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  1. amy on mojo yesterday about her book,

    but first one has to suffer thru a minute of ron johnson studidity (think of it as a dumb commercial for the dumdum party) before her interview.

  2. pogo, WVA getting pretty darn creative there 


    West Virginia will give $100 savings bonds to residents ages 16 to 35 who get vaccinated against Covid, Gov. Jim Justice announced Monday.
    “Every single one of our young people — we’re going to give a $100 savings bond to every single one that steps up and takes their vaccines,” Justice, a Republican, said at a news conference.
    About 52% of the state’s 1.5 million eligible residents have received at least one dose, according to the governor. If at least 275,000 of younger West Virginians get vaccinated, it will increase the state’s total to more than 70%.
    Justice said he would use federal emergency funding provided by the CARES Act, which passed Congress in March 2020, to pay for the savings bonds. That relief package sent about $150 billion directly to state governments to help them fight the pandemic. States have until the end of this year to spend the money.

  3. Craig – Elizabeth Warren & Stacey Abrams at Politics & Prose next Monday.
    How is there a book-signing during a pandemic?

  4. BiD

    The Gaelic “usquebaugh”, meaning “Water of Life”, phonetically became “usky” and then “whisky” in English. 

    It is a matter of location and recipe as to whether it is Bourbon or Scotch.

    Bourbon is made from a grain mash that contains at least 51% corn, while Scotch whiskeys are typically made from malted grains. These differences give bourbon and Scotch slightly different taste profiles.  Bourbon tends to be sweeter, while Scotch tends to have a more intense smokiness.


  5. and bourbon is not really bourbon just like champagne is not really champagne unless it’s produced in a certain locale

  6. jamie, akvavit is another one of those lively waters according to wiki:

    The word aquavit derives from the Latin aqua vitae, “water of life.” Compare the words whisky or whiskey, from Gaelic uisce beatha, which has the same meaning. Likewise, clear fruit brandy is called eau de vie (French for “water of life”). A story holding that the term really means “water from the vine” – from a conflation of the Latin vītae (genitive of vita) and the Italian term vite (meaning grapevine) – is no more than a picturesque piece of folk etymology.


    Akvavit is an important part of Nordic drinking culture, where it is often drunk during festive gatherings, such as Christmas dinners and the Midsummer celebration, and as an aperitif. In Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany aquavit is chilled and often drunk in a single gulp from a small shot glass. This is usually attributed to tradition.[4] It is not generally chilled in Norway, but enjoyed slowly. In Sweden commonly the aquavit is consumed immediately following a song, called a snapsvisa. The most well-known song is Helan Går.

  7. will sings helan gar

    Helan går
    Sjung hopp faderallan lallan lej
    Helan går
    Sjung hopp faderallan lej
    Och den som inte helan tar*
    Han heller inte halvan får
    Helan går

  8. Klobuchar was on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show last night on MSNBC.  I usually only watch the first half hour…  she was on the second half hour.  I stayed up cuz I really wanted to watch her.  She came on…  and then…  I fell asleep.  Woke up just as Lawrence was thanking her for coming on his show.  Aging sucks sometimes.
    I’ll have to watch the interview later today on MSNBC’s website.

  9. Kentucky Derby 

    Post Position / Name (Jockey) / Trailmix Rider 


    1 / Known Agenda (Irad Ortiz, Jr.) 

    2 / Like The King (Van Dyke) 

    3 / Brooklyn Strong (Rispoli) 

    4 / Keepmeinmind (Cohen) 

    5 / Sainthood (Lanerie) 

    6 / O Besos (Pedroza) 

    7 / Mandaloun (Geroux) 

    8 / Medina Spirit (Velazquez) 

    9 / Hot Rod Charlie (Prat) – Pogo, Renee, Sturgeone 

    10 / Midnight Bourbon (Smith)  – Jamie 

    11 / Dynamic One (Jose Ortiz) 

    12 / Helium (Leparoux) – Craig 

    13 / Hidden Stash (Bejarano) 

    14 / Essential Quality (Saez) – Patd / Place for Jamie 

    15 / Rock Your World (Rosario) – Place for Patd 

    16 / King Fury (Hernandez, Jr) 

    17 / Highly Motivated (Castellano) 

    18 / Super Stock (Santana) 

    19 / Soup and Sandwich (Gaffaleone) – Show for Patd 

    20 / Bourbonic (Carmouche) – 

  10. Yeah, Hot Rod Charlie—that’s the ticket.

    All the rest of them names sound a mite pushy.

  11. Here are the morning line odds which will change a lot by race day as all the bets come in.

    Kentucky Derby 

    Post Position / Name (Jockey) / Morning Odds / Trailmix Rider 


    1 / Known Agenda (Irad Ortiz, Jr.) / 6-1 / 

    2 / Like The King (Van Dyke) / 50 – 1 / 

    3 / Brooklyn Strong (Rispoli)/ 50 – 1 / 

    4 / Keepmeinmind (Cohen) / 50 – 1 / 

    5 / Sainthood (Lanerie) / 50 – 1 / 

    6 / O Besos (Pedroza) / 20 – 1 / 

    7 / Mandaloun (Geroux) / 15 – 1 / 

    8 / Medina Spirit (Velazquez) / 15 – 1 / 

    9 / Hot Rod Charlie (Prat) / 8 – 1 / – Pogo, Renee, Sturgeone 

    10 / Midnight Bourbon (Smith) / 20 – 1 / – Jamie 

    11 / Dynamic One (Jose Ortiz) / 20 – 1 / 

    12 / Helium (Leparoux) / 50 – 1 / – Craig 

    13 / Hidden Stash (Bejarano) / 50 – 1 / 

    14 / Essential Quality (Saez) / 2-1 /– Patd / Place for Jamie 

    15 / Rock Your World (Rosario) / 5-1 / – Place for Patd 

    16 / King Fury (Hernandez, Jr) / 20 – 1 /  

    17 / Highly Motivated (Castellano) / 10-1 / 

    18 / Super Stock (Santana) / 30-1 / 

    19 / Soup and Sandwich (Gaffaleone) / 30-1 /– Show for Patd 

    20 / Bourbonic (Carmouche) / 30-1 /  

  12. Patd, re the WV pay the kids to get vaccinated plan, if you can’t convince them with facts and reason, I guess all that’s left is paying them. Fine with me – whatever it takes. 

  13. “water of life” = ancient deceptive marketing practice, “liquid death” more accurate 

  14. Pandemic’s over, it’s now “endemic”, i.e. you had better learn to live with it, because society is moving forward, consequences (your untimely death, or mine) be damned.
    The MIT transmission study gives indication to what kind of normalcy we can expect in the near future, and it won’t be the old normalcy, but a lot of stuff is about to open back up.

  15. An appeal to the reported %40 of Americans who will refuse to be vaccinated:
    ”Can i have your stuff? (Was nice knowing you btw)”

  16. A UCLA-educated lawyer in my family is (so far) refusing to get vaccinated.   The risk of not recovering is so low and the vaccine is too much of an unknown.  Republicans.

  17. “the vaccine is too much of an unknown. “

    Ask that dope how big of a sample size they need, is 100 million+ not large enough for them?
    It’s unethical to mandate closures of business and recreational venues if the science doesn’t support doing so, so anything outdoors (e.g. pro-sports) is opening back up imminently.
    Everything indoors is still dicey without costly HVAC overhauls

  18. Something else to ruin our plans, a lot businesses are not surviving to be open when Americans hit the road.  Also quite a few are short of many products.  Supply chains and shipping are in rough shape.  Then there is the fuel issue.  There might be shortages because there are no drivers.  And, there is the problem of no cars due to no chips.  Looks like stay at home is the good plan once again.

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