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  1. Biden Sells G-7 on Global Tax, But U.S. Congress Is a Hurdle – NBC New York

    White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday that leaders of the Group of Seven — which also includes the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany, Italy and Japan — agreed with Biden on placing a global minimum tax of at least 15% on large companies. The G-7 leaders, participating in a three-day summit in England, affirmed their finance ministers who earlier this month endorsed the global tax minimum.
    A minimum tax is supposed to halt an international race to the bottom for corporate taxation that has led multinational businesses to book their profits in countries with low tax rates. This enables them to avoid taxes and encourages countries to slash rates. The minimum rate would make it tougher for companies to avoid taxes, and could possibly supplant a digital services tax that many European nations are imposing on U.S. tech firms that pay at low rates.
    Biden administration officials believe the use of overseas tax havens has discouraged companies from investing domestically, at a cost to the middle class. The president hopes a G-7 endorsement can serve as a springboard for getting buy-in from the larger Group of 20 complement of nations.
    The agreement is not a finished deal, as the terms would need to be agreed upon by countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and implemented by each of them. The president needs other countries to back a global minimum tax to ensure that his own plans for an enhanced one in the U.S. don’t hurt American businesses.

  2. Bill recaps the top issues of the week, including President Biden’s meeting with world leaders and Sen. Joe Manchin’s obstruction of his own party’s agenda.

  3. Imperious Caesar dead and turned to clay, stops a hole to keep the wind away.

  4. O, that that earth, which kept the world in awe Should patch a wall to expel the winter’s flaw!

  5. Alexander died, Alexander was buried, Alexander returneth into dust, the dust is earth, of earth we make loam, and why of that loam, whereto he was converted, might they not stop a beer-barrel?

  6. https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2021/06/10516903/chipotle-price-increase-employee-costs-reason

    “…menu costs have risen by around 4%, following worker demands for increased wages and better labor conditions. At a virtual press conference on Tuesday, Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol said the company’s executives “really prefer not to” hike up prices, “but it made sense in this scenario to invest in our employees and get these restaurants staffed, and make sure we had the pipeline of people to support our growth.”

    “In 2020, Niccol received the highest compensation he’s made since he took over the reins as CEO in 2018. Per Newsweek, he was paid $38 million — a sharp increase from the $14.8 million he would have made if not for the pandemic-related modifications Chipotle implemented. This means Niccol made 2,898 times more than the median Chipotle employee in 2020, and actually earned more money during the pandemic than he would have had it not happened. “

    “If anyone is to “blame” for the extra 50 cents or so your next Lifestyle Bowl may cost you, it’s not the workers, who should have been making more money years ago. It’s the executives, who underpaid them from the beginning, while their own wallets grew fatter.“

  7. 3/4” plywood in 4 x 8 sheets up $17 per sheet…..time for me to bail and go back to the pye-anny.  Sick of working anyway.

  8. Let’s see….so far this latest kitchen has used about 20 sheets.   There’s just no way to pass all that on to the customer.    And that’s just the wood.    Ahhhh, nice air conditioned restaurant with a shiny black Yamaha baby grand and strains of “It’s the Talk of the Town” wafting thru the room…..or an upright churchy grand chopping out “Good Hearted Woman”……..either way it sho beats sweatin yo ass off sawin wood.

  9. Sorry i haven’t been around much. We’ve got our first house guests since covid this weekend and much to do to unclutter the house, get ready and entertain.

  10. Craig…  I hear you…  our first guest will be my sister…  she’s coming at the end of the week.  I’ll try to clean…   but she’s an artist too…   so she understands.
    ps…  got back yesterday afternoon.  Got a crappy night of sleep…  my cat Mia, kept jumping up on my chest and licking my face almost every hour.  It’s her way of saying….  so glad you’re home.

  11. Maybe we could charge Jeff Bezos a landing tax when he comes back from space.

  12. These are all easy loopholes to close, but Congress too busy tickling Manchin’s ass with a feather

  13. craig, what’s on the menu for the guests or are you and they wanting to celebrate big time at a fabulous restaurant now that things are really open?

  14. Tree rings –
    In 1276 AD in the Four Corners  it stopped  raining , it didn’t rain again for 26 years , All of this was preceded by 20 years of drier and drier years,  it drove thousands off the mesa  and into the grave,
    At the same time, the Great Mound Builder  culture collapsed at Cahokia.  Bringing  to an end a culture  that had lasted for a millennia. 
    I fear we are about to run a remake of that movie. 
    The governor of Utah is asking the for the Latter Day Saints to pry for rain. 
    The fight over filling swimming pools  is gonna be nasty. 

  15. In a 2019 memorandum obtained by Salon, longtime Republican pollster and strategist Frank Luntz reported that “public sentiment about the wealthy has been degrading over the last few years,” and that many Americans across party lines believed the ultra-rich were “gaming the system.” Luntz’s memo, entitled “The War on the Successful,” appears to add significant context toProPublica’srecent report that many of the 25 wealthiest Americans paid little or no taxes from 2014 to 2018, with that group paying an average “true tax rate of only 3.4%” per year. 
    Luntz’s memo warns that Republicans need to alter their language and tactics in order to ensure that they keep taxes low on corporations and the rich.  
    Luntz wrote that he was not “pleased with what we learned” in his research. “Across partisan lines, there is a deep and growing anger that the wealthy are gaming the system.”  


  16. Sturg –
    I blew my right wrist out humpin’  3/4 plywood. 
    Let other people make kitchens go make music. 

    Your witty banter will win the day.

  17. Herb was on the juke box  at the Salt Wells  Cat House  in 79′.
    20 miles East of Fallon  on highway 50 .  Right in the middle of a vast salt flat . A huge tower with a rotating red light .   The place looked like a German POW camp.  Except was  it painted red with black trim. 
    We were drilling at Austin, Nevada  for geothermal , way to the East of there.  Fallon was the rigs home base. 
    Salt Wells was the first place to buy a beer after 7 days on the rig. 
    I was sitting at the bar talking with my driller, and one of the girls sat down next to me .
    When I turned to look at her she said –
    “It’s all your fault,  ……….. your eyes, it’s all your fault.”
    That was the best line , anybody ever said to anyone. 
    Herb was on the speakers. 

  18. The 2022 election theme  –
    America does not need  a party obsessed over the parts of Mr. Potato Head. 
    She needs one to deal with 40 million Americans running out of water. 

  19. That is a  topic of ” Infrastructure “.  But it means 21st century Infrastructure.
    And that means  drinking your last dump down the drain, 3 or 4 times. 

  20. Meanwhile , Miss.  has to deal with 2  feet of rain in two weeks. 
    Right wing thinkers have no idea of what is coming .

  21. Their theory on guns  has raised us to so many mass murders we can’t keep up. 
    How does that make America Great Again? 

  22. Sorry I’ve been semi missing and will be off and off for the next couple of weeks.  My back is on strike and the legs only working part time.  I’m on semi bed rest and the Kindle makes tweeting a pain in the rear.  

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