Unless you’re vaccinated, Shoppers,

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suggested sign which should be hung above all store doors, particularly those retailers who have discontinued their mask mandate protecting all who work and shop within


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  1. on another subject, lincoln project’s latest

    hey, LP, your below actions kinda conflict with your above aspirations

  2. Today is the Preakness

    2021 Preakness Stakes contenders, odds

    Program # Horse Odds
    1 Ram 30-1
    2 Keepmeinmind 15-1
    3 Medina Spirit 9-5
    4 Crowded Trade 10-1
    5 Midnight Bourbon 5-1
    6 Rombauer 12-1
    7 France Go De Ina 20-1
    8 Unbridled Honor 15-1
    9 Risk Taking 15-1
    10 Concert Tour 5-2
  3. jamie, please put me down for midnight bourbon (even though medina spirit most likely will be the winner)

  4. Walmart didn’t take long to reverse its mask policy. Fricking Republicans. I’ll be wearing mine, thank you very much. 

  5. state song “maryland my maryland” is no longer sung at preakness so will rep. raskin’s in vid below become the new one?

    according to espn last fall there wasn’t to be any song sung at the race scheduled in oct

    Preakness ends playing of ‘extremely offensive’ state song (espn.com)

    … due to its roots to the Confederacy during the Civil War.


    The song was written by James Ryder Randall as a poem in 1861. The poem’s opening line is “The despot’s heel is on thy shore,” a reference to President Abraham Lincoln.

    The lyrics include “Avenge the patriotic gore. That flecked the streets of Baltimore,” and later refers to the Union as “Northern scum!”

    “It’s extremely offensive” Jones told The Baltimore Sun. “People just hear the words, ‘Maryland, My Maryland.’ But if you look at the words, it’s not something you want to hail as the song for the state.”

  6. my suggestion for the preakness song – just needs a little tweaking of lyrics

  7. Patd,  I don’t agree about those 2 LP vids being contradictory. One is talking about the two parties working together collegially for the benefit of the country rather than what has been wrought from 1994 forward. The other is talking about intraparty Republican warfare under Dumbass and the danger of the cultish approach that has arisen in it. 

  8. The grocery store has removed all signage, including the arrows on the floor.  Cashiers are masked but the guys in produce were not.  Most customers were still wearing masks. 

    On the way home, I stopped to get gasoline. As I was filling the tank, I wondered how those rocket scientists put it in a garbage bag, because any liquid in a bag would be tricky, but also handling the pump handle…

  9. Jamie…   thanks for the Preakness info.  It does seems tainted allowing Baffert and Medina Spirit there.  It’s also weird that only MedinaS and Midnight Bourbon are the only horses that also ran the Derby.  I’ll watch….  but I don’t really care who wins.
    CBob…  your rant last night about the media and what it concentrates on was spot on!  

  10. RR

    Medina Spirit has now passed three drug tests this week.  Had to in order for Pimlico allowed him to run in the Preakness.


  11. pogo, the contradiction i meant was about promoting “civility” (which i interpret as speaking civilly to and about one’s opposition) on one hand and profanely putting down those same folk on the other hand.  i don’t disagree with either what they are promoting or what he said.  it just struck me as funny they  published 2 dissonant messages almost simultaneous on youtube on same day.  

  12. Jamie….  ok…  then he’s my horse.
    BTW… forgot to mention that I own and have actually read (not always the case) Jared Diamond’s “Collapse”….   it’s an eye opener!

  13. Yep, OM.  That’s what crypto is showing folks.  As long as you think it’s worth whatever and can get others to agree, you’ve really got something…until you don’t.

    OM & BID

    I tried too explain this concept ages ago to my kids by pulling a bill from my wallet and burning it.    Of course I used a one not a twenty.  

    These days almost all of it is funny money but rather an agreement that the numbers on their books that a bank honors are the same as the numbers on another bank and it all just flies through the air from one place to another as there is less and less physical cash being used.

  14. hope FBI is looking in to this. threatening gov’t officials is a no no, a felony type no no

    Liz Cheney says some GOP members voted against impeachment out of fear for their lives – CNNPolitics

    Washington (CNN)Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, whose criticism of former President Donald Trump led to her ouster from House Republican leadership, said Friday that several Republican members of Congress had voted against impeaching Trump out of fear for their own lives.
    Telling CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The Lead” that there are “more members who believe in substance and policy and ideals than are willing to say so,” Cheney cited the impeachment vote earlier this year, in which she was one of only 10 House Republicans who voted to hold Trump accountable for the Capitol riot.
    “If you look at the vote to impeach, for example, there were members who told me that they were afraid for their own security — afraid, in some instances, for their lives,” she said. “And that tells you something about where we are as a country, that members of Congress aren’t able to cast votes, or feel that they can’t, because of their own security.”

  15. bbronc, welcome aboard midnight bourbon.  you can take the reins while i enjoy the view.


    BTW, plenty room for more 

    See the source image

  16. i just don’t understand why some Americans are so eager to breathe in other people’s germs, coronavirus or otherwise.  i’ll never again not imagine the invisible cloud of pathogens emitted from everyone’s face, please stay away

    (i’ll just do my business in the odd-hours when everyone is watching TV or sleeping)

  17. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/05/14/texas-prison-air-conditioning-legislature/

    “The reality is, in Texas, we are cooking people in prisons…”

    “Currently, 70% of the state’s nearly 100 prison facilities do not have air conditioning in living areas. Some areas, like administrative offices and infirmaries, are air conditioned at all units.“

    “In the last decade, at least 13 men have died of heat stroke while incarcerated in Texas prisons, according to court records and autopsy reports. Many more prisoners and guards are sickened each year in temperatures that often soar past 100 degrees, requiring intravenous fluids after reporting dizziness, nausea, heat rashes and muscle cramps.“

    “Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton argued that “taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for tens of millions of dollars to pay for expensive prison air conditioning systems.”

    “Dozens of other lawsuits against TDCJ over heat-related deaths and illnesses have cost the state millions more since the summer of 2011, when a heat wave in Texas killed at least 10 imprisoned men.“

    “These people are being tortured,” she said. “We don’t treat animals like this, why on earth would we treat human beings like this?”

  18. Music touring for everyone fully-booked and sold-out going past this fall already

  19. There’s a  Soulshine cruise in November.  I don’t  wanna hear live music badly enough to ever get on a cruise ship.  I’ve had friends try to get me to go on different cruises over the years. I’ve had no trouble saying no. I just can’t think of a worse vacation.

  20. My last concert was Prince long long ago. Pretty sure I’ll never go to another concert. Well, I might go see “LUCIUS” if they came to Levon’s Barn again. And wasn’t that long ago that Debbie Harry played the Cafe Carlyle, I would have gone to that. That Prince was one sharp cookie. Tickets were $90 apiece, but you got a free CD. Turns out each CD given away was counted as sold CD’s. Sky-high record sales.

  21. Last thing approaching a “concert” was Gordon Lightfoot.  He was great in performance but it was more a theater than a usual concert venue.

    I don’t do huge crowds


  22. jamie, same here, especially when they insist on singing and drowning out the artist, unless it’s a crowd huge like this

    A number of elephants and their mahout out for a walk in the mountains passed by the place I’d put a piano. When I saw the elephants coming I walked over to the piano and played “Greensleeves”. The elephants stopped walking of their own accord and trumpeted along with the music.

  23. bink, it’s out there for this 80 yr old grand lady.  am sure the poor guy who had to lug it out there, was happy to do it

    Debussy “Clair de Lune” for a gentle female elephant called Ampan. Ampan is 80 years old and lives with us as Elephants World in Thailand. She is blind in one eye and can barely see with the other. 80 years old is very old indeed for an elephant, it’s about 10 years past the natural life span of an elephant in the wild.


  24. more of the herd who heard music in the wild

    Lam Duan is the name of an old blind elephant, her name means “Tree with Yellow Flowers”. Lam Duan has been blind most of her life. Lamduan lives at Elephants World, Thailand. http://www.elephantsworld.org

  25. elephants are pretty damn smart.  no telling what they think about that crazy guy who keeps playing on a  piano in desperate need of tuning.  

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