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  1. The Poetry of earth is never dead:  
    When all the birds are faint with the hot sun,    
    And hide in cooling trees, a voice will run    
    From hedge to hedge about the new-mown mead;  

    – John Keats –

    [i know john was only musing about a grasshopper and cricket, but couldn’t find anything lyrical about cicadas other than that song from toby t.]

  2. fact checking the above:

    from prevention:

    The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services maintains that they can reach at least 90 decibels, which is “as loud as a lawn mower, dirt bike, or tractor” and has been likened to “the whining of electrical wires rising and falling.” For one annual species in the Midwest, “the song sounds like someone is pressing scissors against a grind wheel in rapid succession,” per Iowa State University.


    How loud will the cicadas be? Somewhere between a vacuum cleaner and a leaf blower – pennlive.com


    How loud/noisy (in decibels) do periodical cicadas get?

  3. Favorite Dylan song?  Can’t do 1, but here’s 5 (in no particular order after 1.)

    1. All Along the Watchtower
    2. Tangled up in Blue
    3. Subterranean Homesick Blues
    4. Positively 4th Street
    5.  Highway 61 Revisited

    I coulda made it 20 but, well, I’m lazy.

  4. Here’s another batch.
    6. It takes a Lot to Laugh, It takes a Train to Cry
    7. Stuck Inside Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again
    8. Chimes of Freedom Passing
    9. You Ain’t Going Nowhere
    10.  It’s All Right, Ma (I’m only Bleeding)
    That young man could write a fucking song.

    Oh, and Cicadas – glad we don’t get hit with Brood X – them suckers are VERY LOUD!!!

  5. Probably because I listened to too much Dylan in my youth, I get to listen to cicadas year around. They are being kinda quiet today.

  6. Brood X one of those East coast news stories that the national media think we should all be interested in. 

  7. jack, media love stories about the sex life of 17 year olds  no matter where — look at all that matt gaetz coverage     🙂

  8. I’m one of those who thinks just about every Dylan song belongs in the list of top ten Dylan songs.  It’s a very dense list, very crowded.

  9. I like that Arch thing but every time I ever saw it I was doing at least 70 mph……except for that one time during the blizzard of Feb 82. 

  10. Pink-shirt Tacky-Mansion AR-15 Guy is the perfect representative of white, monied St. Louis culture btw, laughably so


  11. I heard my first Dylan song in 1962 when almost no one had even heard his name much less his voice.  My then fiancée, eventually husband and then ex had a best friend with a New York friend who had passed along a recording and a few song lyrics.  The last time I heard him was yesterday a mere 58 years later having migrated through all his many genre changes.



  12. Hey if it weren’t for St Louis where would everything go when I flush. That would be a nasty backup.

  13. Mary Ann Dawn Wells died of the covid Dec. 2020.   I did not know that.  82.

  14. Yup, Sturg. That was last December. Tough to see the crushes of our younger years gone to “natural causes” ain’t it?  
    Donovan had a few good songs and a scant few great ones.  I liked his music but a Dylan he was not.

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