“open mike” Sunday

In Remembrance

Today is Decoration Day, the traditional day when neighbors gathered to cleanup the community cemetery, decorate the graves with fresh cut flowers and remember the dead

It has been a rough year, both here on the Trail and in real life. Six hundred thousand of our fellow Americans have died from the pandemic. I’ve lost 5 neighbors to various ailments that get most of us in the end, heart attacks strokes, cancer. Three of them were what I called my usual six suspects. The ones who showed up at every meeting, event and were the core of everything we have done. And of course our losses here on the Trail.

Tomorrow is for the war heroes but today is for the common folk. For the mothers, fathers, family, friends and neighbors.

It is an “open mike” so if you have a favorite song, poem please post them.

I will get the ball rolling first with my Mother-in-law’s favorite song followed by one of Sherry’s (aka, Mrs Jack)


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  1. jack, here’s to memories of old – one of my mother’s favorites

    Smile the while you kiss me sad adieu
    When the clouds roll by I’ll come to you.
    Then the skies will seem more blue,
    Down in Lover’s Lane, my dearie.

    Wedding bells will ring so merrily
    Ev’ry tear will be a memory.
    So wait and pray each night for me
    Till we meet again.

    though she would prefer the bing crosby or lawrence welk versions, i like this updated one by tuba skinny

    On Royal Street, New Orleans, Jan. 14, 2019. With another tasty solo by Jonathan Doyle on tenor sax. Dedicated to my Mother, ’till we meet again.


    p.s. that street band kinda looks like our trail mix gang  🙂


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  3. Bid

    Thanks for the introduction to the Gabriels.  Jacob Lusk’s voice is definitely special.  Found this one on their released album


  4. Um, Randy…. why does your name link to a boobie-bondage website?  Just curious.  

  5. kellytup, a hearty privetsviye to the trail

    perchance randy by another name? or friend of? if so, forget the greeting.

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    ok, i’m content with this post

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  18. Jack…  thanks for that Paul Simon song.  He has Ladysmith Black Mambazo with him….  one of xrep’s favorites…   so in honor of him…  I give you one of my favorite Ladysmith Black Mambazo songs…

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  20. Renee good one,
    From what Bob was saying last night Beautiful Rain is what they are saying in West Texas the last week. 

  21. Looks like my avatar goes back  to when you were first expermenting with them.

  22. if joe creates a 1/6 commission, he could damper some of the barbs about partisan bias by selecting thomas kean (the repub who chaired the 9/11 commission) as chair, put the former DHS secretaries on it and make it look as much like what was negotiated by house as possible.  

    perhaps staff it with DOJ or domestic intel folk and be sure it has iron clad subpoena power.

  23. A pretty big bargaining chip to get through the full infrastructure package.  No presidential commission to look into 1/6.   The real journalists can do the job and POTUS Joe gets his plan through. 

  24. from salon today:

    Investigators reportedly approaching Trump Org. as if it were a mafia family | Salon.com


    What happens if an ex-president goes to jail (hypothetically speaking)? It wouldn’t be pretty | Salon.com

    … his supporters are unlikely to abandon him even if he is indicted or convicted. If anything, a criminal trial might turn him into a martyr, and increase his followers’ sense persecution, emboldening them to do who knows what.


    Consider also that there’s no legal or constitutional impediment to an eligible citizen running for president while incarcerated. Trump could orchestrate a political resurrection from a prison cell, being “restored” to what his followers deem his rightful place either by legitimately being elected or (far more likely) because the recent wave of voter suppression laws enacted by Republicans create a situation where he can’t lose. Much as Hitler proclaimed his ascension to power as a vindication of the nine months he served in prison after the Beer Hall Putsch, Trump’s miraculous election-from-prison would be embraced by his followers as proof that it was all worth it. Most of them would shy away from the Hitler parallels, of course — but some, ifQAnon rhetoricis to be believed, may not.

    If Trump is actually put on trial, it will become a spectacle unlike any other in American history. Any possible verdict — acquittal, conviction or mistrial — will be received by his supporters as a great victory. No matter what happens, such a trial would serve as a flashpoint for a far-right, anti-democratic movement the likes of which has never before existed in this country. On balance, that sounds really bad.


  25. Lost a fucking comment. Happens too often. Might be my phone, but doesn’t happen at WaPo or NYT. 

  26. I’ll try again, much shorter. Carb made it to East Bumfuck (again) and is spending the weekend in one of the P.O. facilities it visited Thursday. Maybe it will make it to me after its vacation. Maybe not. 

  27. I got a Twitter laugh out of old BJ Thomas once…..told him a joke, he laughed and follered me.

  28. Poobah, not a one off. Happens with some frequency. I’ll draft a comment, hit the post button, the progress bar goes about 20% and stops, goes to a blank screen, says error, failure to process, then it evaporates into the ether. 

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    Like the new edit function btw.

  29. That’s why I edit my comments a lot. A quick post goes through, but not a long one, so I go back and edit.  The editing is much smoother now.


    “Prosecutors in the suit claim Paxton persuaded investors to buy stock in a technology firm without disclosing he would be compensated for it. He was a member of the Texas House at the time.“

    “…Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s felony fraud charges should be in Collin County…”

    “Paxton represented Collin County in the Texas Legislature for years, and now his wife, state Sen. Angela Paxton, represents the region.“


    Orange Adolf is still calling the shots in the Republican Party, or he thinks he is, anyway.

  30. BID if he thinks he is and no one in the party is willing to show him differently he does. Best I can tell he does.

  31. Patsi, just for you, if you are out there listening somewhere, (grin , duck and run)

  32. A little Jamison in a glass and a toast. 
    “To absent friends”
    *sigh*, The list is getting too damn long

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