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  1. rick’s not the only one in trouble, so is CNN according to  this in the guardian:

     “Rick Santorum is just saying what the majority of Americans silently believe – the only ‘real history’ is US history,” said Brett Chapman, a Native American attorney and descendant of Chief Standing Bear, the first Native Indian to win civil rights in the US.

    “Everything centers around it. Many claim to appreciate and respect Native history yet know nothing about it. Let’s not act like he’s some lone wolf out there on this.”

    The Cherokee writer Rebecca Nagle pointed to CNN’s lack of Native American commentators, while giving a platform to Santorum, who has previously made offensive and false claims about other minority communities.

    On Monday, the Native American Journalists Association cautioned Native American and Alaska Native reporters from working with, or applying for jobs, at CNN in the wake of continued racist comments and insensitive reporting directed at Indigenous people.

    Last week, a CNN host incorrectly identified Minnesota’s lieutenant governor, Peggy Flanagan, a member of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe, as a white woman. The network has yet to correct its mistake.

  2. also from that guardian piece:

    In a statement, the National Congress of American Indians, the nation’s largest organization representing American Indian and Alaska Native groups, criticized the former senator.

    “Rick Santorum is an unhinged and embarrassing racist who disgraces CNN and any other media company that provides him a platform,” Fawn Sharp, the group’s president, said.

    She said Santorum’s assertion that settlers birthed a nation were wrong. “What European colonizers found in the Americas were thousands of complex, sophisticated and sovereign Tribal Nations, each with millennia of distinct cultural, spiritual and technological development,” she said.

    “Hopefully, sophisticated and humane Native American philosophy will win out over the caveman mentality of people like Rick Santorum.”

  3. speaking of CNN 

    (CNN)On the cusp of the 100-day mark of Joe Biden’s presidency, a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS finds 53% of Americans approve of the way he is handling the job and say he has had the right priorities, and 59% say he is doing a good job keeping his campaign promises.
    Biden earns broad approval for his handling of the defining issue of the last year of American life, the coronavirus pandemic. Overall, 66% approve of his handling of it, up 6 points since early March. He earns near universal approval on the issue from Democrats (97% approve), 65% approval among independents, and 30% approval from Republicans — 16 points higher than GOP approval for Biden on any other issue tested in the poll.
    Biden earns net positive approval ratings on seven of the nine issues tested in the poll. After coronavirus, the President earns his highest ratings for his handling of environmental policy and racial injustice (54% approve of each). Further, 52% approve of his handling of the role of commander-in-chief, and about half each approve of his handling of the economy (51%), taxes (50%) and foreign affairs (48%).
    The poll suggests Americans are starting to see signs of life in an economy that has been stalled for much of the last year. Most, 54%, say economic conditions are very or somewhat good, up from 43% who felt that way in January. And nearly 6 in 10 say they expect the economy to be in good shape a year from now (58%).

  4. I know that CNN hired Santorum to have a balanced viewpoint.  But why couldn’t they find one decent well spoken conservative to add to their panels.  Instead they hire a religious bigot.

  5. something to look forward to

    daily beast:

    Former President Donald Trump is one step closer to testifying in a New York lawsuit filed by a group of protesters who claim his bodyguards assaulted them in 2015.


    While president, Trump had tried to quash a subpoena that would force him to testify at the civil trial in the Bronx and sit for a videotaped deposition beforehand. In 2019, his lawyers appealed a judge’s order denying his request.

    On Tuesday, the state’s Appellate Division dismissed Trump’s appeal as moot.

    “This appeal concerning the proper standard for determining whether a sitting President may be compelled to give videotaped trial testimony about unofficial acts in a civil action against him or her is moot given that the rights of parties will not be directly affected by our determination,” the court said in its ruling, “and that there will not be an immediate consequence of the judgment.”


    Similarly, the state’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, recently ruled that Summer Zervos’ defamation suit against Trump could proceed because Trump is no longer a sitting president and “the issues presented have become moot.” In that case, Trump called Zervos, a former contestant on The Apprentice, a liar after she came forward in 2016 with allegations he groped her and kissed her without her consent.


    In September 2019, Trump’s legal team—which includes Marc Kasowitz and Lawrence Rosen—filed an appeal claiming the court “erred in failing to determine, as required by the U.S. Constitution and other applicable law, that President Trump was the only source available for testimony” on his ties to the defendants and “in erroneously concluding that the President’s testimony was ‘indispensable’” to the activists’ claims.

    This month, the activists’ lawyers—Nathaniel K. Charny, Roger J. Bernstein, and Dictor—filed a motion to dismiss Trump’s appeal as moot “in light of his return to private citizen status.”

    In a court filing last week, they added that Trump’s testimony is relevant because the alleged “conduct of the security guards was committed at the express or implied direction, and with express and implied approval of” the reality TV star-turned president.

  6. Santorum – a despicable prick.  I hope he’s finally stuck his foot so far into his mouth and down his throat that he chokes on it, or at least goes the phuck away and shuts the phuck up.
    So there is more to Native American culture than bows and arrows, totems, wampum, feather, buckskin and corn?  Who knew? ~~~

  7. Trailmix could adopt this friendly deity as our resident indigenous guide.  There are several hanging around my house keeping the owls company. 


  8. So disappointed I thought you meant he was dead.
    American culture is full of Indian influences . I doubt any of the thousands of sports teams from pee wee to professional  named after some Indian reference did it because they thought the name represented no account losers.  

  9. I like the timing. Big nasty Trump story while Joe does big address to Congress. A framing to remind us why we elected him, scramble the Trumpsters

  10. Jamie, yes, baskets – I actually had them in my first list which was lost to the dreaded “could not connect because the server stopped responding” message.
    Rudy, Rudy, Rudy.  Bet he’s hoping he scrubbed all his love notes with Ukranians and Russians dishing dirt on his boss’ political opponent.

  11. the trudy raid must also be puting a damper on the GOPer retreat in orlando this week (that is if it’s still going on after the cheney v. mcarthy todo).  there might be some there that are shaking in their boots about what might be found on the devices DOJ just grabbed.

  12. a touch of schadenfreude, michael ?


    Michael Cohen, who was former President Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer, was quick to react to the news that federal agents raided Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan apartment in a search warrant execution.

    “Here we go folks!!!” Cohen wrote on Twitter in the moments after The New York Times broke the story about the federal investigation.

  13. speaking of that GOPer retreat, rudy’s friend (or former friend by now) called one of the participants at the party a “warmongering fool.”   isn’t the biblical word “whoremonger”  and wouldn’t this be another one of those kettle/pot cases?  here he goes projecting again – especially the “fool” part. 

  14. some more good news today.  

    the guardian:

    Activists and protesters have tried fruitlessly for years to stop the construction of the controversial TransMountain oil pipeline in western Canada.

    Now, a tiny hummingbird have succeeded where others have fallen short, forcing construction on the multibillion-dollar project to halt for the next four months.

    Environment and Climate Change Canada has ordered work to stop until 21 August after the discovery of an Anna’s hummingbird nest in a tree felled during construction of the pipeline.

    The migratory bird is not endangered, but it is protected under federal law, and community groups in southern British Columbia had raised the alarm that TransMountain was chopping down trees in vulnerable nesting areas.


  15. Breaking NYT: FBI agents have also executed a search warrant at the DC-area home of Victoria Toensing, a lawyer close to Rudy Giuliani who had dealings with Ukrainians involved in the effort to find damaging information about the Bidens. https://t.co/M55weRwDjH

  16. We went from “teachable moments” to “burn in hell you dirty fucker”, it’s getting to be ri-goddamn-diculous

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