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  1. variety:

    Frances McDormand won best actress at Sunday’s Academy Awards for portraying Fern, a woman who takes to the road after the plant in her small-town closes down, in “Nomadland.” It’s McDormand’s third win in the category, tying her with Meryl Streep and Ingrid Bergman, who each have three victories and within striking distance of the current record-holder, Katharine Hepburn, who has four statues.

    In her acceptance speech, McDormand suggested that there should have been a karaoke bar at the ceremony, and quoted the Shakespeare play “Macbeth.”

    I have no words: my voice is in my sword,” McDormand said, quoting Macduff as he fights Macbeth. She then continued in her own words: “We know the sword is our work, and I like work. Thank you for knowing that, and thanks for this.”

    In an unusual turn of events, McDormand’s award for best actress was handed out after “Nomadland” won the award for best picture. During the acceptance speech, McDormand let out an unabashed howl in tribute to “Nomadland” production sound mixer Michael Wolf Snyder, who died in March at 35.

    McDormand produced “Nomadland” in addition to starring in the film. She previously won Oscars for “Fargo” and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” McDormand was also nominated for her work in “Almost Famous,” “North Country” and “Mississippi Burning.” She has also won a Tony Award for “Good People” and two Emmys for starring in and producing “Olive Kitteridge.”


  2. mcdormand is only 63 so maybe doesn’t yet qualify for “geezer” designation. altho’ according to the older americans act she does qualify as an elder.

    and geezer may only be just a state of mind

  3. and as for sir tony…  what a talent!

    little known fact, he is also a musician

    above from 10 years ago:

    Preview of Anthony Hopkins’ Waltz. Actor Anthony Hopkins has written music for many years, but the ‘Thor’ co-star composed his latest piece, “And The Waltz Goes On,” with Rieu specifically in mind to perform it. André Rieu was so enthusiastic about the work that he immediately set plans in motion to record it, reportedly moving Hopkins’ wife to tears during the initial performance of the tune.

    .“I’ve been a great admirer of Andre Rieu for several years. He’s a great musician. My wife and I had the same dream of meeting him one day, so I’ve send him some music that I wrote. It’s a dream come true for me that Andre performed it with his orchestra. I’m totally knocked out by the result. It’s even more than I expected!” says Anthony Hopkins about his cooperation with André Rieu.

  4. Wow. I had no idea Sir Tony wrote music, but that’s music!  Congratulations to him on the Oscar and the waltz. And Frances, I bet at 63 she doesn’t feel like a geezer. I didn’t at her age. With Tony as a benchmark she’s got 20 more good years to catch and surpass Kate, and I think she probably will. 

  5. McDormand has another great arrow in her quiver in that she is married to one  of the Coen brothers.  The quirky creativity level in that household must be through the roof.  

    Nomadland is great simply because it feels like a well made documentary.  You walk out knowing these people are out there, you like most of them and  they are very, very real.


  6. Here are the Derby Horses and their Trailmix riders so far.  I’ll reorder them after the post position draw.

    Kentucky Derby 


    Essential Quality – Patd / Place for Jamie 

    Bourbonic – Jamie 

    Rock Your World – Place for Patd 

    Soup and Sandwich – Show for Patd 

    Hot Rod Charlie – Pogo, Renee, Sturgeone 

    Super Stock 

    Like The King 

    Known Agenda 

    Rock Your World 

    Medina Spirit 

    Midnight Bourbon 

    Highly Motivated 


    Dynamic One 



    King Fury 


    Brooklyn Strong 

  7. The Father (Le Pere) was written by Florian Zeller who won for Adapted Screenplay.  The third play in his trilogy “The Son” (Le Fils) will be filmed probably at the end of this year or beginning of next currently cast with Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern in the leads. 


  8. you mean this helium?

    What is Helium Network?. ‘The People’s Network’ works to build a… | by Alexandra Martinez | Coinmonks | Apr, 2021 | Medium

    There is still a lot of debate on whether most items even need to be connected to the internet. It does raise quite a few privacy concerns. However, there are many products and people coming on board with the idea and its popularity is steadily rising.
    This is where Helium comes in. The project looks to create a global, reliable, and decentralized network that supports IoT devices. Cellular networks and public WiFi already provides some framework for the IoT, but the issues with them are price and availability.
    Helium already has partnerships in agriculture, environment, pet care, asset tracking, and more. As this network of partnerships grows, the service will become more powerful and be able to serve many different users. A look at the currently supported ecosystem can be found here.

  9. This year’s Derby Cocktail:  The Horse’s Neck

    • 2 oz. Woodford Reserve® Bourbon
    • Dash of Woodford Reserve Sassafras & Sorghum Bitters
    • Ginger Ale
    • Lemon Peel Twist

    Serve over ice and garnish with a lemon twist.

  10. Hahaha originality strikes again from left field
    (although me and Ogden Nash would probably have screwed it up by saying “killdium”)

  11. Didn’t watch any of the Oscars this year…  congrats to the winners!
    after the vaccine…

  12. Renee, neither did I.  I just occasionally checked on WaPo Oscars real time awards reporting updates to see who won what while I was watching decidedly stupid movies on the tube – none of which I’d wager to guess were ever in danger of being nominated for any Oscar except maybe for sound recording.

  13. For those who like the fillies, the Kentucky Oaks post position draw was this morning.  Here are the girls running for the Lilies.

    Kentucky Oaks 

    here are the post positions and morning line odds: 

    1. 1. Pauline’s Pearl (20-1) 

    1. 2. Maracuja (20-1) 

    1. 3. Clairiere (5-1) 

    1. 4. Crazy Beautiful (15-1) 

    1. 5. Pass the Champagne (15-1) 

    1. 6. Travel Column (3-1) 

    1. 7. Ava’s Grace (50-1) 

    1. 8. Moraz (30-1) 

    1. 9. Coach (50-1) 

    1. 10. Malathaat (5-2) – morning line favorite 

    1. 11.Will’s Secret (30-1) 

    1. 12. Search Results (3-1) 

    1. 13. Competitive Speed (50-1) 

    1. 14. Millefeuille (20-1) 

  14. One of my favorite things………a verbal curve ball.   
    One of my favorite times was in 9 months of Electronics school in 69 in Memphis, when my two running mates were a big dude ball-player type from Smithstown NY and a very vain little guy from Red Bank NJ,  a  Polish Georgetown English graduate.  Us 3 would sit in the back of the class, giving a shit less about electronics,  writing dumb shit in our workbooks which we’d pass back and forth and crack up over the words.

  15. good response to garland’s announcement for louisville


    The investigation will be led by the civil rights division and the Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Kentucky. Garland said the review will include a “comprehensive review” of the Louisville police.
    Louisville Metro Police Chief Erika Shields said at a press conference Monday after the announcement that she and Mayor Greg Fischer “welcomed” the investigation.
    “I think that it’s a good thing, I think that it’s necessary because police reform is needed in every agency across the country,” Shields said. 
    Shields, who took over at the helm of the Louisville police in January, encouraged police officers to look at the investigation positively.
    “This is your future, it is our future and we need to articulate what’s worked and what hasn’t worked so we can be afforded those resources and instances so we can be proud of who we are and proud of our performance day in and day out,” Shields said.

  16. The Oscars have been out of touch since “L’Artiste” won Best Picture, holy cow what a waste of time that movie was🤮

  17. “On the Border”
    Over the weekend  I heard the Biden people arrive at my argument about what we are seeing now on the border . 
    Two Cat “5” tropical cyclones  hit one of the poorest places on Earth, ten days apart. 
    There is no FEMA in  Central America. 
    This is why we are seeing  10 year-old-boys crying  in the desert near Del Rio. 
    The history on this is very clear , whether the “Potato Famine” , or today .
    When life becomes unbearable, families send their best hope away to survive . They bet on their best chance .
    All of this points to collapse in Central America. 
    And that is the real ball of wax.
    Trump’s wall is being defeated by Home Depot ladders. 

  18. Oh My God  !
    Women are taking over !
    Watch for the shot Wed. night.  Two women sitting behind Biden. 
    The flag , and the fast keys. 
    That boys and girls is a very big deal .

  19. I store great stock in women , they  may save “Mankind” . 

    That twit in South Carolina will howl , men are not to blame. 

  20. The key finding  of Diamond’s work …………. 
    If the elite of a society  seal themselves  off from everyone else , that structure fails. 
    He used single examples , like Japan. 
    That example is now world wide. 

  21. In 1965  my mother bought a new Corvair . Bench seats .
    She traded-in a 54 Chevy .
    The Corvair  the shifter on the floor , 3 on the tree was a joke. 
    Now we were really going somewhere.

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