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  1. warning: a bit risqué

    BTW, brad did a better doc tony, but who’s to question the snl artistes

    Dr. Anthony Fauci (Kate McKinnon) presents different scenarios to demonstrate the new COVID-19 mask guidelines.

  2. more of last night’s SNL from wapo:

    “Weekend Update” co-host Colin Jost returned to the new CDC mask guidelines later in the episode, quipping that President Biden’s “take off your mask and smile” directive sounded like “the first example in every workplace harassment seminar.” Jost also said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s decision to lower his mask and proclaim that he is “’free at last’ … is so wildly tone-deaf, it’s like if Matt Gaetz took off his mask and said, ‘I feel like a kid again.’”
    Jost brought out McKinnon-as-Cheney for an interview, addressing the congresswoman being voted out of House GOP leadership Wednesday because she continued to challenge former president Donald Trump’s false claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him.
    “I fell down to hell like Lil Nas X, fracked with the devil, and bounced back up onto MSNBC,” she said. “Colin, the Republican Party is changing. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what I did wrong. Look at me, I’m everything a conservative woman is supposed to be — blonde, mean.”
    “And?” Jost asked.
    “I was done,” McKinnon-as-Cheney replied. She went on to name other conservatives who would be joining her in her efforts to prevent Trump from winning the presidency again: “It’s gonna be me, George Conway, Nancy Reagan’s ghost, Meghan McCain … is not in, but I’m working on her … Colin, this is the grand implosion of Trumpism. You don’t even know the size of the tsunami that’s coming.”
    After a few more unconvincing arguments, McKinnon-as-Cheney described what she perceived to be her conservative credentials — “I opposed gay marriage” even though her own sister is gay — adding that she once loved Trump “like a straight sister.”
    “Republicans, I’m trying to save you,” she said. “You’re like horses who won’t leave a burning barn.”

  3. Never-trumpet Republicans all be like, “What happened to our principles?”

  4. liz is making the rounds today –  even on faux news. surprised they let her on.

    the hill:

    “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace asked Cheney why she could not ignore Trump, instead of attacking him which he said would “alienate” Trump’s millions of supporters in the GOP.

    “Well, you know, I wish we could do that Chris but unfortunately, as I said over the course of the last several weeks, former President Trump continues to be a real danger,” Cheney said.

    “What he’s doing and what he’s saying — his claims, his refusal to accept decisions by the courts. His claims continued as recently as yesterday that somehow this election was stolen,” she continued. “You know what he’s doing is he’s causing people to believe that they can’t count on our electoral process to actually convey the will of the people.”

    “Those millions of people that you mentioned, who supported the President, have been misled. They’ve been betrayed,” Cheney added.

    When asked if she believed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and newly elected House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) were “complicit” in Trump’s lies, Cheney said she did believe so.

    “They are, and I’m not willing to do that,” Cheney told Wallace. “I think that there are some things that have to be bigger than party, they have to be bigger than partisanship. Our oaths to the Constitution is one of those,” Cheney said.

  5. I really would like to have a magat hat for a souvenir of this time.  Sooner rather than later I expect to find one in the garbage somewhere.
    I also intend to make sure I add a “T” to maga with a permanent marker just in case someone should find it among my effects. 

  6. https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/16/politics/biden-welfare-queen-blake/index.html

    “The sheer scale of Biden’s multitrillion-dollar effort to end the pandemic and make life better for millions of struggling Americans has inspired some commentators to say that Biden has closed the door on the Reagan era.”

    “…the US has “the most meager social safety net in the club of advanced nations” because so many White Americans have been persuaded to oppose government programs that, while helping them, also help what they consider to be undeserving Black and brown people.“

    When One City Gave People Cash, They Went Out and Got Jobs

  7. Sturg – If you find one, I suggest that you immediately  drop it in a bag of gas and light that baby up.   The damage done to our democracy is all of the “souvenir” we can handle.  

  8. Love that NYCP group.  I’ll have to make it a point to go see them when I’m in NYC again if they are playing. And that O’Neill fella has some serious chops.
    I’ve thought about getting a MAGAt cap like you, sturge, and for the same reason.  I’ll remember to “personalize” it so no one gets confused about where I stand on Dumbass.  I may have the cap shop here embroider one of those nullification symbols over it.  I’ve always thought about have a bunch of those symbols printed up to slap on Dumbass/Pence 2024 bumper stickers (I’ve seen ’em, but no fucking way Pence will be part of the ticket if Dumbass runs).

  9. If ever worn, I suggest you style it with a brown shirt.
    I simply don’t understand wanting anything tied to the reign of you-know-who. I’m sure a cap will be on display in his ~presidential library~ which, I expect, will also have them available for purchase at the souvenir shop located next to the pay toilets.

  10. And then sometimes i think the “maga mission” was advance Liz Cheney to “electable”.   

    magat hat. like i said, souvenir; I would never in this life actually put it on my head. something tells me that they are going to be pretty damn scarce after this episode has run its damn course.

  11. with my red “make donald drumpf again” hat purchased from john oliver’s group and my bobbledhead miniature of the orange emperor has no clothes statue purchased from the sculptor’s folk, i only need now (and fervently look forward to acquiring to finish the collection for posterity) the front page headline of the NYTimes declaring the former guy has been found guilty and appropriately sentenced.

  12. At some point……some night in the near future……many current republicans are going to sit bolt-upright in a cold sweat with wide open eyes at 2:36 AM……slowly, they will mouth the words:   holy     effing     shit      we   kicked      Liz     EFFING       Cheney        to…the….effing…..curb…………

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