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  1. CNBC:

    Taxes may soon be going up for the wealthy.
    President Joe Biden aims to fund expanded education, child care, paid leave and other reforms by collecting more tax revenue from Americans who make more than $400,000 a year.
    He would do so by raising the top income and capital gains tax rates, changing the taxation of wealthy estates, closing so-called tax loopholes and focusing audits of the rich to prevent tax evasion.
    All told, the American Families Plan would raise $1.5 trillion over a decade by taxing the highest earners, according to the White House.
    “I think you should be able to become a billionaire or a millionaire,” Biden told Congress on Wednesday night in a speech outlining his agenda. “But pay your fair share.”
    The richest 1% of taxpayers, who have an average income of $2.2 million, would shoulder the burden of the tax hike, according to an analysis published by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.
    Two-thirds of this group would see their taxes increase, by an average $159,000 a year, according to the analysis.
    Biden’s tax plan would raise the top income tax rate to 39.6%.
    That was the highest rate before the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which lowered it to the current 37%.
    The 39.6% rate would apply to the top 1% of Americans, according to the White House.
    Households with more than roughly $540,000 of income fall among the wealthiest 1% of taxpayers, according to Garrett Watson, a senior policy analyst at the Tax Foundation.

  2. also from that cnbc link:

    The White House would also allocate additional resources to the IRS to enhance tax audits of households with more than $400,000 of income.
    Audit rates on those making more than $1 million per year fell 80% between 2011 and 2018, according to IRS data cited by the White House, which said its enforcement plan would raise $700 billion over a decade.

    guess that means he’s scrapping their abacuses, quill pens, musty ledgers and dial-up infernal waiting times.  maybe even hiring a few more folks with green eyeshades who don’t look the other way when it comes to the boss in chief and his buddies.

    Image result for cartoon Accountants EyeShade

  3. Ran across a Trumper longing for the good ol’ Reagan days and how the US had the highest tax rate in the world now.

    All the highest tax brackets globally for the past 50 years was definitely worth the research  time.  Then I rubbed it in with what citizens received for their money just for the fun of it all.

    BTW, Singapore has only a 22% tax rate, but they don’t need the cash from citizens.  That is one of the off shore places where US corporations hide their money to avoid paying taxes here.



  4. Maybe Denmark will come to me in a small way. Go, Joe, go!  The level of trust amongst Danes as to what is done with  with their tax dollars is high.

    It might also start to eat away at the economic caste system we have here.  If everyone has a chance to get ahead, the lie about scarcity that Republicans use to divide us will start to disintegrate, as well.

  5. Let us not forget the saga of the Panama papers.


    “The most obvious use of offshore financial centers is to avoid taxes”, The Economist added.[36] Oxfam blamed tax havens in its 2016 annual report on income inequality for much of the widening gap between rich and poor. “Tax havens are at the core of a global system that allows large corporations and wealthy individuals to avoid paying their fair share,” said Raymond C. Offenheiser, president of Oxfam America, “depriving governments, rich and poor, of the resources they need to provide vital public services and tackle rising inequality.”[38]

  6. got this email message last night from fearless leader:

    “Dad back in hospital, could use your help for a post

    so am calling on all mixers to send positive therapeutic thoughts florida-way.

    also please pitch in on thread submissions as often as the spirit strikes you. they will be posted on an unadulterated and unedited basis and on a FIFO timeline.  otherwise, until we hear again from craig, you’re stuck with my nonsense du jour.  

  7. can’t say rudy & gang weren’t warned. alarms bells and red flags blazing didn’t seem to matter.


    The FBI warned Rudolph W. Giuliani in late 2019 that he was the target of a Russian influence operation aimed at circulating falsehoods intended to damage President Biden politically ahead of last year’s election, according to people familiar with the matter.
    The warning was part of an extensive effort by the bureau to alert members of Congress and at least one conservative media outlet, One America News, that they faced a risk of being used to further Russia’s attempt to influence the election’s outcome, said several current and former U.S. officials. All spoke on the condition of anonymity because the matter remains highly sensitive.
    Giuliani received the FBI’s warning while deeply involved with former president Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign and related activities in Ukraine to surface unflattering or incriminating information about the Biden family. The revelation comes as the FBI this week seized Giuliani’s cellphone and other electronic devices as part of a long-running criminal investigation into whether the onetime New York mayor and personal attorney for Trump acted as an unregistered foreign agent.
    The warning, made by counterintelligence agents, was separate from the Justice Department’s ongoing criminal probe, but it reflects a broader concern by U.S. intelligence and federal investigators that Giuliani — among other influential Americans and U.S. institutions — was being manipulated by the Russian government to promote its interests and that he appears to have brazenly disregarded such fears.
    Despite the alert, Giuliani went forward in December 2019 with a planned trip to Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, where he met with a Ukrainian lawmaker whom the U.S. government later labeled “an active Russian agent” …. [continues]

  8. but in through-the-lookingglass-land eyes

    Tucker Carlson’s conspiracy-obsessed Giuliani interview: not for the faint hearted | Rudy Giuliani | The Guardian

    Rudy Giuliani guilty? That’s what they want you to think! And who are they? The sinister cabal of Hunter Biden, the Lincoln Project and Department of Injustice, of course.
    That would have been the impression of Fox News viewers on Thursday night when Giuliani gave his first TV interview since federal agents seized mobile phones and computers from his New York apartment, part of an investigation into his dodgy Ukrainian dealings.
    The host was Tucker Carlson, whose smirking sympathy for the white supremacist “great replacement” theory, and insistence that making kids wear face masks is “child abuse”, have made him the true heir to Donald Trump as the rightwing conspiracy-theory king.
    A split screen of Carlson and Giuliani was not for the faint hearted. [continues]

  9. Craig…  at this point…  I hope your father has as easy a passing over as he possibly can.  You’ve been a very good son.
    patd….   thanks for all that you do for this blog.  I’ve been very tied up with a project lately.

  10. Some W Va coal schmuck, maybe the governor,  on tv saying that the miners LOVE digging coal and just want to keep doing it.   They LOVE digging that stuff and are PROUD of being coal miners. 
      I think maybe not.

  11. Pat

    I’ll submit the annual Kentucky Derby post for tomorrow.  For those who still don’t have in their bets, here are the current standings

    1 / Known Agenda (Irad Ortiz, Jr.) / 6-1 / 

    2 / Like The King (Van Dyke) / 50 – 1 / 

    3 / Brooklyn Strong (Rispoli)/ 50 – 1 / 

    4 / Keepmeinmind (Cohen) / 50 – 1 / 

    5 / Sainthood (Lanerie) / 50 – 1 / 

    6 / O Besos (Pedroza) / 20 – 1 / 

    7 / Mandaloun (Geroux) / 15 – 1 / 

    8 / Medina Spirit (Velazquez) / 15 – 1 / 

    9 / Hot Rod Charlie (Prat) / 8 – 1 / – Pogo, Renee, Sturgeone 

    10 / Midnight Bourbon (Smith) / 20 – 1 / – Jamie 

    11 / Dynamic One (Jose Ortiz) / 20 – 1 / 

    12 / Helium (Leparoux) / 50 – 1 / – Craig 

    13 / Hidden Stash (Bejarano) / 50 – 1 / 

    14 / Essential Quality (Saez) / 2-1 /– Patd / Place for Jamie 

    15 / Rock Your World (Rosario) / 5-1 / – Place for Patd 

    16 / King Fury (Hernandez, Jr) / 20 – 1 /  

    17 / Highly Motivated (Castellano) / 10-1 / 

    18 / Super Stock (Santana) / 30-1 / 

    19 / Soup and Sandwich (Gaffaleone) / 30-1 /– Show for Patd 

    20 / Bourbonic (Carmouche) / 30-1 /  

  12. Coal Miners may be proud of doing difficult work.  They are probably not so thrilled with chances of dying on the job or from black lung disease.


  13. LP has coined a new term tuckingcrazy – getting more and more useful and accurate


    The Lincoln Project and its founders have hit out at Fox News host Tucker Carlson after he claimed federal agents had sent details of a planned raid on Rudy Giuliani‘s home in New York City to the anti-Trump campaign group.
    In a monologue on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Wednesday, Carlson said agents had seized all of Giuliani’s digital records and personal devices. He then took aim at a tweet from the Lincoln Project which hinted that the campaign was aware of the planned raid beforehand.
    “The Feds notified their allies at the Democratic Party‘s campaign operation the Lincoln Project,” Carlson said. “The Lincoln Project then bragged online that they knew this raid was coming.”
    Reacting to the monologue, The Lincoln Project tweeted: “Nightly reminder that this guy is #TuckingCrazy.” A video mash up of the Fox News host laughing was attached to the tweet.

  14. There’s no way in hell that a coal miner loves ANYTHING about his work except the paycheck.  If anyone knows a coal miner, I’d very much like to ask them how they feel about the mines.   I’d like to hear it first hand.

  15. When discussing the number of members in the House to represent the people, the usual mentions are the high population states needing more services, but here is another example from the current census:

    Idaho’s population increased by 17% since 2010, yet it still will not receive any additional representation in Congress. Two representatives will represent 1,839,000 Idahoans in the House until 2030*: A ratio of 1 rep. / ~919,500 Idahoans.


  16. A coal miner family settled here in the sixties.  Came to find out,  they had left W Va. after the mother told the father that he was out of the mines for good or she was hauling ass.   So they sold and borrowed and headed to Florida, but this was as far as they got.    Two sons and two sisters.   They were all a bunch of tough monkeys……sisters included.   Welsh.   The sons, Orin and Johnny, both made pretty swell high school fullbacks.   But I never knew about the coal mining part till much later in life so never got to ask them about it.

  17. Oh and the fillies race for the lilies today.  

    Kentucky Oaks 

    here are the post positions and morning line odds: 

    1. Pauline’s Pearl (20-1) 

    1. Maracuja (20-1) 

    1. Clairiere (5-1) 

    1. Crazy Beautiful (15-1) – Patd 

    1. Pass the Champagne (15-1) – Jamie 

    1. Travel Column (3-1) 

    1. Ava’s Grace (50-1) 

    1. Moraz (30-1) 

    1. Coach (50-1) morning line favorite 

    1. Will’s Secret (30-1) 

    1. Search Results (3-1) 

    1. Competitive Speed (50-1) 

    1. Millefeuille (20-1) 

  18. Craig, Some big hugs for you, this is a tough time, I know it. 
    Pat: Sunday’s post is ready to go. 
    Jamie: put me on Bourbonic.
    Going down and hang with family, I have a niece in the hospital. This girl is either healthy strong or in the hospital with doctors going, “damn, never saw that before”.  At least for our mental health the times she is in the hospital have been 20 years apart. 
    BTW the docs seem to believe she has  ADEM, (swelling of the brain and other stuff) a childs disease that is rare in 25 yr old adults. They are treating it and she is getting better.
    So I going to be mostly on the other side of the digital divide for a few days.

  19. Hey Renee, the Pats took by boy Mac Jones in the first round.  Boy can fling a football.

  20. OMG Pogo…  I’m so excited!
    I heard that 6 first round picks came from Alabama last night….     Roll Tide!

  21. jack, thanks for sunday post

    in case you haven’t seen this about your derby pick burbonic:

    cbssportsKendrick Carmouche is going to be the first Black jockey to compete in the Kentucky Derby since 2013 on Saturday. Carmouche will be riding Burbonic, who is a 30-1 longshot to win the 2021 installment of the iconic race. In an interview with the Associated Press, Carmouche said he wants this to be an inspiration to people.

    and this from usatoday:

    lack jockeys ruled the Kentucky Derby in its early days, winning 15 of the first 28 races. Oliver Lewis won the inaugural Derby aboard Aristides in 1875. Isaac Murphy won three Derbys in eight years aboard Buchanan (1884), Riley (1890) and Kingman (1891). These days, Carmouche is among only a handful of Black jockeys in the United States.

  22. craig can rest easy for the next few days about the trail at least. so far we have

    Jamie for tomorrow derby day

    Jack for sunday

    Sturge for monday

  23. The Wayback machine is operating.  According to the Wapo Covid tracker, new Covid cases (7 day avg,) is the lowest it’s been since October 13 and has fallen by 16.5% over the past week  Deaths fell 8.5% in the past week and are the lowest they’ve been since Oct. 8 (gain, 7 day avg.)  52009 new cases and 686 cases are still too high, but better.

  24. Craig – Glad to heat your dad is out of the hospital, at least, and hope he feels more comfortable with hospice support.  
    Jack – All the best to your family, too.

    patD – I’ll work on something that isn’t time-sensitive.   

  25. Tomorrow, I get to go expose myself to the virus so I can vote.  

    Some of the TX races are hilarious (well, ridiculous).  The seat to be filled for Ron Wright has 23 candidates including his widow (endorsed by you-know-who), a candidate whose hate-speech has caused her to be shunned by other Republicans, and, a pro-wrestler from NJ who lost an election bid in NV…so now he’s trying his luck in TX.  He’s a real sideshow; held an event called ”Wrestle For Your Rights.”  

  26. Tomorrow, I get to go expose myself to the virus so I can vote.  

    i thought you got your shot

  27. i shared your Piña Colada meme with a friend who likes that song way too much, RR; laughs were had, thank you👍

  28. Patd

    Things have changed a bit.  I couldn’t find the Submission button.  It is among the drafts under the title “Roses Are Red”


  29. I had shot #1 last Saturday.   I know of one person who got covid after having only one shot, and, one person who got it after having both shots.   It’ll be months (at least) before I feel comfortable around other humans, not that I’ve ever been all that comfortable around most of them.

  30. jamie, found it.  don’t worry it’ll be up and running before the sun in the morning just like those poor horses, walkers and ladies working the last minute on their ridiculous hats.

  31. Vaccine + continued responsible practices and you’re fine (if everybody else is masked ofc)

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