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  1. updating that 5th b-day photo “bitch with balls” to “grizzled grump” for our 16th. 

    same dog (billie bob the princess dog) just older

  2. old friends song by roger starts around 2:50 in.  up to thatpoint enjoy these old friends singing an old hymn about old friends who’ve gone away

  3. So many faces I’d forgotten (including my pre-vegetarian face -yikes) but I see that Oregon was on the trail last night, so howdy.   Missed BB, so I guess she found us after 2010.   Happy Anniversary to all here past and present, lurking or posting.  We need another get together when the world opens up.

  4. My dad is so happy. His new neighbor used to play for Little Jimmy Dickens and now he has someone to jam with next door.  Last weekend, he drove about 800 miles to visit cousins and ended up playing  at a farmers market with a friend.  He seems to find other musicians everywhere he goes.   His cataract surgery is coming soon, so he probably should’ve waited to make the drive,  but he had cabin fever.  

  5. Wonderful to see so many old friends and those now gone.  Happy anniversary to all the trailmixers.  You have all been great company.  Thank you to Craig for hosting.


  6. RR – That loom is impressive. 

    I do wonder what happened to Tiptoe. She drove quite a ways away to get her first vax, posted for a couple of weeks and then disappeared.

  7. I love seeing all the faces. I don’t think I’d seen that before.  I miss x-r

  8. So many memories….  miss all the ones now gone.
    That was our first visit out to Martha’s Vineyard to see OldSeaHag.  We are leaving for Cape Cod tomorrow and will be going out to the Vineyard to see OSH on either Tues. or Weds.  I called her yesterday…   it’s been 2 years because of covid….   can’t wait to see her!

  9. BiD…  I absolutely LOVE my loom!  It’s from a company in Sweden called Glimakra… it’s a counterbalance loom.  Bought it 30 years ago…  a bit pricey but worth every penny.
    here’s a promotional photo…

  10. Weird year.  I completely forgot that today is the Belmont Stakes.

    Belmont Stakes 2021 odds, post positions, lineup, horses

    Below are the post positions for the 2021 Belmont Stakes, including opening odds as of June 1.

    1. Bourbonic (15-1)
    Trainer: Todd Pletcher
    Jockey: Kendrick Carmouche

    2. Essential Quality (2-1) – Morning-line favorite
    Trainer: Brad Cox
    Jockey: Luis Saez

    3. Rombauer (3-1)
    Trainer: Michael McCarthy
    Jockey: John Velazquez

    4. Hot Rod Charlie (7-2)
    Trainer: Doug O’Neill
    Jockey: Flavien Prat

    5. France Go de Ina (30-1)
    Trainer: Hideyuki Mori
    Jockey: Ricardo Santana Jr.

    6. Known Agenda (6-1)
    Trainer: Todd Pletcher
    Jockey: Jose Ortiz (replaces Irad Ortiz Jr.)

    7. Rock Your World (9-2)
    Trainer: John Sadler
    Jockey: Joel Rosario

    8. Overtook (20-1)
    Trainer: Todd Pletcher
    Jockey: Manny Franco


  11. KGC

    The article doesn’t say, but identifying him as an “Israelite” might indicate an international student and Hebrew as opposed to all the other types of Israeli citizens.  Otherwise it is just a totally ignorant headline writer. 

  12. He is an Orthodox Jew a 17 year old high school football player from Canton Ohio
    It’s so wrong

  13. Happy birthday to us,
    Happy birthday to us,
    La la la la, La la la la,
    Happy birthday to us. 

  14. “I’m going to be reinstated as president AND become Speaker of the House” is all the proof you need that the family of raccoons living inside Donald Trump’s head have completely chewed through the wires.

    Jeff Tiedrich on Twitter

  15. Hot Rod Chollie……dem udda nags is straight from no where and ain’t gotta prayer……..

  16. Happy Birthday All! 
    Renee, How exciting you all are getting away. Katheleen will be so excited to see you both. I must get away this year myself. Safe travels

  17. Is Orange Adolf’s brain riddled with lesions?  It wouldn’t explain those who follow him, though. Mob mentality. Mass hysteria.  Low information. Racist. 

  18. newsweek:

    Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt on Friday warned that former President Donald Trump‘s words have “caused bloodshed” and he will “surely kill again” in a series of tweets ahead of the ex-president’s speech to the North Carolina Republican Party.
    In a lengthy 11-post Twitter thread, Schmidt slammed the media for continuing to underestimate Trump and the alleged threat he poses to American Democracy after the ex-president permanently shut down his “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” blog.
    “Today is the third day of profoundly stupid media coverage around the demise of the Trump blog,” Schmidt wrote. “Some have posited that Trump’s loss, social media bans, and inability to sustain a blog are evidence of his decline, irrelevance and diminishment.”
    He added: “These people are fools and their delusions are dangerous for the survival of American democracy. We are at an hour that requires people to wake up. Trump is powerful and he is a clear and PRESENT danger to our democratic society and national stability.”
    “Trump has the ability to kill and destroy with the spoken word. His words; his lies, delusions and conspiracy theories have caused bloodshed,” Schmidt wrote. “That is what happened on January 6th. His words will surely kill again.”

  19. When Trump assumed office I was too consumed by hatred to continue here regularly so I became a ghost for 4 years, a lurker at best.  I only posted a handful of times during those years.  Finally, some Republicans are hinting that they are sick of Trump’s Oz wizardry over them, and perhaps the Facebook + 2 year ban will help push Trump down, down in the hole, way down in the hole where he belongs.  I am happy with Joe Biden so far.  And reviewing the video, I will say I still miss Sean’s witty, funny posts, and Patsy, you all know Patsy was a famous author, and that she treated us as equals.  I miss Lee Carmichael’s takes from Fort Worth, and I really miss Jim Friedlander from NYC (Arabella’s dad) , as he enlightened me to music and always encouraged me to keep up with my long battle with alcoholism, and I remember his words, and am now nearly 29 years sober.  I miss all the contributors who had to leave, except the one …well…you know…that other one from NYC.  I am on a different path now, living alone since Covid19 took my wife 5 months ago.  Life is always tough, this is just another angle I have to take.  My health is OK, I lost 26 pounds and all my numbers are great, thanks to a great V.A. doctor and a boatload of medicines I have to take.  Old age , you know.  

  20. Dex, so sorry to hear about your wife. Nice to know you’re doing ok, old age notwithstanding. 

    Rats. Hot Rod was doing so well, too. There’s a reason you don’t see me at the betting window.

  21. Happy Anniversary, Trail Mixers! Wonderful video, quite surprised to see myself in it. Those were the good old days. It is remarkable that the Trail community has held together for so many years, through so much, though some are greatly missed. Testament to Craig’s leadership and friendship. 

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