Goin Gettysburg

Lincoln’s genius at Gettysburg was tying the Civil War to preserving Democracy, which galvanized public support in divided times.

Tonight Joe Biden appears headed toward justifying his agenda on that hallowed ground, in this case to lift up struggling Americans to preserve Democracy.


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  1. So is the the Biden substitute for SOTU?  None of the news agencies seem to think it is, and he’s not calling it that. but what little I’ve seen suggest to me that the only thing missing is him starting it with Madam Speaker, Yertle, all you little guys out there, Josh and Lindsey (if you’re watching), the state of our union is strong.” Aside from declaring war, when else does the Prez address a joint session of Congress?

  2. POTUS Joe isn’t sure there’s a Republican Party left to deal with anymore.  Nice burn. Ha!

    Tedious Cruz thinks Biden is following a socialist agenda? Oh, honey!  Just wait until AOC and company have more power, as they hold more and higher offices. 

    Election Day here on Saturday. Why aren’t all elections in November?

  3. Well, under the former guy, i didn’t expect to receive a vaccination until August, under Biden i got one before April, so i grade his administration “A plus”, thus far

  4. We got so much vaccine in this country we don’t even know what to do with it all!  #firstworldproblems 
    (plz don’t cancel me for using that outmoded societal designation🙏)

  5. Every time I hear about Rudee’s current problems it makes me very happy

  6. Texas was slated to have herd immunity in mid-June.  With the hesitation to get vaccinated (or a second shot), that date is now predicted to be late July.

  7. The first speech by a new President is never called a “State of the Union”.   It is an address to Congress assembled.  After being in office for a year is when it becomes the State of the Union.


  8. Ha!!! Trudy calls the execution of the Search warrants as legal thuggery. Oh poor baby.

  9. “Since 1977, new presidents have not called their first speech before a joint session of Congress a ‘State of the Union.’ They are often referred to as an ‘annual message’ or a message/address on a particular topic.”

    You have anything to do with this, Poobah?

  10. But Article II, Section 3, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution simply calls for the President to periodically “give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.”

    Nothing about all these weird made-up rules applied nowadays

  11. Craig

    Not made up.  I pulled it up off the top of my head without Google so it must be a tradition of some lengthy history for it to just pop up from the grey cell file cabinet.

  12. My guess is that once President’s started doing it in the first place, it became tradition to do it following the beginning of the new administration.  With a re-elected Pres, he knew what policies were working or planned for continuation of their administration.

    For a guy with only 100 days on the job, it is sort of “State of the Union?  How the he’ll should I know” 🙂 

  13. This speech is going to kill  the Fox meme  of “slow Joe”. 
    Greta was on again tonight,  Part II .  You all really need to see this series.  We are watching  the birth of another Gandhi, or a King . I can’t believe how wise this young woman is , and how brave she is.  She’s really kind of spooky in her honesty. 

    She’s like Elvis .

  14.  Triangulation –
    The right has had it’s “19th Nervous Break Down”.
    The left has finally gotten to the left . 
    And in the middle are a couple of “American Joes”

  15. It ain’t the “Fear Speech” of  1933 , but none will ever be that speech. 
    But it will be the gold standard of the 21st Century.

  16. All I know is that “Big Government”  gave me a chance to die by some other means than choking to death.  And I didn’t have to be rich to get that.

  17. Poobah, yes. G’night. 
    Gee, can’t wait for Tim Scott’s rebuttal. I’m sure it will be riveting. 

  18. Becoming a Christian transformed my life … Sorry anyone have a spoon I have a desperate need to gag. 

  19. Scott is nothing more or less than a Republiqan Chatty Cathy. I’ve heard all this before. Same shit different day. 

  20. I am really  sick  of people who never heard of the term , ” Germ Theory”, judging  whether  we should reach “herd immunity” .
    Well there’s another term involving the word “herd” . It’s called “Thinning the Herd”. 
    And that , boys, and girls  is what viruses  do. 

  21. Global “herd immunity” against covid will never be achieved, be glad you live in a country where yearly boosters will likely be available*

    *(no guarantees)

  22. Blink –
    The ” Trail of Tears ” is now more than one event. It is a sign of where we are .
    We all have become crybabies. 

  23. Blink –
    I stood about 6 feet from Neil Young  at the , “Music Box”  in the spring of  67′  in Lubbock . 
    The headline act was the “Seeds”, what was their # 1 hit ?

  24. i’ll post this full masterpiece, here, one final time, a nature film set to the album, filmed on Kodak in 2020

    …the whole presentation is just brilliant

  25. i just love when contemporary artists decide to make an ALBUM, as opposed to catchy singles (a season for everything, i like catchy singles)- the tradition is alive and well (just harder to find)

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