Glasswise: half full or half empty?

Have we bottomed out yet? Are we on the way up or on the way down?


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  1. wapo:

    Democrat wins New Mexico special election for U.S. House, overcoming a Republican emphasis on rising crime
    Stansbury’s victory, projected by the Associated Press little more than one hour after polls closed, will give Democrats 220 seats in the House to 211 for Republicans, offering a bit more breathing room to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) ahead of an expected summer push on infrastructure spending.

  2. as preacher roe used to say:

    “sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you”

  3. My, my, how time does fly. 16 years. Imagine that. 
    Woke up to light rain this morning and to a forecast of a very warm, sunny weekend, only one week late for the Memorial Day weekend. I’ll enjoy it anyway. 

  4. A mamma raccoon and five or six babies crossed my street this morning.   I didn’t realize they ever had more than two babies. 

    The first sixteen years of my life seemed to take a lot longer than the last sixteen.

    Maybe I live in TeQas. These Republicans are the nightmare of democracy. And, no, the Dems walking out on a vote was not a military coup. Liars and the idiots who love them.

  5. Well, the COVID-19 wayback machine has taken us back to by March to early April 2020 (cases) and like June 2020 (deaths). Let’s just hope we don’t repeat last summer. I’m hoping that the vaccination factor will prevent that. By the way, 24 of the 27 states and territories that have higher than average vaccination rates voted Democratic in 2020. Go figure. 

  6. thinking about march-april last year, wapo reports:

    As the coronavirus pandemic engulfed the world last spring, Science magazine quoted a top Chinese health official saying that the United States and other Western nations were making a “big mistake” by not telling people to mask up.
    Science magazine stands by its reporting. But the official, George Gao, worried that the comment might upset his longtime friend Anthony S. Fauci, Washington’s leading expert on infectious diseases. So amid the deepening crisis, Gao reached out to clear the air.
    “I saw the Science interview, how could I say such a word ‘big mistake’ about others? That was journalist’s wording. Hope you understand,” Gao, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, wrote to Fauci in a March 28 email. “Lets work together to get the virus out of the earth.”
    “I understand completely. No problem,” Fauci wrote back. “We will get through this together.”
    The previously unreported exchange was among 866 pages of Fauci’s emails obtained by The Washington Post as part of a Freedom of Information Act request. The correspondence from March and April 2020 opens a window to Fauci’s world during some of the most frantic days of the crisis, when the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was struggling to bring coherence to the Trump administration’s chaotic response to the virus and President Donald Trump was seeking to minimize its severity.
    And even as Trump ratcheted up attacks on China for not containing the virus after it was first discovered there, Fauci sought to maintain ties with Gao, a well-regarded Chinese scientific leader — and Gao with him.
    After Fauci faced threats from Trump supporters who blamed him for supporting social distancing rules that closed schools, tanked the economy and threatened Trump’s reelection prospects, Gao, a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, emailed again.
    “I saw some news (hope it is fake) that [you] are being attacked by some people. Hope you are well under such a irrational situation,” Gao wrote on April 8.
    “Thank you for your kind note,” Fauci replied three days later. “All is well despite some crazy people in this world.”

  7. When I first started this cabinet gig I had a boss showing me the ropes. One day he was unusually grouchy-grumpy and in an attempt to lighten the mood I gave him the old eating the bear line.   He  glared at me and says, “ Well lately the bear’s been gnawing on my effing ASS!”

  8. Sturgeone

    Used to listen to Big John and Sparky every Saturday morning.  My ears are ancient.  The other song from the show that has stuck with me is the Birthday Song to the tune of The Merry Widow Waltz. 

    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

    We love you

    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

    May all your dreams come true.

    When you blow out the candles

    One light stays aglow

    It’s the sunshine of your smile

    Where e’er you go.


  9. To address the thread starter, I’m in a divided household.  I’m a glass half full kinda guy – and I think the science and the statistics are telling us that we’re headed in the right direction if we don’t fuck it up.  Mrs. P is a glass half empty sort – and she believes we’re fucking it up already, that folks are being reckless and we’ll be seeing another summer surge.  Why don’t we revisit this topic in a month or two and see which half of our household is right this time?  BTW, 4 1/2 years ago she was right about Dumbass beating Hillary, so I son’t claim to be the all seeing, all knowing one in our house.  I’m just too lazy and lackadaisical to spend time worrying about stuff I don’t have a lot of control over.

  10. patd…  Wow!  If that’s a real video… that woman was an absolute fool.  That was a mama bear with cubs….   she’s lucky that bear didn’t come charging at her.  We did have a bear in the yard just before dusk last week.  It looked like a teenage bear.  We yelled at it and it took off into the neighbor’s yard.  We could hear them screaming… OMG, a bear! a bear!  But I would never tangle with a mama bear….   hey mama… you want my bird feeders… they’re yours.

  11. A-yuh, she was nuts.  Better to get the dogs into the house if you don’t want them to be dinner for the bear.

  12. Anniversary date undetermined, but I found pics from our first anniversary party in Vegas.  

  13. Bwhahahahahah.  Morons in action.

    Boaters allegedly harassed another group over gay pride flags. Then their boat burst into flames.

    When another boat began circling their vessel in a lake on Memorial Day, a group from Washington assumed they were trying to signal support for their gay pride flags.

    But then someone on the other boat flipped a middle finger and yelled something about “gays” and “flags,” a passenger on the boat said. So the group startedrecordingin case the situation escalated.

    It did — but not how they might have expected.

    Moments later, the other boat burst into flames, forcing its passengers to jump into the lake — and leaving the victims to become rescuers as they filmed a moment that turned into a viral video this week.

    “These people harassed my family because we were flying gay pride flags … by racing around us and shouting gay slurs,” tweeted a passenger named Robbie along with a video that has been viewed more than 620,000 times on Twitter as of early Wednesday. “Then, their boat literally blew up! #KarmaIsReal.”


    While normally Karma is a bitch, in this case the bitch was in the water.

  14. renee,  she was saving her mother’s support dog

    Home surveillance camera captures the moment 17-year-old Hailey Morinico rescued her dog after a huge bear grabbed it by its vest to try to protect her own cubs.

  15. the guardian’s coverage:


    Morinico, 17, spoke about the confrontation with the bear outside her house in Bradbury, east of Los Angeles.

    A video clip showed her leap into action when she saw her three dogs barking and leaping up at a mother bear balancing on the fence with two cubs.

    Morinico ran towards the commotion, and pushed the bear off the fence. Then she grabbed one of the small dogs and ran into the house, following the other dogs as they fled for safety.

    “Those few moments I had, that’s what really let me run away with my dogs and my life,” she told CNN.

    The teen said she was not thinking until she got up close to the bear.

    “I had about two seconds to think. And the first thing that popped into my head was to push the bear off the ledge,” she said.

    Before she came to the rescue, the mother bear began swatting at the dogs and even grabbed the youngest one off the ground briefly.

    “This dog, Valentina, was in danger, really, and she is so important to the family,” Morinico said.

    “She is my mother’s emotional support animal, and I couldn’t bear to let anything happen to her because I know, like, the pain would have been too much for my mom to handle. I think that I did this for her.”

    She escaped with a sprained finger and a scraped knee.

    “I didn’t feel the pain until afterwards. Like all the madness and the adrenaline, it didn’t make me feel anything really,” she said.



  16. craig,  in re your 1:38, as pogo advised cbob last night

    Hey Bob watch it with that thinning the old white men herd shit. You never know where the ripples can reach.

    and we sure don’t want those bots back on the trail for you to clean up after again let alone risk your being surveilled by who knows what.

  17. Our water supply is probably next.  Infrastructure (tech) needs funding.  I know it’s a private meat company that got hacked, but anything critical to the supply chain (even if it’s not my supply chain) needs support.  


    “…the attorney general’s lawyers argue that under state law, a whistleblower must believe someone has broken the law, but the aides only reported that “they expected laws might be violated.”

    Believe/expected, broken/violated, potato/potahto

    “This appellate brief was made public hours before Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is expected to announce at an event that he will run against Paxton for attorney general. Bush has made the allegations of Paxton’s former aides and separate felony securities fraud charges against Paxton a line of attack as he prepares to announce his run.“

    Buh-bye, Ken, buh-bye.

  19. i’m going to get one of those “smart outlets” so the Russians can hold my toaster for ransom (remotely)


    “…and that his own fealty to (you-know-who) will erase memories of the taunts and insults the former president directed at his father and other family members.”

    (You-know-who) “has said he likes both men and indicated he will endorse “in the not-so-distant future.” Will he reward Paxton for loyalty that included a lawsuit against states (you-know-who) lost and deliver a final indignity to the Bush clan in the process? Or will he enjoy the message it sends by backing the one prominent Bush who has backed him?“

  21. Any thoughts on car dealerships without cars to sell?  Those in sales and dealer preparation of vehicles, document handling are no longer busy.  No cars to sell.  And now gqp governors are refusing to pass on federal aid to those people out of work.  They are supposed to be begging to flip burgers, not go to famiy supporting jobs?

  22. You should know that for all I care you know who can do you know what to himself. I suspect that if he has an ounce of integrity George P. Bush cares exactly as I do. 

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