig the Second Mozart. He lied about the boy’s age at his first public concert in 1778 (at age 8), selling him as a 6 years old. The comparison with Mozart never worked, despite the obvious talent he was not a Wunderkind and his real powers were hidden until his twenties.

  5. poor ol’ cicadas. carpe diem, guys. 17 had better be a good year for ’em.  it’s all they have.  much like what frank sang about

    Tom Riska:

    The intent/design of this video was to focus on the facial expressions of men who have loved their lives and they are reflecting back (as if Frank is singing in their ears.) That is why I chose to have them occupy the larger potion of the video. If you watch Frank’s expressions, at times, it’s as if he concurs. Hope you enjoy a beautiful yet sad song about how quickly time passes us all by. Thank you for watching. Tom

  6. BB, wow! thanks for linking that. 

    hope bob grimes, now that he knows the key, will compose a suitable cicada ditty to memorialize this crazy year. 

  7. A few cicadas here this weekend, but not brood x, just our normal green giants.  The cicadas down here rattle. Up in the Midwest they do the reee-ooo-reee song.

  8. mystery leaker of tax documents on bezos, musk, buffett et al?

    that former guy who had plenty of appointees who had privy to such things and passed them along to him.  it’s his M.O. to use such info when he either wants revenge OR wants to play the “what about” game in defense of charges against him.  think about it: his tax return recordss are now at the center of a grand jury probe in addition to the probability it will be made public soon he also paid zero taxes.


  9. See ya Bibi. My fervent hope is that the new ruling coalition will bring broader perspective to the Israeli government and will inure to the benefit of Israel. 

  10. Pogo
    That’s my wish for Israel as well. Bibi is a POS. I’m hoping better for Israel.

  11. So Dumbass’ DoJ got McCann’s records in 2018. Who gets their lawyer’s records?  Better question – Why?  Obvious answer – to try to leverage (aka blackmail ) his attorney to give him the advice he wants or he’ll use info gotten by “his” DoJ to retaliate against him, through DoJ, which whether successful or not would bankrupt the attorney. 

  12. the turd which walks like a man is truly happiest when he can cause other people to “go thru some things”.
    That’s why it’s so bloody important that he goes thru some things. Nasty things.

  13. Absofuckinglutely, Sturg. He needs to experience the karma of having others experience “some stuff “.

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